Chapter 570: The Insights of the Mou Mountain Range

  After Mu Yu came back from Fulong Mountain, he first went to Qingshou City.

  Qingshou City is the jurisdiction of the Qingsong School. Many self-cultivators in the Mouyun Mountain Range will gather here. It is undoubtedly the best to inquire about the situation of the Moyun Mountain Range.

  Since Mu Yu wants to find the whereabouts of the ghosts, it is necessary to start from here. As for where the ghost island that the ghost gate people want to go, Mu Yu does not have any clue now, because only one person has known the location of the ghost island so far, that is, the Chilonggong who was conquered by Jiuhua real person!

  After several years of not returning, Qingshoucheng has undergone earth-shaking changes.

  In the past, Qingshou City was still the seat of the school. Later, at the request of Mu Yu, the Qingsong Taoist abolished the system of the school’s gray disciples. Now the school still exists, but the gray disciples serving inside are no longer life-long, but Paid service.

  Every comprehension person who wants to settle in a school or call a gray disciple needs to pay a certain spiritual stone. This rule was originally set by Muyu to the Qingsong Taoist. When the Qingsong Taoists were in the majesty of the Moyun Mountain, no one dared to say no words, so now the school is a big reform.

  Xiaoshuai licked two buns on Mu Yu’s shoulder and ate it, and Mu Yu flew directly into the school.

  There has not been any major change in the school. The only difference is that all the sects no longer have independent houses. All the other houses can be rented out. The prices of different houses are different. The comprehensions need to stay here. Spend a stone.

  The system of selecting disciples from various sects has not changed, and it is still selected from the school every year. If you haven't been chosen, you can be a gray disciple in the school to help the real person to do things to earn a spiritual stone. Although the status is low, at least it will not be arbitrarily called to drink.

  The reception of Mu Yu is a 16-year-old gray disciple. He looks very awkward, his hands and feet are diligent and very talkative. Everyone calls him Xiaofei.

  After Mu Yu paid him ten spiritual stones, he brought Mu Yu to a clean independent courtyard.

  "Adult, what else do you want to tell?"

  Xiaofei himself only has a hard-working practice. He is very respectful to any self-cultivator, and Mu Yu’s body is not ordinary people, but he does not dare to neglect.

  "I have some questions, answer it, I will give you ten pieces of Lingshi." Mu Yu put ten pieces of Lingshi on the table and touched the big tail of Xiaoshuai.

  Xiaofei saw ten pieces of Lingshi, his face was happy, and he promised: "What problems do adults have to ask, the villain must know everything!"

  "Is there any major event in the recent revision of the real world?"Mu Yu asked.

  Nowadays, the ghost gate people have come to the Mouyun Mountain Range. If they want to kill the cultivators or mortals here, the overall strength of the Mou Mountain Range will not be able to stop. However, if the ghost doorman does something big, it will definitely make a noise.

  "event? Let me think about it. The Qingsong pie’s release of the No. 23 Qingsong Alliance Order is a big event. It’s a big deal for the Langshan School to change its new head two days ago. Five days ago, there was no one to send a daughter’s marriage. event……"

  Xiaofei began to talk about the things in the Moyun Mountain Range, but these are the trivial things of the various martial arts in the realm of the truth, not what Mu Yu wants to know.

  Originally, the Mouyun Mountain Range was very remote, and the aura was thin. The comprehensions of the Three Continents did not know that the imprisoned Xianji had been lifted. Even if they knew that they could not eat enough, they would come here.

Unless it is a ghost door, this guy with an ulterior motive.

  "Well, then I will ask you again. Have you recently seen some people who are very high in the real world, who are black and gas-filled and look like a cold-filled comprehension?"

  Mu Yu originally wanted to say whether he saw the ghost door. Later, I thought that the comprehension of the Moyun Mountain Mountain did not know what the ghost door man was. It was isolated from the world, and the pattern of the triple continent was not clear.

  "A black-haired comprehension? I have never seen this before, but I have heard some haunted things in the past two days. The incident has been raging. Do you know if the adults want to know? ”Xiaofei hesitated and asked.

  "Tell me."

  "It is like this. Adults should know that there is a burial valley in the north. There is a lot of life all year round. If there are people in the nearby villages, if they die, they will throw the dead into the bottomless valley of burial. Just a month ago, there was a funeral squad that went to the funeral of a 90-year-old grandfather, Zhao, as usual.

  At that time heard that the coffin has been thrown away, but who knows Zhao gentleman but suddenly from the chaos buried in the valley floated out, said some strange words, and then his three sons suddenly died, and then began a large cold and pressing the black mist, Zhao the descendants of the 56, including Zhao Gentleman's son-in-law, daughter-in-law, all died! ”

  “Is everyone buried in the fun dead?”

  Mu Yu frowned, and he was impressed by the burial of the valley. At that time, the ghost Xuanyue was in the burial valley, let Jiuhua lived to kill the forty-nine Jindan period comprehensions, using the Soul Soul to find the whereabouts of the sword shadow dust.

  In the place of the burial valley, Mu Yu has never liked it. The gloomy underground crack is probably the favorite place for the ghosts.

  Xiaofei said mysteriously: "Weird is here! Zhao Laoye is 90 years old. According to the custom of their village, every household in the village needs to send two people to bury, so in fact, there are probably more than 200 people to go to the funeral. But the only family that died was Zhao Laotai’s family. Others were fainting. When they woke up, they found that Zhao’s grandfather died. ”

  "Ok? Who is Zhao Lao?
Does the grandfather have hatred? Actually killed all his descendants? ”

  Mu Yu felt very strange. At first he thought it was a ghost doorman, but it was impossible for ghosts to leave a living. They would not be so kind and soft, and only kill the descendants of Zhao’s grandfather.

