Chapter 551 Hatred

  Mu Yu’s face sank: “I must be like you, and accept each other with the sentence, and do it together?”

  Nodded to the south.

  After a long silence, Mu Yu asked: "What is the ability of the back soil?"

  Every Eugene spirit has a very powerful ability, just like the life and death of the mang, the mystery of the mysterious, the back soil must also have.

  "You have already seen it, and it is my ability to dominate consciousness. The self-cultivator wrapped in my sand will be taken away by me. ”

  Using sand to control other people's consciousness, you can also graft the human consciousness into the monster, let the monster have human emotions, and thus control the self-cultivator who is dominated by the monster consciousness!

  The reason why the first nine days of the magical array failed to the south, in fact, a large part is because in the struggle for body consciousness, he simply can not compete with the ability to have the ability to "master consciousness."

  Mu Yu looked at the southward direction that had changed dramatically. He asked: "When I merge with the sentence, will I become as inhuman as you?"

  Shaking his head south: "I am not inhuman, I just don't want to be fooled by the Triple Palace."

  "It’s the land that you don’t want to be played by the Triple Palace. You and the Mie Palace don’t have any intersection! You are influenced by the thoughts of the back soil! ”Mu Yu retorted seriously.

  Looking south at Mu Yu quietly, said: "You never know what I experienced when I was young, isn't it?"

  When I was young?

  Mu Yu gave a slight glimpse. He did not know what he had experienced in the early childhood. When he was in the dusty mountain in the south, he said that he was only the son of a peasant. His parents died, only second.

  However, the last time in the nine days of the magic circle, to the south was Xuan Ming's "love" to evoke a memory that no one knows. At that time, the southward could not easily break free from that memory.

  He said to himself from the south. He had never mentioned his past with the teachers and brothers. Some things have been dusty for a long time, but they have not disappeared in memory.

  There was a sad look on the south face.

  "When I was three years old, two of the comprehensions came over our town. They were fighting each other. One of them is a middle-aged man who is a god-ridden man. He is superb and, according to my estimation, even higher than the present. The other person, the white light of the Holy Spirit, is so holy and admirable. I think you already know who he is. ”

  "Do you have a triple palace?"Mu Yu said with surprise.

  However, this cannot be said. The Sangong Palace is the existence of the wind and rain in the realm of cultivation. All the comprehensions must obey their orders. How can anyone dare to fight with the people of the Sangong Palace?

  "Yes, it is the people of Sangong Palace! At that time, the middle-aged man occupied the upper hand and saw that the people of the Mie Palace would be killed. However, the chop of the Mie Palace made something that I still can't forget! ”

  The whole body trembled to the south, as if he remembered the painful past, his face turned out to be very embarrassing.

  "The chop of the Mie Palace, he raised his hand and called out a huge hand, and instantly razed the entire town! None of the mortals in the town escaped, including my grandparents, my father, and my sister! All my friends and family, childhood playmates, just under the palm of this hand! ”

  Clenched his fist to the south,

Both eyes become very red.

  The family who turned south is so lost!

  Mu Yu’s heart also gave birth to endless anger. The people of Sangong Palace were repaired as early days, and the people who destroyed the whole town were more than enough! But how dare they dare to do this kind of thing so blatantly?

  "The people in the town are dead, and I have survived alone. The soil protected me, I sank into the ground, and I survived! I watched countless white lights flying from all over the town and flew toward the chop of the Mie Palace. And his power instantly became stronger, but the middle-aged man was killed! ”

  "My family is all dead. Everyone in the town in the past moment is still amazed at the charm of the gods in the sky. The next moment has already vanished! I have been looking for the murderer for so many years, until Hou Tu told me that I know that the people who are filled with white light are from Sanchong Palace, and the purpose of the Triple Palace to kill our entire town is! ”

  The white light is the soul force left after the death of life. It is also the power that the Mie Palace relies on to survive. The Mie Palace can use special techniques to collect the soul of the dead and enhance their cultivation!

  I did not expect that in order to be able to defeat the opponent, the people of the Mie Palace actually made this kind of extinction!

  "In order to defeat the opponent, the people of Sangong Palace killed the lives of tens of thousands of people in the whole town! Fresh life is gone. ”

  There was a tear falling from the corner of the south eye, and the tears fell on the ground and turned into a crystal clear sand.

  Mu Yu's chest is slightly undulating, he is full of anger, the Triple Palace can kill the dead wood old man for his own private, in order to defeat the opponent, you can also kill the people in the whole town to gain strength, this kind of behavior is already incomprehensible!

  He looked at the south silently. In his eyes, he has always been a honest and honest brother. He never counts on anything, never talks about his past, but the truth is so cruel. I didn’t expect it to be a triple palace. I have to die in the south.

