Chapter 568 Unavoidable Killing

  After leaving with the south, Mu Yu chose to come to the Mouyun Mountain to find a place to practice, and what happened in the triple continent this year, Mu Yu is not very clear.

  "Youmen has already begun to fight the Terran."The old tree grows slowly.

  "Starting to fight? how come? ”

  Mu Yu was amazed, although he knew that this event would come sooner or later, but he never wanted to come when he had no preparation, because he could not stop the war with his current ability!

  There is no reason why the Yumeng Mozu and the Terran have to fight. The cause of the war is because the Sangong Palace is using the human race to hate the Yumeng Mozu.

  For the sake of their own territory, the Terran is not contaminated by the Yumeng Mozu, and all of them are determined to fight on the battlefield, to eliminate the Yumeng Mozu, and the comprehensions have killed the Yumeng Mozu as a supreme glory.

  The comprehensible does not believe that the Terran and the Yumeng Mozu can coexist. That is because the comprehensibles respect the Three Palaces, and the words of the Mie Palace are supreme and will not be questioned!

  Mu Yu has always wanted to stop the plan of the Mie Miyag to stop the outbreak of this war, but he could not do this with the repair of his seven-day distraction.

  Now Master is taken away by the White World. Once the White World occupies the undead body of the sword shadow dust, the image of the sword shadow dust appears in the realm of cultivation. Only the "Sword Shadow Wind Wind" is ordered, I am afraid that the comprehension will be liver and brain. Go and kill with the Yumeng Mozu!

  "Old tree, you listen to me, in fact, Yumeng and the Terran can not fight, all these are the conspiracy of the Triple Palace, because only the war can provide the soul of the Triple Palace, this war must be stopped."Mu Yu said eagerly.

  The old tree said solemnly: "I can't stop it. I also learned about the dirty work of the Mie Palace recently, but you have to know that if the Mie Palace wants to instigate the comprehension to kill us, we only have to fight. We don't have any room for negotiation. Do you understand?"

  With the blind pursuit of the Trinity by the comprehension, once the Mie Palace says that it is going to break out of war, then the war will start immediately, and the dominance of this war is not in the hands of Eugene.

  "You can restrain Muyou…"Mu Yu said hesitantly.

  "I can not! Yumeng only listened to the words of the five spiritual masters. I am only the elder of Muyoumeng. Although the qualifications are very old, it does not mean that I can order the whole wood. Once a monk of a certain race has a spiritual master, and other races of Yumun do not have a spiritual master, then the other races of Yumun can only listen to the call of the spiritual master! ”The old tree grows slowly.

  "I don't understand, you can't find the spiritual master. The five Yumuning Lords are one with us. They can't stand up and order you."Mu Yu said.

  "Your brother, south."The old tree said.


  Wood Yu slightly glimpsed, he remembered that the south has merged with the back soil, but he still does not believe the old tree.

  "He knows what the consequences of the war are, he won't do it."

  No matter what he does to the south, his ultimate goal is the same as that of Mu Yu, which prevents the plan of the Mie Palace, tries to avoid the occurrence of war, and reduces the casualties of personnel. He cannot take the initiative to lead the war.

  The old tree grows solemnly: "You still don't understand that the south is now blending with the Lord of the Month, and he became the only surviving Lord of Umming.

His orders for the five races of Eugene are to obey. If he finally wants to break out of war, we have to assist him. ”

  The old tree chief was worried that the South would be ordered to launch a war. At that time, Mu Youmen could not stay outside.

  Mu Yu shook his fist: "So what is your purpose for coming to me?"

  "Now to the south is the Lord of the Eugene, although we have not yet received the command of a large-scale war, but now that Tuyou has the dominance, they have begun to contradict the comprehension from time to time, and the war has burned in some cities. Get up, because they believe that the south will bring Yumen back to glory. So I have to find you and let you lead us, Muyou, so that we don't have to listen to the orders of the Lord. ”

  "You mean you will follow my orders?"Mu Yu asked in surprise.

  The old tree shook his head and said: "Remember that I told you something?" Neither the Yumen nor the Terran will trust you five people. We trust the Lord of the Five Spirits in the five of you. Therefore, I will not obey your orders. I will only obey the commands of the adults in your body. Unless you can integrate with the South and the adults, I can obey your orders. ”

  Mu Yu said: "The war will not break out to the south."

  But his words are not convincing, because the old tree chief will not believe him, the old tree chief does not like war, and the consequences of the war are quite serious.

  "As far as I know, Tuyoumeng already knows that the south and the landlord have already merged into one, so Tuyoumeng has gone looking for the whereabouts of the south and asked him to lead Yumen. Once we want to launch a war in the south, we can only obey and can't violate the order to the south, because we have no spirits! ”

  "But even if Tuyoun finds southward, it doesn't work. I know that going south, he will try his best to stop this war."Mu Yu relaxed a bit, because the old tree long words indicate that the Tuyoumeng has not found south.

