No. 571 Chapter under the burial Valley

  The aura of the Moyun Mountain Range is very scarce. Even though the restrictions on the imprisoned Xianji have been lifted for a year, it is said that there is no Yuanying period in the Moyun Mountain Range, because the aura here still fails to maintain a Jindan period. The breakthrough broke into the Yuan Ying period.

  "I don't know what will happen to the next infancy in the next Mouyama Mountains."Mu Yu shouted.

  "How can the aura penetrate from the outside world so quickly? After all, it has been suppressed for more than 100 years! I am afraid that it will take more than a hundred years to recover! ”Xiaoshuai is not strange.

  For more than a hundred years, it is really unfair to the comprehensions of the Moyun Mountain Range.

  Lu Muyu, who went to the funeral valley, is no stranger. After all, he has been here once. The last incident of the ghostly moon is still fresh in memory.

  Mu Yu came to the ruined valley, surrounded by fog, and the yin was flowing around. He didn't show up directly, but he kept an eye out in the distance, trying to find out the clues of the ghosts.

  If it is a ghost, it would be unwise for him to appear directly in the ruined valley.

  But in addition to the yin, the burial valley has no figures, and even the birds are not willing to fly here. The bottom of the burial valley is full of dead people, and there are countless yin accumulated over the years, which makes this place always chilling.

  Ghost people really like to practice here in places where the yin is very heavy. There are so many grievances here that they can be used to sacrifice their magic weapon. At the beginning, Ghost Xuanyue was relying on the yin of the place to use it when it was used. This place is a feng shui for the ghost gate.

  Mu Yu guessed that the ghost gates may be divided into two batches, one of which collects resentment in the 100,000 mountains, and the other is waiting here. After all, he remembered that when Ghost Cold said that they had to collect enough of a thousand monsters to enter the ghost island, I am afraid that this task is not so easy to complete.

  "How long will we have to wait?"Long Teng Road.

  Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai have been waiting for a whole day on the distant peaks, because he is worried that there are ghost gates in the fit period, and then it is not so good. However, he waited for a long time without seeing the traces of the ghost gates, and finally decided to take risks and get close to seeing what happened.

  "Small handsome, the voice of your food is whispering, we are going to find the dead, can you be serious?"Mu Yu looked at Xiao Shuai with a headache.

  "Oh."Xiaoshuai took a bite and bite, the dead can not affect the appetite of Xiaoshuai.

  He cautiously approached the ruined valley, feeling the surrounding atmosphere, frowning slightly.

  "There is no smell of ghosts here."

  Mu Yu and the ghost gates have not played together twice, and they are familiar with the difference in their exercises. If the ghost doorman is here, it will definitely leave the bitter cold air, and even the air will be floating in a chill that is difficult to disperse.

  "If it wasn't a ghost, who would it be?"Longtan asked curiously.

  "We won't want to go down and see what?"

  Xiaoshuai finally finished the apple, and then looked at the bottomless crack in the bottom of the bottom, and it was very uncomfortable.

  "Little mouse, don't you taste the taste of the soul?"Longteng scorned.

  "I don't want to eat anything that is disgusting!"Little handsome.

  The burial valley is like a bottomless tiankeng.

No one knows what is underneath the tiankeng, but everyone can imagine that the corpse is everywhere, the coffin is scattered all over the place, the bones are piled up into mountains, and so on. How to throw a lot of dead people here.

  "In any case, we ran over even the corpse corpse, and I was afraid that this messy valley would do it!"Mu Yu calmly said.

  In his heart, he is still a bit repulsive. To some extent, this place is more chilling than the corpse. At the time of the sinister corpse, at least know what to greet, but in the burial valley, no one knows what will come out.

  However, although the burial valleys are all dead, most of them are mortal, and may be accompanied by some self-cultivators who have been destroyed by the ruined corpses. The strength is the highest, but the Golden Age is not perfect.

  How to say that I am also a comprehension of the distraction period, I am afraid that a few souls are too old to say. Besides, if it is really a place where the ghost gate is closed, it is straight out of the wood spirit, and it is enough to escape.

  "I don't like this decision."Xiaoshuai curled up and plunged into the clothes in Mu Yu’s arms, and found a small head, his face was not happy.

  "coward."Longtan sneered.

  "Oh, I am cautious, there is a breath that makes me hate."Xiaoshuai took a nap.

  "What is that breath?"Longtan asked curiously.

  "It's just as annoying as the smell of your body."Xiao Shuai said unceremoniously.

  Mu Yu made them both noisy, for fear that they would not know that they were going to the dead. He stepped on Muling at his feet and jumped into the valley of burial.

  The cold yin wind blows the body of Mu Yu, and the coldness comes through. He was surprised to find that his spiritual power could not repel this cold. This gale has a strange penetrating power, ignoring the blockage of spiritual power.

  He is slow to drop, and his attention is not dare to slack off, always guarding against the ghosts who come out.

  Surrounded by rugged rocks, there was a thin layer of frost, and there wasn't even a single plant. Life was extinct here.

/> "I remembered the underground palace of the Yaozu. At that time, at least some aura-rich things attracted me. There is no fart here. Why do you have to go underground to explore?"Xiaoshuai asked with a grin.

