The No. 558 Chapter returns to 9 Li Street

  The edge of the desert, surrounded by greenery, wild grass, like two different worlds.

  "Mu Yu, I know that you have to go somewhere to make a chicken jump, but unfortunately I can't go with you. What will be used in my place in the future, a word. ”It was faintly aware that something was wrong, but he couldn’t say where it was wrong.

  Mu Yu’s heart fretting and smiled: “I have already removed the wood residue for you again. I hope you will be a sixth-order alchemy teacher next time I see you.”

  Jing Li is a real friend of Mu Yu, but he can't explain it with a lot of things.

  "Do not worry! I am the future star of Dan Ding, and now even Tianyou’s talent is not comparable to me. Who will let me have you, this good buddy! ”Laughing and laughing.

  The wood residue plagued all the alchemists, and even Tianyou was the high-ranking person of the Dandan party, Yundan Taoist. The alchemy talent was second to none, but he also encountered bottlenecks now. Without the help of Mu Yu, I am afraid that he will take many years to enter the distraction period.

  The fascinating figure gradually disappeared into the sky, and the wooden feather looked at the rising sun in the east and spit out a sigh of gas.

  "Mu Yu, where are we going next?"Xiaoshuai asked curiously.

  "I am going to see the southern fifty mile garden."Mu Yu looked back at the vast desert, and her heart was awkward. Here he found his own home, but here he also had a disagreement with the brothers.

  He wants to go back to the southern 50-mile garden. If he didn't guess wrong, the promisedly took the empty space and the wonderful two people out of the desert mountain range. After Master’s accident, he would not be assured that the two little ones would stay there alone. Mu Yu wanted to see them, but left.

  After spending a few days, he stepped into Jiuli Street again.

  The door of the small courtyard can't stop the wood feather. Although this yard has been set up by Feng Haochen, this array does not block the wood feather.

  The yard is still familiar. The stone table under the tree sits on the Qingsong Taoist. He also left the Moyun Mountain Range and came here with his daughter. At this moment, he is tempering and practicing.

  Mu Yu converges on his own breath, and exerts an invisible magical array for himself. Then he walks silently through the Qingsong Taoist and walks to the backyard.

  The empty and wonderful two people ran around in the yard, laughing at each other, their cultivation has actually reached the Golden Age!

  None of the disciples of the wind and dust collection is a straw bag. The empty and the wonderful two are mischievous and mischievous every day.

  Looking for the old man is dozing on the lounge chair, empty and wonderfully ran over, the orthogonal head is ready to hit a few knots for the old man's beard.

  Mu Yu shook his head helplessly, looking for the old to take care of these two urchins is also tiring.

  "You two, don't try to find old people."

  Lan Linger came out of the house and snorted, driving away the two naughty guys. Qing Mei also came out, smiling and watching Lan Linger whispering in the air and wondering.

  However, the air and the wonderful have long been hippie smiles and run away.

  "Is it true that they are still not coming back?"Qing Mei glanced at the sky and said softly.

  "I hope they can bring back both South and Muyu! Mu Yu wants to compare with others, but don't worry about it. ”Lan Linger’s face is also very worried. They know what Cheng Yan and Luo Wei will do when they go to Qingshui City.

  The news that Mu Yu appeared in Qingshui City has long been known.

  Mu Yu silently looked at his sister and nephew. He wanted to tell Lan Linger that he was fine, and he returned safely.

  But he thought again, is it safe for him to be safe for his brother?

  At this moment, Mu Yu's brow wrinkled, and he suddenly noticed a slight change in the side of the phoenix tree in the corner of the yard.

  He walked slowly, but he was very surprised.

  To the south is on the phoenix tree, sitting on the branch, the huge phoenix leaves block his figure, and he silently looks at the empty space and the wonderfulness of Lan Linger and the yard running around.

  "I know you are here, I just come back to look at them, then I will leave."Said softly to the south. Even though Mu Yu used the method to hide his body shape, he still found him at the south.

  Mu Yu touched the phoenix tree, and the man had disappeared under the phoenix tree, and he was already sitting on another branch of the phoenix tree, and facing south.

  Silence for a long time, Mu Yu said: "I am the same as you."

  Mu Yu, who did things to the south, could not agree, but he found that he was not qualified to persuade anything, just as he wanted to unravel the nine-day magic array, and others would not understand him. They all have their own beliefs and attachments, maybe they are wrong, but they don't want to admit this mistake.

  "Southern Fili Park, this is the most peaceful place in the world of comprehension, because it is forbidden for the comprehensists to fight on the streets, so Lan Linger will not have an accident here."Looking south across the leaves, looking at the back of Lan Linger, a lot of orchids were planted in the yard, and Lan Linger was taking care of it at the moment.

  "Have you been to the Mouyun Mountain Range?"Mu Yu asked.

  Nodded to the south: "After the imprisonment of the imprisonment, I am worried about Master, I will go back. But it is still late, Master and An Shu are missing, presumably already in the hands of the Triple Palace. But the Mie Palace is mysterious, and I still can't find out where they are. ”

  No one knows where the Mie Palace is located, they are like ghosts, and there is no trace to follow. Mu Yu can't wait to rush to save Master at the moment.
Come out, but he is so weak, he is nothing in front of the behemoth of the Triple Palace.

  Mu Yu bit his teeth and kept pressing the thought in his heart. He was afraid that when he faced the Mie Palace guards in the future, he saw the faces familiar to Master.

