Chapter 57 Mysterious Man

The head of the dry-day school has opened the flower. This year, because of the variable of the lonely sky, the martial art will not bottom out. This also means that the future of the dry-day school has hope.

It’s just that the Boyang Taoist did not expect that the dusty party also had a dark horse, and that the Qingsong faction was under the horse. This is an unknown variable. At first, the Boyang Taoist thought that Mu Yu was a long-term experience. He did not expect to give others a long-term experience.

Mu Yu Looking at the stage of solitary days, this is a solitary day today, the seventh competition, against the ranks of the 16th of the absolute Day faction. The strength of the celestial faction is relatively weak, and the disciples sent out are only young people who build the foundation of the double heaven, and they are on the dark horse of the dry-day school.

"The perfect day, Yang Tianhe."

"Dry heaven, lonely day."

Lonely heaven is very cold, and his broad sword is in his hand. The broad sword of more than 500 kilograms, in his hands, like an ordinary sword, sway freely. Yang Tianhe also knows the dark horse of Lonely Day. He didn't look down on this person. Although the spiritual fluctuations in this person can hardly be felt, he did not know how to win the five-game black horse.

Yang Tianhe holds a long stick, which is made of fine iron and is a magic weapon. He danced the long stick, the tip of his toes, and went to the lonely sky. There was no fancy in the lonely day. He waved the broad sword and slammed it with the long stick. Yang Tianhe only felt that his hands were numb, and he almost could not hold the long stick.

This person is very powerful!

Yang Tianhe was horrified, flying in the air, the stick was off the hand, spinning in the air, and the road sticks to the lonely sky. He knows that if he is close to fighting, there is no chance of winning. This person is too horrible and can only fight with distance.

There was no change in the face of Lonely Heaven. He just manipulated the broad sword in the same place and broke the shadow of the sky. Then the whole person suddenly disappeared in the same place. Yang Tianhe was shocked. He turned around quickly, but his chest had already suffered a palm. That palm gave him no room for resistance and fell directly to the downfall.

Lonely day turned over and fell, this is his eighth victory.

Today, all the contests have ended, and Mu Yu has won eight victories. His test today is over.

"Wind brother, I really looked away, I didn't expect Yinxian to have such talent."The people of Boyang said with amazement, and their eyes stayed on Mu Yu.

"Boyang’s brother is very polite, but it is the people of your party who have such a physical training, which makes people admire."Feng Haochen said.

Mu Yu and Lonely Heaven both looked at each other. There was a strong war in the eyes of Lonely Sky. He seemed to regard Mu Yu as a great enemy. Mu Yu is also staring at the lonely sky, and Feng Haochen makes him try his best to not do it. After all, the cadres want to revitalize the martial art, and the dust gang does not have this plan, and the acknowledgment can do it.

However, Mu Yu does not intend to abstain from the day when he will fight against the dry days. He also wants to try how hard the body training is. It doesn't matter if you win or not. Accumulating experience is the most important thing.

Two black horses will eventually win.

At night, Master is meditating, insisting that he wants to go out and walk, not knowing where to go. Mu Yu also left the room. There were too many things happening during the day. One thing left him with no confidence.

Suddenly, there is a mysterious person who wants to be disadvantaged to his master. He is likely to go to the Qingsong Taoist. Now I don't know where to go, maybe in the Qingsong Taoist, he decided to check the situation of Qingsong Taoist people.

With his cultivation period, the Qingsong Taoist is really looking for death. Fortunately, he has an unknown ability. That is the skill of controlling wood. This ability makes him very convenient to act. He came to a forest and looked around to make sure that no one had integrated into the trees before going to the place where the Qingsong people lived.

It is very simple to find where Qingsong people live. The Qingsong faction is large, but the head of the residence is naturally extraordinary. Mu Yu just follows the disciples who are waiting for the head and easily finds the room of the Qingsong Taoist.

Here is an Yayuan, there is a pond in the courtyard, there are swimming goldfish, and there are several peach trees next to it.

The wood feathers are hidden in the peach trees. The Qingsong Taoist has not yet returned. He deliberately controlled the peach trees so that they would smash the branches to the window. The windows were opened and you could see everything inside.

