Chapter 564 浑水摸鱼

  In addition to eating things, Xiaoshuai is still a very smart guy. He often studies the array with Mu Yu and has learned a lot of battles.

  After hearing the arrangement of Mu Yu, it immediately understood how Mu Yu planned to save the dragon vine, and immediately hesitated, and ran with the ten bases on the tree to the left of the mountain.

  Mu Yu carefully surveyed the terrain, determined the best position of the array, and then gestured to Xiaoshuai, let Xiaoshuu run a few meters forward, then Xiaoshuai began to bury the base, depicting the formation.

  He himself broke into the trees and began to portray the lines on the cliff wall with the extension of the roots. This process must be careful, and it should not cause any movements. Otherwise, it will be easy to detect that something is wrong with the ghosts who are in the fit period.

  Numerous patterns spread across the cliffs and soon the entire mountain was encircled. For today's Mu Yu, it is not difficult to arrange a large-scale array, especially with the help of Xiaoshuai, the formation will soon form quietly.

  "It is! Xiaoshuai, can you simulate the usual cry of Longtan? ”Mu Yu asked.

  Xiaoshuai slammed his tail on the shoulder of Mu Yu and nodded. "The screaming screaming of me is of course familiar, no problem."

  Xiaoshuai usually knows the language of many monsters, and also uses various voices to communicate with the monsters. If you know Longtan, you can understand it. Naturally, you will learn how to scream.

  "Remember, then you will be called a majestic point, and people feel that the momentum is extraordinary. We need to call the two ghosts of the fit period, do you understand?"The wooden feathers have begun to illuminate the lines.

  "I know, my voice is definitely much more powerful than the big one."Xiaoshuai cleared his throat.

  Mu Yu carefully calculated a bit, these ghosts of the distraction period and the exit period, he did not worry, that is, the ghost gate of the fit period made him feel jealous. Although he can rely on the restraint to deal with the ghosts, but the other party is a fit period, he can not find much benefit.

  He has outlined a clever plan in his mind, ready to deal with these ghosts.

  At this moment, there are several distracted ghosts who grabbed two sixth-order monsters from the foothills and are preparing to convert the essence of these monsters into spar.

  But at this moment, a scream of earth-shattering sounded from the edge of the cliff of the mountain, and alerted all the ghosts.

  "What happened?"

  Many ghosts raised their heads in disappointment, and they soon saw an incredible scene. Two huge black dragons crossed the mountains and circled in the air, glaring at all the ghosts in the mountains.

  "This is Dragon Boat!"

  Ghost Hongyu exclaimed, she turned her head to look at the trapped dragon vine, and then look at the two huge black dragon vines in the sky, his face showing ecstasy!

  A dragon of the dragon has been enough to make them excited, but I still can see two.

  From the appearance, these two dragons are more powerful, obviously much more powerful than the dragons they caught.

  "The eternal dragon and dragon vine is a very precious existence. How can we be so lucky that we have three?"Ghost refining heart said in surprise.

  "The 100,000 mountains in the Mouyun Mountain Range are so large that even a few dragons and vines are not unexpected. This kind of thing can't be met, you give me to catch them. ”A ghostly man of the fit period ordered.

  All the ghosts and the distracted ghosts vacated and went to the two dragons in the air. However, the two dragons and vines in the air sprang out a horrible dragon's breath, and they immediately caught the ghosts of the menacing period. Only the distracted men were agile and escaped. Ghost fog continues to go to the dragon vine.

  These two dragon vines are made by Mu Yu using Mu Ling. Mu Ling can transform the appearance of Long Teng, but it will not let Long Teng have a sense of autonomy, and will not have any cultivation. All this is Mu Yu. The illusion simulated by the magic array.

  Because of the nature of Muling itself, the two black dragon vines are not eroded by ghosts and fogs. Instead, they suck in the sky and swallow all the ghosts and mists. The ghosts suddenly noticed something was wrong, but it was too late to react. The black dragon tail swept the chests of the ghosts and swept them out.

  Mu Ling’s death was contaminated by the ghosts, and they were horrified to find that their bodies were burning and burning, and there was even a hint of tear.

  What happened was not only the two black dragons that suddenly came out in the air, but also the countless trees suddenly growing on the ground of the mountains. Each of these trees was black branches and branches with white veins and blue leaves.

  Many leaves wrapped around the huge skeleton, and all the skeletons suddenly squirmed, and the body quickly grew flesh and blood and became a living monster!

  "what happened? How did these monsters come alive? Where are these trees coming from? ”The ghosts of the distracted period wanted to cut the trees, but found that the trees were very strange. After being cut off, the gaps that were opened were automatically healed.

  "Is it a Yumeng Mozu?"