  "Impossible. It is said that Mrs. Zhao was not raised when he was alive. He died three days before he was discovered. The three sons began to fight for his legacy after his death. They all said that the grandsons and grandsons of Zhao’s grandfather had no conscience, and Zhao’s grandfather died unsuccessfully, so he returned from the underworld to take away all his descendants! ”Xiaofei said.

  "The other mortals who are buried are all right?"Mu Yu asked.

  "Ok! It’s all right. Those people saw with their own eyes that Zhao Laotai took away his three unfilial sons and then sank into the burial valley. This is absolutely true! ”

  Xiaofei patted the chest and packed the ticket, for fear that Mu Yu did not believe half a word, so ten pieces of Lingshi could fly away.

  "It’s weird."Mu Yu touched his chin and fell into meditation.

  According to Xiaofei's description, black fog is a characteristic of ghosts. The ghosts emitted by them are similar to black fog. However, it is impossible for ghosts to be so kind and special to help Zhao Laotai to punish his unscrupulous descendants. If they want to kill, It will definitely kill everyone.

  "Adult, what are you still having problems? Even if I ask, my message is very well-informed, basically there is nothing I don't know."

  Xiaofei stared at the ten pieces of Lingshi on the table. As long as he could get the ten pieces of Lingshi, he could answer the questions one day and one night.

  Mu Yu indulged for a moment and asked: "Is there anything strange happened a year ago? Isn't it a martial art, and is there a heavenly vision? ”

  A year ago, the imprisoned imperial prison in the Moyun Mountain Range was lifted. This is a major event and should not be silent.

  "A day before yesterday, the vision fell? Who did not know the realm of the matter a year ago! Adults should also know that you are right! ”Xiaofei is somewhat puzzled.

  "I was practicing retreat a year ago and only came out recently."

  "This is it! Do adults do not know, so I will tell you in detail! ”Xiaofei’s face showed a stunned look and continued:

  "A year ago, the vision of the sky was indeed there, and it was very loud. All the self-cultivators and mortals saw it. When the sky was rendered golden, extremely gorgeous, many mysterious and complex text in the sky densely dotted, then appeared in the sky a sacred white light, like a spider web criss-crossed, and then like the sky is fragmented, all the golden text began to fall down, into pieces disappear. ”

  Mu Yu silently listened to Xiao Fei's description. I don't want to know that the so-called white light is the means of the Sangong Palace guards. It should be a sign that the imprisonment is broken.

  "Speaking of an adult, you may not believe it. After the vision, a god with a white light shining on the body appears in the dusty party, right! It is the most deserving poor martial art in the realm of comprehension. The god of heaven is a god, and the white light is so sacred that it makes people feel awe. Where can we think of the gods and gods who appear directly in the dusty mountains? ”Xiaofei is amazed.

  Mu Yu sneered at the bottom of his heart, and at the same time annoyed, the people of the Mie Palace shrouded the sacred white light, just to cover their dark nature, it is ironic!

  "Everyone does not understand why the gods descended on the dusty mountains, but the figure of the gods is as high as several thousand feet. He can be seen clearly from a few hundred miles away. The dusty mountain is a small stone in front of him. Then the white light instantly shrouded the entire dusty mountain, and then I heard that the dust of the dusty faction flew out of the dusty mountain, and then disappeared into the white light. Everyone said that it was a good luck and was picked up by the gods. Leading to heaven! ”Xiaofei said with envious face.

  Take it to heaven?

  Mu Yu hated this statement very much. Master was taken away by the white world, but he could do nothing. Now the outsider actually said that the scene at that time was taken to the sky by the gods.

  The disgusting guy in Miegong is also worthy of the gods?

  Xiaofei is just a gray disciple. Like all the self-cultivators, they will know the conspiracy behind this. I am afraid that if this happens in the triple continent outside the Mouyun Mountain Range, many comprehensions will think that it is taken away by the Sangong Palace. A lucky thing.

  The Mie Palace is covered with a sacred skin, and UU reads www.uukanshu. Com is really shameless!

  Xiaofei sighed and said: "Many comprehensions want to go to the dusty mountains to see what is going on, but there is a very powerful array of people in the dusty mountains that people can't get in, so this thing will be gone. However, the Dust Mountain has become a holy place in the eyes of many people. After all, it is the place where the gods came personally! ”

  The Dust Mountain has always been a holy place in the eyes of Muyu. It is indeed a place where a true god lives. The true god is called the sword shadow dust wind, not the insidious villain of the Mie Palace can be compared!

  Mu Yu quietly listened to Xiao Fei’s remarks, and did not reveal any strangeness. He did not want Xiaofei to see what was going on.

  "You take these ten pieces of Lingshi!" If you have seen or heard of the people I described, help me to pay attention, I will come back to you later. ”Mu Yu pushed Lingshi to Xiaofei.

  Xiaofei quickly put away ten pieces of Lingshi, and the movement was very fast. I was afraid that Mu Yu would repent and take Lingshi out.

  "Do not worry! Adults, I will definitely pay attention to adults. Take the black and cold ice and repair it high, remember! ”Xiaofeitou has to be like a chicken, and two sentences are ten pieces of Lingshi.
It is a gold master, and he dares to be slow.

  Mu Yu pondered for a moment, and collected some of the annoyed emotions in his heart. He needed to go to the funeral valley to see what happened.

  It looks like a ghost doorman is a ghost, but it is impossible for a ghost door to stay alive. This is very strange.

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