No. 552 Chapter Revenge

  The Mie Palace guards have already started with Master?

  This sentence makes Mu Yu tremble all over, and the Triple Palace captures Master, then it will win Master's eternal life. When they face the Mie Palace guards, does it mean that they are not Is it the face of your own master?

  "No, I don't believe it!" ”Mu Yu shook his head.

  How can Master have an accident!

  If this is what other people say casually, he will definitely yell at him in anger, but this word is spoken from the south mouth, but Mu Yu loses his sense of proportion.

  To the south is his brother, and he is also an apprentice of the sword shadow.

  "Is it true? You can go back to the dusty mountain and check it out."Said to the south.

  The Mouyun Mountain Range is a prisoner who is not allowed to be distracted. Now, even the Yuan Ying period comprehension can't get in. If Mu Yu wants to confirm the reliability of this news, he only needs to go to the Mouyun Mountain Range. can.

  Once he can enter the Mouyun Mountain Range, it means that the Heaven and Earth array of the Mouyun Mountain Range has dissipated!

  The heaven and earth array is too powerful, and it is based on the repair of the wind and dust, and the repair of the wind and dust is exhausted. The wind and dust are incapable of getting rid of the imprisonment.

  "Do you want to stop me now?"Looking south at Mu Yu, "I remember that this person was framed by the dead wood predecessors. The people behind the Tianxingmen who had the Triple Palace were instructing. Are you not going to ask for anything back?"

  There were dozens of sand sculptures on the walls that were not attached to the demon. They reached out and made a snap to the south. A sand sculpture fell from the wall and stood in front of the south.

  The yellow sand of the head of the sand sculpture slammed out and danced in the air, revealing that the day was not waiting for the abominable face.

  "who are you? You dare to catch me! My Star Gate will definitely not let you go! ”I don’t have to wait in anger.

  In addition to his head, he was firmly tied up by the yellow sand all over the body. And he was scared to find that the spiritual power in his body could not be turned around. The yellow sand was very strange, and the last hope of his escape was also shattered.

  "Star Gate? What is it? ”Looking south with a mocking look at the sky.

  The wooden feather chest issued an endless hatred. When Tian Jiancheng stopped the day, he thought that he wanted to kill the sky and waited for a long time, but he did not expect to see him again so soon!

  "You damn it."Mu Yu’s tone is very cold, and endless killings pervade all around.

  I didn’t wait for it and finally saw the wood feather on one side. Mu Yu didn’t have any yellow sand. He was not tied by the yellow sand!

  "Mu Yu, you dare to kill me, my Star Gate will definitely kill all the wooden families in Qingshui City!"The day is not waiting for the face to be distorted, and there is no false smile and gentle look.

  Said to the south faintly: "Where are you dead here, who can prove that it was killed by Mu Yu? Do you have this dog? ”

  The voice of the south has just fallen, and a figure has already stepped out from the wall. It appears in the sky, and it is a hard time for the fit!

  "Cheng Shu, save me!"One day, I don’t want to see the moment of Tianjiancheng, as if I caught the last straw, eagerly shouted.

  Tianjian Cheng looked at the sky with a sigh of relief, revealing a sarcasm smile: "Do you expect me to save you this heart-watering smiley face tiger?"

  "You, you are not Cheng Shu,

who are you? ”The day is not waiting for a slight glimpse. The Tianjian Cheng in his memory does not dare to speak to him like this.

  "Of course I am your uncle, but I will watch you die here. You can rest assured that your father will only know that Sikong Qiwen has killed you, not Mu Yu. ”

  "what did you say!"The day is not to be anxious.

  "You are not worthy of living in this world."

  At the foot of Mu Yu, there are already black and white lines, and the gossip formation merges into the chest to form a vortex. A seventh-order blast has been turned into a smash into the pattern, and the breath of the fit period is from the pattern. The middle is filled with it, and it is shrouded in the sky.

  "You can't kill me!"I don’t want to scream in horror.

  The shadow sword trembled slightly, and was extracted from the wooden feathers from the whirlpool of the blast, and the sword gas screamed with the surging spurt, gathered in the air into a sword shape, and it was not waiting for it!

  "No-" The day is not waiting for the sound of horror, but the shadow sword has already split him into two halves, and Jianqi instantly smashed his body, leaving only an unwilling head squinting and rolling. At the foot of Mu Yu.

  "From the time you started with the dead wood, you should think of today."Mu Yu stepped on the face without waiting for the face.

  He hates to wait for this hypocritical face, showing his face with a gentle smile on the whole day, but behind him is doing disgusting activities.

  The unsuccessful achievement is entirely relying on his father's help, and the many celestial beings who are not waiting to be defeated are because his father's celestial marks are in advance to kill the Qingming to the secret of his son.

  The foot of the wooden feathers is surging, and the head that is not waiting for the day is completely destroyed!

  Mu Ling drilled from the shadow sword, as if he was swallowing something, and sucking some white light that was invisible and invisible into his body. It was the soul force that gave power to the Triple Palace after death.

  Mu Yu took a deep breath and killed him. It was a gratifying thing for him, but he knew that he had nothing to be happy because he had one more from the resurrection of the dead wood.
The paragraph has a long way to go.

