No. 575 Chapter Wood Man

  There are four buddies in the backyard of Chen Erzhuang. They usually help others to carry their coffins. This kind of strength is naturally necessary to be done. These four buddies have a tiger back and muscles that are dark and seemingly plain.

  If you have to say something is wrong, I am afraid that at this moment, the four guys are doing the work. Every buddy is carving a sapwood with a knives, carving the fragrant wood into a wooden man, and the technique is quite skillful.

  The wood chips that fell in the yard, rolling in a roll, were gently floating.

  It is very strange that these elm trees have just been cut, but after they are in their hands, the trees are like they have been dried for a long time. The bark is peeled off by the plane knife very easily, without any sensation.

  Chen Erzhuang walked straight through the small courtyard and put himself in the house. He didn't know what he was doing. Other folks didn't even ask. Even Chen Erzhuang didn't look up when he walked over. He only concentrated on it. Do your own thing.

  One of the buddies has carved a wood man almost. This wood man is an old man's image. He is very old, his face is wrinkled and piled up, and there are old age spots. The sorrow of the eyes is also perfectly outlined. It is hard to imagine the front. A big old man can do the engraving to this point.

  The speed of his carving is not slow, just like everyone's virgin embroidery, the knives on the hand are very dexterous, the sawdust has fallen, and the other parts of the old man are perfectly presented. After spending about two hours, the old man has already taken shape.

  The guy picked up the brush next to him, and it was amazing that the paint on his brush was red. That is, when the brush with red pigment falls on the wood man, it changes into other colors, changing to the skin color of the wood person, the color of the age spots, the color of the eyebrows, the color of the lips, and even the scar color!

  A color is transformed into a variety of colors on a person, and the image of the old man is vividly displayed!

  The only thing that is quite puzzling is that the old man’s eyes are still only wood color, and they are not colored, just like the wood people lying on the edge of the coffin in the store.

  Then the buddy walked to the front store, took out a shroud, and put it on the old man. Then I moved the old man into the room that Chen Erzhuang had just entered, and then moved on to a coffin, planing, carving…

  Mu Yu showed himself the invisible array method. He has been watching the four folks working far from the backyard of Chen Erzhuang. The doubts in his heart are getting deeper and deeper.

  He always felt that there was a very powerful guy in Chen Erzhuang’s yard who was watching out for him. The feeling was very strong, so Mu Yu did not take it directly, and he was waiting for an opportunity.

  However, throughout the morning, the four buddies were only doing carving work there, and there were no extra expressions on their faces.

  In the afternoon, a woman was crying and looking for Chen Erzhuang. She was a villager in the village next door. Her name was apricot flower. Her mother died last night. She went to Chen Erzhuang for her funeral.

  There are dozens of small villages, large and small, and seven or eight large villages. The number of people is tens of thousands. The only business in the dead is Chen Erzhuang.

  It is hard to say that it is difficult to say that it is a matter of life and death. In some cases, Chen Erzhuang will not welcome a business in a month, and sometimes he will have to catch up a few times a day. Life is impermanent, and it is clear to everyone about Chen Erzhuang.

  Chen Erzhuang’s expressionlessly helps the apricot flower to choose the equipment to be used for the funeral.

From incense sticks to coffins to shroud paper money and the dead people who are buried. There are many customary funerals in the countryside, including what time is the candle, how many pillars of incense, when to call the soul, when to chase the soul, these Chen Erzhuang are well aware of.

  The advantage of doing business in white matter is that the family of the deceased will not bargain with you for the price of coffin shroud. What is the amount?

  According to the birth of the eight characters, the funeral will be set on the second day.


  Mu Yu always pays attention to the movement of Chen Erzhuang, and he also saw those strange and realistic wood people. The wood man carved out of these eucalyptus trees is still a plant and can be controlled by wood feathers.

  As long as Mu Yu is willing, he can even let these wood people move their muscles and stand up and walk around. Xiaoshuai is more fun, it has been smashing Muyu to let the wood people dance, but considering the person in the dark, Mu Yu naturally refused directly.

  The red pigment colored for the wood man exudes a rotten musty smell, I don't know what it is made of, it is very rich.

  This kind of pigment can automatically transform into the color of a person after encountering a wood person. Such a demon scene is definitely not something that mortals can do.

  Mu Yu just went back and asked the old Xu head. Before the village people only knew that Chen Erzhuang was a good hand of the paper people, and he did not know that he would still carve wood people, let alone his four big old and thick guys.

  His four buddies are people from nearby villages. They are all hard-working men. I have never heard of carving this fine work.

  It seems that Chen Erzhuang and his four buddies suddenly became masters of carving in a short time, and the old Xutou also told Mu Yu very surely. He had never heard of anyone who used wood before. .

  Mu Yu became more and more curious about the abnormal behavior of Chen Erzhuang, but Chen Erzhuang has been staying in his room. Only the man is sent to the room of Chen Erzhuang after carving a wooden man. The remaining time is Chen Er. The rooms in Zhuang are all closed.

  Just watching it all day, Mu Yu still found nothing. Early the next morning
Chen Erzhuang and his four buddies have carried an empty coffin to the apricot flower house, and the candles are placed in the empty coffin.

