No. 563 Chapter Ghost Nest

  The woods are in a mess, the limbs are falling through the ground, and some black branches are swaying in the wind.

  Mu Yu’s heart is a bit strange. Longtan can treat the soul cracks on the dead wood, which is something that Mu Yu never imagined.

  "How to treat?"Mu Yu continued to ask.

  "Killing the dragon vine, extracting its demon, and integrating its demon into the damaged soul will naturally repair the wounds of the soul."Ghost Shura replied.

  When Mu Yu glanced, he snorted and said nothing.

  The dragon of the dragon has a life span of 10,000 years, I am afraid the effect will be better!

  He clenched his fist and flashed a cold kill in his eyes, but it quickly disappeared.

  At this moment, Ghost Shura suddenly twitched his body, and he was gradually getting rid of the Qingming when he got rid of the control of the soul.

  "what did you do to me?"Ghost Shura asked in anger.

  "It's nothing! I just wanted to teach you to be a bad person, but you have to find death. ”The surrounding black branches re-closed into a wooden sword, and returned to the hands of Mu Yu, the sword of the skull filled the sword.

  "Do you dare to kill me? If you kill me, the ghosts are absolutely -" Ghost Xiu Luo yelled.

  "Nothing is absolutely absolute."

  The wooden sword in the hand of Mu Yu has already shot, crossed the throat of Ghost Shura, and sucked up the vitality of his whole body, even the soul did not stay.

  A slightly invisible white mang emerged from Ghost Shura, trying to escape, but Muling was just a tremor, and the white mans were sucked in.

  Soul force, that is the source of the power of the Triple Palace.

  I don't know why Mu Yu killed Ghost Shura this time without any fluctuations. He seems to fall in love with the feeling of killing.

  Mu Yu knows that some changes have taken place in his body, but he does not want to admit it.

  "Strange, how can he have no twins on his body?"

  Mu Yu feels puzzled. The most convenient thing for the ghosts is that they can control a twin who is comparable in strength to itself.

  But from the beginning to the present, Mu Yu has never seen the use of twins by Ghost Shura, and when Mu Ling swallowed the life of Ghost Shura, he did not feel that there is another soul hidden in Ghost Shura. What is going on? What?

  He didn't have time to think about it. Xiaoshuai had already gone to chase the ghost red jade. He had to go back to Longtan. Mu Yu turned into a tree, and soon saw Xiao Shuai probe a brain on a tree outside Sanli. He was in a hurry and got out of the trees next to Xiao Shuai.

  "How is the situation? Where is the ghost red jade? ”Mu Yu asked softly.

  Xiaoshuai pointed to the front, whispered: "There is a ghost nest, all small devils."

  Mu Yu jumped forward and landed on the pine tree. His movements are very light, and the pine trees have never touched the leaves.

  The front is covered with lush trees. The trees are downhill, a cliff above them, and the bottom is like a place that has been opened up by people. Looking around, there are more than a hundred ghost gates.

  About 70 of these ghosts are people who have been repaired during the period, and 20 of them are distracted, and five of them are repaired. The minimum repair is the period of the embarrassing period. It’s already astounding!

  The ghost gate people came to the Moyun Mountain Range so excitedly.

What is it for?

  Mu Yu’s face sank, isn’t he thinking about the idea of ​​playing millions of people in the Mo Yun Mountain?

  "They seem to have hunted a lot of monsters, it’s a strange feeling!"Xiaoshuai shouted.

  The entire mountain is full of sacred bones of the monsters. Some skeletons are even more than 20 meters long. Obviously, some high-order powerful monsters are amazing.

  Many ghosts are standing on the skeleton of the monster, as if they are on the alert. At the moment, there are still a few people in the middle of the crowd who are singing around a five-meter-long five-meter-high sword.

  The huge body of the Swordback Tiger struggled in the air, and countless ghosts and fogs from below sneaked into it from time to time, and the sorrows rang through the mountains.

  The thickness of the skin on it slowly dried up, as if it had been sucked clean and blood, and then all the fur and blood were completely corroded by ghosts and fog, leaving only a huge white skeleton!

  The essence of the beast's whole body has been turned into a stream, and it is collected by one of the ghosts. At the same time, the ghost doorman draws a complicated handcuff, and the misty fog gradually seals these streams to form a black spar. .

  Mu Yu finally understood how these skeletons came. He thought at first that these skeletons were left behind by the dead monsters, but they did not expect that every skeleton here was caused by ghosts.

  I just don’t know what the ghosts are doing this time. Why are they killing so many monsters?

  Mu Yu quickly found a ghost red jade figure in the crowd, she hit a red dress, especially prominent among the ghosts.

  However, not only is she a woman in the ghost gate, but Mu Yu also saw a dozen women in different colors and costumes.

  "We can't hear what they say here, and Mu Yu gets a sound out."Xiaoshuai said.

  In the hands of Mu Yu, the black and white lines were morphed, and an inconspicuous sound bird was soon formed. This squirrel has only the size of the fingernail, and has the opposite effect to the Swallow's vocal array. It can feedback the sounds heard to the actor.

  The sound bird quickly disappears
In front of Mu Yu, he entered the mist of the mountains. Its movements are very light, no one is alarming, it is made up of formations, no extra breath.

  The squirrel fell in a stone crevice, carefully approaching the ghost red jade, and soon the voice of the ghost doorman was introduced into the ear of the wood feather.

  "How come Ghost Shura is not coming back?"A man in a fit period asked.

  "Ghosts and cold adults, this time we met the goddess Mu Yu of the true God not far away, and the ghost repairing Luo is the cultivation of the nine-day god, and there will be no accident."Ghost red jade said respectfully.

  Mu Yu sneered, distracted nine heavens? The soul of the sword!