After a long time, the Qingsong Taoist finally returned to his room. Some disciples were waiting in the room, changing clothes for him, and a disciple drove in to wash the feet of the Qingsong Taoist.

"You go first!"The Qingsong Taoist put on plain clothes and said to the two serving disciples.

"Yes, the disciple retire!"The two disciples retired and took the door.

The Qingsong Taoist walked to the window and suddenly looked at the peach branch of the window and shocked Mu Yu. He thought he was discovered. However, the Qingsong Taoist did not think too much, and soon turned his gaze away. He looked at the moon outside the window and wondered what he was thinking.

For a long time, the Qingsong Taoist went back, then sat on the bed and began to meditate. Mu Yu was bored and looked at him to breathe in, and said that the mysterious person might come to Qingsong Taoist. If it wasn't for this evening, then he would have to spend a night. He will have a test tomorrow!

I don’t know if the girl’s head is also nearby. Mu Yu thinks of the unreliable girl, and her heart is speechless. This girl’s head is also unknown. She is swaying everywhere and looking for people to ask for the whereabouts of the sword dust. It’s estimated that it’s causing that person. Attention.

Mu Yu didn't wait, because the blue-eyed man suddenly opened his eyes, but I didn't know when the room had already stood alone. Mu Yu’s heart was shocked. He didn’t know when the man appeared there!

"who are you?"

Qingsongdao people were shocked. He stood up and looked at the uninvited guest in front of him. The other party suddenly appeared in this room, did not know how to come in from the way, so sudden, even he did not notice.

The man was dressed in red and looked very young, only 88 years old, look very handsome, but he exudes the spirit of the wave but let pine people feel clinking palpitation, that is not the elixir period of the fix, if the other is not elixir period, then this means that the young people in front of the yuan infant is to fix?

How can this be!

Mu Yu did not dare to make any movements in the tree. He looked at the young man timidly. So young, is that mysterious person who is talking about it? If his cultivation is really directed at Master, then Master will be fierce.

"You are the highest person here?" It is a pity that no one is guiding, and it is too difficult for you to reach the Yuan Ying period. ”The young people in red said faintly.

"What is so high in your cultivation, what is it called here?"

The Qingsong Taoist people felt that they were threatened. The young man appeared like a huge stone on his chest. He has been in the realm of cultivation for so many years, and no one has given him such a terrible feeling.

The red man smiled: "What am I doing here?"

A breath of terror suddenly enveloped the whole room, like a violent wind swept, will be the Pine Lane, the first time the pine people feel their small, each other seems to move the finger, he will body extinction, the sense of powerlessness filled with the whole body of Ching Chung, so that he can not afford any idea of resistance.

The breath of the young people in red has only disappeared for a moment, and the body of Qingsong has been soaked by cold sweat.

"You, are you a Yuan Ying repairer?"The Qingsong Taoist people took an unbelievable step back.

"I am afraid that you are stuck in Jindan Jiuzhongtian for at least ten years? How about we make a deal? ”The young men in red said slowly.

Qingsong Dao took a deep breath and slowly calmed down his heart. Then he asked: "You have been repaired into the sky, stepping into the realm of Yuan Ying, what can I offer you?"

"I can help you break through Yuan Ying."The young people in red looked at the Qingsong Taoist people and spit out these words slowly.

"what!"The Qingsong Taoist slammed into the body. He thought he had got it wrong. Can this person help himself into the coveted Yuan Ying period? Isn't this an idiot saying a dream?

The Qingsong Taoist people are very embarrassed. He has been trapped in Jindan Jiuzhongtian for ten years. He always feels that he can't peek into the mystery of Yuan Yingjing. Several retreats have ended in failure. He is now a giant in the realm of comprehension, and he is admired by thousands of people. He has no regrets about who he has in this life.

Only he himself understood that the situation that was clearly at your fingertips but was always a little bit worse made him suffer. The ultimate goal of each comprehension is to hit a higher level. He always feels that he has touched the barriers, but he has been unable to break through the window paper.