  After they left, the dangerous atmosphere in Chen Erzhuang’s yard gradually disappeared, and Mu Yu felt very strange, just like this strange breath was trailing away from Chen Erzhuang. However, Mu Yu had contact with Chen Erzhuang that day and did not find anything strange from him.

  Mu Yu sneaked into the backyard, and the wood in the backyard was still placed. The trunk of the eucalyptus was piled up in the corner of the yard, and there was a large dyeing tank next to it, all of which were red colored pigments, and a pungent rot was coming.

  "What are these things made of? Who spit the overnight meal? ”Xiaoshuai asked with a nasty nose.

  Mu Yu couldn't stand this strange smell. He took a long spoon next to him and took a spoonful. He looked at it. This kind of look is very strange. If there are outsiders, it will feel like the action of Mu Yu is like to taste this disgusting thing.

  "The little mouse wants you to try it, anyway, you eat everything."Dragon vine proposed.

  "Let you have a heavy taste, you can taste it."When Xiao Shuai said this sentence, he did not open his mouth at all, but gathered his voice in everyone’s mind.

  Mu Yu shook a bit and wrapped the red pigment with spiritual power. When he used the dead wood to study the Torah, the ability to smell Dan was very strong, and he also defeated many of the many young talented pharmacists of the Dan Ding.

  Each substance has a different fluctuation in spiritual power, and according to this difference, the type and amount of each herb can be discriminated.

  However, when Mu Yu wrapped the spiritual power into the red pigment, he was surprised to find that the red pigment was not composed of anything complicated, only an unknown thing. This kind of thing has never been seen before, and the spiritual fluctuations it produces are unfamiliar to Mu Yu.

  "Strange, what the hell is this?"

  Mu Yu is familiar with the spiritual fluctuations of various beast blood, heart powder, plant rhizome pollen, etc., but can not judge what this disgusting thing is made.

  "No matter what, can we not take the spoon so close?"Xiaoshuai has been drilling into Mu Yu’s clothes and wants to stay away from this nausea.

  This taste filled the entire yard, but the four folks did not wrinkle their brows when they were carving, and the strength was also big.

  Mu Yu put the spoon back, walked through the yard full of sawdust, and walked toward the room of Chen Erzhuang.

  During the day, Chen Erzhuang stayed here, and the guys moved the statues into the room after they were engraved. From the number of sawdust and eucalyptus trees in the yard, they carved at least a dozen wood people.

  "A dozen wood people are in this room, not too crowded."Mu Yu pushed open the door and walked into the room to see the scene of the room, a slight glimpse!

  There is only one bed in the room, and nothing else!

  "what?"Xiaoshuai also found his head. It sniffed a little, shook his tail, and said, "Mu Yu, I seem to smell like a burial valley."

  Mu Yu also found some strange, this room seems to be filled with the special yin of the burial valley, but this yin seems to be nothing, can not tell where the source is. The strangest thing is that this yin seems to be able to disturb his perception. He can't sense the whereabouts of the wood man by the ability to control the wood.

  So where are the wood people going?

  He remembered that the four buddies were clearly carving the wood, and after they were colored, they were moved into the room. However, the whole room was empty, there was no wood man, except for a bed and quilt, there was no basic table and chair furniture.

  Mu Yu glanced around, still did not find any traces of wood people. He looked at the bed that allowed two people to sleep. The bed was made of eucalyptus, the bed was very low, and the sheets fell to the ground, covering the bottom of the bed.

  Perhaps because of the opening of the door, a smoldering wind blows the sheets, which looks like someone who is licking the sheets under the bed.

  "Can't those wood people hide under the bed?"Xiaoshuai shouted.

  Mu Yu is also not sure, but the people who want to hide more than a dozen woods under the bed can't say too much. At most, it will not be able to plug in two or three. After all, those wooden people are just like real people.

  He slowly walked into the bed, knelt down, slowly opened the sheets and looked at the bottom of the bed –

  There is only one toolbox without a lid under the bed, and there are two pairs of shoes, UU reading www. Uukanshu. Com has nothing but anything else.

  The wood man is not under the bed, it seems to disappear from the air.

  Mu Yu pulled out the toolbox. The toolbox contained only the ordinary planing knife and the knife. It looked very new, like the new one.

  "Wood feather, don't you feel the presence of the pattern?"Longtan asked.

  Mu Yu shook his head. If there is a real battle here, it is impossible to hold him in the door of the door.

  The mysterious guy set a heartless array for all the villagers. This disappointment is not worth mentioning in front of Mu Yu. Mu Yu can also assume that the opponent’s formation is not high, and it is better than the middle of the array. Heavenly disciples should be stronger.

  Chen Erzhuang is a mortal. Where did he move those wood people?

  "Is there any secret agency or something like that? Those wood people may have hid in other places. ”Xiaoshuai said. p>

  Mu Yu looked around, this house is independent, there can be no hidden space, even if there is, it is impossible to hide so many people in the underground. He distributed the spiritual power underground and found that the ground was only a hard land.


  A gust of wind blew from outside the house, but suddenly there was a squeaky noise in the house, and the sound was from –

  Mu Yu jerked his head up and looked at the ceiling. It didn't matter. Rao was shocked when he was superb!

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