Chapter 561 Ghostmen

  The gloomy ghost made all the surrounding trees shrink, and Longtan glared at the enchantment formed by the ghosts in front of him, and there was still no way to rush out.

  Those ghosts are so strange that every time Longtan hits it, it will always be bounced off, and its body will feel very uncomfortable.

  Longteng just went there to pick green bamboo shoots. It didn't take much time to do this, but when he was just about to leave, he suddenly found the traces of the ghosts. It is very curious, I don't understand how the ghost door man will come here.

  In order to find out, it sneaked up, who knows that it was discovered by the ghosts.

  These ghost gates were not high, not their opponents, but they were trapped with a very strong ghost. It has been shouting Mu Yu, but these ghosts have covered up its breath and sound, and Mu Yu did not hear it.

  When Long Teng was thinking about how to rush out, suddenly the ghosts swayed, and then a person filled with red fog suddenly came in from the outside. When it looked at the repairs of the other side, it suddenly became tense.

  "Is it really the dragon of the dragon?" It’s incredible! ”

  The red fog on the ghost red jade dissipated, revealing her enchanting body. Her red eyes looked at the dragon vine, and her expression was very pleasant.

  "Longtan is the precious material for making Yanmingdan. The long-term dragon can also treat the wounds of the soul. With the Dragon Dragon of this dragon, the purpose of our trip is even more certain!"A man next to Ghost Ruby is also very surprised.

  "Ghost Cedar, you go around to explore the situation, by the way, let the ghost Shura come here, I feel not quite right."Ghost red jade seems to think of something, telling.

  Ghost cedar is only a period of cultivation, he did not understand, asked: "Is not right? Can't I win this dragon vine with the repair of my sister? What trouble do you have to do with Ghost Shura? ”

  Ghost Hongyu said: "The dragon of the dragon is rare in the world. It will not be seen for thousands of years. The comprehension has only appeared once. The dragon of the dragon has followed the wooden feather. I don't know if this vine has anything to do with him. If he is nearby, we must be careful with him. ”

  Ghost cedar heard the name of "Wu Yu", his face changed slightly, but he quickly recovered: "Sister, don't we have to worry about that wood feather?" After all, this time we came to the Mou Mountain Range is not directed at him, but directed at…"

  "Shut up, go ahead."Ghost Hongyu glanced at the ghost cedar and snorted.

  Ghost Cedar hit a cold, and quickly retired, there were only three ghosts and ghosts in the field.

  "Roar!"The dragon screamed and rushed toward the ghost red jade.

  There are countless cold red fogs on the ghost red jade, such as the bones of the bones, making people chill. Red atomization is a long-handed ghost hand, and the dragon vine is firmly grasped in an instant!

  "The dragon of the dragon, you only have the strength of the fifth-order monster, and you can still smash it!"The ghost red jade smiled slightly, and the figure fluttered like a ghost to the side of the dragon, and stretched out to absorb the dragon's body.

  Longteng struggled with anger and wanted to break free from the ghosts of ghost red jade. However, the ghost red jade was a distraction, and it was not that Longtan could compete.

  "Mom, dare to catch my family's amnesty, find death!"The voice of Xiaoshuai passed from the mist of the mist, and at the same time the ghost fog around it melted.

Suddenly all disappeared.

  A piece of sword with a scorpion sword smashed into a ghost red jade straight down!

  Ghost red jade face changed greatly, and there were countless red fogs on the body. The ghosts and ghosts screamed out of the red mist and greeted the fierce sword of Mu Yu.

  However, those swords are instantly opened, and the nine swords are smashed. The nine powerful swords are covered from all sides, killing all the blame!

  The red mist of the ghost red jade could not stop the sword of Mu Yu, and she snorted, and a red ghost appeared from her body, which was a twin of the ghost red jade. They are scattered, and the encirclement is surrounded by Mu Yu.

  "Sure enough, you! Wood feather! ”

  The ghost red jade face is like a frost. In the double heaven, she has already seen the power of the sword in the hands of Mu Yu. The sword of Mu Yu is endless, and it is the nemesis of the ghost gate.

  "Let the dragon vine."Mu Yu said coldly. The dragon vine is still caught by the red ghost claws of the ghost red jade, and the other three ghost gates are guarding the dragon vine.

  "The last time you broke our good deeds in the double heaven, we have been remembering this matter. Since you have invested in the net today, then don't blame me for being rude!"The ghost red jade and her twins have a fascinating red mans.

  Mu Yu black and white spirit wrapped in the shadow sword, cold eyes looked at the ghost red jade. He has not had any good feelings about killing innocent ghosts.

  Once the ghost gates tried their best to sneak into the Mouyun Mountain Range and want to capture the millions of people in the Mouyun Mountain Range. Now the imprisoned Xianji of the Moyun Mountain Range has been broken. Are they planning to directly kill the people in the Mouyun Mountain Range?

  "Ghost Xuan Yue is dead in my hands. Why are you rude with me?"

  At the foot of the wooden feathers, the formations suddenly surged, and a black and white gossip formation spread. The strong ripples of the formation spread around him, and Xiaoshuai had already fallen into the Eight Diagrams.

