Chapter 576 Wood Man Hanging on the Beam of the House

  Those missing wood people were actually hanged on the beam!

  "My mom!"Xiaoshuai retracted into Mu Yu’s clothes.

  These wood people are really carved too much, especially after coloring, if you don't look at the wooden eyes, it is no different from real people.

  Every wooden man has a twine around his neck, hanging freely, four meters above the ground! The other end of the hemp rope is firmly attached to the beam of the house. The "cracking" sound is due to the friction between the hemp rope and the beam.

  At first glance, those wood people seem to be really hanging on the beam.

  Mu Yu set his mind and felt that he would rather fight the ghosts for hundreds of rounds than to see this weird scene. Even when he was in the Shaying Demon King Palace, he was not so nervous when he faced so many corpses.

  Because the corpse is determined from wherever it is, according to Xiaoshuai's statement, the corpse is still cute, but the wood man does not play cards according to common sense, so he hangs straight on his head and swayes slightly. When Mu Yu came in, he couldn’t notice it!

  The house is the old-fashioned house beam, the roof is built very high, the wood man is also very tall, more than four meters from the ground, the wood feather came in only to look around the room, but did not notice the anomaly above the beam.

  When he looked up, he saw that a dozen people wearing shrouds were shaking. This situation is really amazing.

  "Little mouse, you are too timid, and a few wood people have scared you like this, it is useless."Longtan sneered.

  "There are no good things here, of course I am timid."Xiaoshuai shouted.

  Xiao Shuai used to be brave when he met the soul of the dead man. It is because there are delicious things like the base to attract it. The temptation of food can make Xiaoshuai courage multiply and fearless. But there is nothing to eat here, and Xiaoshuai can no longer afford courage.

  Mu Yu was actually scared. He shouted: "Mom, mischief?" Hanging the wood man on the beam of the house, he sleeps at night and watches the wood people sleep, will not have a nightmare? ”

  He thinks that he is very courageous, and he has seen a lot of strange things, what a dead man, a corpse, a soul! However, this strange thing that hangs the wood man on the beam is still the first time.

  "Weird, these people have no smell of wood, you haven't found Mu Yu?"Longtan said strangely.

  Longtan so reminded, Mu Yu suddenly wakes up. It is no wonder that when he came in, he did not find out where the wood man was. It turned out to be the reason! Wood people do not have the characteristics of wood!

  Mu Yu floated up and stopped at the wood people. All the wood people were shaking slightly, but they didn't collide.

  He touched a pale young woman's arm. The young woman's statue looked sick, but it was still made of wood, but there was a strange vitality in the wood, like to live.

  This strange vitality masks the breath of wood and makes them look like wood.

  Mu Yu can clearly feel that this vitality is from the twine on their neck, but the other end of the hemp rope is not connected with something weird, that is to say, the hemp rope itself is weird.

  Looking at the wood feathers, I found that it was not a hemp rope, but a yellow material that I had never seen before.

It's not a plant, it's the vitality that doesn't know where it comes from.

  "There is no ladder in this room. How did a mortal in Chen Erzhuang hang it up?"

  Mu Yu curiously wandered around among all the wood people, trying to find out what was unusual from these wood people, but the wood man had nothing special except the fluttering.

  But at this time, Mu Yu actually saw a familiar wood man!

  Old Xu head!

  "How can the statue of the old man be here?"Mu Yu was so surprised that if the eyes of the wood were not colored, he would think that Xu Xu was himself hanging here!

  Mu Yu originally thought that these wood people were carved at random, but now it seems that this is not the case.

  He once again looked at all the wood people and found that except for the pale young woman who had just touched it, the remaining wood people were old men and old ladies, and they seemed to have half foot into the coffin.

  The most important thing is that Mu Yu found that one of the old-fashioned old-aged plaques carved by one of the folks was gone!

  "Wait, these people will not all be dying?"Mu Yu guessed, and then shook the coward who couldn’t complain in his arms. "Little handsome, how long do you think the old man who receives us can live?"

  This handsome guy is like a prince, saying who is dead, who can't live basically. However, Mu Yu warned it before, don't casually say who is going to die, so Xiaoshuai basically will not talk in this regard.

  "Is that the old man who said that I am a little mouse? He should die tomorrow evening. He is in a bad health and can only persist until that time. ”Xiaoshuai said with dissatisfaction, he is still worried about the old Xutou.

  "what? What disease did he get? ”At the beginning, Mu Yu didn't notice the problem of the old Xutou. He only looked at the disappointment of the old Xutou body. He didn't care about other things. He thought that the vitality of the old Xutou was very strong!

  "Not a disease, he should have lived well, at least for ten years?" But that array
Surgery is a loss of heart, are you not aware? It sucks the vitality of the guy. ”Xiaoshuai said.