"The direction of your cultivation has always been wrong, no one is pointing, you can only be trapped in Jindan Jiuzhongtian in this life."The red man continued, "What you want, I can help you, so we need to make a deal."

The Qingsong Dao people have flashed countless thoughts in their minds. It is really a very attractive thing to become a Yuan Ying period, but it is not easy to be unreliable. He slowly calmed down his mood. He was not a fool. As a benchmark in the realm of comprehension, he was very clear-headed: "What do I need to pay?"

"You, become my servant."The red youth is slow.

The face of Qingsongdao changed slightly, and then he screamed: "It is impossible! How can I be despicable to the extent that I am the head of the school? You still have to find someone else! ”

Let the Qingsong Taoist be a servant? If the other people in the comprehension world know that they will definitely think that this young man in red is crazy. What is the identity of the Qingsong Taoist? He is the first person in the Mouyun Mountain Range. No one in the entire realm of cultivation has dared to disrespect him. And this young man in red wants to accept the Qingsong Taoist as a servant?

"It seems that you still don't understand what I mean. Let's put it another way. The Jiuhua real people in the Moyun Mountain Range are almost the same as yours. If I go to collect the head of the Jiuhua School as a servant, then your Qingsong faction will not exist. The foundation of your life, all the disciples will die, so I will give you a chance to choose. If you don't cherish, you will go your own way. ”Young people in red are cold.

"If I succumb to you, what is the meaning of the existence of the Qingsong faction?"The Qingsong Taoist people feel that they have been insulted. The head of the Qingsong who is so respected by thousands of people who want to be a servant of others? It’s ridiculous!

"You have a daughter called Qing Mei. It doesn't seem to be in your room at the moment."The red-shirted young people turned their heads and said very casually.

The Qingsong Dao people suddenly trembled. When the young people in red talked about the word "Qing Mei", he suddenly became unsettled.

"Qing Mei – How are you taking my daughter?"Qingsong Dao’s eyes widened and he began to panic. Qingmei is his everything, and anyone who is a father will not ignore his daughter.

"Look at your choice."

"mean!"Qingsong Dao is angry.

"It is better for me than to repair it. I don't need to use your daughter to ask for it. Your daughter is just another chip." You disobey me, leaving you with only one dead road, you are not afraid of death, but you have been in the realm of comprehension for so many years, I am afraid that many people are offended, right? How many people will scatter their hatred on your daughter after you die? I don't need to do anything until then, and naturally someone will deal with your daughter for me. ”

The young people in red snorted and threatened with his strength without taking hostages. He mentioned Qingmei, just to tell the Qingsong Taoist, UU reading Once the Qingsong Taoist people had an accident, his daughter's situation would be worrying.

The Qingsong Taoist people were white and white, and the young people in red were like a sharp knife and stabbed him into his heart. He made the Qingsong faction big in one hand, and there were many people who were offended in the meantime. In order to sit down and fix the leader of the real world, he also did a lot of unspeakable things. Although everyone on the surface is respectful to him, many people hate him more or less.

For example, he created the rules for the selection of colleges, monopolized all the talented disciples, and let other sects not get the talented disciples. The other sects were afraid of his cultivation and dare to speak. If he died, then his daughter. The end will definitely not be better!

The tight body of Qingsong Dao suddenly squatted down. He sat heavily in the chair. He was already in his 80s. He had a bright pearl in his later years. He was very affectionate. It was his heart. The Qingsong faction is gone, he can build again, but there is only one daughter. He loves his daughter and even surpasses his life.

He sighed as if he was a teenager in his teens, and his white hair fell down, and his heart was struggling.

On the one hand is his dignity. He has always existed in the realm of comprehension. Now he wants him to be a servant of a young man in red. He will not do such a despicable thing even if he is dead! But on the one hand is his daughter, as a father, he has no choice.

The young man in red is the repairer of the Yuan Ying period. If he wants to kill a person, how can he get his life with his own cultivation? He can die, what about Qingmei?


The Qingsong Taoist fell to the ground, and his body trembled. It was unwilling and humiliating. In the past, only others were kneeling in front of him, but now he is stumbling in front of a young man because of his skill.

"Please let me go."The Qingsong Taoist slammed a head heavily.

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