Chapter 554 Master Brothers’ Duel

  Numerous metal cylinders suddenly emerged from the foot of the wooden plume, instantly forming a cage, trapping the wooden feathers.

  "Let me tell you, if that happens, I won't let you go to the resurrection!"

  The testimony stepped out and appeared in front of Mu Yu. He quietly looked at Mu Yu. "Because Master won't let you do that, just like you know in your own heart, the dead wood predecessors won't let you do that. ! When they have tried their best to lay down the magic circle for nine days, they don’t want you to be attached to the body of Eumundine! Unnecessary disaster for the repairing world! ”

  A strong oppressive force covered the wood feathers, and the wooden feathers slammed southward and found that the south had been firmly pinned in the air by eight pieces of metal.

  The eight pieces of metal were as slender as the flying swords, each forming a square standing position, encircling the south. There seems to be some kind of strange traction between them, and the interaction makes it impossible to rush out to the south.

  The countless sands to the south want to be close to their bodies, but they are always scattered by the volatility emanating from the metal, and they are not close to each other.

  At the foot of Mu Yu's feet, he wanted to teleport away from the cage under his feet, but his formations just flicked out and were torn away by the metal of the cage. The aura around him could not even flow in.

  The branches of Mu Yu wanted to escape from the cracks in the cage, but a strong repulsive force came from the metal cage, hindering the extension of the branches.

  Mu Yu had never seen the ability to control the testimony before, nor did he know how powerful the ability to accept the words. He is now truly aware.

  It was previously said that they had a small piece of insignificant metal on their flying swords, and they could find them by leaning on the metal to make some force fields.

  There is a strong magnetic field between the metals. This magnetic field can even repel or attract anything under the control of the words, including the spiritual power of the self-cultivator and the surrounding aura.

  "Master said, do one thing, when you feel that you are worthy of your own heart, do it. You keep saying that what you are doing is worthy of your own heart, but is this really true? You ask yourself, will you have a clear conscience when you do this? Are you worthy of Master? Is it worthy of the dead wood predecessors? Is it worth the other brothers? ”

  The voice of the promise is more than an unspeakable majesty.

  Mu Yu knows that the promise is right. If you know that this thing will never let Mu Yu take the risk to solve the nine-day magic to resurrect him, Master will not allow Mu Yu to do this. He just stubbornly thinks Do it yourself.

  But why is the world always good to make sacrifices, and the bad guys are jealous?

  There is always someone who needs to do justice and let the surviving person survive. Mu Yu has the ability to live and die in the blink of an eye. Why can this person not be him?

  "Even if it is wrong, I have to go wrong with this matter. I can't be a saint, I just want to be the son of the dead wood. ”

  Mu Yu screamed, and the black and white intertwined spirits began to rush out. The black spiritual power was mixed with the haze of the haze, and the white spirit was endless.

  These two spiritual powers are the purest forces in the world, and they maintain a wonderful balance between the wood feathers.

  The metal magnetic fields created by the rumors cannot break this balance and therefore cannot be excluded. Black and white spirits instantly covered the metal frame with branches, spewing out, and the wood feathers had disappeared into the branches.

Get out of it.

  A linden tree sprouted vigorously at the foot of the wooden feathers, and instantly formed a vast tree, which seemed out of place with the surrounding yellow sand.

  Mu Yu stood at the top of the Bodhi tree, and the green leaves floated around him, so free and easy.

  On the other side, the southward yellow sand rushed out, forming a circle of salons around, and the violent soil power finally broke the bondage of eight pieces of metal. He was flying around the yellow sand of the sky, like a king in the desert, looking at his brothers and sisters with cold eyes.

  Luo Wei re-ignited the flame, and his eyes were burning with flames, such as a volcano will be ejected. The flames formed in his body, and countless Mars splashed. The Mars that was pulled out was not only red, but also some pale Mars. The high temperature made people unable to retreat.

  "Our goal is for people in the Mie Palace. Why can't we negotiate peacefully?"Luo Wei Shen Shen, he tried to drive out the strange thoughts in his mind.

  Shaking his head south: "Because you are scrupulous about too many things, scrutiny too many useless people, with scruples will be awkward, so I want to deal with the Triple Palace according to my own method."

  The momentum on the south was very strong, and it overshadowed everyone. His cultivation has reached a very terrible point.

  The breath of the sky broke out, and both Cheng Yan and Luo Wei changed their faces.

  "Your method is wrong!"The words angered.

  Countless metals are surging around and heading south again. The sky and the yellow sand collided with each other, and a powerful force broke out, tearing everything around.

  However, the terrible spiritual fluctuations appeared in the south, and the words were repelled in an instant, and all the metals were wrapped in yellow sand.

  The linden tree at the foot of Mu Yu swayed gently in the yellow sand, and the blue leaves swayed in the air with mysterious lines. He gently swelled and the shadow sword was held in his hand from the void.

  The steady swordsman leaps in the palm of his hand and points to Luo Wei.

  "You want to fight, we will fight. I can do my own thing, no one can stop me. ”

  Mu Yu looks firm, Bodhi leaves fly in the air, surrounded by the shadow of the sword, the shadow sword is shaking slightly.

  Qingfeng is flat and empty, and Jianying begins in his hands.