  The ghost gates of the two fit periods also stood up and looked seriously at the changes in front of them. At this time, there was a huge explosion in the air, and more than 20 ghosts from the screaming period screamed and fell from the sky.

  They all had deep bone wounds in their bodies, blood splattered in the air, and even a few people lost their arms.

  "Hongyu, you put away the dragon vine that has been caught, ghost mountain, we both went out to catch the two
Dragon vine! ”A ghost gate of a fit period shouted.

  The ghost red jade quickly took out the transparent bottle, re-frozen the dragon vine, and then collected it. She faintly felt that something was wrong, but when she looked at the two fitted adults who went up the sky, her heart relaxed again.

  The resurrection of the monsters on the ground has begun to rush and rush to the ghosts. Many ghosts only look at the situation in the sky, but ignore the violent beasts around them. Fly out.

  And as they fly out, countless branches grow out of the cliff walls, and these people are tied tightly.

  Into the body, the body's spiritual power and soul are swallowed up, and in the blink of an eye, more than a dozen of the sacred period of the ghost period.

  Two ghosts of the fit period, one of them is called Ghost Tile, and the other is called Ghost Mountain. They just flew into the air, and suddenly the scene in front of them changed rapidly. The two actually came to a jungle.

  Ghost tile frowned, reaching out to touch the jungle around him, coldly said: "This is a magical array. I heard that the true god disciple is also a strategist. It seems that we don't have to go to him. He instead came to us."

  Ghost Mountain suddenly changed his face: "Not good! Dragon vine on the ghost red jade! ”

  They quickly reacted. This is the practice of Mu Yusheng hitting the West. He turned and flew down. But the magic array blocked them and made them unable to go out.

  The ghost tile sighed coldly, and there was a huge ghost in his hand. The ghost axe with the dark mist of the sky, mixed with the mighty momentum to cut off the jungle.

  There are three ways to break the battle, two of which are to destroy the eye and the base, and one is to break the array by brute force.

  There was a huge roar on the ground, and then a slit was cracked between the jungles, and the striate turned into pieces to splash.

  Mu Yu did not expect this array to block the two comprehensions of the fit period. The full-strength of the fit period was completely more than enough to break the arrangement of the wood rush. The cracks began to appear around the entire phantom. After all, Mu Yu is the master of the door, and his array is able to withstand two of the fit period.

  The ghost tile raised a ghost and squatted again –


  A violent flash suddenly splashed from the lines, and the flash was very fierce, like an awl stuck in their eyes, leaving them blank!

  That is the real blank, white, completely lost sight!

  The two men are the repairers of the fit period. This magical array has no way to get them, but they never imagined that the magical array under the wood feather layout is far from being as simple as the surface. He did this fantasy array. Hands and feet.

  Mu Yu knows that the illusion can't trap the fit period. They rely on brute force to destroy the entire array. Therefore, this array has no ability to bother at all. Even a powerful blow can make the illusion disappear.

  But they all forgot that Mu Yu is not only a squad, but also a poison master.

  "Streamer" is a very powerful blinding poison. It can erupt the glare of light in an instant, making it impossible to see anything in front of you. This is the treasure of the dead wood, and it is so powerful that it can't be prevented!

  This kind of thing, Mu Yu used to use it once in Fuxianyu. At that time, he was stolen directly from the dead wood, and he didn’t know how to use it. It’s just meaning to throw it out, so it was I am also affected by myself, but now it is different.

  He is the true descendant of the poison king Wang Changqing!

  The two ghosts of the coincident period will expect that Mu Yu and this hand, UU reading The powerful glare of the streamer also gives their eyes a whitish smear. They angered, and immediately began to lick their eyes and let their eyes recover.

  Almost for a moment, they resumed their vision and quickly rushed toward the foothills. However, the mountains were already full of mess, many ghosts were squatting, and some people mourned with their own eyes.

  Although the streamer of Mu Yu can't help but the ghost gates of the fit period, it is much simpler to deal with these ghosts. The ghost gates of the expiration period have fallen down a large piece, and everyone has no life!

  "Ghost ruby?"

  Ghost tile scans the people around, but finds that the ghost red jade has disappeared. Not only that, all the trees disappeared in the mountains, and the monsters that had lived in the past became a huge skeleton with bones scattered all over the place.

  Ghost tile's face sank, they just thought that the wood feather was outside the mountain, so the two repairers of the fit period all came out of the nest. I didn't expect the tigers to be lost when they were away from the mountain. Now!

  The most ridiculous thing is that they didn't even see the shadow of Mu Yu!

  The means of Mu Yu is too clever, he is acting in the dark, as long as the two ghosts of the fit period are drawn, the rest is not worth mentioning!

  "A group of waste! Give me the opportunity to find out the wood feathers! ”The ghost tile shouted, and his face was so dark that he could screw out the water.

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