Chapter 549

  The Shaying Demon King is a very handsome man. After he woke up, his whole body was very strong, and there was a king's demeanor between his gestures. But his eyes are very indifferent, sparkling with a fairy red scar, very weird.

  At this moment, the atmosphere between the Shaying Eagle and the Huang Yi people is very strange. They are arrogant and arrogant, and the eyes are filled with endless murderousness. The surrounding aura is swaying in uneasiness.

  If the seal of the altar is not yet lifted, Mu Yu can be sure that the war will be triggered.

  However, the initiative at the moment is obviously in the hands of the Huang Yi people.

  "The last time you have woken me once, what do you want to do this time?"

  The Shaying Demon King watched the Huang Yi people and moved their eyes to the wooden feathers. The brows were slightly wrinkled, and then they saw countless sand sculptures around them, a slight glimpse.

  "You are a smart person and should understand what I want to do."The voice of the Huang Yi people is very calm.

  The face of the sand eagle demon king finally appeared in the twilight, cold channel: "Do you want to occupy my army?"

  "You can control consciousness, I can control you, our two cooperation is the best."Huang Yi is human.

  "That is my army!"The sand eagle demon king said coldly.

  "It's mine now."The yellow spirit of Huang Yiren's hand dimmed, and the speed of the heart's beating in his hand also slowed down, and the face of the Shaying Eagle demon appeared pale.

  The heart and the state of the sand eagle demon king are closely related. The Huang Yi people inject the spiritual power into the heart of the Shaying Demon King. The Shaying Eagle King can wake up. Once the heart loses the spiritual nourishment, the Shaying Demon King will fall asleep.

  "I said you two, you want to do whatever I want, I have only one question, what do you want to do with so many comprehensions?"Wood feathers plugged in.

  The Huang Yi people were very patient with Mu Yu and said faintly: "Make my cockroaches."

  "puppet? Do you want to control 200,000 comprehensions? ”

  Mu Yu frowned, and he had an unpredictable feeling in his heart.

  The means to control the 200,000 self-cultivators is too far-fetched. Rao is that Mu Yu wants to control so many people with the soul of the soul, they all need the help of the temple, and these people can only be controlled in the soul.

  Why can Huang Yiren control 200,000 people?

  He looked at the fierce bones struggling on the ground. He recalled that the consciousness of the empty man and the body was occupied by the savage bones, and he seemed to understand something.

  "Do you want to know? Then I show it to you. ”

  Huang Yi people waved in their hands, and suddenly there were countless white spots in the air, dense and dense, like the stars in the sky are shining, at first glance there are thousands!

  "This is–" Mu Yu's eyes widened, and the scene in front of him was deeply shocked.

  "Devil! God! It’s the demon spirit that Xiao Huangren took away from us last time, oh no, more! ”Xiaoshuai secretly poked his head, and the saliva flowed down without competing.

  Mu Yu feels incredible, so many demon spirits, more than the last time I saw in the Shaying King City! The Huang Yi people snatched many high-level demon spirits in the lock demon pool of Shaying Wangcheng, but there were only a thousand more under the fine number, and at the moment, Mu Yu saw at least tens of thousands of demon spirits!

  Although the proportion of these tens of thousands of high-level demon spirits is not high,

But being able to get so many demon spirits is already quite a horrible thing! How did the Huang Yi people do it?

  "The demon spirits are sealed in the demon spirits. Will the Xiaohuang people not intend to transfer the demon to these comprehensions?"Xiaoshuai shouted.

  Mu Yu’s face changed slightly, and Xiao Shuai’s words made him think of the smashing bones and the scorpio essays. It’s not that the savvy bones are not the demon people, but a member of these demon souls, but they only use the sand eagle demon king to turn into a demon. beast?

  He asked in a deep voice: "Would you like to turn these 200,000 self-cultivators into Sikong Qiwen?"

  Yellow clothes people did not deny: "Demon Soul is Demon beast after all, Shah Demon King has a qiqiao exquisite heart, able to control the demon Beast Consciousness, and I have the means to deprive people of consciousness, can put people's consciousness and demon soul fused together, let originally ignorant demon soul owner of the idea, also have the demon beast of the tough fix, you think my masterpiece how? ”

  Mu Yu listened very scared, this is the dark horse of Sikong Qiwen?

  "Do you have a way to deprive people of their consciousness?"Mu Yu suddenly remembered that the son of the uncle, Mu Qingfan, was also deprived of consciousness by Sikongqiwen, so that the initiator is actually Huang Yiren!

  The origin of Huang Yiren is very mysterious, but he has no killing on Mu Yu, and he has helped Mu Yu twice, so that Mu Yu thinks that Huang Yi is a not bad person. Who can think that Huang Yi people can actually make So unacceptable!

  "The combination of demon and people? Isn't that a shemale? ”Xiaoshuai shouted.

  "I prefer to call them demons."

  The Huang Yi people have raised their hands, and there are countless yellow sands on the ground, wrapping all the demon spirits. The demon in the demon spirit rushed out and roared in the air.

  These monsters are all kinds of colors, from the third-order monster to the seventh-order monster, the double-headed wolf, the blast tiger, the purple linger, the soul-slung wolf…

  The roar of countless monsters resounded around and intertwined, seemingly resisting the control of the Yellow Man.

