No. 562 Chapter Ghost Shura

  Mu Yu is very annoyed in his heart. Every time he meets a ghost, there is always nothing good. This time, the dragon and the vine are all abducted, and they are almost dead!

  "Little handsome, keep up!"Mu Yu whispered.

  "Got it."Xiao Shuai’s body turned into a shadow, and instantly disappeared among the trees.

  Ghost Shura only glanced at Xiaoshuai faintly, and did not put Xiaoshuai in his eyes. Obviously he did not think that a small beast could do anything.

  The scarlet long sickle in his hand is full of enchanting red awns, and the whole body is filled with thick ghost fog. Countless grievances are struggling to escape from the ghost fog, but the ghost fog seems to have an invisible tearing force. Resentment is firmly restrained.

  "I heard that ghost Xuan Yue is dead in your hands?"Ghost Shura narrowed his eyes.

  At the beginning, the ghost Xuanyue was killed by Mu Yu in the double heaven, and this incident also caused the wood feather to be spit by the self-cultivator for a long time.

  "You will see the ghosts of the moon soon."Mu Yu said quietly that he would never be soft when killing ghosts.

  His figure flashed into the void, and the shadow sword swayed with a fierce sword!

  "Is it? you are wrong! I am not the kind of waste of ghost Xuan Yue. ”

  Ghost Shura turned the sickle backwards, blocking the shadow sword, and the strange mist swept up the shadow of the wooden feather. He wanted to invade the wood feather body, but the wood feather was just a shock, all the ghosts and fogs It turned into nothing.

  "Eight gods and ghosts!"

  Ghost Shura sneered, and eight ghost chains were pulled out from Ghost Shura. The sound of King Kong’s percussion was invisible. Each black chain was locked in front of each black chain. Four of them were humanoid, and the remaining four were A huge skeleton of the beast.

  Mu Yu carefully looked at the skeleton of the four monsters, and the brows picked one. He knew the skeletons of the four monsters, namely the nine-tailed enchanting, the bloody wolf, the smoldering flames and the Xuanwu raccoon.

  These four kinds of monsters are sixth-order monsters. The power of life is very huge. It is comparable to the distraction period. Mu Yu has also encountered here. I didn’t expect it to be smashed by ghosts and sorcerers with terrible ghosts.

  The breath of the remaining four Terran skeletons is also a distraction period. This ghost Shura also killed four comprehensions of the distraction period, and turned them into a killing tool.

  This kind of means is really vicious.

  Eight scorpions rushed to Mu Yu from all directions, and the sharp bone spurs trembled in the air, whistling.

  In the hands of Mu Yu, the shadows of the swords are illusory, and each of the shadow swords is interpreted by Tian Jian. The air is swaying into the mysterious lines. All the shadow swords are suddenly integrated into the void, and the wooden feathers are in a hurry. Turn, nine shadows disappeared in the void with the shadow sword.

  The violent swords swept out, and each of the shadow swords slammed into the eight scorpions with the swords of the Tianjian nine, and the fierce swords instantly twisted the eight scorpions into bones! The Mu Yu deity is holding a shadow sword, which blends all the formations into one, and slams into the ghost Shura.

  "boom!"Ghost Shura did not rush to raise the sickle, once again blocked the shadow of the wood feather sword, the figure retreated.

  "Tianjian nine-lead is really worthy of the name, but unfortunately you can not kill my eight gods and ghosts."Ghost Xiu Luo smiled, and then the ghost chain again trembled, all the shackles that were made of wood feathers were recombined, and the wood feathers were again in the middle.

  Mu Yu’s sword gas swept out again.

The skeletons of the eight ghosts are shattered, but in a moment, these skeletons are automatically returned to their homes, and their power is getting stronger and stronger.

  "Can't you kill?"

  The most annoying thing about Mu Yu is the ghosts of ghost gates. It is also disgusting. However, he is also the best at dealing with this kind of thing. When he was in the Shaying King City, he could even get the genital corpse, but also afraid of these skeletons?

  "Does the true god apprentice only have this ability?"Ghost Xiu Luo smiled.

  "Do the bad guys have these words?"

  Mu Yu doesn't understand why every guy who finds trouble with him always likes to provoke him. What good is it to show superiority in front of him? Every time I want to come, you only have this ability, neuropathy! Have to be taught a meal to be happy?

  In fact, most of the self-cultivators started on Mu Yu. The most important thing is that Mu Yu is the apprentice of the true god. Everyone wants to defeat the true god to prove themselves. Unfortunately, they are too arrogant. Mu Yu is a variable for the real world, and is it so easy to be killed?

  Black and white patterns are illusioned from the foot, and the wooden sword instantly turns into a branch of the sky, and the black branches draw out the green leaves. The veins of these leaves do not know what has turned white. The branches are rolled into each skeleton like a long snake, and all the skeletons are wrapped tightly at one time.

  Ghost Shura is even too lazy to resist these branches: "Do you think that with the help of the array, you can destroy my Eight Gods?"

  "Oh, you will understand."

  Mu Yu calmly looked at the ghost Shura, and the deep and pure death of the branches suddenly burst into the skeleton body. The skeleton was instantly controlled by the dead body of Mu Ling, and turned to the ghost Shura.

  Ghost Shura’s face changed greatly. He twitched the ghost chain and wanted to control the eight skeletons, but he was shocked to find that his skeleton didn’t listen. The dead body of the eight skeletons was stronger than his ghost, which made him feel trembled inside.

  "How can this be?"The ghost repairs the face like water.

  However, the branches of Mu Yu have been rolled up along the ghost chain to the ghost Shura, and the speed is reaching the limit. Now he is repairing earlier than
A lot of years ago, I wanted to be a lot of people. Is it a small role like Ghost Shura?

