Chapter 557 leaves Qingshuicheng

  At this moment, Qingshui City has restored the bustling grand occasion. The pedestrians on the street come and go, all kinds of people are eager to talk about today's Great Fair.

  Standing in the middle of the street, Mu Yu looked at the hearts of these comprehensions but was at a loss. In the desert, more and more practitioners have been poured into the land, and the real people of Shimizu City are mixed together.

  The rushing old man, the handsome Yuan Ying youth, the graceful and beautiful woman.

  Are they all comprehensions of the spirit that dominate the consciousness?

  Mu Yu didn't know, he couldn't tell, just like the original Sikong Qiwen, they concealed everything perfectly, without revealing any flaws.

  The realm of comprehension has begun to change.

  Mu Yu returned to Mufu and found that everyone was safe and sound, and he was relieved. Lu Xianshi told the situation of Fang Cai, they rushed back to Qingshuicheng at the beginning, and they also encountered the salon volume on the road, but those salons let them go and attacked other comprehensions.

  To the south, there was no intention to hurt Mu Yu’s family at the beginning.

  The wooden family saw the wooden feathers returning safely, and the hanging heart was finally put down. The wakingness of Mu Qingfan also made the wooden family excited. The two grandchildren who had contacted the most did not have any accidents. Mu Tianhe did not mention how excited he was.

  But he soon found out that Mu Yu was not right. Mu Yu was not as happy as everyone else. On the contrary, he seemed to be very worried.

  "Wu Yu, Qing Fan can recover, definitely related to you, right?"Mu Tianhe walked over and took a shot of Mu Yu’s shoulder.

  "I asked my brother to help."Mu Yu sighed.

  From the beginning of the South, the control of only the Jindan period, the rise of Sikongqiwen, became a dark horse on the list of immortals, so that more people will come to Qingshuicheng to realize his plan. And Mu Qingfan is only privately started by Sikongqiwen, and it has nothing to do with going south.

  "Your brother?"Mu Tianhe was amazed. Like everyone else in the realm of cultivation, he had never heard of the true god except for Mu Yu. He also received other apprentices.

  "Grandpa, I want to be alone."Mu Yu walked into the small courtyard alone and sat down in the courtyard.

  Xiaoshuai and Longteng were quietly aside this time. Both of them also became the focus of this battle, and they were relished by all the self-cultivators. After all, it’s enough to be praised by a small beast that can hold off the Sikongqi of the distraction period.

  Mu Yu remembered his master, and now Master is in the hands of the White World. In the future, he will face the most cruel one and point his sword to Master.

  He didn't know what he could do, because he was too weak, only the distraction, and he couldn't look down on the waves in front of the Mie.

  "Maybe the approach to the south is right."Mu Yu thought silently.

  The south and the back soil merged together, and the strength rose greatly. Among the four divisional brothers, only the south had capital and the triple palace confrontation.

  This time, the south has controlled about 100,000 self-cultivators. These comprehensions come from all over the mainland. These comprehensions will become the stumbling blocks of the Mie Palace and the plan to destroy the Mie Palace.

  Mu Yu does not support the practice of going south. However, Cheng Yan and Luo Wei do not support Mu Yu’s practice. There are some gaps between their teachers and brothers, which cannot be eliminated.

  There are also countless people in Clearwater City who are being controlled to the south.

These people will protect the wooden house in the dark, and the entire Qingshui City is already a wooden family in some name. It is impossible for anyone who wants to play the wooden house.

  Mu Yu has solved the worries of the Mu family, but there are still many things he wants to do.


  The secrets of the sudden rise of Sikongqiwen are so attractive to the comprehensible, and everyone wants to dig out the secrets of him.

  The eight disciples even joined forces to help the day not to fight against the Skonet, just to get the secret of the sudden rise of Sikongqi, and now they did get it.

  These eight disciples have become another Sikongqiwen.

  The demon in Sikongqiwen has been attached to other people. He is now only a Jindanian comprehension person. He told the people who controlled him to the south that this comparison is the ultimate winner.

  The news spread rapidly, and everyone in Qingshuicheng already knew that everyone was marveling at the talent of Mu Yu, and even defeated Sikong Qiwen and the day!

  One of the most shocking news is that Sikong Qiwen actually killed the sky, but now Sikong Qiwen himself was seriously injured by Mu Yu, unconscious!

  Tianjiancheng was very angry. The news that Sikongqiwen killed the day was from his mouth, and he saw it with his own eyes. This is the most convincing. After the day, I didn’t leave the corpse capital, but it was completely destroyed by Mu Yu, but in Tianjian’s journey, it’s the singularity of the sky.

  The reputation of Mu Yu has once again set off a frenzy in the realm of comprehension!

  The city of Shimizu has already been blasted, and no one can say clearly about what happened in the desert. Many self-cultivators seem to have lost consciousness in a few hours, but none of the comprehensions have an accident, and the only missing comprehension is the day from the Star Gate.

  Among the three people, one was missing, one was plunge, and only Mu Yu was fine.

  Needless to say, Mu Yu has become the final winner. In the gambling gambling studio, everyone is not optimistic about Mu Yu, and there are very few people who are betting on Mu Yu, so the odds of Mu Yu are also very high.
The person who won the beast of Mumu suddenly earned a lot of money.

  One of the happiest is the number of people who have been blazing and Lu, but this is a million stones! Mu Tianhe was also very envious to say that it would be nice to put all the wooden homes on the table. He bet 10,000, but he also received a return of 500,000, and some of the fees charged by the casino, also earned some.

