No. 555 Chapter Yellow sand Curtain

  Small handsome origin who also don't know, but we all know it and master relationship, wood feather even know Shian and heavenly Sword also have unusual relationship.

  Today, it took control of four swords, and let Tianjian be separated from the control of Mu Yu and others, and conveyed the teachings of Feng Haochen to the four brothers who disagreed.

  No one talks anymore. They pick up their swords for different beliefs and point their swords at their own brothers. It is extremely stupid.

  Tianjian was named after the fight against Yumeng, but now in their hands has become a witness to the hand and foot.

  The four Tianjians have spirituality. They are not willing to use the highest swords of Tianjian Jiu to deal with their own people, so they chose to remove the sword and be controlled by the young master.

  Mu Yu looked up. He looked at his brother. Their beliefs were divided, but this was not enough to be the reason for their soldiers to meet.

  "I won't hurt you."Said softly to the south.

  His cultivation was higher than the promise, and it was higher than that at the place. However, when he played against the words, he did not try his best. His greatest dependence was on the technique of controlling the soil, but he chose the star-gazing sword.

  Because he knows his disciple's disciples, he is the descendant of Tianjian Jiu, and he is the most correct choice to play against his own brother.

  Both Cheng Yan and Luo Wei were silent, and Master fell into the hands of the Triple Palace. They were deeply saddened. Xiangnan and Muyu chose their own methods to fight the Triple Palace, but they had to stop.

  Because the choice of the south and the wood feathers will lead to the danger of the comprehension that Master has protected for the rest of his life.

  "Master is full of the world, he can sacrifice himself for all mankind, but what did he get? Is this kind of comprehension really what you want to protect? ”Continue to the south.

  Mu Yu can't refute, the promise and Luo Wei are also.

  They hate everything the Sangong Palace has done, but the Sangong Palace is a huge monster. They are still struggling in the game set by the Mie Palace and can't jump out.

  Want to really fight against the Triple Palace, they can not play in accordance with the rules of the game set by the Triple Palace.

  Choose to tamper with the rules of the game to the south and customize your own rules in an extreme way.

  Mu Yu didn't want to participate in this game, he just wanted to save the dead wood.

  Cheng Yan and Luo Wei want to play according to this game, they want to protect all the gamed comprehens for Master.

  For a long time, Cheng Yan slowly said: "I will not change my original intention, I will follow Master's wishes."

  Luo Wei took a look at the words, his mouth moved twice, but did not speak.

  "I want to save the dead wood."Mu Yu’s belief remains unwavering.

  Mu Yu didn't want to be the guardian of the Terran. He just wanted to be a son of the dead wood, and help the dead wood to fill the regret.

  It will not change to the south.

  The four swords scattered in the air, like a break, separated, and the sorrowful sword marks in the sky fell into the hands of their masters.

  Xiaoshuai also jumped on the shoulder of Mu Yu, and it could not interfere with other wishes.

  As the words looked at Mu Yu and went south, he sighed heavily. Master has fallen into the hands of the Triple Palace, and he does not want his younger brother to fall into the trap.

  But at the same time, he also understands that many things can't go back once they happen.

  "Senior brother, I know that you want to stop me, but if you want to stop me, your ability alone is not enough. You are not a complete person. You only have to accept the existence of the confiscation."Said slowly to the south.

  The sturdy breath emerged from the south, such as a bright moon, pressed against everyone, so that everyone feels unprecedented pressure.

  To the south is the only person who does not have a nine-day magic array in the body. He chooses to integrate with the latter, and his cultivation has already surpassed his own brothers.

  "I don't want to fight with you, fight, you are not my opponent. If you want to stop me, then see if you have the ability to stop these people! ”

  Waving a heavy hand to the south, all the self-cultivators screamed wildly again, and then the entire building formed by the yellow sand collapsed!

  The endless desert is once again in front of everyone, and the crowds are floating in the air watching the four divisions.

  "The more than 100,000 people will return to their lives with my orders, lurking in the middle of the comprehension, waiting for the moment of maturity, and then annihilating the Triple Palace with me. I don’t think you can stop the 100,000 people from leaving! ”

  The voices to the south have just fallen, and there have been countless whistling sounds in the air. More than 100,000 people have all flashed up and walked around in an orderly manner.

  Many people go to Qingshuicheng, because that is where they rest, but there are also many people who fly directly to the desert, like birds and beasts, just less than a quarter of an hour, more than 100,000 comprehensions of the demon possessed by the demon. Disappeared at the end of the desert.

  Among these 100,000 people, there are more than a dozen talented celestial celestial beings, and there are countless eight disciples, as well as many comprehensions who are strong but not high.

  Each of them will become the next Sikongqiwen, but they will not let them be so arrogant in the south. These comprehensions will be hidden in the realm of comprehension in the obscurity, slowly occupying the celestial list, and holding the celestial list in their hands. Destroy the conspiracy of the Mie Palace.

  There will be many black horses in the Eight Doors that are similar to the Scoic.
Every martial art will be ecstatic, because the number of great immortals represents the strength of a martial art. The more celestial beings, the more it will be valued by the Mie Palace. If it can become the top nine immortals, then the whole sect is in the realm of comprehension. The status will rise!

  To the south will allow many people in the comprehension community to see the hope of the rise of the sect, but is this opportunity so simple?

