Chapter 556 is shackled

  Sanchong Palace.

  That is like a place in the world of fairyland, Qionglou Yuyu, aura of circumstance.

  This is the most mysterious place in the triple continent. No one knows where this place is, except for the people of Mie.

  The splendid palaces are looming, and from time to time there are people with holy white awns across the sky.

  There is an altar in a majestic palace with two towering stone monuments, one black and one white. The white stone is dotted with many green dots. From time to time, the green dots disappear directly, and the white dots become visible again.

  On the black stone, there are countless white spots, and the number of white spots is getting smaller and smaller.

  The white world stood in front of the stone monument and looked at the stone monument without knowing what to think.

  "What is the situation in the palm of the hand, Qingshuicheng?"The white world asked faintly.

  In front of the white world stood a man with the same white body, but his light was much smaller than the white world. He is the law enforcement chief of the Mie Palace, and is usually responsible for supervising the changes in the soul of the triple continent and monitoring the life and death of everyone in the world.

  The soul of the palm of the hand: "The four disciples of the sword shadow dust are in the desert, we did not dare to go to the desert, because now the south has merged with the back soil, the desert is his battlefield, he temporarily sealed up. The whole desert is blocking us out."

  The Yumeng Mozu and the Terran have fought for so many years, and the five Eugene spirits also know how to deal with the people of the Mie.

  "Only one person from the south and the Lord of the Eugene spirit are merged together? This is not what I want to see. ”The white world shook his head slightly.

  "There is one more thing, Mu Yu's family is also in Qingshuicheng. You see, are we going to use his family to force him to appear?"Asked the soul.

  Bai Jie reached out and touched the stone tablet and said: "He can't show up, and the long-lasting 'blood care' of the dead wood is protecting him. This battle is too powerful, and I can't crack it. Even if someone brought him to us, we couldn't see him and couldn't get anything. ”

  "What about us? Should we use the power of the Star Gate to deal with Mu Yu, and let the people of the Star Gate force the whole soul to come out from Mu Yu? ”Palmer suggested.

  "Star Gate? Tianxingmen can't take on the heavy responsibility, I don't think I have to die in Mu Yu's hand. The soul of the soul can not let any comprehension know, even if the Star Gate does not work! We are not in a hurry for Muyu. He is now eager to resurrect the dead wood, and after he resurrects the dead wood, his life will return to the dead wood, and the dead wood will be made with his own life. The battle will disappear, and that time is when we start. ”The white world said faintly.

  The soul of the soul asked hesitantly: "But the dead wood is a very difficult person, do you really want to raise him?"

  "We can kill dead wood forever and you can kill him for the second time!" Besides, the dust and the evil shadows of the sword and the evil shadows are all here for us! ”

  The white world smiled slightly, his eyes were like a flash of lightning across the sky, and there was a ripple in the air, and then the ripples slowly transformed into a huge enchantment.

  The enchantment flows through the white brilliance, among which there is red light. The red light and the white awns are against each other. From time to time, they make a violent collision. The red light is wrapped in white awns and cannot escape.

  There are two figures sitting in the enchantment, it is a wind and dust and evil!

  "White world,

Do you know that the first thing after I got rid of sleep is to kill you? ”The evil is not lazily leaning against the corner of the enchantment, and the eyes are shining with evil light.

  The white world said faintly: "The evil shadow is not old, you still refuse to give up!"

  "I believe in your evil! Damn, if it’s not your despicable villain, Laozi has already put you on the ground. ”Evil said nothing.

  "You know that my goal is not you, but the sword and the dust."Bai Jie looked at the wind and dust of his eyes.

  Feng Haochen is always the look of the wind and light, even if he is in a difficult situation, he does not change his color. He did not open his eyes when he spoke in the white world.

  "how? You can't look at the undead body of Laozi? ”Evil is not a brow.

  "Your undead body is too strong, can make me see the eye, only the sword shadow dust wind, after all, the sword shadow dust wind is the true god of the triple continent, his image is deeply rooted in the realm of cultivation, with his body can Let the comprehension more desperately go to the Yumeng Mozu."The white world smiled faintly.

  Evil is not old and coldly screams: "With me, you don't want to move my big saint to a hair!"

  "How long can you resist in my enchantment? I have time and you are consuming. As for how long you can persist, I am very suspicious. ”The white world waved and the ripples flashed, hiding the enchantment.

  In the enchantment.

  Evil and embarrassed, a bunch of ugly words, almost all greeted the 108th generation of the ancestors of the White World.

  After a long time, I found that I was tired. Then I stopped and looked at the wind and dust. I said with dissatisfaction: "My big saint, we are all stunned, you are still so leisurely, you are saying something!"

  Feng Hao dust opened his eyes and smiled slightly: "Did you not listen to the white world?" His goal is only me. ”

  "Oh shit! I really fell down for eight lifetimes, actually thinking about saving you! I am so discouraged! If it wasn’t for the bastard in the white world, where would I fall to this point! You are good, always look like you are not flustered, and I am upset. ”Evil does not hate to gnash his teeth.

 Bai Jie designed a trap. Rao was cultivated as a sinister evil. He also planted a follow-up. The white world took control of the imprisoned Xianzu, which led to the entire imprisonment of the imperial prison in the hands of the white world. This is also the wind. The reason why Hao Chen can't fight against the white world.