  Mu Yu frowned. At the time, he felt that the pattern of the disappointment was different, but he didn't care. It seems that he seems to have ignored it.

  When I came to the statue of the old Xutou, I found that the wood people in front of me seemed more and more realistic, even the chest –

  The chest is undulating! The old Xu head wood people have breathing?

  "Is it going to survive?"Mu Yu felt that things were becoming more and more ridiculous. He did not notice the vision when he was looking at the body.

  "Wait, I seem to remember this phenomenon. Let me think about it…"Xiaoshuai explored his head, stretched out a paw, and gently rubbed the arm of the "old Xu head", suddenly showing a surprised expression.

  "what happened?"Mu Yu asked.

  "I know, this is not a battle, but a very special technique. I remember where I have seen it. Anyway, it is not clear, the heart-breaking array is only used to induce martial arts. 蛊 和 和 阵 阵 阵 阵 和 和 和 和 和 和 和 和 和 和 和 和 和 和 和 和 和 和 和 和 和 I even looked away at the time! ”Xiaoshuai is somewhat surprised.


  Mu Yu used to remember that Master had said this kind of thing. This kind of thing is like cultivating locusts in the human body. It is used to punish a person and let one person obey and act obediently. Otherwise, he will not be able to survive. However, it is not clear how the wood feather is. He has not experienced sputum.

  "This trick is to turn the vitality of the old Xu head to this wood man."Xiaoshuai reached out and pulled the face of "Old Xutou" and said seriously.

  "You mean that this wood man will come alive, and then the old man will die?"

  Mu Yu is very angry in his heart. He is always grateful to the kind people. Although Xu Xutou’s way of speaking is ridiculous, but a warm and kind person, Mu Yu can’t watch him die unclear.

  Xiaoshuai looked at his head and thought for a while: "I don't know, it feels that the role of this wood man seems to be used to replace the old man, and then used to conceal something, not particularly clear. I don't know how to lift this trick. ”

  "Concealing something? and many more! I think something is wrong. ”

  Mu Yu remembered, when Xu Xu said that Zhao Laotai did not kill everyone, but said "I will wait for you and your descendants when you die." Is this that he did not kill? What are the reasons for others?

  In order to take the lives of the villagers in another way?

  Zhao Laotai is naturally old and dead. He was just sent to the funeral valley and ran out, taking away his descendants. And the guy wants to take away the descendants of others and others, and must wait for someone else to die?

  It’s not the soul of natural death that guy can’t charge, so he thought of another way to make these people die soon?

  Mu Yu felt a bit of a cold in the heart, which is similar to the ghost gate.

  When he was still imprisoned in the valley, he followed the dead wood to go to the mortal mortal to cure the disease, and later discovered that the plague was deliberately spread by the ghosts, in order to collect the soul of natural death to refine the nine battles. For dealing with the white demon king.

  This guy who doesn't know where to come out and wants to get the triple heavens also wants to collect the sacred things of the natural dead soul refining?

  "No, we have to find a way to stop it." The people who carved these woods seemed to transfer the lives of the villagers to the wooden people, creating the illusion that the villagers naturally died. ”Mu Yu shook his fist.

  "Right, Mu Yu, and the coffin hanging in front of the beam, do you want us to see what is weird?"Long Teng reminded.

  "Mom, dare! Do you have to go through the coffin? ”Xiaoshuai said, UU reading It does not seem to like those things.

  But Mu Yu has fallen, re-closed the door of the room, and then walked to the front yard.

  Chen Erzhuang has gone to the funeral of others, so the store door is closed. Mu Yu walked into the store from the yard and found that the store was very dark and there was no light.

  The store is no different from yesterday. The weird coffin is still suspended by the rope on the beam.

  The shadow sword in the hand of Mu Yu lit up the blue light and made the whole room more gloomy. He carefully fell on the edge of the coffin, slowly sliding the coffin, and looking into the coffin with the blue light of the shadow sword –

  There was a wrinkled old man lying inside!

  Mu Yu carefully looked at the old man in front of him. He naturally didn't know the dead man, but when he turned his gaze to the right hand of the old man, he found that the old man had only four fingers!

  "Wait, he has only four fingers in his right hand. I remember that Xu Xu said that Zhao Lao’s left hand has only four fingers. Is this Zhao Grandpa?"Mu Yu exclaimed.

  The light of the shadow sword shines on the face of Zhao Laotou, which is even more disgusting.

  Mu Yu did not understand why the body of Zhao Laotai was here, but he suddenly heard a breath of breathing, which was actually uploaded from Zhao Laotai!

  "He is still dead, is he still dead?"The little handsome screamed again and drilled into the wooden feather clothes.

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