  "So you want to rely on your ability to fight the Triple Palace?"Mu Yu clenched his fist, and the death of the dead wood gave him a hate for the Mie Palace. He was like the south.
, can never forgive the Triple Palace!

  "Looking at my family's death in front of me, this has become a lingering nightmare. I almost fell into a crash. I can't even bury my loved ones because they have no bones! If it wasn't for Master to find me later, I might not have the courage to live. Master taught me everything, let me gradually get out of the shadow of that nightmare, I tried to make myself become indifferent, become lazy, like to sleep, just because I can forget everything, but I am thinking about revenge all the time. ”

  The sound of the south is low, and a large part of his character is related to that. He doesn't care about other people's ridicule, his temper is very docile, he is honest, even if others point his nose to him, he will smirk.

  Because compared with the nightmare of childhood, other things are not worth mentioning!

  "What I can't bear is that Master gave me everything, and Sangong Palace wants to kill Master and win Master's eternal life!" I will never let this happen, I know that I want to take revenge, I want to protect Master, I can only merge with the back soil! Only then can I have the power of revenge! So I have to leave the Southern Fenli Park and do what I want to do! ”

  To the south, the horror of the atmosphere, swaying in uneasiness, so that all the embarrassment is frightened.

  Mu Yu clenched his teeth, and his determination to revenge south was like a virus flowing to Mu Yu, so that he could not wait to go south to destroy the Mie.

  But he hardly suppressed this impulse, and he has his own principles in doing things.

  "Master made sacrifices to protect these comprehensions, but you have to let these people go to death, which is contrary to Master's wishes."Mu Yu shook his head.

  "Master made sacrifices for them, so what did they do for Master? They only know how to surrender to the Miegong Palace, obey the orders of the Miegong, and do the three-legged walking dog in a sloppy way. Sooner or later, they will become the soul of the Miegong and become the source of the Miegong Power! I just let them die more valuable! ”Cold and cold to the south.

  The self-cultivator is a tool in the hands of the Mie Palace, and he wants to win the right to use the tool in the south!

  "Master said that doing things must be worthy of your own heart. If you think this is right, do it. If you think it is wrong, then you can't do it."Mu Yu said slowly.

  It may be true to say something to the south. Most of these comprehensions will become the grievances of the battlefield of the Yumeng Mozu in the future, and it is indeed better to become a tool for rebelling against the Triple Palace.

  But Mu Yu can't agree with this, because everyone should choose their own life, and south is to force the expropriation of others' lives.

  People are inherently dead, or heavier than Taishan, or lighter than Hong Mao.

  However, in Mu Yu’s view, even if you want to make a group of people die, it’s up to the group to choose, rather than being forced to die!

  "I always keep in mind Master's words, so I always ask myself if I have done something wrong, but I don't think I have done anything wrong."Said to the south seriously.

  The idea of ​​going south has become very extreme, perhaps because of the integration with the post-earth, perhaps because of hatred, and he is no longer the honest and honest southward.

  "If you insist on doing this, then I must stop you. And Master will resume repairing after a while, we can rely on Master to compete against the Triple Palace! ”

  Mu Yu’s concept is the opposite of that of the South. Although he also wants to control the comprehensions to confront the Three Palaces like the South, he knows that this is wrong. UU reading

  Looking south at Mu Yu, I suddenly said coldly: "Mu Yu, it seems that you still don't know what happened in the Moyun Mountain, right?"

  Mu Yu's brow wrinkles: "What happened to the Moyun Mountain?"

  "The sleepy fairy has been lifted, and the master is also missing, without any news. After one year has not arrived, Master is unlikely to resume repairs, but the sleepy Xianzong will automatically dissipate. What do you think is Master now? ”

  To the south, it’s like a blue sky, ringing the woods!

  "what!"Mu Yu was shocked. "You mean Master, he-"

  Mu Yu did not dare to think about it again. The Mie Palace guards always wanted to kill the wind and dust, and won his eternal life. However, because of the existence of the imprisoned Xianji, the Sangong Palace guards have been unable to start.

  The dead wood scorpion once told him that as long as the road is not dead, then the sleepy fairy will be fine, but the heavens have long gone through the light, and have passed away. The triple palace has the spiritual power of the heavens, does it mean that he can control Half of the sleepy fairy?

  Master is now only a golden age, and the Triple Palace guardian is the most powerful existence in the realm of comprehension. If he gets control of half of the imprisoned Xianqu, with his cultivation, the Master does not guard the Sangong Palace. The ability of people to compete!

  "You didn't miss it. The Sangong Guardian has already started to Master. The imprisoned Xianong of the Moushan Mountain has long been out of Master's control."Said slowly to the south.

  Mu Yu is in the same place!

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