  Looking for a dead guy, Mu Yu doesn't mind helping him.

  Ghost Shura was shocked. The red sickle in his hand smashed his knife and cut off his eight ghost chains. Countless ghosts poured out and stood in front of him, trying to erode the rushing branches.

  In the view of Ghost Shura, all things that are full of vitality are contaminated by their own ghosts, and they must be dead and heavy, but the extent of these branches is far more than his imagination. His ghost fog can't resist the branches. Spread, but also exudes a more terrible death, all his ghosts and fog!

  "What is this?"Ghost Shura was furious and angry. He had already retired. He no longer hesitated, and at the foot, he turned into a void and left.

  "So anxious to go? You haven't taught me yet! ”

  The wood feathers snorted and the lines formed on the hands. Numerous lines of spurs came out. The black and white inscriptions were everywhere in the whole area. The inscriptions were slightly shocked. The figure of Ghost Shura was shocked from the void. come out.

  "Jiujiu one"

  The ninth style of the dust sword method, ninety-nine one, all things return to the yuan, the road to Jane.

  Nine swords skyrocketed, suddenly thunder and lightning between the heavens and the earth, nine white dragons tumbling in the clouds, the majestic atmosphere enveloped everything, the monsters of the hundred miles were crouching on the ground, the mighty Longwei pressed them not to dare respite.

  The violent breath came over and cleared all the grievances. The nine swords suddenly formed a magnificent sword in the air. Baizhang Tianjianzhuang is solemn and simple, but it is only a sword that is spurred by ghost Shura.

  That simple sword is ordinary, without any fancy.

  However, Ghost Shura’s whole person was horrified to find that he was locked in this sword and could not move at all. The horrible sword gas penetrated the shoulders of Ghost Shura and nailed him firmly in the mid-air.

  This is already Mu Yu’s mercy, because he wants to figure out what the ghost gate people are coming to in this way.


  Ghost Shura roared, and the grievances on his body rushed toward Muyu. He slashed his hand and cut his shoulders away from the shadow of the wooden feather. The whole person quickly retreated. But there was a golden light shining around him, and he bounced back.

  "When you put it, you want to go?" Have you asked me? ”

  Mu Yu's fingers are linked, and a gossip formation instantly appears on the top of the ghost Shura. When the ghost Shura does not react, the gossip formation has been integrated into the body of the ghost Shura, and then the eyes of the ghost Shura began to scatter, no longer. struggle.

  Gods, wood feathers are ready to go.

  The scope of the spirit of the gods is limited, not as terrible as the south to "master consciousness", and can control people everywhere, but the current law against ghosts can still be done.

  Ghost Xiu Luo is higher than Mu Yu, Mu Yu is barely able to control him with chaotic yin and yang, but now there is no help from the temple, so he can control for a short time, he must put out words from Ghost Shura as soon as possible. .

  "What do you guys do to help the mountains? Want to kill the millions of people in the Mouyun Mountain Range? ”Mu Yu asked.

  "We are going to the ghost island."Ghost Xiu Luo answered with a blank expression.

  "Ghost Island?"

  Mu Yu frowned. When he was in the Moyun Mountain Range, the father of Jiu Xingyue’s father, Jiuhua, once controlled a person named Chi Longgong.

  At that time, Chi Longgong said that there was a sea in the east of the Moyun Mountain Range. At that time, he once found an ancient monument. The ancient monument recorded the legend of the ghost island.

  According to Chi Longgong, Ghost Island is a place left behind after the war between the ancient people and the Yaozu. It is mysterious and unpredictable. There is no special way to find it.

  At that time, Ghost Xuan Yue said that the imprisoned Xianji banned the Yuan Ying period from being repaired by the above-mentioned comprehension. He came to find the wind and dust to understand this restriction and let the ghost doorman go to the ghost island, but the last ghost gate plan But it was disrupted by the out of control wood feathers.

  "The sleepy Xianji has been lifted a year ago. Are you acting now?"Mu Yu did not believe that the news of the ghost gates would be so occluded, and now it was discovered that the impenetrable imperial prison in the Moyun Mountains disappeared.

  "We have sent a group of people to go, but the ghost island is far more dangerous than our imagination. We have lost a group of people, so this time we made a special preparation, and the ghosts will go in person."Ghost Shura said. UU reading

  "Who is the ghost? What is the repair? ”Mu Yu has heard about the word ghosts more than once, and heard it several times from Ghost Xuan.

  "Ghost Respect is the protection of our ghost gates, and it has been repaired during the robbery period."

  How to protect the robbery period?

  Mu Yu’s heart was slightly shocked, and the guardianship of the ghost gate was actually a robbery period?

  Dan Dingpai and Bamen have the same status. The Dandan School’s head, Yundan Taoist, only has a fit period. It is because he is an alchemy teacher. He has been plagued by slag for a long time, so he can’t be inseparable, and the eight guards have During the robbery period, what is the level of their main repair?

  "Why do you have to go to Ghost Island in person?"Mu Yu continued to ask.

  "The ghosts on the ghost island and the human soul are many, and the strength of the ghosts can be upgraded to the next level! In addition, Ghost Respect also goes for a certain secret. This secret is known only to ghosts. ”Ghost repair road.

  Mu Yu suddenly thought of the dead wood, the ghost
Ghostmen’s fear of the soul is no longer clearer than any of them. So they ask, “Can you repair the wounds of the soul?”

  "Yes, the ghosts of the former souls have been hit hard. With seven thousand years of dragons and vines, it is enough to repair the wounds of the soul."Ghost Shura said.

  Can the vines of seven thousand years repair the wounds of the soul?

  Mu Yu tightened his lips, he never knew this!

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