Chapter 559 Submersible

  The eighth volume of the world

  Chapter 559


  The only connection between the Mouyun Mountain and the Triple Continental is the 100,000 mountains of the monsters. Here, the high-order monsters are inhabited all the year round. Most of them are fourth-order monsters. The self-cultivators of the Yuan Ying period can successfully cross.

  Deep in the 100,000 mountains is the gathering place of countless high-order monsters. Here are the six- and seven-order monsters, and there have been no long-time self-cultivators.

  But this time, the gathering place of the high-order monsters has become no longer calm, and many powerful monsters have to be cautious.

  Because there are three uninvited guests here.


  A six-meter-long double-headed crocodile lizard, ten meters long, was slammed on the ground, smashing a piece of hard granite and blasting the ground into a large hole. The black blood slowly flows to the ground, soaking a large piece of soil.

  "This braised! This braised! ”

  "Double-headed crocodile has a bitter taste, or steaming!"

  Behind the carcass of the double-headed crocodile, the two guys Xiao Shuai and Long Teng are smashing the skin of the double-headed crocodile lizard. The young handsome is desperately drilling into the belly of the double-headed crocodile lizard, trying to find the demon spirit.

  "Don't find it, be here."Mu Yu holds the fist-sized demon, throwing it in his hand. In his eyes, a bloodthirsty cold was passed, but it was fleeting.

  "If the demon spirit of the double-headed crocodile lizard is boiled with the blood of the flying winged bird, it will taste like a roast duck."

  Xiaoshuai 蹦Q came over and grabbed the demon spirit in the hands of Mu Yu, and then dragged a one-meter-long flying wing from the grass. Cooking.

  Mu Yu sat on the rock and began to cultivate his own dust.

  It’s been a year since I left Qingshuicheng. In the past year, he has not appeared in the realm of comprehension. Instead, he chose to practice in the deserted mountain range where the beasts are rampant.

  Nowadays, the four apprentices of Jianying Dust have their own way to go, and cultivation is the premise for them to realize their beliefs.

  The impenetrable imperial prison in the Moyun Mountain has long been lifted, and the aura of the 100,000 mountains has begun to recover. The aura of the Triple Continent gradually passed to the Moyun Mountain Range. This process is very slow. Mu Yu feels that it takes at least a long time to calm the aura of the mountain to become less barren.

  However, he is near the Miyun Mountains and close to the triple continent, so the aura here is enough to support his cultivation.

  Mu Yu once went back to the dusty mountain, and the dusty mountain had already gone to the sky. Master did not have any news, and Uncle did not know where to go.

  He knows that he is very weak, so he can only continue to practice and want to improve.

  In the distraction period, the improvement of cultivation has begun to slow down. In the past year, he has only completed the repair of the Seventh Heaven. He kept practicing and never slacked off for a moment, because many things are waiting for him to solve, and he is not allowed to slack off.

  In the past year, he has been spent with the killing of the monsters, and the strength of the monsters he killed is much stronger than him.

  I don't know why he inexplicably likes the feeling of hunting the monster. After every killing of a monster, he always feels inexplicably happy, and the feeling of depriving him makes him fascinated.

  Whenever a monster is dead in his hand,

The death of Muling will be more abundant, and the anger will be less and less.

  Muling has completely absorbed the dead air of the grass, and the ugly holes in the blade are also occupied by the black gas. It has no feeling of being full of vitality, and can no longer provide any vitality to the wood feather.

  "Oh, take the pot, I braised its thighs."Xiaoshuai is very busy, and he will do everything to eat it.

  Before coming to the Mouyun Mountain Range, this guy also took the book "The Beast Nutritional Diet Encyclopedia", which recorded how the various monsters that can be eaten are the best. This book is simply the favorite of Xiaoshuai. If you have nothing to do, you will read through its recipes and see it.

  Every time I want to kill any monsters to come to dinner, it is decided by it. Mu Yu only needs to get the high-order monsters at his request. The rest of the low-level monsters are too lazy to do it. Xiaoshuai and Longteng will solve.

  Have to say that the ability to eat goods is terrible. In order to be able to eat delicious food, Xiaoshuai has already got rid of it, and he has cooked all the thick recipes.

  It can use the blood of various monsters, smash the bones into powder, pickle the heart, and use some messy means to make seasonings. Wood feathers often give it some vegetable oil and let it toss itself.