  "Do you really be a disciple? Still have to be careful, ghosts, you go to see the situation of Ghost Shura, let him come back quickly, he is one of the seven ghost servants, never go wrong! Otherwise, the plan of the ghosts is broken, and we can't afford it! ”Ghost cold channel.

  "Yes, ghosts and cold adults."A middle-aged man named Ghost Refining stood up and then turned into a black fog and flew over the mountain.

  Mu Yu took the little handsome and quickly got into the trees, and the ghosts just flew over them. The ghost spirit seemed to notice something, stopped and looked at the place where Mu Yu had just disappeared, but did not see any abnormalities. He thought that he had read it wrong and turned and left.

  Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai did not drill out, they are still safer among the trees.

  "Seven ghost servants? what does that mean? ”

  Mu Yu’s heart is puzzled. Ghost Shura has been killed by him. Presumably this matter will soon be discovered by the ghosts. He must find a way to start from the ghost red jade and rescue the dragon.

  It’s just that there are so many ghosts at the moment, especially the ghost gates of several fits, and there is still a problem with his ability.

  The Hawthorne Alto has continued to pass on the murder of the ghost gate.

  "Ghost Ruby, have you just said that you have caught the dragon for ten thousand years?"Ghost cold asked.

  "Yes, adults please look over!"

  The ghost red jade reached out and a transparent bottle appeared in midair. The bottle is filled with this kind of fog, and the dragon's appearance is clearly visible, but it is motionless, just like a specimen.

  Ghostly cold took the gray bottle and unplugged the bottle cap. The dragon vine flew out of the bottle and restored the huge body, but it was covered with a layer of ice crystals and still roared.

  Ghostly waved, the ice crystal on the dragon's body suddenly dissipated, and Longtan screamed in anger, trying to escape, but the fog around him blocked it back.

  "Asshole! How to do? Dalat is dangerous! Little devil is a real bastard! ”Xiaoshuai said eagerly.

  Usually, although it always likes to make noises with big bangs, when it is a big accident, it is the most anxious one.

  "Look at the situation first, we rushed to take the shot, I am afraid I will put myself in."Mu Yu Shen Sheng.

  Among the mountains, there are only five ghosts who can be jealous of wood feathers. Although Mulingjian can restrain the practice of ghost gates, Mu Yu is not arrogant enough to think that he can be a comprehension of the fit. war.

  Glittering eyes reveal a glimmer of light, and looked at the dragon vine with admiration, nodded: "Hongyu, you have done a good job this time!" I can catch a thousand years of dragons and vines! Ghosts will surely reward you! ”

  "Thank you!"There was a hint of joy on the surface of the ghost red jade, and then it was like what I remembered. "Adult, do you want to solve the wooden feathers yourself? If you let me discover our plans, then it would be bad."

  Ghost cold pondered for a moment, said: "No, now we have to collect the soul of a thousand fifth-order monsters as soon as possible, so that we can enter the ghost island safely. In order to avoid extra-budgets, after the ghosts and the ghosts come back, we immediately set off to meet the ghosts! ”

  "Adult, something went wrong!"In the air once again crossed a ghost fog, ghosts and sorrows fell in front of the ghost cold, his face looked very bad.

  "What happened? Ghost Shura? ”Ghost cold frowned.

  "Ghost Shura is dead."The ghost spirit took out a transparent bottle that was exactly the same as the dragon vine. The bottle was the body of Ghost Shura. He unplugged the bottle cap and the body of Ghost Shura appeared in front of everyone.

  Ghostly cold face can be dripping out of water, and he screamed: "How can Ghost Shura have an accident?"

  Everyone looked at the ghosts and anger, and they dared not answer. Looking at the ghostly expression, the identity of the ghost servant seems to be very important.

  The ghost squatted down and looked at the body of Ghost Shura. His face was getting darker and darker: "There is no residual vitality and soul power in the body. This is only possible for our ghosts to do this. How can the true God apprentice do it?"

  The ghost red jade hesitated for a moment, stood up and said: "Return to the grown-up, once in the double heaven, the ghost Xuan Yue is also so dead in the hands of Mu Yu. Mu Yu’s method of practice is very weird. I just played with him, and his practice is restraining my ghost fog. ”

  Ghost cold is angry: "No, Ghost Shura is one of the seven ghost servants, UU reading He is a must-have in the Ghost Master plan, must get his soul! Where is Mu Yu? Take me to find him! ”

  When Mu Yu’s brow was picked, he found that he had inadvertently destroyed the plan of the ghost gate. This is nothing new. Ghost people have been famous for doing things unscrupulously. Now they have created so many skeletons of monsters. I really don’t know what they are going to do.

  But now he must think of a way to save Longtan, ghosts.
The soul of Shura has been swallowed up by the Wood Spirit Sword, and it must be brought back. Mu Yu can not mind killing a few ghost gates, used to sacrifice swords!

  "Ghosts are addicted, ghosts are nine, you two go with me, others are waiting here!"The ghost is cold and sullen.


  Ghost Ten Addiction and Ghost Nine Precepts are all repairers of the fit period. It is obvious that the three fits are not intended to give Mu Yu any chance to live.

  Although they left the three fits, there are two ghosts in the mountain. They are sitting in the dark corner and practicing. Even if they hear the news of the death of the ghost Shura, they did not move. Over.

  Long Teng is still struggling in the air, watching these ghosts in anger. The ghost cold did not order, and the ghost red jade did not collect the dragon vine.

  "I know what to do! Xiaoshuai, you help me to arrange together, we need to fish in the water to rescue the dragon and rattan! ”In the hands of Mu Yu, there are ten congenital formations. He has already thought about how to deal with these ghosts.

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