Chapter 577: Those who have no brains

  In a sinister coffin shop, it was a bit sinister to find a coffin in the coffin. Which coffin shop sells coffins and is also attached to the dead? Not to mention the fact that this dead person does not seem to die!

  Xiaoshuai slammed into the wooden feather clothes, leaving only half of his head outside.

  "He is still alive?"Long Teng stood on the shoulder of Mu Yu and was surprised that it was more courageous than Xiao Shuai.

  Mu Yu shook his head: "There is no vitality in the body, only a yin is supporting, it should be dead."

  For the perception of vitality, Muyu is the most vocal person. He knows how death is manifested in a person's body. The passage of vitality cannot escape the eyes of Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu looked at Zhao’s body and wanted to find a special place from him. Zhao Lao’s grandfather is very old. His wrinkles on his face are like a muddy mud. He still has a few small beards. The shroud he wears is very new. I am afraid this is the only new dress he wore in his later years. Except that the chest is slightly undulating and there is no abnormality.

  "Mu Yu, you don't want to take down your shroud?"The little handsome asked in disgust.

  Mu Yu didn't care about Xiaoshuai. He didn't understand why Chen Erzhuang had asked his father's body for his own store. Why, a dead business, for a dead person, why is it so weird?

  He carefully swayed the neck of Zhao’s grandfather, and suddenly saw two sharp blood holes behind Zhao’s ear, as if he had been bitten by some monsters, the blood on the wound had not yet solidified.

  "Little handsome, can you see what is biting him?"Mu Yu asked.

  Xiaoshuai sneaked his head and looked at it carefully: "Can you use the night pearl to illuminate?" I have to use the green light of the shadow sword to see that I am panicked. ”

  Mu Yu was dumbfounded, and quickly took out the night pearl. The soft white light immediately illuminated the entire gloomy coffin and dispelled the green light.

  Xiaoshuai stared at the wound carefully, and slammed it, then extended his small claw and pressed the head of Zhao’s old man, and jerked back his claws. His brows were all wrinkled.

  "what happened?"Mu Yu asked curiously.

  "It's disgusting! This old man has no brains. ”Xiao Shuai whispered.

  "A little conscience? People are dead, are you still married? ”Long Teng Road.

  "I mean, the old man's brain was eaten by something! After eating the old man's brain, that kind of thing is equivalent to the old man's brain, and can control the old man's words and deeds. ”Xiaoshuai licked his paw on Mu Yu. When he went to the demon's stomach to find the demon spirit, he didn't complain about it. Now he touched the dead and wiped his hands. When he developed the cleansing, he didn't know.

  "How come there is such a disgusting thing?"Mu Yu also feels very unacceptable, eats the human brain alive, and then controls people? What is this monster?

  "Can we leave here?"Xiaoshuai shrank in the arms of Mu Yu, except that eating can make him bravely go forward, not interested in the dead man Xiaoshuai.

  "Little handsome, do you know what kind of monster?"Mu Yu has never heard of the mind-controlling stuff.

  "Forget it, I feel very familiar, as if I have seen it before, but I can't remember it."Xiaoshuai muttered.

  Mu Yu carefully searched around,

However, there is still no abnormality in the store. He remembered that the funeral that Chen Erzhuang had gone to visit at the moment was in the next door village. He felt that it was necessary to see what happened.

  Xiaoshuai did not like to attend the funeral of the dead, but Long Teng told him that there would be a lot of delicious food at the funeral, so the young handsome immediately became excited.

  A stealth array was cast, and the wood feathers were hidden in the village. It is easy to find a funeral, because paper money is floating all over the sky, sorrow and joy, and crying, it is impossible to notice.

  When Mu Yu arrived, the family was preparing to go out.

  At a glance, he saw Chen Erzhuang walking in front of the team. At this time, Chen Erzhuang’s face was solemn and even with a touch of sadness. This is his professional expression. Xu Xutou once said that he has never I have never seen Chen Erzhuang smile.

  Chen Erzhuang exudes a seemingly innocent yin, and the breath of the burial valley is exactly the same. This breath last time Mu Yu went to his store, Mu Yu did not notice, it seems that the mysterious guy is likely to be hidden in Chen Erzhuang.

  The number of people who are buried in the funeral is not too large. It is about 70 or 80 people. People who want Zhao’s grandfather’s age need to be buried in the village. But the mother of Xinghua is obviously not as old as Zhao’s grandfather, but the ranks are very good. Long.

  Since the incident of Emperor Zhao’s grandfather, the nearby villagers no longer dared to bury the lost relatives, but buried them in the mountains.

  The hillside is not high. Generally, the location where the rural people bury their relatives is their own land in the mountains.

  The whole funeral lasted for about two hours. Xiaoshuai had been a liar in the dragon, because it did not see the delicious things, only some sacrifices, not at all.

  Mu Yu has been paying attention to the movement of Chen Erzhuang, but Chen Erzhuang has not moved any hands and feet, only doing what he should do, saying that he should say something, there is no extra movement, even the coffin buried in the soil. At that time, he retired, did not go forward to help, only let his four men join hands.

  The four buddies did not do much, just pick up the shovel and fill the soil, and that's it. Then Chen Erzhuang greeted his buddy down the mountain, and went home, leaving those
The family who is sad and weeping stays for a while.

  “Do you feel that something is wrong?”Longtan asked.