  “The recipe says that the thigh meat of the double-headed lizard is compressed to the extreme, and the more chewy the meat is, the more chewy!”Xiaoshuai dragged the thigh of the double-headed lizard. This thigh is seven or eight times bigger than its head, but it doesn't work hard in it.

  "compression? Use spiritual power? ”Longtan asked with his tail.

  "Yes, it is the use of spiritual power, but I can use the aura, the more compressed the more delicious, then I feel that I can press this thigh meat to it, my mother does not know!"Xiaoshuai said with a fist.

  Mu Yu laughed, Xiao Shuai sometimes speaks very simply.

  Xiaoshuai’s hands began to flood out countless white auras. Under the control of these, all the auras wrapped around the thighs of the double-headed lizards, and the aura was shrinking. The entire thigh was also slowly crushed, and the gas in the flesh and blood was Exiled by Xiao Shuai unceremoniously.

  Xiaoshuai is very skilled in controlling aura, and nothing in the world can be more familiar with it than it is. It is to be more delicious,
The more pressure, the more intense.

  "Enough? It doesn't feel like meat when you press it down. ”Long Teng reminded.

  Xiaoshuo pressed for a moment, and then let go, the thigh, which was several times larger than it, had been pressed by it to be almost the same.

  It said excitedly: "The recipe says that you can press the meat to red. I am now purple, and it will definitely be more delicious!" Then use hot water to lick it! ”

  Xiaoshuai removed the aura, the thigh meat of the double-headed crocodile lizard did not swell up, but the bloody smell was getting stronger. Xiaoshuai set up a large pot, the water inside has been boiled, and it does not hesitate to put the compressed thigh meat into it –


  An explosion suddenly came from Xiao Shuai’s pot, and the hot boiling water suddenly splashed around. The whole iron pan was also blown apart, and the ground was blown out of a large pit.

  Xiao Shuai has been away from the pot recently, and the whole body has been smashed out by a powerful explosion of air and landed in the distant grass.

  "The trough, the little mouse, what exploded?"

  The dragon swelled his own gang to blow the tail that was burnt. Although its skin was thick, it was still very hot, so it was irritating.

  "what happened? Xiaoshuai lets you cook, you blow up the pot again! We have only two pots left! ”Mu Yu ran quickly and picked up the little handsome who was stunned and stunned from the grass.

  Xiaoshuai was hot and hot, and the wooden feather wrapped his hand with spiritual power to isolate the hot water. He shook his little handsome, and it only came back to him, and suddenly he picked it up: "What happened? How did the thigh of the double-headed crocodile blow up? ”

  "I still want to ask you! In the end, did you not know whether the thighs were compressed or not? ”Mu Yu asked helplessly.

  "how could I know!"

  Xiao Shuai is thick and not afraid of boiling water. He ran over and pulled up the thigh of the split-headed crocodile lizard. Look carefully and reveal a bitter gourd face: "Really, I forgot the duo lizard after death, it is still full body. There will be demon power. After the demon power is compressed by the transition, suddenly the external stimulus will break out. ”

  "Are you stupid? Every time I spray my dragon's breath, I gather the spiritual power of the whole body, compress it and then spray it out. The spiritual power is compressed and then sprayed out. How powerful is it? ”Long Teng licked his tail and became alive and kicking again.

  "After the spiritual power is compressed, spray it out again?"

  Wood Yu slightly glimpsed, he looked at the big pit caused by the explosion of the double-headed crocodile lizard, I did not expect the double-headed crocodile lizard to die, the residual demon power can be so destructive after being compressed.

  If he can also use the array to compress the power, it is absolutely comparable to the damage of the blast!

  "Little handsome, you said that we can create a battle, compress the spiritual power, and then burst out?"

  Mu Yu knows how to use the pattern to compress things, but because the compression speed is very slow, it is generally not used.

  "That won't work, unless you have the big organ that farts from your mouth, otherwise you can't compress the spirit."Xiaoshuai licked the hair of his body, and the water droplets on his body had been completely dried.

  "Little mouse, are you owing it?" What is the mouth fart organ? That is called Long Ling. ”Long Teng proudly said.

  When Dragon and Rat are engaged in war, each time they spit out a powerful dragon's breath from the mouth, the dragon's interest depends on a special organ in the body, so it can easily compress the spiritual power. But the formation itself is also spiritual, so it is unrealistic to use the pattern to compress the power.