  In the air, only the self-cultivators who have not yet been attached are left. They are still wrapped in yellow sand and become sand sculptures.

  The comprehension of these sand sculptures is very low, and the demon only chooses to be a high-cultivator, and will not choose the weak.

  At the beginning, I chose the Sikongqiwen of the Jindan period, in order to make the Sikongqiwen of the Jindan period become a distracting period in a short period of time, and to create a gimmick. This sudden rise in power will attract more people to come to Qingshui City, and explore the reality of Sikongqiwen, thus completing the plan to the south.

  Now that the plan has been implemented, there is no need to choose a weak comprehension.

  The Shaying Demon King in the altar was caught in the slumber of the south before the wood feathers were killed. It was not clear about anything that happened just now.

  The Shaying Demon King has been released from the seal for a long time. Mu Yu may have a way to help the Shaying Eagle King break free of the seal, but the Shaying Demon King has lost his heart, and he will not be able to break free from the seal.

  Both Cheng Yan and Luo Wei had a lot of troubles. So many people dispersed in different directions. They couldn’t stop it. They could only watch them leave.

  These people, like the Skunet, will return to the realm of comprehension in a quiet manner, acting as the original role of each comprehension, collecting intelligence for the south.

  One day in the future, the Yumeng Mozu and the Terrans will fight, and these people will definitely become a variable!

  That is about 100,000 people!

  "We all have what we want to do, aren't we?"

  Looking south to see Mu Yu, the sky of yellow sand flying rapidly around him, his purpose has been reached, it is time to leave.

  The sarcophagus slowly emerged among the yellow sands, which sealed the heart of the sand eagle demon king, and stood on the sarcophagus to the south.

  "You didn't control my family, didn't you?"Mu Yu asked quietly.

  "Do not worry! I will never start with you, including your loved ones, your friends, the strategists you are in charge of, and they are all good. Your sleeping big brother, Mu Qingfan, has also recovered. I will let everyone in Clearwater City look after the safety of your wooden family. You can do what you want to do in the future. Don't worry about what happens to your family. ”

  Later, I said to the south a word: "I don't want you to lose your family like me."

  In the eyes of the south, there seemed to be tears at a certain moment, and there was a sadness that was difficult to conceal, but the yellow sand covered everything and no one saw his tears.

  I have experienced the pain of losing my family to the south, so he understands what it means to lose his family.

  Although he is no longer the south, Mu Yu is still his younger brother. He wants to convince Mu Yu to be with him, but he will never use his family to force Mu Yu.

  More and more yellow sand, gradually wrapped around the south of the body, and then all the yellow sand suddenly lost control, "哗啦" slammed down, the southward figure has disappeared.

  The altar that sealed the Shaying Demon King gradually sank and fell into the yellow sand, and everything returned to calm.

  It is said that the fist is clenched. This is a desert. It is impossible to catch up with the south.

  Who is the winner of this test, it is not important for Mu Yu, and there are more important things for him to do.

  "Thank you."Mu Yu said softly to the yellow sand that disappeared to the south.

  Mu Yu put away the trees surrounded by the whole body, looked at the words and Luo Wei, then tapped under his feet and swept past Qingshuicheng.

  Luo Wei did not stop because they knew that Mu Yu would not leave Qingshui City so quickly, and there were his family in Qingshui City.

  Luo Wei looked at the back of Mu Yu’s far away, but his eyes sparkled with swaying light.

  "What is the right thing to do?"

  Luo Wei felt a confused in his heart. The words of Mu Yu still echoed in his ear. If Lan Linger also had an accident, what should he do?

  He looked at the words and the first time he had shaken his beliefs.

  In Luo Xin’s heart, Master and Lan Linger’s life is more important than all the self-cultivators. He helped the promise only because the promise is a master. He thought that he was right to do this, but today he discovered that many times right and wrong. It doesn't matter at all.

  If you can't even guard the people you care about, how do you talk about defending the world's self-cultivators?

  Luo Wei did not understand, he really did not understand.

  He should have been the most unruly talent pair.

  The wind in the desert swept through each sand sculpture, the sun was roasting with yellow sand, and the steaming heat was floating.

  The sighs sighed, the metallization of the whole body made countless blades, thin as a flap, these blades with a broken sound toward the sand sculpture, each blade turned into a cold mans surrounded by sand sculpture, UU reading www. Numerous yellow sands are easily peeled off by the blades.

  Simon unfortunately did not shoot at all times, he looked at it silently, and finally left with the promise and Luo Wei.

  The self-cultivators wrapped in the yellow sand quickly revealed their original features, and everyone slowly opened their eyes and looked around in surprise.

  To the south did not deprive these people of their consciousness, but let them survive.

  "What happened just now?"

  "I don't know, I remember that there are countless salon rolls in the desert! Then we will not engulf the yellow sand. ”

  "correct! Who is the ultimate winner of this test? ”

  "The change in Sikongqiwen was too strange, what about others?"

  "Wood feathers and the sky are not waiting."

  Many people are whispering and discovering that there is sand everywhere in their clothes, and they are quickly cleaning up.

  These comprehensions will never think of how they are lucky to escape. They still believe in the triple palace that has taken them as animals, and the masters of the Mie Palace are treated as gods, thinking that only the three palaces are there, and the triple continent will shine.

  They thought that the realm of cultivation was still calm.

  However, there are some years in this world that are quiet, but some people are carrying them in the dark.


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