Chapter 550, determination to the south

  Xiangnan brother!

  That once wooden and honest three senior, aloof, like lazy sleep, easy-going personality, even if the sky collapsed, Mu Yu think he will not frown.

  However, the southward image of the front is like a person, and there is a bit of a hot breath between the eyebrows. The expression on the face is unfamiliar and no longer a thick smile.

  The temperament of the whole person has undergone earth-shaking changes. He is very thin, but his body is very thick and heavy. Especially the eyes that are dignified, it is an imposing manner. When Mu Yu saw him, there seemed to be a stone pressed against Mu Yu.

  This is not going south!

  "You are the land, you are not south!"Mu Yu clenched his fist.

  In the past nine days of the magic array, Qiao Xue's water, the main body of the Monster, lost control, causing everyone to be affected by the terrible feelings of Xuan Ming, including Mu Yu himself also fell into his sad memories.

  With the help of the dead wood, the wooden feathers got rid of the mystery of Xuan Ming and helped Qiao Xue to suppress Xuan Ming. Everyone broke free from the feelings of Xuan Ming, but he did not defeat the Lord of the Earth in his body.

  After the soil was not sealed by the nine-day seal magic, the evil did not want to kill the south, but the wind and dust stopped the evil, the evil is not old, so the south is not allowed to step out of the southern fifty-mile garden, so Mu Yu always thought south Still in the small courtyard of Luo Wei.

  But never imagined that this yellow man is actually south!

  There was a wave of swaying southward eyes. He quietly looked at Mu Yu and said: "I am not a back soil, I am going south."

  "impossible! The South Brothers will never do this kind of thing! After the soil, you let me go! ”Mu Yu was so angry that the surrounding lines began to surge. Then the whole person has already rushed toward the south –

  A shadow sword emerged from the void, and the fierce sword swayed, and the sword of the sword was unceremoniously poured out, and slammed into the south.

  But the southward arm turned into a crystal clear diamond, a piece of sword that caught the wood feather, and the violent yellow spirit flowed out, and the wood feather's sword was removed.

  "Your shadow sword seems to have become even more powerful. Have you learned the sword of the sword?"Slowly open to the south.

  "You are not my brother, I don't need to explain anything to you!"Mu Yu yelled.

  Pushing the wood feathers out slightly on the south hand, his repair is obviously much higher than the wood feathers!

  Mu Yu fell backwards, his footsteps stepped, his body was steady in the air, glaring southward.

  "Is not even given the opportunity to explain?" You have not been like this before. ”Said to the south.

  Mu Yu looked at the familiar and strange brother in front of him, and became very calm to the south. It seemed to have been reborn overnight. Without the old-fashionable look of the past, no one would have thought that the southward direction was the dust. On the mountain, I tried every means to escape the lazy person who cultivated sleep.

  Mu Yu still can't believe that this kind of terrible thing will come to the south.

  "You should have been in the South Fifty Park! Evil is not looking after the back soil in your body! ”Mu Yu resisted not to start again, and he did not figure out a lot of things. He really needed an explanation to the south.

  And he can’t beat south,

Today's South is ranked ninth in the rankings! That is a very powerful position, and if there is no real strength, he will not be able to break into the ninth place.

  Indulging in the south for a moment, said: "I have long left the southern fifty-liyuan. Do you forget it? On that day, the evil sects came to report and said that the predecessors of the dead wood had an accident. You originally wanted to go to the evil to help you, but you said that the evil spirits did not protect the Master from returning to the mountains. At that time, I understood that I should leave the Southern Fenli Park. ”

  at that moment?

  Mu Yu bit his teeth, the dead wood old man was not to be hijacked, he went to the valley alone to find the dead wood old man. Luo Wei, Cheng Yan and Qiao Xue also followed up for his safety, and everyone ignored the south.

  Qingmei followed Master to return to the Mouyun Mountain Range. There were only Lan Linger and Xiangnan in the whole small courtyard. To the south, it must be that Ling Lan Linger did not pay attention to leave the southern fifty-liyuan.

  "why? Why are you leaving the Southern Fenli Park? Is it after the bandits, are you leaving? ”Mu Yu asked quietly.

  Since the accident of the dead wood, he has never contacted other brothers. He wants to face the dead woods alone, want to learn the formation, learn the dead woods, find a way to solve the nine-day magic, but he did not expect to leave at that time. .

  "I have been thinking for a long time, I don't want to go quiet again. I want to do what I want to do. ”Said slowly to the south.

  "What do you want to do is to turn so many people into your jealousy? This is not what you want to do, this is what the land wants to do! ”Mu Yu looked around the comprehens who were occupied by the demon, and his heart was very uncomfortable.

  Originally, these comprehensions came to the Great Desert just to see the comparison between the three of them. Everyone either wants to join in the fun, or to greet the three fascinating geniuses on the top of the list, not far from the three continents. Come to this desert to witness this battle.

  But who can think of this battle is actually just a gimmick made by the South to make Sikong Qiwen!

  If 200,000 people are killed, and the initiator is Muye’s brother, he can’t blame.

  "After the earth has merged with me, now I am a complete person."Southward.

  "Fusion? What does it mean! ”

  Mu Yu has never heard that Yu Meng Ling can still be merged! If you can do this, why does Feng Hao dust not let them do this, but use the nine-day magic array to seal the main seal of Yu Mengling?