  "Do not compress the power, we compress the lightning, what do you think?"

  Mu Yu remembered the "Xuan Cang Luo Lei" sword method that Xiao Shuai usually likes most. The lightning that the sword method morphs is the lightning that is stripped from the air. It is a real existence, not a spiritual power.

  Xiao Shuai’s eyes are bright: “Hey? In theory, it should be! Let's try. I am going to summon lightning, Mu Yu, you try to compress the lightning with the formation. ”

  "I said that you still can't cook?" Can you wait for the meal to try again? ”Longtan yawned on the side.

  "Oh, how do you always think about eating!" Can't you do something other than eating? ”Xiaoshuai said with a sigh of relief.

  Long Teng turned a blind eye, this sentence is usually a dragon to teach the little handsome, Xiao Shuai himself said this sentence is not at all blush.

  Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai are very energetic. They have been studying all kinds of bizarre arrays for the past two years. They usually think of good ideas and can't wait to experiment. Including the combination of various poisons and arrays, a variety of colorless and tasteless traps, these things have long been ruined, and Mu Yu is only based on the original basis.

  Mu Yu worked hard to study various arrays, mainly to make himself stronger. The array is his strongest reliance, but many of the arrays are used to guard or defend the illusion, and many aggressive creatures can't look at the eye.

  So far, Mu Yu has experimented with various kinds of arrays with Xiao Shuai. Many of the arrays have no practical use for Tian Yu, so he always wanted to apply other arrays to Tian Jian. Go in.

  Just as he used the shadow sword to trigger the explosion of the fit period, the sword of the shadow sword cut off the vitality of his consumption.

  The cyan wind and the heart of the heart from the foot of the wood feathers illusion, the small handsome enveloped in it. Xiaoshuai’s body slammed into a blue electric spark, and it’s all over the body.
The electricity is upside down.

  It akimbo, one finger against the sky, the blue sword with its small hand as the hilt, skyrocketing!

  The blue sword air crossed the air and was firmly held by the wooden feathers. There were countless black and white inscriptions in his hands. These inscriptions were instantly blended into the blue sword, compressing the blue sword. .

  Originally, the blue sword with three feet long was pressed under the pressure of the inscription of Muyu, and the whole body was pressed to the three feet. The whole body of the sword is like a crystal clear blue crystal, which is colorful.

  Mu Yu carefully removed the spirit, and at the same time he was ready to run, because he had already experienced the power of the demon power to be compressed and exploded.

  However, when Mu Yu removed the spiritual power, the blue-skinned three-footed sword shadow suddenly broke apart, and did not explode as imagined, but directly turned into blue debris to dissipate in midair. .

  Not successful!

  "what? Where is the problem? ”Mu Yu looked at the disappearing sword shadow inexplicably.

  Long Teng shook his head and said: "You can't do this. When I usually compress my spiritual power, UU reads The spiritual power is very arrogant. It has been surging, so it is easy to explode the huge power. After you turn the lightning into a sword shadow, it is quite a lightning bolt to form a stable sword. Even if a stable sword is compressed, there is no violent spiritual flow in it, and it will not burst open instantly. ”

  Mu Yu found that Long Teng made sense. The power of the spiritual power in the violent time was the biggest, but the wooden feathers used the lines to compress the blue sword shadow, so that the original violent spiritual power was smoothed down. not open.

  "This is to say that when the Thunderbolt is cut into four parts, it will become unstable in an instant. I just need to seize the violent time to compress the cracked swords." ?"Mu Yu nodded thoughtfully.

  "But the Thunder sword I created is so overbearing and ruined."Xiaoshuai shouted dissatisfied.

  "cut! You will pull it down! Where is your lightning, my dragon, Xiao Tian, ​​just right? ”Long Teng whispered.

  Both guys feel that their swordsmanship is awesome, and no one is convinced.

  "That Longtan, you come to chop off Xiao Shuai's Lei Jian! Let's try again. ”Mu Yu said.

  Long Teng glanced at Xiaoshuai: "The little mouse will never let me cut off its sword."

  "Little handsome, you lower the momentum of Lei Jian, understand?"Mu Yu said helplessly.

  "Alright alright! It is a shame to let Daxie cut my thunder sword. ”Xiaoshuai shouted.

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