  Luo Wei silently said nothing, but he also took out his own burning sword. The red burning sword crossed a red awn in the air, and the air seemed to be burning faintly.

  The sword star smashed through the wasteland, and the sword anger could burn the sky.

  The net-etched sword in the hands of the singer shines with golden light, calm and restrained, just like his character.

  The front is hidden in the heart, and the sword is stunned.

  The southward stargazing sword stares at the thick, and looks so solid in the yellow sand, like a thousand stones.

  If the sword is not edged, the sword will be born from the heart.

  Fragmentation and burning, net erosion and stargazing.

  The seven heavenly swords of the sword shadow dust wind have already gathered four in the desert.

  The wind whistling, the sky sword rang.

  For their different beliefs, they let Tianjian go on the opposite side.

  The sword moves and the people move.

  Feng Haochen once asked Mu Yu, why should we use a sword?

  Mu Yu did not know how to answer, he thought that the sword is just a tool to make himself stronger.

  But now he understands that the sword is to protect his beliefs!

  Mu Yu looked at Luo Wei, he has been chasing Luo Wei's footsteps, but he is always so far away. Because Lan Linger, he does not like Luo Wei, but he can't deny that Luo Wei is a reliable brother, and he is also eager to have a day beyond Luo Wei.

  He wants to defeat Luo Wei for his own beliefs.

  The shadow sword crossed the air, and the figure floated away, leaving only strong lines in the void. Burning the sky and the film, the sword tip touches, and the horror fluctuations are scattered around the two!

  Flames and green leaves, violently collided in the air, the blue-eyed illusion of black and white, even hard to resist the burning of the flames!

  A sword stabbed, the wind cloud changed color, the sword was light, and the sword was stunned.

  Luo Wei is still so strong, even if he did not learn the sword, but his sword still reached a terrible point.

  Muyu's body shape flashed in the air, and Luo Xiao's dust-stepping method followed closely. The two Tianjians were intertwined in the air, and between them, they had already fought thousands of strokes!

  The air swords are constantly falling, the sword stars are splashing, they are matched with the most primitive swordsmanship, and no one has fallen into the wind.

  The slogan and the southward sword are also extremely horrible. Once it was very lazy to the south, but his swordsmanship and cultivation have never fallen.

  Laziness is just a disguise for his inner pain. He always wants to avenge his family.

  His sword is as heavy as Taishan, and his moves are so heavy, simple but unstoppable!

  The sword of the promise is light and colorful, and the heavy sword facing the south is not in a hurry. It always breaks the sword to the south with just the right moment.

  The four figures flickered in the air, and the swordsman swallowed it.

  At a certain moment, the four brothers and sisters suddenly stopped at the same time.

  However, the swords in their hands are getting more and more fierce, like a storm, invading the entire desert.

  The shadow sword in the hand of Mu Yu is held in front of the chest, and the shadow of the sword is light, like a illusion, and it seems to be integrated into one. The appearance of the wood feather seems to have nine, respectively, and the evolution of the Tianjian nine, but in one Time, there is only one left.

  That person, that sword, is simple, but it is so powerful.

  Luo Yan’s burning sky is also dancing lightly, and the flames form various swords in his body, and then they are immersed together. His sword is arrogant, proud and proud, like the same fierce yang!

  The sword of the word is so calm, and his nine swords are so tight that they melt into one point at that moment.

  The sword to the south is thick and steady, and his figure is slow and solid. It seems to be flawless, but it is so impeccable.

  At that moment, four swords were pierced at the same time –

  Tianjian nine cited the highest level of meaning, ninety-nine one.

  A simple sword, a sword transforms thousands of worlds.

  They are all apprentices of the sword shadow, they make different choices for the master, so they want to let Master's sword to determine right and wrong.

  A sword is determined to win.

  The air has become extremely hot, and different swords are condensed in the yellow sand. Each sword represents its own beliefs and decisions.


  The four swords confronted each other, but only a soft voice was heard. UU reading is like the most primitive sound between heaven and earth.

  Jianqi has already ruined the surrounding sand and riddled with holes, and the sword of Tianjian Jiufeng exploded!

  "You shouldn't be like this."A small white shadow crossed the sky.

  At the same time, the four Tianjians were separated from their control. No one hurts them. They tremble in the air. The four Tianjians have their own consciousness. They are not willing to start with their own partners.

  This time, their hilts are put together, the tip of the sword is outward, forming a cross, and the figure of Xiaoshuai stands at the center of the hilt of the four swords.

  Xiaoshuai alone controlled four swords!

  Xiao Shuai's face is very serious. It doesn't know why he is coming out. It only knows that he has to come out.

  "The old man with white beard said that the hardest part of the fist is facing outwards.
A sword, the sharpest tip of the sword should not point to the brother. ”The voice of Xiao Shuai’s milk is so powerful at the moment!

  The hilt is dependent, and the tip of the sword is facing outwards.

  The sword is like a person, the hilt is the back of the person, and the tip of the sword is the fist of the person. The back is reserved for the trusted brother, and the fist is reserved for the common enemy!

  Just like the shape of the cross made up of four swords at the moment.

  "The sharpest sword tip shouldn't point to the brother…"

  All four people silently repeated this sentence, their hearts can no longer calm down.

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