Chapter 574 Chen 2 Zhuang

  The store in Chen Erzhuang is in the most remote alley of the village. The alley is cold and clear, and no one has walked through it for a long time. Only a few pieces of yellow leaves are floating, falling on the ground and jumping.

  The gravel road on the ground was very smooth, and it looked like some years. The stone crevices were covered with grass, and there was grass on the road, indicating that few people were involved.

  There is a quietness in the entire alley.

  Everyone who often deals with the dead will always avoid it. After all, the villagers feel that the dead have suffocating and do not want to be contaminated. Everyone has nothing to do and will not go to other people's coffin stores.

  However, Chen Erzhuang is the only one in a few small villages nearby to do white business. When the old man rises to the age of 100 or someone accidentally dies, he will go to Chen Erzhuang.

  When I found the old Xutou, Chen Erzhuang rarely talked with people, stayed in his shop all day, and sometimes he would not see him for a few days.

  Mu Yu stood at the door of Chen Erzhuang's shop, and his shop didn't even have a sign. I don't think there is a signboard. I have long known that he does business. It is not difficult to find a store in this alley.

  At the entrance of Chen Erzhuang, there is a mighty statue of Zhong Rong, which is made of paper. The old Xu head also deliberately praised the craftsmanship of his paper-makers. The paper people who made it were vivid and vivid.

  This bell is very tall, about five meters, the tiger's eyes roaring, scorning the outsiders, as if to let the evil spirits do their best to avoid. The hand of a mahogany sword is extremely sharp, and the little man in the world is not soft-hearted.

  The paint on the wooden door has fallen off and it seems to have been around for a long time, and it is very worn.

  Mu Yu walked in. The light in the store was very dark. It was obviously a big day, but I always felt that the sun couldn’t shine in. There was a mild musty smell in the store, and it was mixed with the smell of fragrant candles. No one would like this. local.

  Next to it is a wooden shelf with a bundle of paper money piled up, with a variety of incense sticking on top, and some of them are even thicker than the thumb. On the other shelf is a white candle, and a stack of yellow papers. I don't know what to do.

  There are four or five coffins placed behind the shelf. The lid of the coffin is half-opened. The taste of the wood is very strong, just like the one just cut. Many people may not like the taste of wood, but Mu Yu likes these flavors very much.

  Some of these coffins are made of fir and some are nanmu. There are several beds next to the coffin, and there are several people lying on it!

  "Don't you be dead?"

  I don't know why, obviously I am a comprehension of the distraction period, the spiritual power shakes, and no one can hurt myself, but Mu Yu still feels a little creepy when he sees this situation.

  Usually, if he sees the dead, he will not be afraid, but when he sees the dead in such a strange place, he always feels awkward in his heart. He wants to go over and the dead suddenly sit up. The feeling is ironic and unforgettable.

  However, Mu Yu soon discovered that it was not a dead person, but a person made of wood, because he felt the smell of camphor wood. These wood people wore very new and gorgeous blue clothes, and he suddenly understood what clothes were.


  I have to say that these wood people are quite realistic, they are tall and fat, and they are similar in shape and people. They even have eyebrows and hair, and even have colors, lifelike.

If it is not that the eyes are not colored, Mu Yu can even treat it as a real person.

  Wood people wearing shrouds, I am afraid to show them to people. It’s just that this situation is too strange. Mu Yu is sure that he doesn’t like it.

  "The details of the deceased are said."

  At this moment, a low, hoarse voice suddenly appeared behind Mu Yu, Mu Yu hit a spirit, he was a distracted comprehension, did not even find someone behind his own!

  Mu Yu turned and frowned and looked at the person in front of him. When he first entered the store, he didn't feel that there was a living person in the store. This guy seemed to appear out of thin air, which surprised him.

  "Your name is Chen Erzhuang? excuse me. ”

  Mu Yu looked at Chen Erzhuang. He has vitality in his body. I don’t know if it is a perennial relationship with the dead. The vitality does not seem to be very strong, but I can be sure that he is a living person, and Mu Yu does not He felt spiritual fluctuations in his body.

  "The situation of the deceased is said in detail, is there a burial or a burial?"Chen Erzhuang’s face was blocked by the shadows and he could not see his expression.

  The celestial burial is buried in the valley of burial. This is a name for the nearby villages.

  "Are you still daring to do the burial after that happened?"Mu Yu asked curiously.

  Zhao’s old swindlers scared the simple villagers, and the old Xutou said that the nearby villages did not dare to carry the lost relatives to the ruined valley.

  Although their conception of the burial valley is a crack in the afterlife, but since the murder incident, everyone worried that they were brought in, so they would rather bury their loved ones and let them find their way to the underworld.

  "Only you choose not to do it, not because I dare not do it."

  Chen Erzhuang’s voice was calm and calm, which made people feel incredible. It seems that Zhao’s old swindler did not leave a shadow in his heart.

  Mu Yu looked up and glanced at it. Suddenly he glanced at him. He actually saw a dark coffin under the store, and a coffin was hung in the air!

  This sentence
Although the wood is made of wood, the wood feather does not feel the smell of wood from it.