  Mu Yu shook his head, I am afraid that the biggest mistake is that nothing was wrong.

  He followed Chen Erzhuang back to the store, and the four guys walked silently into the backyard and continued to sculpt the wood, and Chen Erzhuang also put himself in the room.

  I really don't know what he is doing alone with so many realistic people hanging on the wood in the whole room. Is it big eyes and small eyes?

  After they returned to the store, the breath disappeared inexplicably.

  Mu Yu pondered for a long time, and finally decided to go back and look at the situation of the old Xutou. After all, according to the death of Xiaoshuai, Xu Xuan is afraid that his life will soon be embarrassing.

  The old Xu head was still busy in the field, until Mu Yu called him, he quickly threw down his hoe and ran over.

  "grown ups? What is so anxious? ”The old Xu head smiled and looked awkward. He couldn’t see the way he would die tomorrow evening.

  Mu Yu looked at the old Xu head, and did not find something wrong with the old Xu head.

  Xiaoshuai said that the evil scorpion transfer the vitality of the old Xu head to the wood man, but Mu Yu found that the vitality of the old Xu head is still very strong, what is going on?

  "Old man, are you okay? Does the body feel uncomfortable? ”Mu Yu asked with concern.

  The old Xu smiled and said: "Nothing is uncomfortable, but my rheumatism has been committed again. I am old and I am used to it."

  Mu Yu looked at the sky and said: "Old man, don't work today, go back and help me check your body."

  When Xu Xu listened, some were flattered and quickly said: "Oh, good! Thank you, Mu Yu. ”

  Although I don't understand why the Master of the Master suddenly wants to help him check his body, but Xu Xuan quickly ran to smash the hoe, and went back to Mu Yu with enthusiasm. Along the way, I saw other villagers are all old Xu heads are holding their heads upright, and walking with the immortal, can not make him beautiful.

  "Little handsome, are you sure you are not mistaken?"

  Mu Yu carefully checked the body of Xu Xu, and found that in addition to the common rheumatism and smoking smoke caused shortness of breath and chest tightness, there was nothing unusual. Mu Yu still did not see any phenomenon of vitality from the old Xu head.

  "His vitality and wood man are homologous. This is a very common situation in sputum. Basically, there is no sign before the onset, but once the disease occurs, you have no way at all."Xiaoshuai said seriously.

  The old Xu head next to him heard a confused, he whispered: "Mu Yu adults, my rheumatism is not a problem?"

  "Rheumatism is not a big problem, but it is dying."Xiaoshuai simply said.

  The old Xu’s face turned white when he “squatted”. He nervously asked: “Wu Yu Da, adult, am I dead?”

  Mu Yu took a look at Xiaoshuai and quickly comforted him: "Reassured, old man, don't listen to it, I will help you cure rheumatism."

  Since it happened, Mu Yu will simply do the best. Rheumatism, a disease that afflicts many older people, is actually a simple matter for Mu Yu. Because the meridians of the mortal body can not directly bear the spiritual power, so the wooden feather uses a few small wooden needles to pierce the knees of the old Xu head, and then use this as a guide to indirectly introduce their own spiritual power and remove the moisture. Drop it.

  "Mu Yu adults personally treated me, I have accumulated a lot of yin in my life, haha!"The old Xutou said quietly and whispered.

  "Well, it's okay, don't smoke in the future, it's not good for the lungs."

  Mu Yu used wooden needles to plunge into the chest of the old Xu head, so that the wooden needles can stick out the tiny roots in his body, and all the harmful substances that can not be discharged from the old Xu head lungs can be absorbed by the roots. The wooden needle is discharged.

  He can only do this. The death of Xiaoshuai has never been biased. He is not sure how to deal with it now. The cause has not been found out, and he can't solve the problem at all.

  After Xu Yu helped him to massage, he suddenly jumped a few times and found that the soreness that had plagued him for many years disappeared. He took a few breaths and found that the problems of chest tightness and shortness of breath were gone, and his face suddenly opened. Words, walking with wind.

  It’s too late, UU reads www. Lao Xutou quickly ran to cook, his wife died early, the only daughter also married to the neighboring village, so they live alone.

  In order to show that his legs and feet are flexible, he is trotting all the way, for fear that others do not know that his rheumatism is better.

  "I still have a chicken stewed in the pot. Wait a minute, wait a minute!"

  The old Xu head brought up a few dishes, and Xiao Shuai was the most happy to eat. Anyway, it has always been the one who has eaten.

  Only Mu Yu had no appetite. He thought that he had to find a way to lead the mysterious guy behind Chen Erzhuang. That guy can still eat other people's brains, how do you think how disgusting!

  "Mu Yu adults, you have to eat quickly, if not enough, I will do it again."The old Xu head sat opposite the wooden feather.

  "Old man, you will recall in detail the scene where Mrs. Zhao climbed out of the coffin that day, and buried the valley, oh no, there are other strange places around the Tiangui Valley, such as smell, sound and the like."Mu Yu now knows too little about the mysterious guy and has no idea how to deal with it.

  "I think about it, sound.
Sound? It seems that there is nothing special, maybe it seems like something is banging under the celestial valley, I thought it was underground lightning and thunder! Smell? Oh yes! There is a bad smell of mildew that makes you sick. ”The old Xu head said.

  "The sound of lightning and thunder?"Mu Yu frowned, what happened under the Heavenly Funeral Valley would be lightning and thunder?

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