Chapter 569 The Funeral Team of the Valley of Grave

  The breeze blew the forest and stood on a high place. The treetops of each tree in the forest were simultaneously moving, like a cyan wave rolling.

  At this moment, there are ten figures standing above the waves. Even if there are comprehensions passing through here, they will not think that nine of the ten people are real Muyoumeng, and that there is also a relationship with Muyou.

  Although Mu Yu does not want to kill at will, but he has long discovered that he has become accustomed to the passage of life, and some things have quietly changed his view of life.

  If some people are not worthy of living in the world, then it is indeed necessary for him to harvest their lives.

  In the eyes of Mu Yu, he crossed a black and white light, but he did not flash. He said calmly: "I understand, I know what I should do."

  The old tree leader held his hand and saw Muyu make up his mind and re-emerged with a smile: "We are waiting for you, Mu Youmen does not like war, but when the war broke out, we can't stand by. I know that you want to resurrect a man named Evergreen Evergreen, then you need his soul to remain complete, go to the ghost island, where it can nourish the soul, this is also the purpose of the ghost gate. ”

  Ghostmen are the beginning of Mu Yu’s killing.

  "I found that the wounds on Muling have been repaired a lot, and the power of the soul can also be repaired. I simply took you from the hands of the ghosts this time, because I think the ghosts should die in your hands and become the nourishment of Muling, instead of dying in my hands.

  You are holding these three Bodhi leaves. When you encounter the situation just now, you can input the spiritual power into the Bodhi leaves. It will turn into a five-line artillery to help you escape. You can also find me by it. . ”

  The old tree spread out in the palm of his hand, and three pieces of Bodhi leaves floated gently from his palm and landed in front of Mu Yu. Mu Yu took over Bodhi leaves, and he was surprised to find that the three Bodhi leaves were associated with the long tree's breath, as if there was an invisible line to find the old tree's long position.

  "As far as I know, this Moushan Mountain has come to many ghost gates. You have to be careful, don't happen the accident just now."The old tree long nodded to the wooden feathers, and then the figure gradually disappeared into the woods. The other eight wooden Yumeng also followed the old tree and left.

  "The old tree looks like it's pretty good."Dragon vines come out.

  "Yeah, do you think Eugene can eat?"Xiaoshuai asked with his tail.

  "How do you eat everything! Eat it! ”Longteng said with no anger.

  Mu Yu was dumbfounded, and Xiao Shuai was really a good boy who was not picky.


  There is a famous place in the Moyun Mountain Range, which is the burial valley. The burial valley is actually an underground crack. It is several kilometers long and has a width of more than two hundred meters.

  Every night at midnight, there are ghosts and wolverines coming from the burial valley, which is very scary.

  There are many villages near the burial valley. People in these villages have a custom, that is, after the death of the people, the dead clothes are put on the most solemn clothes and then thrown into the burial valley.

  In their legend, the burial valley is a subterranean crack leading to the reincarnation of the government. The dead can only be reincarnation if they are thrown in.

  Some people in the city will also transport the body to the place, and then throw it down. It is also a good place for many self-cultivators to destroy the dead.

  Once Ghost Xuan Yue killed the forty-nine Jindan period comprehensions here.

By the soul of the soul, I found the hiding place of the wind and dust.

  The burial valley is located on a high slope, where it is covered with fog all the year round, and even the sun can't shine in. Under the high slope, there is a funeral team composed of hundreds of people. At this moment, the sad horn is open in front.

  These more than 100 people are mortal people. They are people from nearby villages. Today is a 90-year-old old man. It is quite good for mortals to live to 90 years old. Because they are extremely high, they follow the village. Customs, people in the village must come to the funeral.

  A few people wearing filial piety and filial piety carried a nanmu coffin, crying and shaking the sky, all the way paper money flying, dancing with the wind. This funeral team slowly went along the mountain road to the burial valley. The uphill road was difficult to walk, especially the heavy coffin, which was even more difficult.

  The faces of several people who are carrying up are all flushed. Every time they walk, they need to stop and rest for a while. When they lifted the coffin to the side of the burial, everyone was already sweating.

  The coffin is parked on the edge of the burial valley, and the wind is bursting underneath. The paper money will soon be blown up. If anyone pays attention, it will find that no paper money can fall into the burial valley.

  In front of the coffin, there is a simple case with a censer, three incense sticks, and some sacrifices to make the lost people not hungry on Huangquan Road.

  There is an iron bucket on the ground, and the paper money inside is burning vigorously.

  Forty or fifty family members cried very loudly in front of the coffin, although many people did not cry at all, but according to the custom of the village, the more the children and grandchildren cry, the more filial, so each of the children and grandchildren smashed their throats desperately. Cried, for fear of falling into a name that is not filial.

  Chen Erzhuang is a dark-faced man who is also a dead business. Whether it is a coffin or a paper money tribute from his shop, the people in the village have no culture, so he will help people write slogans every time, and follow the funeral team to come here and send the dead.

  The custom of the dead is better than anyone else. Because he is dealing with the dead all the year round, he is always a sad professional face.

 He glanced at the family of forty or fifty crying "dead to live", and he sighed slightly, and the estimated 40 people were really sad.

  Perhaps because I have seen this kind of scene often, he can see at a glance which person is really revealing, and which is deliberately taking tears on the onion.