  But the demon spirit is the body of these demon souls. At this moment, all the demon spirits are wrapped in yellow sand. Even if these demon souls want to struggle, they will not help.

  "It's your turn."Yellow people are faintly
Said to the Sha Ying demon king.

  "You remember what I said, I will take my things back in the future."The sand eagle demon king snorted and was very annoyed, but did not refuse.

  His eyes lit up the demon red light, and then the heart of the yellow man's hand suddenly burst into a dazzling red awn, and countless red awns emerged from the heart, intertwined in the air, crossed a curve, toward Each demon rushes over and then hides into the demon.

  After each monster was hit by the red mans, the gray and transparent monsters suddenly became very bright, and the screams gradually stopped, and each monster's eyes even became sluggish. The demon spirit was wrapped in sand, with a bright red demon, and the sand sculptures around the wall were rushed in order.

  200,000 self-cultivators, each person's cultivation is different, from the training period to the distraction period, and the demon spirit can only be produced in the third-order monster body, so when these demon spirits look for the body, they They have chosen the self-cultivator who is suitable for their own cultivation, because only in this way can the strength of the body be better utilized.

  There are nearly 200,000 people in the comprehension, and there are only more than 100,000 demons, so the devil chooses the host more than enough.

  The demon spirit wrapped in sand is easily integrated into each sand sculpture, and the demon disappears into the sand sculpture.

  About 100,000 sand sculptures were trembled slightly, and the sand on them seemed to be alive and gradually integrated into their bodies, revealing the true face of the self-cultivator.

  The eyes of these possessed comprehensions were very sluggish at first, and even with wild animal nature, they were not human eyes at all. So soon there was a clearness in the eyes of every comprehension person. Qi Shen, also a bit more rational.

  The atmosphere of each comprehension is getting stronger and stronger, at least the atmosphere of the Golden Age, and the highest is the repair of the fit period!

  There are very few people who have been trained in these comprehension periods, and many of them have used their great supernatural powers to escape, so those seventh-order demons can only be boarded in the distracted comprehens.

  But even so, the smell of each cockroach is very overbearing and strong, even if it is the glory of the Golden Age, their breath is several times stronger than the ordinary Jindan period comprehension!

  Each of them was excited to move their own muscles and muscles, and looked at their bodies curiously. Their eyes were full of joys of rebirth, and some even could not help but scream.

  After a while, the last gaze of each scorpion fell on the sand eagle demon king on the altar.

  "See the great Sand Eagle demon king!"All the transformed cockroaches suddenly crouched in place and shouted.

  The shouts shook the earth, the sound of the clouds, the waves and the sky, almost the entire building!

  These shackles have become a combination of different demon and human beings. They have all the ways of thinking and memory in their bodies, but the dominant consciousness is the demon, so they still believe in the sand eagle demon king.

  However, they do not know that all their life activities are in the hands of the Huang Yi people!

  The sand eagle demon king said: "You will listen to his orders in the future."

  When he said this sentence, he had endless anger. The demon people had sealed many demon souls, and the Shaying Demon King could completely resurrect these evil spirits into a powerful army, preparing for the future competition with the Terran. .

  However, the appearance of the Huang Yi people completely broke his plan!

  The sand eagle demon king can't stop the Huang Yiren's practice. Let's not say that the day when the seal was lifted has not yet arrived. Even if he broke free from the seal, the most important heart was held in the hands of the Huang Yi people. He had no room for bargaining!

  The Shaying Demon King can only obey the command of the Huang Yiren. Once he defies the heart, the heart will not withstand the spiritual nourishment. He will fall asleep, and if the heart is destroyed, then he will never wake up!

  "Follow the demon king order!"All the replies responded, and then crouched down to the Huang Yi people. UU read the book, "I have seen adults!"

  Huang Yi people stood there silently, the sturdy bones at his feet had stopped squatting, his face paled, and he no longer dared to disrespect Huang Yiren.

  Mu Yu looked at it all incredulously, and the sand made his heart shake! The sand is wrapped in the demon spirit, and all the sand is integrated into the body of the self-cultivator. All kinds of signs indicate that the Huang Yi people can control the sand!

  After a long time, Mu Yu asked: "You are Tuyoumeng? It is impossible for the Yao people to control the sand. They can make all the 200,000 self-cultivators into sand sculptures. With such a terrible means, I can't think of anyone else who can do it except for the soil. ”

  Huang Yiren wore a hood and never showed his true face. Mu Yu guessed that under his hood might be the image of Tuyoumeng. However, Mu Yu has seen Tuyoumeng, those who are similar to stone monsters, are burly, not as thin as Huang Yiren.

  The Huang Yi people were silent for a long while and said: "I am like you, it is a person."

  "Impossible, it is impossible for people to control the sand -" Mu Yu said suddenly suddenly slammed here!

  "You won't be – impossible! You can't be him! ”Mu Yu bit his teeth.

  Just as he can control the trees himself, there is another person who can control the sand.

  "I finally thought of who I am?"The Huang Yi people slowly untied their hood to reveal his true face.

  Mu Yu involuntarily widened his eyes!

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