  Looking south quietly at my little teacher, this younger brother will always appear in some important places inexplicably. When he was in the Shaying Eagle City, he recognized the shadow sword in the hands of Mu Yu. At that time, he did not want to expose his identity in front of Mu Yu, so he just left what he wanted to do.

  Today, however, Mu Yu appeared here again and saw him doing what he wanted to do.

  "After the reincarnation of our body, we are an inseparable part of our soul, but we retain our own consciousness. They don't accept us, we don't accept them, so we will compete with them for control of the body.

  And if we accept their existence and they accept us, then we and the Eumundine Lord will be one and become a complete person. ”

  To the south, I explained slowly: "So at the moment I have everything in the back soil, but I can keep my original memories and emotions."

  "Even if you are right, then how do you accept the Lord of the Earth? they are–"

  Mu Yu suddenly can't say it, what kind of race is the Yumeng Mozu? Since knowing the conspiracy of the Mie Palace, his war on the Yumeng Mozu and the Terran has never been unilaterally defined.

  "Is the Umon Mozu really as evil as you said? Is the war between the Yumun Mozu and the Terran really unavoidable? Have you never thought about the mastermind and beneficiaries of this war? ”

  Looking south, his eyes became very deep, and his eyes seemed to flash with endless anger and unwillingness to change.

  Mu Yu was silent. He knew that the mastermind and beneficiaries of the Yumeng Mozu and the Terran War were actually despicable triple palace guards.

  The Mie Palace is unwavering for their power to rule the mainland, so they need to rely on the killing caused by war to create soul power and consolidate their dominance.

  Whether the Yumeng Mozu really wants to invade the territory of the Terran, all these are the sayings of the Mie Palace. All the comprehensions are respectful to the Mie Palace, and the horses are eager to resist, and they have no ability to resist.

  The words of the Mie Palace are orders for all the self-cultivators, so when the Mie Palace said that the Umon Mozu would invade the territory of the Terran, all the self-cultivators enthusiastically took the weapons in their hands and pointed them at the Umon Mozu.

  "Seeing what you look like seems to know something. I think the main sentence of Mu Youmeng must have said this to you. I don't want to look at Mie Palace again and continue to treat everyone as a fool, so I want to end it all by my own ability and destroy the Miegong! ”The look to the south is very firm.

  Kill the Triple Palace!

  Mu Yu clenched his fist and killed the Triple Palace, which is his goal.

  The sinister and dirty things of the Mie Palace should not exist in the world, for the sake of one's own self, for the pursuit of eternal life, to kill the dead wood of the wood, and to kill the master of the wood feather, all this Everything can't be forgiven!

  But to the south, I want to control the comprehension to fight against the Mie, so I can't accept it.

  The Mie Palace controls all the self-cultivators, but they at least have their own consciousness, but the approach to the south is equivalent to completely turning the self-cultivator into the body of the monster, which is equivalent to depriving the self-cultivator of the right to live.

  "Your purpose is to destroy the Triple Palace, but you have deprived so many innocent lives. What is the difference between your approach and the Triple Palace?"Asked the wooden feathers.

  "Being a big event must be at the expense of bloodshed. They are not under my control, and will die in the conspiracy of the careful planning of the Mie Palace in the future, isn't it? ”Said to the south with no expression.

  Since the Yumeng Mozu was trapped in the Moyun Mountains by the wind, the war disappeared, there was no war, and no more lives died.

  The source of the power of the Mie Palace is about to dry up, and it is an unprecedented crisis for the Mie Palace, so they can't wait to launch a war to create soul power.

  In the future, these 200,000 self-cultivators will certainly be the cannon fodder of the battlefield, becoming the soul of the Yumeng Mozu and providing the power to rule the Triple Palace.

  Both vertical and vertical may be victims of war, and choose to use their own way to arrange their death.

  "Even if there is so much for you to send, how can you overcome the Triple Palace with your own strength?"

  Mu Yu didn't know what to think about it. He might be right in the south, but he couldn't agree with the decision to the south.

  Everyone has the right to choose their own life. No one can arbitrarily arrange a person's death unless the person has a reason to die.

  This is the principle of Mu Yu’s murder.

  Silenced to the south for a long while, said: "You can help me, our four divisions and brothers join hands, can definitely defeat the Triple Palace!"

  Mu Yu sighed, UU reading Miegong is like a big mountain, and he is just a small grass at the foot of the mountain, how can it shake the supremacy of the Mie Palace?

  "I won't help you, I don't want to watch so many people become victims because of no reason, so I will stop you!"Mu Yu shook his head.

  Mie Palace, he will try his best
Killed, but definitely not in this way!

  "I know that you want to resurrect the dead wood predecessors, but you can't control this ability in the blink of an eye. In the memory of the post-earth, there is a perception about life and death, and this ability is too much against the sky, so its limitations are also great. Even if you unlock the nine-day magic array, you can't resurrect anyone by it! ”Said to the south.

  "I was resurrected when I was in the Mogan Mountains!"Mu Yu retorted.

  "That was because at that time, it was not completely dead! The dead wood predecessor is not the same, he has been dead for a long time! Your ability to live and die in the blink of an eye is incomplete, it is impossible to resurrect the dead wood predecessors! ”Said coldly to the south.

  "incomplete? What do you mean? ”

  Mu Yu’s heart suddenly bursts, he must resurrect the dead wood old man, the dead wood old man is living for others, he should live it once!

  "Let's say this, now I am, the ability to use the back soil is complete, and your ability to live and die in the blink of an eye is incomplete. Do you understand something? ”Said to the south.

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