  He has long been able to control anything made of wood out of thin air, let them take root or force change. But the only way to control the coffin on the beam is that it makes him feel weird.

  The most weird thing is, why do you want to hang the coffin on the beam in the store?

  "The coffin is a bit interesting."

  Mu Yu pointed at the coffin under the beam of the house. His gods explored it. All of them disappeared like a sinking sea. There was no life fluctuation, and there was no special breath. It seemed to be an empty coffin.

  "You are not doing business. You don't have the taste of a dead person, but there is a taste of death."After Chen Erzhuang finished speaking, he turned slowly and walked toward the back of the store.

  "The taste of the dead? The taste of death? ”Mu Yu’s heart twitched a little. He has the dead air of the grass. It is the purest gas of death in the world. Can this be detected by Chen Erzhuang?

  Is this Chen Erzhuang not a mortal?

  "Wait, I have something to ask you."Mu Yu was flashed and stopped in front of Chen Erzhuang.

  Chen Erzhuang saw that Mu Yu suddenly appeared in front of his own eyes, but there was no surprise, and he did not move.

  "You are a comprehension."Chen Erzhuang opened the road.

  "Yes, I am looking for you to investigate the resurrection of Zhao’s old man."

  Mu Yu found that he could not see Chen Erzhuang as a person. There was no spiritual fluctuation in the other side. It was a mortal. However, mortals generally call the comprehensible as a fairy teacher in awe, and they will be sincere and fearful, but Chen Erzhuang did not.

  "The descendants of Zhao Laotai are not filial, so take them all away, that's it."Chen Erzhuang said simply.

  Mu Yu suddenly reached out and took it on Chen Erzhuang. The spiritual power of his body surged in and frowned. "Why didn't you curse on your body?"

  Chen Erzhuang still did not move when Mu Yu reached out and did not worry about what Mu Yu did to him: "I have been exposed to the dead all the year round and naturally will not be cursed by the dead."

  Mu Yu took back his hand, Chen Erzhuang is a living person, and the spiritual power of Mu Yu could not be input into the other party, indicating that the other party is not a comprehension.

  This is very strange. The calm performance of Chen Erzhuang is very abnormal. It is impossible for a mortal to be so calm when facing the self-cultivator, but Chen Erzhuang did not even breathe.

  "You are not doing business, then please come back! I am only doing business in the dead here. ”Chen Erzhuang did not look at Mu Yu, but bypassed Mu Yu and continued to walk behind the store.

  Mu Yu looked at the back of Chen Erzhuang and looked at the coffin hanging on the beam. Instead of saying anything, he chose to leave the gloomy place.


  "Little handsome, have you found anything wrong with you?"Mu Yu did not leave too far, but stopped under a tree outside the village.

  Xiaoshuai smashed his tail and said: "Is it strange everywhere!" How can a living person live in such a gloomy place? ”

  Mu Yu did not find any abnormalities in Chen Erzhuang. If he had to say it, then Chen Erzhuang did not have the sinister array of techniques like other villagers. When he faced him, it seemed as if nothing had happened. This is obviously not in line with common sense.

  "Why didn't you just control him directly with Shenshenmu, and ask him what secrets are hidden in him?"The advice of Long Teng is very simple and rude.

  "Shen Somu has a lot of damage to people. Do you have any common sense?"Xiaoshuai said.

  Spiritual wood is originally used to invade the prey's nerves to control prey. If it acts on people casually, it is naturally harmful, especially for mortals who are not cultivated. Mu Yu has not figured out the situation of Chen Erzhuang, so he does not want to start with him.

  Mu Yu shook his head. "I don't think it's that simple. The hanging coffin seems to be nothing, but it's too bad. Who else put the coffin on the beam?" And since I walked into the store in Chen Erzhuang, I felt that there was a pair of eyes in the dark watching me. UU reading This feeling is not from Chen Erzhuang, but from a corner in the dark. . If there is someone behind the control of Chen Erzhuang, in order to prevent it, I still can't make a surprise. ”

  If there is nothing in the feeling of being watched, Mu Yu can't find the source of the feeling in the process of distraction, then it is very likely that the mysterious guy behind is not weaker than Mu Yu.

  "Do you say that there is a possibility of lying in a coffin in a coffin?"Xiaoshuai asked curiously.

  "Would you like to go alone at night?"Said Long Teng.

  Xiaoshuai waved his hand: "No, I don't like the gloomy place. Why can't we basking in the sun and eating the barbecue in the sun, have to deal with the dead? ”

  Mu Yu doesn't like Chen Erzhuang's shop, but what he cares about is that he feels that there are a lot of wood in the backyard of Chen Erzhuang. These woods are all cut, but they are not made of coffins. It is the same as the wood man wearing the shroud in the store. They are all camphor wood.

  I have never heard of making coffins with camphor wood, but there are wood people in the store of Chen Erzhuang. If all these camphor trees are used to make wood people, then why is Chen Erzhuang doing so many wood people?

  There were paper people in the workshop as servants of the underworld, but they did not hear the woodcuts.

  "Chen Erzhuang definitely has a problem! Let's see if I can find the mysterious guy that Xu Xu said from him. ”Mu Yu fell into meditation.

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