  The dead wood old man once wanted to use this array to kill the sky and not show it to Mu Yu, and now Mu Yu has finally done it for the dead wood.

  There is no need to wait until there is a triple palace.

  Looking south to the south, watching Mu Yu killing the sky, the whole process he did not wrinkle.

  "Don't wait for me to be a crucial piece. I can combine his consciousness and the demon, let him return to the Star Gate, and will become the gatekeeper of the Star Gate in the future, helping me to inquire from the Mie Palace. ."

  "But you didn't stop me from killing him."Mu Yu quietly looked southward, killing the sky and waiting for a hurdle in his heart to cross.

  "You want to kill him, he can't live, I am your brother."Said to the south faintly, as if this is a simple matter.

  Mu Yu tightened his lips. If the day is not to be controlled to the south like Sikong Qiwen, it is sure to be a powerful embarrassment to the south.

  But to choose South to let Mu Yu kill the sky, because he knows the hatred of Mu Yu’s heart, he does not want to let Mu Yu regret.

  "Thank you."Mu Yu shook his fist.

  "You still won't help me, right?"Asked south.

  Mu Yu shook his head and helped him to kill him in the south, but he still didn't want to watch these comprehensions get the consciousness by the demon.

  "I don't force you. Just as you know that the promise and Luo Wei will stop you, but you still want to solve the nine-day magic array to resurrect the dead wood predecessors, I am doing what I want to do. ”Said to the south.

  Mu Yu did not know how to answer to the south, and the death of the dead wood old man made him desperate to unravel the nine-day magic circle and resurrect the dead wood old man.

  He knew that everyone would object to him doing this, but he still chose to turn his back.

  To the south, like him, his approach is very extreme and will not be supported by anyone, but he also chose to turn his back.

  Mu Yu suddenly understood the south.

  "You two have enough trouble!"

  Three figures flashed from the passage and appeared next to them.

  It is said that Luo Wei and Simon are unfortunate!

  The face was grim, and he glanced around the scene and his face was angry.

  He has never been too angry with his younger brother before, and no matter who made a mistake, it is solved through reflection.

  Feng Haochen will not blame the apprentice. The way he teaches his disciples is not by hard means and rules, but by the self-consciousness of the apprentice.

  As a master, Cheng Yan follows the philosophy of Master as a person, so he will not get angry with his younger brother.

  But the southward thing has touched his bottom line.

  Luo's gaze circulated between the south and Mu Yu. He was not as angry as his brother, but frowned, not knowing what he was thinking.

  On the other hand, Simon is unfortunately still indifferent, and for him, the life and death of the comprehension has nothing to do with him.

  "Do you really intend to be an enemy of the whole world? southward! And you, Mu Yu! You desperately want to unravel the nine-day magic array. Have you not considered the impact of the Lord Eugene Spirit on us? Is it not enough to remind you to turn south? ”The words angered.

  Looking south at the promise, I didn't answer immediately.

  Mu Yu doesn't want to explain anything. He has to do something, even if he knows it is dangerous, he will try it.

  "Senior brother, is it true that the sleepy prison is true?" Did Master really have an accident? ”Mu Yu asked softly.

  The words were red, biting, and trembled: "Master has already had an accident, so I don't want you two to have another accident!"

  Mu Yu’s heart seemed to be stabbed, and the inexplicable pain swept the whole body, causing him to tremble involuntarily.

  First, the dead wood old man, now is the master, everything is the mess of the triple palace! He hates in his heart and hates that he has no ability to protect Master, to protect the dead woods and protect the people he wants to protect.

  Master gave them everything and made sacrifices for all mankind, but they were eventually stared at by the insidious villain.

  Simon unfortunately said: "Not only is your master's accident, even my master has not fallen."

  The evil shadow is not old, UU reading A eternal life who has been repaired as a Tongtian, has it disappeared?

  "To the south, you know that we will stop you at all costs. If you want to control the comprehension and fight with the Miegong, you will undoubtedly hit the stone with the egg and even put yourself in. Master does not want to see you being caught by the Miegong. ”Luo Wei opened the road.

  "How are you going to stop me?"Asked south.

  Tens of thousands of comprehensions who were controlled by the demon all shouted loudly, as if they were laughing at them.

  Like the singularity, these demon souls integrate the consciousness of the demon into the consciousness of the human being, so that the demon can have the memory of the comprehension, and have more agile combat power than the comprehension, because they are monsters, fighting instinct Will not dissipate, the ability to the south is equivalent to a little bit of the monster and the comprehension!

  Luo Wei also ignited a burning flame, the hot wave was filled in the yellow sand, the anger was burning, he grew up with the south, although he later chose to leave the dust mountain, but he is also familiar with the south.

 But nowadays, the south is no longer the honest third teacher.

  "You are not my opponent. After I merged with the back soil, my cultivation has far exceeded you. ”Shaking his head slightly to the south.

  To the south, I was able to reach the ninth place on the list of immortals. His strength has not been seen by everyone. The combination of the back soil and his makes his soul more complete, and his cultivation has already reached a point of horror.

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