  When people are old, they will bring a lot of burdens to their families. Especially when they are full of children and grandchildren, pension is a problem. There are many sons. Unless they are really filial, they will not take the initiative to support. After the old man dies, he will let the children and grandchildren feel relieved, and they will not need to spend the extra energy and financial resources for them.

  "Dear fellows, we came to bid farewell to Zhao Laotai with a deep feeling. Zhao Laotai’s grandson and grandchildren, who have been honest and simple all their lives, are now dying. His children and grandchildren are very filial…"

  Chen Erzhuang understands the situation of this family. To be honest, although the dead Zhao Laotou lived to the age of 90, he did not have a good old age. He lived too long. He had three sons, two daughters, ten grandchildren, more than twenty great-grandchildren, and four generations. He should have been happy, but the three sons refused to give him a pension, descendants. Also refused to come to see him.

  He has lived alone for more than a decade and was discovered only three days after his death. The ridiculous thing is that it was not his relatives who found Zhao’s death. He was a dog he had raised. He was screamed at the door for three days before he was noticed.

  "The tree wants to be quiet and the wind is not endless. Zhao Laotai has cultivated so many outstanding and filial sons and grandchildren in his life. Now that he has left, people can't help but sigh the world's impermanence and unfair fate…"

  Chen Erzhuang snorted with disdain. When he first came to Zhao, the three sons of Zhao Laotou were still blushing for the inheritance of the house where Zhao Laotou lived before his death! But what about this with him? He is just a business, try to pick a good word and say it.

  "Now the deceased has been paralyzed, and the sorrowful sorrow of the living, Zhao Laotai will certainly protect his younger generation's health and longevity in the Spirit of Heaven. Let us bid farewell to Zhao Laotai, Zhao Laotai, you are going all the way! ”

  Chen Erzhuang sometimes thinks that he has been sending away dead people all his life, so who should give him a slogan after his death?

  The grandsons of Zhao’s grandfather burst into tears again. Everyone was about to tear the scorpion, and some people cried their voices, but they still tried to cry out loud.

  "The time is up, Zhao Laoye should be on the road."

  Chen Erzhuang gestured, and the four gangs he brought up immediately before, solemnly raised the coffin, and then slowly pushed into the bottomless tragedy valley.

  The heavy nanmu coffin quickly fell into the abyss. The yin wind blew the Buddha, and soon it fell into the fog.

  According to Chen Erzhuang’s instructions, the descendants of Zhao’s grandfather all rushed to the edge of the ruined valley and cried desperately.

  "Hey, don't go! The baby is not completely filial! ”

  "Grandpa, don't leave us!"

  "Too grandpa, come back soon!"

  Everyone screamed hard and shouted to keep the good old man Zhao. Although the death of Zhao Laotou is not a big deal for them, he even wants him to die early, which saves the neighbors from always saying gossip.

  Chen Erzhuang is still a sad look, he sighed, although it is customary to call out the soul, it seems that the children and grandchildren leave their loved ones, but often this kind of thing looks like a joke .

  However, at this moment, Zhao’s sons suddenly shouted in horror, and everyone ran screaming backwards, as if they had seen something terrible from the burial valley.

  Chen Erzhuang felt a bit strange. He just did not let these people scream. He turned his head and looked at the funeral valley and looked at it. It didn't matter. It almost scared him to soften his legs!

  The old wood coffin of Zhao’s grandfather did not fall down, but slowly rose. A strange breath was uploaded from the coffin. Soon the cold atmosphere immediately enveloped everyone, and everyone was scared to move. .

  The nanmu coffin gradually floated up from the bottom of the mass grave, appeared in front of hundreds of people, and then the heavy muffled sound, the coffin cover slowly slipped open, and Zhao Laotai suddenly stood up straight from the coffin!


  All the mourners shouted in horror, they wanted to turn and flee, but an invisible force suppressed them, and they were horrified to find that their legs were not listening.

  Zhao’s face, like a dry wrinkled bark, suddenly showed a gloomy smile. UU read His eyes slowly opened, and his eyes were dark and inkless.

  The most frightening thing is that Zhao Laotai actually opened the mouth that had long lost his teeth and spoke up!

  "Are you not crying to let me come back?" Why are you coming back, are you so scared? ”Zhao Laotai smiled sullenly, and laughter was like a monster in his teeth, scaring his children and grandchildren!

  "Hey, you, you still have to leave!"

  "Yeah, it’s the big brother and the second brother who want to occupy your house. I just can’t look good…"

  "nonsense! Obviously, the third child, you are the most screaming! ”

  The three sons suddenly began to blame each other. They thought that Zhao’s grandfather refused to leave because of the house’s affairs, so he quickly began to shirk his responsibility.

  "This way! It’s not as good as the three of you to come with me, continue to filial piety to me! ”
r /> Zhao old lady jerked out his hand, and the ghost of the sky shrouded his three sons in an instant. The three men screamed in pain, and then gradually disappeared. Only three white souls floated from them. , Zhao old grandfather opened his mouth and swallowed, all swallowed his stomach!

  Zhao Laotai sucked away the souls of his three sons, put out his tongue and licked his lips, then looked at everyone, and smiled sullenly: "I have accepted the soul of everyone in Zhao, I am."

  The gloomy ghost instantly drowned the entire mass grave.

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