Chapter 560 Xiaoshuai’s 5 thunder

  The blue sword once again rose from the hands of Xiaoshuai, and the thunder and lightning were pulled from the air and flashed from time to time.

  Longteng also fell in the wind and the heart of the heart, the shadow of the sword illusion, evolution Tianjian nine cited the fifth style, the sword of the heavens turned into a mighty and overbearing dragon shape, swallowed by Long Teng, The whole body of Long Teng also exudes a fierce sword.

  "Little mouse, die!"Long Teng laughed, and a dragon spurted out of its mouth, suddenly turned into four sword-shaped, smashing toward the handsome Shuai Jian!


  Xiao Shuai’s Lei Jian was suddenly turned into a five-segment by Long Teng! Every section of the blade rolled out, and the power of the violent thunder was surging, and soon it would collapse and dissipate.

  However, the pattern in the hands of Mu Yu has already greeted him, and the black and white inscriptions wandered out, wrapping the five cut swords in an instant.

  The powerful array of squeezing squeezed the power of the five groups of lightning, thunder and the like were compressed, and wanted to separate and struggle, but unfortunately could not rush out of the package.

  The power of the five regiments in the hands of Mu Yu has been compressed to the size of the peas, and the horrible tearing force of the body is trembled.

  "Are you? Give me one! ”Xiaoshuai shouted.

  "What are you doing for you? You won't even have to eat this? ”Longtan asked.

  On the forehead of Mu Yu, he pulled out the fine sweat. He found that he was getting more and more difficult to control the five groups of lightning. The lines seemed to be unable to be suppressed. Now he did not hesitate to throw a group of lightning to the young master. .

  "Little handsome!"

  Xiaoshuai rushed over excitedly, hugged the thunder and lightning, showing a smile that was not good: "I don't eat this, I take the call!"

  "Sleeping! Little mouse, you are publicly enemies! ”Longteng screamed and turned to run away. No matter what, I am afraid of the baptism of lightning. It is not a joke to be charged.

  However, Xiaoshuai had not had time to throw it out. Suddenly, the power of the thunder in his hand had already broken away from the formation and blasted in the hands of Xiaoshuai!

  "Ah – I am a roast chicken roast duck!"

  The screams from the small handsome mouth, the blue explosion sounded with Xiao Shuai as the center, the horrible electric sparks splashed around, destroying all the surrounding trees, and the ground was bombarded with a 50-meter deep pit!


  A black shadow fell into the pit from the air and disappeared for a long time.

  The pattern in the hands of Mu Yu could no longer be maintained. The lightning explosion in the hands of Xiao Shuai was like a fuse, and the power of lightning in his hand also exploded.

  Fortunately, he had the ability to teleport the Scorpio star, and he fled far away in the blink of an eye, but because the explosion ionized Xiaoshuai was too close, the four regiments thundered in the air above Xiaoshuai, and once again slammed into Xiaoshuai.

  "Ah – Mu Yu, I am fighting with you."

  Xiaoshuai’s tragic voice passed from the bottom of the pit. After the explosion, it flew out of the pit, and the whole body fur had been burned black, leaving only a pair of blue eyes in confusion. The ground is turning.

  Wood Yu was embarrassed to run to the distance and took a basin of water back from the wood: "I have suppressed it too much, I think the longer it is pressed, the more powerful it is."

  Of course, Xiaoshuai will not be embarrassed, and the thunder that he encountered when he broke the shell is more exaggerated than this.

Mu Yu grabbed the tail of Xiao Shuai and threw it directly into the water and rinsed it again. The dragon vine has been laughing at the side.

  "Haha! After the little mouse, this is called the five thunder. ”Longteng laughed and rolled on the ground.

  Xiaoshuai shook his body and suddenly rushed toward the dragon vine, biting it on the dragon.

  "Oh shit! It’s Mu Yu fried you, what do you bite me! ”Longtan hurts to scream, Xiaoshuai has sharp teeth, and it is really painful to bite.

  "Yes, there is wood feather."Xiaoshuai flew over to Mu Yu and bit his finger on Mu Yu’s finger.

  "I really didn't mean it."

  Mu Yu also can't stand it, and quickly shakes his hand. This guy eats every day, there is no thing that it can't bite, its teeth are really noisy, and for a long time, finally the little handsome is given out.

  "Try it again, I promise not to over-compress this time. I try to make sure that I can afford it within my ability!"Mu Yu said helplessly.

  Xiaoshuai said for a long time, all kinds of wonderful swear words were smashed again, and finally found that hungry, snoring and cooking, and went to cook.

  "Da, no green bamboo shoots, you go find some bamboo shoots. Be tender, don't be too old. ”Xiaoshuai shouted.

  "The green bamboo shoots make it possible for the wooden feathers to be made with wood spirit?"Longtan occasionally tastes the craftsmanship of Xiaoshuai. Not to mention, the talent of Xiaoshuai cooking is really first-class. Xiaoshuai is recognized by Longteng in cooking.

  And Mu Yu felt that when she was in the dusty mountains, it was a pity that she did not let Xiaoshuai learn to cook. At that time, if Xiaoshuai learned to cook, they would not have to wait for the unpleasant meals every day.

  "No, no, now the vegetables made by Mulingjian are not good, cold, dead, and not tasteful."Xiaoshuai has used the spirit to inspire Dan Flint, and Dan Flint has a blazing flame. It controls the spirit to float the iron pot on the flame.