  Master is a person of eternal life. The Sangong Palace guards will seize Master and will surely take away his eternal life. If so, how should he start with the Mie Palace guards?

  "What are you going to do next? In the memory of the back soil, I saw the lifting method of the nine-day magic circle. Only by killing can the balance of the nine-day magic circle be destroyed. Do you want to kill? ”Asked south.

  Killing is also a way for Mang to tell Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu’s hand gently licked the leaves of the phoenix tree, and the phoenix tree agitated in the wind, rejoicing and smoothing the heart of Mu Yu’s movement.

  "I don't want to kill people. I just want to find a place to put the repairs on, and then unravel the nine-day magic circle, save the dead wood old man, and the dead wood old man is also one of the guardians of the sleepy Xianji. He may know one or three. The matter of the palace."Mu Yu said calmly.

  I don't know when he is no longer repelling murder, and even like the feeling of killing. Especially when he was killing the day, he even thought about killing more people to satisfy the murderousness in his heart.

  The dead air of the grass affected him and gave him a new understanding of the concept of life.

  But he restrained himself and prevented himself from being the reaper of life.

  He forced himself to hate killing.

  "Unlocking the nine-day magic array can only kill a road, can you go?"Frowning south.

  Mu Yu shook his head: "The killing is not the only way, I learned the battle. I know how to break the nine-day magic array, but my cultivation is not enough. ”

  "There are many people in the world of comprehension who are not worth living. Their lives are meaningless. For example, people in the Star Gate, such as ghost gates and people who are dead and die, such as people who are filmmakers. You don't need to bear guilt when killing them, because they are damned. ”The south is very calm and calm, so that Mu Yu is strange.

  It’s not going to say such a thing to the south.

  Mu Yu once again fell silent. These people who said to the south are indeed damned. They do not respect the lives of others. They slaughter other people by various means, indirectly create soul power for the Three Palaces, make the Mie Palace more powerful, help the abuse, and indeed do not deserve to live.

  "Everyone who dies in the Triple World, the power of the Triple Palace is a strong point, so I rarely kill. But Hou Tu told me that the dead air of your body can swallow away everything, including the soul, and your murder will not bring any power to the Mie. You are the real god of death, and the talent you kill is the most meaningful. ”Said to the south.

  "Are you killing me?"Mu Yu frowned.

  Southward: "Do you really think that I really hope that the comprehension will die? I just want to let you know that there are always people who will die, so it is a different concept to die in your hands and die in the hands of others. The Mie Palace will launch the war between the Yumeng Mozu and the Terran. At that time, a large number of lives will die, and the resulting soul power is unprecedented. Once the war is over, it is the most powerful time for the Mie. So what I can do is to control more comprehensions and not let them die. ”

  Toward the South, he continued: "The rumors have never liked to kill people. He has been with the Master since he was a child, and he has been subtly influenced by Master's easygoing personality. Luo Wei is the most violent, he is the one who likes to kill most, just because Master does not like to kill, he respects Master, so he changed his character. I also hate killing, especially knowing what his loved ones will experience when a person is killed. ”

  To the south, he has a feeling of repression: "But I understand that many things can be avoided without hatred." I want to fight against the Triple Palace, I can only do this. Those who are under my control, I don't want them to die, but let them avoid death! ”

  "But they will leave indelible wounds when they are possessed by the demon, are they?"Mu Yu asked.

  The ability to "master consciousness" is more than enough to control the self-cultivator's consciousness, but it has a shortcoming. That is, it is impossible for the comprehensible to naturally integrate into their own lives after being controlled. The controlled person will only execute orders like a beggar. Will not have their own emotions. And by integrating the consciousness of the demon into the consciousness of the person, this problem can be avoided.

  Only when the demon and the human consciousness are integrated, will seriously hurt the comprehension.

  To the south, whispered: "This is a war, about the Terran and the Yumeng Mozu, the hatred of our several brothers and the Triple Palace, and the fate of the Terran. They blindly believe in the gods of the Triple Palace. We can't wake them up. Only by eliminating the Triple Palace, the Terran has a future. The war must be accompanied by sacrifice, and the soul of the 100,000 self-cultivator is lost. UU reading will be a part of the power. ”

  Mu Yu sighed silently. He found that he was right in the south, but he felt that he was wrong. He could not refute the view to the south. The plan to the south is also at the expense of the autonomy of the 100,000 self-cultivators, which is quite cruel.

  The wind gently swayed the phoenix tree, and the huge leaves of the phoenix tree fell to the entire small courtyard.

  When I was looking for the old man, I didn’t know when I had already woke up. He was very helpless to give up the beard that was empty and knotted. Seeing the leaves of the paulownia in the yard, he picked up the broom and began to clean the leaves in the yard.

  Half of the leaves of the yard were swept under the sycamore tree, and the old man wiped the sweat and found that half of the leaves were not swept.
Finish. Suddenly he looked at what he was aware of, and looked up at the paulownia tree, but there was nothing there.

  "Strange, I just felt the breath of the lines."The old man was puzzled and walked around the phoenix tree, but found no abnormalities.

  When he picked up the broom and wanted to sweep away the leaves of the remaining half of the yard, he was surprised to find that all the leaves were swirling, like consciously floating under the sycamore tree.

  "This -" looking for the old Zhang's mouth, do not understand what happened. At the moment, there are no other people in the yard. How did these fallen leaves fall over?

  Mu Yu smiled and left the small courtyard.

  (Volume 7: End of the Desert Oasis)

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