  "Little handsome, I solve this female ghost, you go to rescue Longtan."At the foot of Mu Yu, the "wind and the heart" has been spinning rapidly.

  Ghost Hongyu heard that Mu Yu said the word "female ghost" and looked a little angry.

  Xiaoshuai a small
The claws were on the waist, and a small claw pointed at the sky. The milk shouted in a milky voice: "The little handsome is lost!"

  The black and white pattern was rolled up around Xiaoshuai, and soon it turned into a blue pattern. The blue arc was flashing, wrapping the body of Xiaoshuai, and the sword of the shadow sword was immediately pulled into it by himself. The horrible thunderbolt spurred out of it and fell to the ghost gate.

  Thunder and lightning with Huang Huang Tianwei, instantly extinguished the ghosts of the three ghost gates, the spark of horror flashed, and the three ghost gates were thrown out. But while they were flying out, the ghost red jade turned out to be a gray bottle, and the fog sprayed out and landed on the dragon. The fog was like ice crystals, and the dragon vine was frozen, and then the ghost red sap hand waved, the dragon vine has gradually shrunk, and she was included in the gray bottle.

  "court death!"

  The foot of the wooden feathers flickered, and the Scorpio star array took him to the place. When he appeared again, he came to the back of the ghost red jade. Like his hand, the shadow sword was drawn from the void and stabbed toward the ghost red jade. Go on.

  Ghost red jade body once again emerged from the fascinating red fog, turned into a hard barrier, want to block the shadow of the wood feather sword. However, she is still too small, the power of the shadow of the wood feathers, the shadow of the sword is like a broken bamboo, leaving a deep visible bone scars behind the ghost red jade.

  The ghost red jade snorted and his face changed greatly. She turned her head and looked at it. Mu Yu’s sword did not know why the carrier’s weird spiritual power was actually sucking the red fog on her body and hindering the spiritual healing of her body.


  Ghost Hongyu understands that he is careless. The strength of the true god disciple is not something she can compete with. She made a law on her hand, and her twins rushed to her and merged with her. At the same time, the strange spiritual power of Mu Yu was rejected.

  Ghost red jade tipped on the stone, the whole person has been separated from the wood feather. Mu Yu was in the shadow, and a sword smashed down, almost cutting her entire arm.

  "Give me the dragon vine!"

  To deal with ghost gates, Mu Yu never pity Xiang Xiyu, every ghost doorman has been contaminated with countless blood, killing countless people, creating a lot of soul power for the Triple Palace, this kind of death is not enough!

  Ghost red jade clenched his teeth, she understood that she was not a Mu Yu opponent at all, and when she made a decision, she turned and walked away.

  Countless red fog burst open, resentment, rushing over with claws and claws, and all the woody swords of Mu Yu were sucked in, and the whole person of the ghost red jade had already used the cover of the red fog to break through the void and fled away!

  In the distraction period, they all know how to shrink into the inch and break through the void. The ghosts are more eccentric, and can sneak without leaving traces.

  But breaking through the void is actually a way to reach a certain speed and make the surrounding space twist and walk. The spiritual power of this type of walking is particularly large, especially if there is no teleportation of the Scorpio.

  "I want to escape! Give me back! ”Mu Yu is also a repairer of the distraction period. He understands the characteristics of walking in the void. In front of his Scorpio starry array, the ghost red jade could not escape.

  Mu Yu’s shadow sword came out of his hand and crossed a sharp cold in the air. It instantly merged into the void, and the whole person suddenly disappeared into the place. When it appeared again, it was already at the top of a tree. The direction of the future has passed away!


  The ghost red jade snorted, UU read The whole person fell from the air, fell heavily on the tree, and fell to the ground. And Xiao Shuai’s thunderbolt has already turned the three ghost gates into ashes, and it once again lit up the thunder and aimed at the ghost red jade.

  Mu Yu reached out and took out the shadow sword again from the air. The shadow sword took a chilling temper and fell to the ghost red jade.


  A soft bang, a scarlet sickle suddenly smashed out of the void, blocked in front of the ghost red jade, and knocked the wood feather's shadow sword back.

  "Hey, Mu Yu, really long-awaited!"A cold young man fell from the air and held the long scarlet sickle in one hand.

  "Ghost Shura, I caught the dragon of the dragon, and I must hand it over to the ghost."The ghost red jade climbed up from the ground.

  "The dragon of the dragon?" That is really a good thing. Ruby, hand it over to me, you go first. ”Ghost Shura’s martial arts was revealed in his entirety. His face was pale and sick, but he reached out with a scarlet tongue and licked his lips.

  Ghost Hongyu did not say anything, turned and left here.

  "No walk!"Mu Yu screamed, and the body disappeared again in the same place, and a sword went to the ghost red jade. However, the speed of Ghost Shura was not slow, and the wood feathers were blocked in an instant, and the wood feathers were forced to retreat.

  "I really want to teach the legendary true god apprentice!"Ghost Xiu Luo smiled sullenly.

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