Chapter 578 Strange People

  "Why Thunder and lightning?" Do you have a bad thing to be thundered after death? ”Xiaoshuai asked curiously.

  "You must not interrupt your little handsome, you continue to say."Mu Yu said.

  "Well, it’s the sound of lightning and thunder. It’s more like a thunder rolling in the clouds. The ground is also slightly shaking. Because Tiangu Valley is a very strange place, there are often strange noises. It is rumored that the prince is opening the door to the ghost gate and greet the dead. Everyone is used to it, so we don't care. ”Old Xu headed his head and said.

  “Is there a lot of booming in Tiangen Valley?”

  Mu Yu feels that things are getting more and more embarrassing. Throwing a coffin to the celestial valley, and lightning all the way, what is the trouble? And Mu Yu went down a few days ago to take a look, and found nothing, did they go to the same messy valley?

  "Not too often! Anyway, every time someone who has died is sent to the Valley of Heavenly Funeral, there will be a kind of lightning and thunder in the bottom of the Heavenly Funeral Valley. We all feel normal. But when Zhao Laotou was sent in that day, the booming sound was especially loud. ”The old Xu head said with great certainty.

  What kind of place is the burial valley, which makes Mu Yu very confused. The villagers nearby have been throwing coffins directly into the ruined valley, but Mu Yu not only did not find a figure at the bottom of the valley, even the ghosts were not found, let alone lightning and thunder.

  Is it really a dead person that can make a messy valley change?

  "Where is the problem?"

  Mu Yu held his chin. He originally thought that this matter was related to the ghost door, but he did not find any traces about the ghost door, and the mysterious guy behind Chen Erzhuang did not know who he was, so he did not know Where to start.

  "If you have any problems with him, you will have the strength to work if you are full."Xiaoshuai is very happy.

  The old Xutou pushed all the meat to Xiaoshuai, for fear of slowing down the Xianjia pet.

  "Speaking of the Heavenly Funeral Valley, now we all dare not go to the blasphemy. We don’t think about the old man Zhao…"

  The old Xu head was talking about Xingtou, then he stopped suddenly. He swayed twice and then slammed down under the chair.

  This sudden situation made Mu Yu unexpected!

  Mu Yu quickly rushed over and lifted the old Xu head, eagerly asked: "Is it okay, old man?"

  The old Xu’s face turned red, like if he couldn’t breathe, but he had nothing on his neck.

  "I, I am so uncomfortable…It seems that someone is licking my neck. ”It took a long time for Xu Xutou to say this sentence, and then he became very angry and gasping.

  "The wood man's sorcerer works on him."Xiaoshuai swallowed the last bite of meat, not at all surprised.

  Mu Yu was shocked. He remembered the wooden people who were hanging in the Chen Erzhuang store. Is it really like Xiao Shuai said that the life of the old Xu head has been transferred to the wood man?

  Mu Yu put the old Xu head on the bed, Xiao Shuai jumped to the chest of the old Xu head, knocked on the chest of the old Xu head, listened to the ear for a while, said seriously to Mu Yu: "Look, I have already said This kind of martial arts is very evil and it is impossible to prevent."

  "I, will I die?"Old Xu asked in horror,

When he spoke, he was out of breath, and the wrinkles on his face were wrinkled.

  "Reassured, not yet."Xiaoshuai said seriously. The old Xu’s face has just relaxed. Xiaoshuai’s death is not dead. He added: “You will die tomorrow evening.”

  The old Xu head squinted and was completely frightened.

  "Little handsome, don't talk nonsense! Old man, you can rest assured that I will not let you die! ”Mu Yu pulled the tail of Xiao Shuai and let it not always say anything.

  This guy is unable to control his mouth, always saying something frustrating.

  The breath of the old Xu head is getting weaker and weaker. At this time, Mu Yu also feels that the vitality of the old Xu head is disappearing quietly.

  "He looks like he is being hung up. We want to save him. Is it going to go to the Chen Erzhuang store to cut the neck of the wood man there?"Longtan guessed.

  "It’s useless. Cuts may just make his face not so bright, and he will die tomorrow evening."Xiaoshuai shook his head.

  "What are you waiting for? Cut the rope first so that he doesn't have to be so painful. ”Mu Yu turned to go to the home of Chen Erzhuang.

  But Xiaoshuai said: "Wait a moment, I have a way to temporarily ease his pain. Old man, you are lucky, meet this handsome. Hold back some pain, just fine. ”

  Xiaoshuai stretched out his hand, and his little finger tip popped out like a thin claw. Although this claw looks thin, it is very sharp. Usually it is used to cut the armor of the monster, or cut food to eat and eat, except that it is basically not used.

  Its claws gently penetrated into the throat of the old Xu head without any resistance. The claws are thin and sharp, and the mortal skin is not worth mentioning in front of it. It is easily penetrated. At the same time, the small claws of the handsome man are floating in a circle of white halo, covering the throat of the old Xu head. live.


  The old Xu head sighed in a sigh of relief, the red face on his face gradually faded, then sat up and gasped.

  "Thank you, thank you."Old Xu head said with gratitude.

  "Hey, thank you."Xiaoshuai has already recovered
With his claws, he returned to the shoulder of Mu Yu.

  "Thank you for being handsome."Old Xutou said quickly.

  Although Xu Xutou no longer has to suffer, but his breath is still very weak, and his vitality is still fading.