  "I tell you, if you can find the southward, even if you don't want to go south, Tuyoumeng will let him compromise!" No one can keep his heart under the power of killing! You try this! ”

The old tree suddenly shot, and the speed was so fast that Mu Yu did not react at all. A blue light instantly covered Mu Yu. This blue light made Mu Yu suddenly give birth to a sway, he felt that he needed to do something.

  What to do? Mu Yu’s mind is full of excitement. He wants to see blood and wants to suck on other people’s lives. Only in this way can he satisfy his own killing!

  Correct! It is killing!

  Mu Yu’s eyes began to look strange and black and white. He looked at the woods around him with a cold look. The sword in his hand had already been shot, and went to a wood behind the old tree.

  "Ding!"The old tree long held the shadow sword tightly, and the blue light on the wooden feather disappeared.

  The instigation slowly subsided, and the killings gradually disappeared from Mu Yu’s mind.

  "You–" Mu Yu looked at the old tree with amazement.

  He didn't understand what the old tree was, and he wanted to kill him. This was exactly the same as the situation in which he was out of control and confused.

  The old treeman returned the shadow sword to Mu Yu and said seriously: "Do you understand the seriousness of the matter now? I have this ability to let you fall into the killing, and there is also Tuyou! If you let Tuyoug find it south, it is no longer the one you know! He will definitely be influenced by the power of this killing, thus bringing the territory to Yumeng, and even our Muyoumen will fight with humans together! ”

  Mu Yu took a step back and opened the distance from the old tree. He asked incredulously: "What method did you use to make me such a terrible killing?"

  Needless to say, I know that there is definitely the existence of the old tree in the soil, and once the elders of Tuyoumen are going south, it may not be able to maintain their own heart to the south. Now the idea of ​​the south is already It has become very extreme.

  The old tree said: "You don't need to beware of me. This power is the other half left by the Mang Man. I also recently found this lost power. This power has the most original killing instinct, making people become killing, allowing you to quickly unlock the body seal. Kim Youmeng and Huyouumeng and Yuyoumeng have found the other half of the power left by other spiritual masters. They also go to find their respective Yumuning Lords, and they are not as soft-hearted as I am. ”

  Mu Yu was shocked. He said that Mang had said that the five of them had only half of the strength of the five Ummings, and that half of the power did not say at the beginning. I didn’t expect to have been the old tree. turn up!

  "Then why did you choose to believe me?"Mu Yu did not understand, he is now suppressing the sentence, as an old tree, he should help the sentence to get out of trouble.

  "I don't believe you, because the power of this killing was originally deprived of the sword and dust, and sealed. This force is too strong and will make you lose yourself. I can't guarantee what will happen if you are affected by this power. Maybe you will get worse and become addicted. From now on, even our own people are Killing can know that you are not good for me now, so I will not give you this power. ”The old tree chief explained.

  After a long while, the old treeman said: "But to the south, he is the real master of the soil, and he can control this power. After the soil, he was once addicted to killing. So regardless of whether he wants to go south or not, this force will let In the south, he will definitely go to war with Yumeng and the comprehens. At that time, everything will be irreparable."

  Mu Yu has probably understood the situation. He was silent for a moment and asked: "You don't want me to get this power, but I want to let me lead Muyou, what is your plan?"

  "I can't feel the existence of an adult man from you, so the adult man must be sealed by the sword shadow." This seal requires the power of killing to unravel! The power in my hands comes from the man of the man, and you are not in control with the man of the man.

  But if you kill yourself, you can control it, UU reads www.uukanshu. Com So you have to kill the seal as soon as possible to generate the power of killing, and let the giants and you merge to lead us, as long as you choose not to fight, we can quit this war. ”The old tree said.

  Sure enough, can't you avoid killing?

  Mu Yu does not want to merge with the sentence, because he has seen the changes in character after the integration of the south and the back soil, which will lead him to become extreme.

  However, if he is once again infested with the killing power in the south, then he may forget his original intention and forget that he is trying to stop the Triple Palace from doing so. In order to satisfy the kind of killing, he will fight with Yumen and the Terran. At that time, it really followed the wishes of the Triple Palace.

  Once the promises and Luo Yu were found by Kim Youmeng and Huyou, they are likely to be uninhibited by the killings that did not belong to them, and the situation will be even worse.

  It is impossible for the old tree to want to let Muyoum out of the house, because Muyou is not a spiritual master. At that time, other spirits are mainly doing things, they must obey.

  Therefore, Mu Yu must now choose Mu Youmeng, become the master of Mu Youmeng, and lead Muyou Meng to try to avoid this war.

  All of this is based on the premise of unraveling the nine-day magic array. Mu Yu can use the array method to unblock the seal when it is repaired, but at that time I am afraid that the Yumeng Mozu has long been playing with the Terran.

  Mu Yu has been avoiding the power of killing, but he found that this time there is no way to avoid it.

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