  Longteng shook his head and reluctantly drilled into the woods. Dragon vine itself is a plant, and it has an affinity for other plants, so it is okay to let it find a vegetable.

  Wood feather
Grinding the next time you find a chance to perfect this battle, the premise is that Xiaoshuai will cooperate.

  Now that he has completely mastered the dusty method, he is now able to divide the sword into nine swords. In combination with the pattern of the Tianjian nine, he feels that even if he is facing the distraction, he can fight.

  But the Mie Palace still feels like a mountain in his heart, so that he can't slack off.

  Yu Pei gently shimmered in the hands of Mu Yu, he entered his spiritual power into the jade, and found the dead wood in the soul.

  The cracks on the chest of the soul of the dead wood are still so shocking, and Mu Yu still hasn't found any way to repair the soul of the dead wood.

  He often stares at the soul of the dead wood old man, and his heart always feels inexplicable. He had no way to save him from the accident of the dead wood, and he could not help him with the accident. The two most respected people are now like this because of the Triple Palace, but he doesn't know how to solve it.

  What happened to the triple continent in the past year, he is not clear, how many self-controls he has controlled to the south, he does not want to ask. Nowadays, whoever became a dark horse on the top of the list, who won the first, he did not know.

  He only wants to do himself quietly, cultivate himself to ascend, unravel the nine-day magic circle, resurrect the dead wood old man, find revenge in the Sangong Palace, find a way to rescue the master, and nothing more.

  "How can you not come back?" I remember there is a bamboo forest three miles away from here! Is it so troublesome to find a green bamboo shoot? ”

  Xiaoshuai held a big spoon in midair that was longer than the whole person and stirred it.

  At the moment, a fragrant smell came from the pot, and Xiaoshuai sprinkled a lot of salt. The salt was extracted from the blood of the short-horned hippo in the salty wetland. It is everything.

  Mu Yu also felt a bit strange. It’s been half an hour. Xiaoshuai’s red-burning crocodile has been baked. The bamboo shoots are just a side dish, which makes the taste better, but the dragon vine does not come back. There will be no side dishes.

  "It won't happen, right?"Mu Yu frowned.

  Long Teng is usually lazy, there is something to look at the tail, nothing to sleep, boring and quarrel with Xiaoshuai, even if it is out to find vegetables, it is quick and fast, it seems a bit slow today.

  "Shouldn't it? The false prostitution of Daxie can shock many monsters and will not cause trouble. ”Xiaoshuai slammed the big tail and slammed the hot air of the red-burning crocodile lizard on the plate. At the same time, he had already picked up a piece of meat and picked it up.

  Dragon vine is a special monster, it is a plant that has been transformed into a million years. After the dragon, the dragon is very real, and many monsters are jealous of it. Although it is only the strength of the flood season, it is becoming more and more powerful under the influence of the woody spirit of Mu Yu.

  In this mountain range, even if you encounter a monster that you can't beat, it is more than enough to escape.

  "Wait, let me see where it is."

  Mu Yu touches the grass under his feet. The roots and stems of the plants are intertwined and connected with trees. Each tree looks like a living. The plants within a radius of five miles are like his eyes, showing the surrounding scenes. In front of him.

  Soon, Mu Yu discovered the bamboo forest outside Sanli, but Mu Yu did not see the shadow of Longtan. This is very strange, because he saw a lot of green bamboo shoots in the bamboo forest, but if Longtan does not come here to pick green bamboo shoots, then where does it go?

  Mu Yu expands the perception of plants and extends the exploration capabilities of plants to ten miles away. Then he burst into his heart, because he found that there was a place surrounded by a black atmosphere, and all the plants had withered and died.


  Mu Yu is familiar with this breath, and he will never admit his mistake when he is gloomy. This ghost shrouded all the trees on the hillside and formed a vacuum zone. It was ridiculous and it was already in the grass.

  Mu Yu controlled the roots of the plants and climbed from the ground. UU read but I didn't expect the depths of the ground to be full of ghosts, and instantly infested the plants controlled by wood feathers.

  The wood feathers frown slightly, and these plants can only accept his consciousness to grow, without special effects, so they can't resist those cold ghosts. At this time, two ghosts suddenly appeared in the vision of plants controlled by Mu Yu.

  "Call us to do what?"A ghost doorman was covered with black air, and their ghost doormen’s speeches were all cold and boring.

  "We caught a dragon of the dragon, but it was too powerful. It hurt several of us. We have temporarily trapped it and need you to take it."The ghost doorman who speaks is only trained.

  "The dragon of the dragon?" Are you sure? ”The returning story is a ghostly man who is distracted. The voice is still a woman. Her body is covered with dark red ghost fog. Mu Yu feels familiar with this sound.

  He suddenly remembered who this woman is. When she was in the double heaven, it was this woman who was together with the ghost Xuan Yue. It seemed to be called ghost red jade! But what do the ghost gates come to this desert mountain range?

  "Little handsome, don't eat. Long Teng was taken away by the ghost gate. ”Mu Yu opened his eyes and his face sank.

  The meat in the small handsome mouth bite half and is spit it out: "What? Ghost people dare to catch big? Oh shit! Hate the little devil, beat him! ”

  Xiaoshuai slammed on the shoulder of Mu Yu, and Mu Yu’s body melted into the body.
The trees disappeared.

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