  Mu Yu looked at the white halo on the neck of the old Xu head. He knew that Xiao Shuai was not a long-term solution. He wanted to save the old Xutou and the villagers who would be deprived of his life. He must put Chen Er. The man behind Zhuang is brought to justice.

  "Old man, you are resting here now, don't go anywhere before we come back!"Mu Yu has already rushed out of the home of Xu Xutou and flew to the store in Chen Erzhuang.

  At this moment, the sky has already darkened, and every household has a lantern. However, when Mu Yu stopped in the courtyard of Chen Erzhuang, he found that Chen Erzhuang’s house did not have any lights.

  Although the moon is hanging at the treetops tonight, it seems that this small courtyard that sells dead people cannot be seen. The entire yard where Chen Erzhuang lived did not have any light, but instead it was shrouded in a yin, making people feel cold.

  The wooden feathers fell on the roof of the house where Chen Erzhuang was in the daytime. There were many wooden people hanging on the roof beams under his feet.

  Xiaoshuai has shrunk back into Mu Yu’s clothes and smashed two small holes in Mu Yu’s clothes, just to reveal two small eyes.

  The surroundings were very quiet, and the sound of the screams was not heard. The wind blew over and swayed the wooden feathers to hunt.

  Mu Yu looked at the empty yard, the crumbs of the coffins still remained in the yard, and some unfinished wood people, but the four folks disappeared.

  A pungent musty smell came from the corner of the yard, which was a disgusting paint for the wood.

  Mu Yu has quietly fallen down and landed outside the door of Chen Erzhuang.

  He extended his pattern and listened carefully to the movements around him, while his attention was all placed in the room of Chen Erzhuang.

  There was no sound in the room. Chen Erzhuang was just a mortal. If he had to rest, he should have at least a breathing sound, but Mu Yu did not hear any regular sound. He carefully pushed the door open and found that the door was not locked.

  This is the second time he came to this room today. To be honest, he and Xiaoshuai don’t like to go to the gloomy place to check the situation in the middle of the night, but at this time, he must think about the life of the old Xutou and other villagers. Ways to solve it all.

  He looked down at the door and looked inside, black and lacquered, and could not see the situation. When he was about to push the door open, suddenly a pair of eyes appeared in the middle of the door!

  The eyes were flashing in the darkness, and they appeared so awkward that the wood feathers were unexpected, because he didn't notice any anger in the room at first.

  "The trough, Nima!"

  Xiaoshuai had made two holes in the wooden feather clothes to reveal its small eyes. I didn't expect to directly confront the eyes in the door of Chen Erzhuang, and scared it to the ground.

  The wooden feather shadow sword has been traversed in the chest, the blue light is open, and the whole person has retired and landed next to the wood man who has not been carved in the yard, watching the room of Chen Erzhuang with vigilance.

  At the same time, he felt that the yard was suddenly shrouded by a layer of sinister breath. This breath was so powerful that he even smelled a dangerous meaning.


  The door of Chen Erzhuang’s room has been opened and a figure is slowly coming out. By the blue light on the sword, Mu Yu saw the figure in front of him, and his pupils shrank.

  It turned out to be Zhao Laozi who was originally lying in the coffin in the front store!

  At this moment, Zhao’s father showed an eccentric smile. His eyes were very cold and showed a sense of killing. It was not like the look of an old man who was going to be a wood.

  "What exactly are you? Why do you want to harm the innocent villagers here? ”Mu Yu asked quietly. He thought quickly, because he did not feel the breath of the person from the other side, no vitality, no change to fluctuations, nothing, just like the old man Zhao is a walking dead.

  "Hey, hey."

  Zhao Laotai slowly lifted his foot and stepped out of the room. He walked over to Muyu and did not speak. His mouth was full of strange laughter, which sounded gloomy.

  Mu Yu only felt the cold killing of the other person, but did not give him a dangerous feeling. The real danger comes from something in the dark that is waiting for the opportunity to move, not the dead and resurrected.

  He didn't take the lead and wanted to figure out the situation.

  However, Zhao’s grandfather suddenly took out a sickle and stabbed him toward the wooden feather. The sickle was used for grinding wood. UU reading is not very sharp.


  Mu Yu’s body slanted easily and escaped. The old man’s skill was too slow. Although his eyes were fierce, his shot was light and flat. He was no different from ordinary people. He felt that an ordinary young man could hide. In the past, what the hell is going on?

  Zhao Laotai did not stab a knife, and the whole person almost fell to the ground. However, he did not give up, still screaming and screaming, twitching with a sickle and stabbing toward Mu Yu.

  "This is exactly an ordinary person, the mysterious guy is not so weak?"

  Mu Yu’s distracted cultivator and Zhao’s grandfather felt particularly ridiculous about him. He felt that he could flatten the guy with a shock, but because the other person is the mortal,
So he still didn't have a heavy hand, just a palm shot on Zhao's back neck, trying to stun him.

  However, Zhao Laotai was just shot down by Mu Yu. There was no sign of fainting at all. He slowly climbed up and walked toward Mu Yu.

  "Forget it, a mortal."Mu Yu didn't want to entangle with Zhao Laotai. He came here to take the wood man from the beam.

  He had a toe on his toes and had already rushed into the room where Chen Erzhuang lived. The shadow sword had already illuminated the entire room.

  Mu Yu looked up, but the beam was already empty!

  All the wood people have disappeared!

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