  Mujia Courtyard.

  "You want to leave Clearwater City? Where to go? ”Mu Tianhe asked in surprise.

  Mu Yu suddenly said that he wanted to leave Qingshuicheng. This incident surprised the Mu family, especially Mu Tianhe. He felt that he was owed a lot to Mu Yu. He had not had time to make up for his grandson, but Mu Yu planned to leave Shimizu. city.

  "I don't know, I am used to drifting and want to go around."Mu Yu smiled, but there was a trace of despair in his heart.

  Here is his second home. He doesn't want to leave here, but many things need him to do it himself. You can't do anything in Qingshui.

  The wooden folding star is placed on the shoulder of Mu Yu, and his eyes are very serious: "Is it dangerous to do?"

  Mu Yu silently.

  "Be careful, if you get tired outside, come back, we are waiting for you at home."What surprised Mu Yu was that the wood folding star did not stop him, but took the shoulders of Mu Yu and supported the practice of wood feathers.

  Mu Yu looked at his own biological father. Although there was no deep feeling between them, Mu Yu still respected the wooden folding star.

  "Your future is outside of Clearwater, I don't want to bind you. If you are still there, she will think so."Wood Folding Star continued.

  Mu Yu nodded and felt awkward in his heart.

  Zhu Xiaoyu is a regret in Mu Yu’s heart.

  "But I don't want Mu Yu's brother to leave!"Mu Xin ran over and hugged Mu Yu.

  "Xiao Xinyi, when you grow up and learn the true skills, I will come back with Xiaoxin to go out and wander around the world, okay?"Mu Yu touched Mu Xin's lovely face and said with a smile.

  Mu Hao looked at Mu Yu and bit his teeth.

  "Let's follow the Lu Xianshi to learn the array, understand? If you want to protect the wooden home, you need to be a congenital strategist. ”Mu Yu rudely licked the hair of Tochigi.

  "I know."Mu Hao whispered.

  He will follow the Lu Xianshi to the sect, and learn the array, and Lu will return to the Mujia after the return, to protect the safety of the Mu family.

  Lu Xianshi has become accustomed to the departure of Mu Yu. He knows that his doorkeeper has never been a self-sufficient person.

  "Be careful."Lu Xianshi smiled.

  "Ok!"Mu Yu knew that Lu Xianshi was a very responsible elder and paid Mu Haotu to him. Mu Yu was very relieved.

  It doesn't matter if he is arrogant. He doesn't know what happened in the realm of comprehension, but he must also return to Dan Ding. He plans to leave Qingshui City with Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu looked at all the wooden family, including his brother, who was just known, and he left with a smile.

  But outside, Mu Yu encountered three familiar faces.

  Cheng Yan, Luo Wei and Ximen unfortunately have been waiting for him outside the wooden house.

  Mu Yu calmly looked at his two brothers, he knew what he wanted to stick to.

  "Would you like to leave here?"He looked at his little brother in a complicated way, and he could not convince the younger brother.

  Luo Wei looked at Mu Yu and did not speak. He looked at Mu Yu's eyes no longer so impatient, but an unspeakable emotion mixed in it.

  That day, Mu Yu’s words made Luo’s beliefs shake.

  "Brother, I have never forgotten what Master said. Master has always told us that to do things with your own heart, when you feel that something is clear, do it. I didn't mean to misinterpret Master. I always thought that what I did was right. ”Mu Yu said calmly.

  Mu Yu thought for a long time, knowing what he wants to do can't be wrong. Unraveling the nine-day magic array, whether it is for the dead wood or the master, is beneficial.

  The promise is silent, he keeps his opinion.

  "Be careful, we respect each other's choices, I will not interfere with you again, because I also have my own way to go."Luo Wei suddenly said. His eyes sparkled and he seemed to know what he was going to do.

  Cheng Yan looked up at Luo Wei, he understood that Luo Wei had chosen his own path.

  Nowadays, the four divisions and brothers have their own ideas. Their ideas are inconsistent and they can only rely on their own abilities to act.

  "I understand, I hope that we will not point the sword to each other again in the future. You are all grown up, I don't need to worry about you any more, you have to take care of yourself. ”

  The slogan took a deep breath, and UU read and then turned silently and walked along the street.

  His back is very bleak, thin but firm, as if carrying a mountain. The creed still chooses to take Master's path and work hard to protect the self-cultivator.

  Mu Yu looked at the back of the promise, he felt a bit sad, the brothers and brothers finally chose to part ways.

  At the beginning, the brothers and sisters of the Dust Mountain were intimate, and now because of Master's different differences, they embarked on different paths for their own beliefs.

  No one knows what these four roads will be.

  Luo Wei patted Mu Yu’s shoulder and turned himself to another
Go in one direction. Simon unfortunately did not speak, just left with Luo Wei.

  Mu Yu also turned and walked outside Qingshui City together with Jing Lie.


  In the desert, the yellow sand is raging.

  Standing south on the death Gobi, he looked into the distance and didn't know what he was thinking.

  White nights and white nights floated in the yellow sand, stopping at the back of the south.

  "first name."Asked lightly to the south.

  "In the next night."

  "In the next night."

  "No movie family wants to find me what to do?"A little yellow sand in the hands of the south is dancing gently.

  White nights and white nights look at each other, and there is a strange light in the eyes.

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