Chapter 565 Friends and Relatives

  Mu Yu use array and poison to fish in troubled waters, Ghost Gate was hit a unprepared, but also heavy losses, many ghost gate are killed by Mu Yu, now ghost Cold is with the remaining ghost gate in the desert of the 100,000 mountains of the mountain to search for the figure of wood plume everywhere.

  In a col, Mu Yu the ghost of the red Jade thrown on the ground, the hands of the swept wood has been attached to the ghost of the body, control the Ghost Carbuncle let her obediently put the Longto to put out.

  "Oh, can you let us save snacks, save you every time, exhausted."The handsome and handsome screamed to the head of Long Teng, and said the two horns of the dragon vine.

  Dragon Vine Light Hum a sound, for the first time did not refute small handsome words, in order to do usual it early and small handsome mix up mouth.

  Mu Yu is also sitting on the stone, watching the ghost red jade standing on one side, the repair of the ghost red jade is not as good as him, so until now it is still unable to break the control of the wood feather, at least for a long time the ghost red jade is Obediently obedient.

  He has already interrogated the ghost red jade. Unfortunately, the information provided by Ghost Hongyu to Mu Yu is no more than the ghost Xiu Luo. Even the ghost red jade does not know what the so-called "seven ghost servants" mean, and do not know. Where is the ghost?

  The special thing about Ghost Shura is that he has no twins. This is very strange. Since he is one of the seven ghost servants, there are six other people who have no twins. So what does this ghost servant mean?

  "Mu Yu, are we going to kill this flat-breasted female ghost?"Xiaoshuai's little hand asked in the waist.

  Mu Yu shook his head and said: "Forget it, don't kill her." We can learn the method of Zhou Jinglin's control of Lu Xianshi. I just need to engrave her on the body. We need a person to go to the ghost door to help us inquire about the news. ”

  When Zhou Jinglin controlled Lu Xianshi, he used the soul of the soul, but the soul of the soul has a shortcoming, that is, once it exceeds a certain distance, it cannot be controlled.

  Mu Yu’s soul squad also has this shortcoming. By contrast, his way of controlling people is not as simple and effective as going south. But as long as some memory of the ghost red jade is erased, then let her return to the ghost door and give Mu Yu a spy.

  He had just wanted to deal with Ghost Shura just now. Unfortunately, the cultivation of Ghost Shura was above him, and he would not be so easily controlled by him, but the ghost red jade would be different.

  Mu Yu now wants to know what the ghost man is playing, and he also wonders what to do next to the so-called ghost island.

  Wood feathers soon began to portray the lines of the soul, and integrated them into the ghost red jade, which is already familiar to today's wood feathers.

  "Well, the soul has been laid, let's go!"

  Mu Yu arranged the memory of the ghost red jade, and then left the place with Long Teng and Xiao Shuai. After a long time, the ghost red jade was awake. She could not remember what happened in this hour, but she quickly I remembered the dragon vines and looked at the Qiankun bag and found that the dragon vine was gone.

  The ghost red jade face changed greatly, and quickly stood up, looked at the position, and ran towards the mountain.

  Mu Yu, they returned to the place where they just cooked. Xiaoshuai’s red-burning crocodile lizard is a bit cold. It re-fires the hot dishes. On the way back, it takes time to pick up the bamboo shoots. By the way, it’s done. Order wild vegetables.

  Dragon vines lie on the side and gently pat the tail. Since it was rescued, it was said nothing.

I didn't even have the mood to laugh at Xiaoshuai.

  "what happened? Daxie, being rescued is still unhappy. ”Xiaoshuai tasted a red-burning crocodile lizard, licking his mouth and handing the crocodile to the dragon vine. "Come on! Reward you a piece of meat. ”

  Long Teng still did not speak, nor did he pick up the meat that Xiaoshuai handed over.

  "Are you being eroded by the ghosts?" How did you become dumb? ”Xiaoshuai didn't pick up Longtan, and he stuffed the meat into his mouth, and he was very interested.

  Long Teng has been staring at Mu Yu, and his eyes are a bit strange, like a heavy heart.

  "I just knew something from the ghost doorman about the treatment of the soul…"Longtan wants to stop.

  "What's the matter? Do you really deserve the devil's words? ”Xiaoshuai picked up a piece of meat.

  Mu Yu has been pondering this matter for a long time. He said for a long time: "Little Shuai, have you already known how to cure the wounds of the dead woods?"

  The meat in Xiao Shuai’s hands was half-finished, stunned, and then yelled at the big tail: “I, I don’t know! I don't know the things of the soul. ”

  Xiaoshuai secretly glanced at the dragon vine, and his look was a little different. When Mu Yu asked the young Shuai’s soul to heal, it directly said that it was not clear. However, Mu Yu just knew from Ghost Shura that the dragon vine can heal the wounds of the dead wood.

  He has been searching for so long, that is, he wants to find a way to heal the soul of the dead wood, but he does not know that the real prescription has always been with him.

  Mu Yu sighed: "You know that healing the old soul will use the dragon, isn't it?"

  Longteng lowered his head and fell on the ground, choking, which is what he just wanted to say.

  Xiaoshuai jumped to the dragon's head and said eagerly: "But if it is treated, it will be dead."

  Although Xiaoshuai is always not optimistic about the dragon vines, even when he was in the dead wood valley, he always said that he would let the dragon vines go to the refining, but when he saw the damaged soul of the dead wood, he chose Shen.
Mom, there is no way to treat the wounds of the dead woods, because it knows that it means pushing the dragon into the fire pit.