  But the evil is not old, after all, is a person who has lived for thousands of years. Although he is in the way, he still relies on his own evil ability to resist the soul of the white world. It’s just trapped on the site of the White World. It’s hard to get the benefits.

  "You can actually choose to escape from here. When your evil power is exhausted, it will be too late. ”Feng Haochen said helplessly.

  "Shut up, Lao Tzu won't let you die! I said that I must drag you into my hell on earth, let my girls be nice with you, and let the big saints fall into my life goal. You can't die before you do it. . ”

  The evil spirits did not smile, and the body vacated a fascinating evil spirit to resist the invasion of the soul again, but his breath was weaker, even he did not know how long he could hold on.

  Feng Haoyun silently said nothing, how he did not know that this is just an excuse for evil. Feng Haochen is hundreds of years older than evil, but when he was very young, he saved the evil and not died, and guided the evil to enter the path of cultivation.

  Although the path of evil and old age is not what Feng Haochen wants to see, killing and cutting all look at the mood, but Feng Haochen has not erased the evil. Because he always believes that the road is three thousand, the evil road is also a truth.

  Evil and old do not always talk about principles, but only remember this kind of grace for thousands of years.

  Some people are not able to live forever.


  The yellow sand is boundless, and the sun is still roasting the desert, as if it will burn the entire land.

  Shimizu Castle is a small city that is inconspicuous, because the sudden rise of Sikongqiwen makes it famous, but because of Sikongqiwen, the whole comprehension community is no longer calm.

  The battle that has been raging will eventually come to a close, but who can think of the real battle just kicked off?

  Wood feathers walked slowly in the desert. He was in a bad mood because of the differences between the brothers and sisters, and because of Master’s accident, he could not calm down.

  He looked at Qingshui City, which was sleeping like a fulong in the distance, and his heart was awkward.

  It was his home, but he understood that he could not stay at home for the rest of his life.

  The scorching sun is burning and the wind is blowing.

  At this moment, two figures appeared on the sand dunes in front of the wood feathers, and seemed to be waiting for the wood feathers.

  "It seems that we all underestimated this extreme fairy test, isn't it?"White nights open on the sand dunes in front.

  Standing next to him, the blue woman, like a blue lotus in the yellow sand, is chic and elegant.

  Mu Yu looked up and looked at the white night, but the body did not stop, but went to Qingshuicheng.

  He is not interested in the relationship with the so-called people without the shadow family. Even if he knows that the filmless and filmmakers are dead, what does it matter? Shadow killing Qingming has been killed by him, he does not need the help of the no-family.

  "We thought that you would be killed by the shadow killing, but it seems that your ability is beyond our imagination. The disciples of the sword and dust are really great, especially your southern brother, who did not expect to control the comprehension. Things are coming."Continued to say white nights.

  Mu Yu stopped and frowned. "How do you know this?"

  The entire desert comprehension was made into a sand sculpture to the south. It was repaired as a white night without distraction, but it has escaped this robbery. It also knows the southward thing. Is the person without the shadow family so powerful?

  "I know that you want to fight against the Mie, I think we should be on the same line."White night said with a smile.

  Mu Yu turned around and stared at the White Nights: "The Mie Palace is in charge of all the comprehensions in the realm of cultivation. Are you without the shadows of the filmmakers? How can I talk to the Mie Palace? ”

  White night reveals a mysterious expression: "The filmmakers are doing business, and countless self-cultivators are dead in their hands. Who do you think is the biggest beneficiary behind this?"

  Mu Yu is a little stunned!

  After a long silence, Mu Yu said: "Is the filmmaker a piece of chess controlled by the Mie Palace?"

  After the death of the comprehens, it can be turned into a soul force, collected by the Mie Palace by special means, and become the power of the Mie Palace. The actions of the film organization are obviously loved by the Mie Palace.

  "Yes, behind the filmmakers is the Triple Palace. We deal with the filmmakers, just to fight the Triple Palace, and your purpose is the same."The blue woman next to the white night replied.

  For a long while, the blue woman found herself somewhat rude, because she and Mu Yu did not really know, and continued to say: "My name is White Night."

  "Why are you dealing with the Triple Palace?"Mu Yu asked. UU reading www.uukanshu. Com

  "We all know that the true face of the Mie Palace is not? Our people without the shadow family do not want to be a tool for the rule of the Triple Palace, so we want to resist. We are here, I hope that you can cooperate with our people without the shadow family. ”White nights put their own purposes briefly.

  Mu Yu stared at the white night's gaze, and the white night was also facing the wood feathers without fear of shrinking.

  “Why are you looking for me?”

  "Because you are a sword shadow
The disciples of the dusty wind. ”

  This answer did not satisfy Mu Yu.

  "I don't like to work with others."Mu Yu shook his head and turned and left.

  White Nights did not stop, but said in the back: "It’s hard to be alone, we will wait for you all the time. Our understanding of the Mie Palace is much more than you think. You know nothing about the Mie Palace, so I still hope You can think about it in the future."

  Mu Yu did not respond to him, but continued to walk toward Qingshuicheng.

  He didn't want to cooperate with an unidentified film-free family. The Mie Palace is like a mountain. Why can't the shadowless family be against the Mie Palace?

  What Mu Yu wants to do now is to improve the cultivation and find ways to solve the nine-day magic array and resurrect the dead woods with the "life and death". The dead wood old man knows at least the white world, he may know how to fight against the white world.

  It was a long and arduous road, and Mu Yu could only go on his own.

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