  "Don't go underground, do you still want to go to heaven?" Or if you go to the sun, forget it. ”Long Teng whispered.

  "You know a fart! We did go to heaven in the second heaven! At that time, it was the sky that found the nine gas and the polyester flower. ”Xiaoshuai shouted.

  However, the distance of Mu Yu’s whereabouts did not last long. After only half an hour, he was surprised to find that he had already sunk to the bottom of the valley!

  The corpse is everywhere, the coffin is crumbs, and the bones are sturdy.

  None of these imaginary things!

  The bottom of the burial valley is the ordinary gravel, there is no insects, no moss, nothing, the silence is terrible.

  "strange? Doesn't it mean that this is the place to hang the body? Why didn't a body see it? ”Xiaoshuai blinked.

  Mu Yu does not understand, even if there are no ghosts here, at least there must be a body? No corpse to come to the coffin! Even if the wood chips will not make Mu Yu feel a little normal, but what is the bottom of this Nima?

  "Isn't it a ghoul, eat all the dead?"Longtan guessed.

  "Ghouls can't even eat coffins?"

  Mu Yu searched for one side at the bottom of the empty valley, and there was still no difference. He quickly flew in the bottom of the valley and flew around. The burial valley was not long. It was only a few hundred miles. He quickly strolled around with the speed of wood feathers. As a result, he didn't even see a ghost.

  Some people in the nearby villages threw the bodies into the ruined valleys. However, there was no corpse under the burial valley. The bodies disappeared like air and did not leave traces.

  "Folklore is a road to the reincarnation of the world. Wouldn't it be so mysterious?"Mu Yu felt a chill rising from the soles of his feet. He looked up and looked at the sky. The sky was full of anger, but he could still see the bright light coming in.

  “Is it a ghost man to be a dead cleaner? They may plan to live and work here. ”Xiaoshuai guessed.

  "If the ghost doorman has that kind of leisure and elegance, then the sun will come out to the west."Mu Yu said with a smile.

  There is no special kind of atmosphere under the ghost door. Although the yin of the burial valley is cold, it is not the same concept as the ghost door.

  “Will there be anything living on the cliffs of the cliffs that we have neglected?”Longtan looked at the cliffs covered with frost.

  "I searched."

  Mu Yu’s hands were swaying in his hands, and countless squirrels came out of his hands, fluttering in the air, searching for the cliffs of the ruined valley. At the same time, he also released his own spiritual power, and explored the situation on the cliffs. It took half a hour to find a cave.

  "It’s amazing! Are these dead people really evaporating? ”

  Mu Yu feels very strange. He has already looked at the entire burial valley. Here is the ordinary underground crack. There is nothing special about it.

  He wondered if there was any transmission array to send these bodies away, but the wooden feathers were the mainstay of the door. If there is any formation here, it is impossible to detect them with his ability.

  Besides, if there is a formation, Xiaoshuai has long been screaming to go to the base. Xiaoshuai has named all the bases as "啃得基", which means that it can move all the arrays. base!

  Things are really weird and make people feel creepy!

  "Maybe only the dead come in, we are alive and kicking, and we are handsome and handsome, and the prince does not open the door for us."Xiaoshuai sorted out the two manes on his forehead.

  "Let's go back and figure out the funeral of Mrs. Zhao's grandfather that day, and then look at the elders in the nearby villages for another hundred years. They need to be buried here. We can keep them below when we arrive."Mu Yu looked for a long time and couldn't find what happened in the funeral valley. He could only do this first.

  "Why can't we do something fun, like going to the barbecue restaurant to eat some roast ducks, if you have to guard the dead, is it so busy?"Xiaoshuai rolled his eyes.

  "We can have a barbecue on the fire below, waiting for the dead to fall."Long Teng does not disappoint this.

  “How big is your taste so heavy!”

  "Isn't it the taste that you should be?"

  Mu Yu returned to the burial valley, UU reading www. This burial valley is not really deep, it is a few kilometers. When Muyu went down, he was very slow because he was worried about the soul coming out of the wind. But when he came up, he couldn’t spend much time.

  The anomaly of the burial valley was not thought of by Mu Yu, so many years of the dead were thrown into the ruined valley, and the bottom of the valley was clean and nothing.

  Mu Yu even moved the gravel on the ground, and still did not find anything related to the dead, it really seems to enter another world.

  After leaving the burial valley, Mu Yu flew high above the sky, glanced at the distant scene, and soon found a village about 30 kilometers north of the burial valley.

  According to the school’s Xiaofei, the village is called Jiangxi Village. It is the village where Mrs. Zhao’s grandfather lived. Many self-cultivators have come here since the incident happened, but they have not found any clues, so this matter only As a mortal, I am thinking about it.

  The village is very quiet, the simple villagers come and go, carry the plows, carry the cattle, and many people in the nearby fields are busy.

  Mu Yu stopped a dark-skinned middle-aged man and asked, "This uncle, where is Zhao’s grandfather’s house?”

  Middle-aged man would have a smile, hear "Zhao gentleman" four words, smile suddenly froze, and then the face brush all of a sudden white.

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