  When Long Teng was in the hands of the ghost gate, he also knew that he could cure the life of the dead wood. So after Mu Yu rescued it, it always had a flaw in his heart.

  "If I use Mulling to make a thousand years of dragon vines, can I treat dead wood daddy?"Mu Yu asked.

  He can make Muling a long-term dragon, but the dragon that turned from Muling can't be a dragon. After all, dragon vine is a unique existence, it is between plants and animals, and wood spirit can't turn plants into animals.

  Xiaoshuai hesitated for a long while and shook his head. "If it was the previous broken wood, it might be OK, but since the broken wood absorbed the deadness of the grass, it became very impure. The two big cockroaches that you have just turned out have also seen it. It is completely black and there is no way to replace the big cockroach. ”

  Since Mu Ling absorbed the dead air of the grass, not only could not provide a steady stream of life for the wood feathers, even the illusion of plants seemed very weird, this wood feather itself is clear.

  Longtan looked at Mu Yu and looked very bad. After it became a dragon, it had a sense of autonomy. Because of the strong spirituality of wood on the wood, it chose to follow the wood.

  Usually, it likes to take a nap and a little handsome, and occasionally use the array method to help Mu Yu to deal with the enemy, but it never thought that he has become the key to saving the dead wood.

  The dead wood is very important to the wood feather, and this dragon dragon knows. In fact, Longtan does not reject dead wood. Although dead wood has always threatened to rectify Longtan, it never has to start. Longteng knows that dead wood is often just talked about it, otherwise it will be dead.

  Longteng was very annoyed. Now she knows that she can save the dead wood, but she is paying for her own life. It is also afraid that she will make the wood feathers difficult.

  When I was at Fuxianyu, it was just a dragon. It was very fragile. At that time, although Muyu was assisting it to escape, it was strictly a dead wood to save it, so it promised to protect the dead wood. Today, it is also Mu Yu’s adventure to save it from a lot of ghosts.

  Long Teng struggled for a long time and said slowly: "Wu Yu, if you want me to save the dead wood, I will not complain."

  Dragon vine is a very proud species, usually disdain and more nonsense, but it will be angry when it is insulted by Xiaoshuai. However, Long Teng knows that Entu newspaper, if it can save the dead wood, it does not want to escape.

  Mu Yu smiled a bit and shook his head: "Don't say, I won't kill you." No one can lose because of who, understand? ”

  Longtan is a little glimpse.

  "But the dead wood is very important to you, isn't it?"Long Teng whispered.

  "You are also very important to me. Friends and loved ones, no one can lose, and then, Xiaoshuai will not allow you to die. It is almost mad after knowing that you have been taken away. ”Mu Yu touched the dragon's head and smiled.

  "Pooh! I am not in a hurry! Whoever loves to take the big shackle and grab it, I don't care about it! ”Xiaoshuai said awkwardly.

  Mu Yu was dumbfounded, Xiao Shuai often quarreled with Long Teng, but when Long Teng was in trouble, it was the most anxious, and now he can't wait to deny it. It is really a ridiculous little guy.

  Longtan patted the tail silently and whispered: "Thank you."

  "No thanks, no thanks, who makes me handsome?"Xiaoshuai jumped back to the pot and ate the crocodile lizard.

  "I don't thank you, little mouse, don't be passionate."Long Teng Road.

  "Mom, I saved a white-eyed wolf and mad at me!"Xiaoshuai angrily slammed the meat in his hand toward the dragon vine, and Longtan opened his mouth and swallowed it.

  "My eyes are green."

  "Stupid color."

  Mu Yu looked at Long Teng and Xiao Shuai, and the two guys started to quarrel again and smiled. Although I know that the cure for the wounds of the dead woods is around, Mu Yu still chooses to give up.

  He does not believe that there is only one way to cure the wounds of the dead woods in this world. UU reading There are certainly other ways Xiaoshuai does not know.

  After all, there are still many exercises built by the self-cultivators in the world. It is impossible for Xiaoshuai to understand very clearly.

  Mu Yu also tasted a crocodile lizard, and Xiao Shuai’s craftsmanship was really great. When he just wanted to eat a few more mouths, suddenly a horrible breath enveloped him.

  "Kid, you have been hiding here, killing so many people, I see where you are going this time!"

  The ghost cold man has not arrived yet, the sound has covered, and the surrounding trees are dying rapidly, as if a layer of frost has been formed.

  "The trough, Nima! Come here! ”Mu Yu took Longtan and Xiaoshuai and jumped back, and escaped the terrible attack. The ghost of the ghost cold instantly turned Xiaochang’s pot over.

  "Oh shit! Unforgivable! ”Xiaoshuai looked distressed at the crocodile lizard that had been turned over and the whole body was upside down.

  "go!"Mu Yu did not say anything, turned and fled.

  "Want to escape? I see where you can escape! ”

  Not only the ghost cold, but also the four mixed periods of the Ghost Mountain from the other four directions. The ghost gates of the five complex periods all found it here, and also surrounded the wood feathers, and the tyrannical atmosphere instantly covered the whole piece. The area is obviously ready!

  Mu Yu frowned. He knew that the situation was a bit uncomfortable. The five ghosts of the fit period, he is no better than the opponent of the fit.

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