NO. 566 Chapter Barrel

  "The Disciple of the true God?" I thought I would meet you soon. You have repeatedly interfered with my ghost door plan. This time I see where you are going to escape! ”Said the ghost in a cold and gloomy way.

  The ghost gates of the five fit periods were so sullen, and the powerful oppression moment swept over Mu Yu. Mu Yu is only a repairer of the Seven Heavens, and the pressure on the ghosts of the five fits is too great.

  However, the atmosphere of the ghost gate did not affect the wood feather. With the deadness of Mu Ling, he could easily offset the oppression of the ghost gate, but how to escape still became a problem.

  "how? I am a very popular person. Do you want to start with me? ”

  In the mind of Mu Yu’s mind, he began to think about the method of coping. In fact, he did not expect the words “Meng Xian” to hold the five ghosts. The rules of the fairy are obviously flawed. Can be avoided, he now has to rely on plants to escape.

  "The people of the Mie Palace will not know that you are killing us."

  There was a sly smile on the pale face of the ghost. They dared to start with Mu Yu, and they surely would not violate the rules set by the Mie.

  Everything around is covered in ghost fog, and the temperature is instantly reduced by several tens of degrees.

  At the foot of Mu Yu, the illusion of the lines, the foot stepping, the Scorpio star array has been teleported with him, but he just showed his figure, but found that the five-part Ghosts still surrounded themselves.

  "Do you really think that you can escape in front of us during the fit period by your own speed?"Ghost winter laughs.

  It is not that Mu Yu does not teleport, but the speed of the opponent is not slower than the speed of the wood feathers. Wood Yu can't rush out from their encirclement by the Scorpio.

  A black bone claw appeared in the hand of the ghost, and the cold light was mixed with the ghost of the sky. This claw seems to be able to tear the void, slamming down like a cover, but also firmly locked the breath of wood feathers, so that Mu Yu could not escape.

  There were countless patterns in the foot of Mu Yu, and the wooden sword suddenly became bigger, greeted up, and violently collided with the bone claws! The horrible bone claws did not know what was made. They collided with the wooden sword and made a metallic squeak.

  He only feels that his arm has been crushed by heavy hammer, almost crushed, he can not care about the ghost, but the strike of the fit period is real.

  Mulingjian did not appear any damage, but the wood feathers had already flown out, and the black and white spirit in the body continued to swallow and repair his arm, which stabilized his injury.

  "Mom, I can't manage that much."

  Countless branches came out from under the feet, wrapped in wood feathers, and the wood feathers disappeared into the trees. The roots of the trees grew rapidly and went to the distance. However, the roots suddenly suddenly slammed, like what resistance, but there is no way to continue to extend!

  He turned in one direction and continued to flee. He found that all sides were surrounded by him, just like an enchantment, blocking his way out.

  The enchantment created by the most important ghosts has no ghosts, but it is like a real cage, completely different from the formation.

  Mu Yu did not hesitate to rush down, but he only sank ten meters, and once again encountered that strong resistance!

  "Do you really think we don't know your ability? Still want to rely on the formation to cover up the fact that you have the ability to have Muyou? ”The ghost said coldly.

  Mu Yu was slightly shocked. After he mastered the array, he found that the array could be used to formulate any illusion. Therefore, every time he used the ability to control wood, he used masks to cover up, but he didn’t want to know this!

  "Is it still hidden?" I see where you are going this time! ”

  A huge spiritual force ruined the earth and the ground was suddenly smashed down. The ground was suddenly destroyed. All the mudstones and grasses were shattered into powder, and they were turned into nothing. Only one empty pit was left, and the wood feathers were left. At this moment, it is located in the big pit, and it has become the shackle!

  Mu Yu also finally saw what the enchantment is. It is not a battle, but a transparent barrier like a clear water composed of pure spiritual power.

  These spirits are not mixed with any ghosts, and do not have the unique atmosphere of the ghosts, so that the use of Muling's gram is completely useless.

  "When Ghost Xuanyue escaped from the Moyun Mountain, he suspected that you were one of those five rumors. Unfortunately, because his mission failed, we only used it as an excuse. Until we just confirmed your ability, you really turned out to be the kind of Yumeng and the Terran! Can you use trees to restrain our ghosts, do you think we have no way to deal with them? ”

  Ghostly cold looked at a broken wooden sword trapped, revealing the smile of the winner. The five of them found something wrong when they went back to check it out. Together with the explanations of Ghost Mountain and others, they finally determined the secret of Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu knew that there was nowhere to escape. He left the Muling sword and stood on the wooden sword. He looked at the five ghosts in the air and sank into the bottom of the valley.

  He knows that with the shelter of Muling, he can not fear that the ghosts will kill themselves. As long as they hide into the wood spirit, with the hard degree of Muling, it is impossible for the ghost gate to destroy Muling.

  But he can't do this. Once Muling is in the hands of the ghosts, he is equal to being imprisoned forever, and there is no possibility of escaping.

  "It seems that I am a small scorpion."

  Mu Yu couldn’t think of any way to escape at the moment.
If the ghost doorman uses the array to encircle him, he has chaotic yin and yang in his hand, and he has control over all the tactical abilities in the world, and he wants to escape from the formation. But this enchantment has nothing to do with the formation. It is a spiritual barrier that completely cuts off his back.

  "Our ghosts have existed for thousands of years. Do you think we are afraid of Muyou's ability? you are too naive! You rely on the vitality of the trees to restrain our ghosts, but once we hide the ghosts and rely on the absolute suppression of cultivation, then you can't turn any waves. ”

  The ghost claws have already appeared in the hands of the ghosts, and the other four have also raised their own magic weapons. The scabbards and ghosts in their hands finally no longer risk the ghosts of sinisterness, but become pure spiritual power, with a cold cold, and the terror of the fit period constantly sweeps the wood feathers. .

  Ghosts and other people don't want Ghost Shura to be so young and proud. They have long been famous for many years, and they are familiar with the contempt of the enemy, especially the most prone to variables. So even if the wood feathers are the repairers of the distraction period, the five of them have no meaning.

  Even if there is only one fit period, it is enough for him to eat a pot, not to mention five more. Mu Yu’s all the arrays and swords have no room for play in the face of the five fits, he is now The situation is in jeopardy!

  "hateful! How could this be! ”

  Where did Mu Yu think that he would encounter such a thing, usually he would only fight but rely on Muling to become the root of the tree to escape, but this time the ghost doorman thoroughly touched his door, he could not retreat.

  The powerful horror of the magic weapon smashed down to Mu Yu. Mu Yu clenched his teeth and faced a blow that he would kill in the fit period. He couldn't block it, and he didn't even have the qualification to fight hard.

  He wants to survive and only re-integrate into the wood spirit, but this means that Muling will definitely fall into the hands of the ghost gate, and he will be completely finished!

  Numerous branches criss-crossed the wood feathers in the middle, rushing upwards, and the branches of the sky slightly blocked the fierce magic, but all the branches were twisted into powder by the spiritual power of the fit.

  The only shortcoming of Muling is that it loses its inexhaustible hardness when it is transformed into other plants. Although these branches are powerful, they still can't hold back the attack during the fit period.

  There is no way for Mu Yu, he only has to hide in Muling, but at this moment, suddenly there is a whistling sound in the forest, and then a more terrible breath is poured out like a sea, let the five fit period The ghost gates have changed their faces instantly!

  The breath is like a squally shower, far beyond the imagination of ghosts and other people, they do not understand how suddenly there is such a strong atmosphere.

  "What the hell is it?"

  The ghosts looked around and wanted to find out the source of the breath, but the breath seemed to be everywhere, overflowing from all over and gradually swept over.

  The spiritual barriers that the five ghosts of the combined men and women joined together in this strong temperament immediately fell apart, so they could not stand a blow.

  The ghost gates of the five fit periods were also shaken away by the shock, and the five of them could not hold the shock of this horror!

  This breath is too terrible, and Mu Yu is also very upset. He doesn't understand where the breath comes from, but he suddenly finds that the barrier that has trapped himself has disappeared. He immediately reacted and rushed directly to the bottom of the earth. Go in.

  Muling turned into a tree root crawling on the ground at a very fast speed, and instantly opened the distance from the ghost gate.

  "hateful! Where to escape? ”

  The ghost screamed angrily, and he saw that the wood feathers disappeared into the mud, and his face was disgusted. The other four people also reacted, and the violent tearing force in the hands turned the soil on the ground into powder, chasing the figure of the wood feather.

  But the horrible breath rushed over again, and the five ghosts of the fit period were shaken again!

  Is there any ability to shake the ghosts of the five fit periods? What kind of person is this?

  They looked at each other in amazement and looked at the place where Mu Yu escaped. They knew that if they chased this time, they might be killed by this mysterious and powerful atmosphere. The ghosts shouted: "Do not chase the wood." Now, let's go!"

  The five graceful ghosts rushed out to the outside without hesitation, and the sudden breath did not chase them, but they disappeared without a trace, and they went so fast that they didn’t know where they came from. Come.

  Everything here is back to calm, and only those pits prove how much destructive power has been generated here.


  Mu Yu struggled to drill into the soil, UU reading www. then chose to run in a direction, running for two hours.


  Halfway through, Mu Yu felt that there was a slight earthquake around him, but there was no stranger, so he didn't care.

  After running for a while, I found that the ghost doorman did not catch up. He just got out of the ground and sat on the ground panting, while leaning against a big tree to prevent the need.

  "What was it that saved us?"Xiaoshuai asked in surprise.

  "I don't know, it might be a powerful seventh-order monster!"

  Mu Yu looked around and found that he inadvertently broke into the periphery of a huge forest, and the mountains and mountains in the distance continued.

  "Not a monster, if it is a monster, I will perceive it.
of. ”Said Long Teng.

  Dragon vine is the king of the monster, it is well known to many monsters.

  At the moment, the wood forest where Mu Yu is located is very quiet. I can't see any insects and birds. Only the wind blows through the leaves and the air is silent.

  "what? How do you feel the mountain I seem to have seen. ”Xiaoshuai stood up and looked up.

  Mu Yu also looked at the mountain. The mountain really seemed to know each other, but I couldn’t remember where I had seen it.

  Xiaoshuai patted his head and exclaimed: "I know where it is, how can we come here?"

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