Chapter 579 People in the coffin

  Those who are realistic wood are still hanging on the beam during the day, but when the wood feathers come at night, these wood people are missing!

  A strange chill from the room suddenly hit, as if the temperature suddenly lowered to below zero, under the foot of the ground began to frost.

  Since Muyu came here, I felt that there was something wrong with the whole yard. There was always a strong breath in the darkness that was not weaker than him. When he walked into the room, the breath became more and more obvious. And it seems to be close to him!

  Just behind him!


  Mu Yu’s shadow sword slammed back toward the back, and the shadow sword was pierced into a human body, making a strange muffled sound.

  He turned his head and looked at it, but he greeted the old face of Zhao Laotai, and his shadow sword has broken into the chest of Zhao Laoye!

  Mu Yu was shocked and quickly pulled back the sword. The whole person had already flashed toward the door. However, the door automatically shuts off with a bang!

  The fierce swords are criss-crossing and squatting on the door.

  It stands to reason that his sword is very strong, this ordinary door can't stop him, he will be rolled into powder without touching it, but the darkness suddenly comes over with a more yin-like breath, the sword of Mu Yu The exhaustion is now!

  Mu Yu was actually blocked by an ordinary door!

  He turned and looked at Zhao’s grandfather, who suddenly appeared behind him, and he was very puzzled. When Zhao Laoye attacked him, he was obviously slow and turtle-like, but how did he suddenly run behind him?

  Zhao Laotai was wearing a shroud, and his chest was pulled out of a blood hole. Instead, there was no blood flowing out. Even his brows were not wrinkled. He still raised his sickle and walked toward Muyu.

  "I have to see what is in the ghost!"

  Mu Yu’s hands made his way, and the bright lines scattered around him, flying around, shining, but the light from the formation was severely limited around the wood feathers, and those that seemed to be able to devour Like the light, the whole room is still very dark.

  "Hidden heads, do you dare to come out?"Mu Yu shouted coldly.

  No one answered him, only Zhao Laotai slowly came over and held a stupid sickle to kill him.

  Mu Yu frowned. In addition to acting like a mortal, Zhao Laotai was very weird. There was nothing wrong with being stabbed by a wooden feather. It is like a corpse being manipulated, without pain, and only mechanically executing the command of killing.

  But it is ridiculous to let a mortal with a sickle to kill the wood feathers of the distraction period!

  Mu Yu knew that Zhao Laotai had not been saved, but since the other party could not pose a life threat to him, he did not intend to destroy the remains of Zhao’s father. The old Zhao’s grandfather was only a controlled embarrassment.

  The room was getting cold and cold, and this air-conditioning even invaded the wooden feathers protected by the spiritual power, making him very uncomfortable.

  He must find out the mysterious guy hidden in the dark as soon as possible.

  "Yin, what to show in front of me!"

  Mu Lingjian appeared next to Mu Yu, instantly turned into a big tree, the branches firmly tied Zhao Laotai, and the remaining leaves began to emit a more powerful dead air, suddenly towards the room The gas is gone.


  Like the tides retreating in general, those strange yin in the face of the most pure death is ultimately defeated. Muling's branches are too strong, specifically restraining the sinister plants, all the yin is swallowed by Muling, and the entire dark room is instantly illuminated by the wood feathers.

  The branches disappeared, leaving only a branch tied with Zhao’s old man, and Zhao’s old man struggled, and the yin on his body began to be sucked away by Muling.

  Then Zhao’s grandfather’s movements gradually weakened and stopped struggling. The fierce light in his eyes disappeared. The head squatted down and the chest gradually stopped undulating, and there was no movement.

  There is nothing in the room, or there is only one bed, but the wood man on the beam is missing, and the breath that makes Mu Yu feel dangerous has disappeared.

  Mu Yu put the body of Zhao Laotai on the bed and walked toward the door.


  Mu Yu kicked the door open and walked into the yard. The lines under his feet had been shrouded in the yard for a moment, illuminating every corner of the yard.

  The strangeness of the entire yard has disappeared and it seems very quiet.

  "What is it? So strange? ”Mu Yu thought for a long while and walked toward the store in front of Chen Erzhuang.

  However, the whole store is normal, except for the gloomy, it is no different from the daytime.


  The white moonlight shines on the top of the hill, leaving the plants on the mountain covered with a layer of silver frost. Five people walked hurriedly on the mountain path, walked through the ridges of the block, and finally stopped in front of a new grave.

  These five people are amazed by Chen Erzhuang and his four buddies!

  The tomb is the dead of the five of them who just personally hosted the funeral. No one expected that the five of them would return here again in the middle of the night.

  The four buddies all carried shovel in their hands, and they started shoveling the soil without saying a word. It was only a quarter of an hour, and the coffin buried during the day had already appeared in front of them.

  If someone is here, you will be surprised to find that there is a slow sound in the coffin.
Breathing sounds, as if the people buried inside are still alive!

  The four buddies jumped and lifted the coffin.

  Chen Erzhuang’s face was very pale under the illumination of the moonlight. He walked over and opened the coffin, and the coffin was lying on the face of an old man with orange peel.

  The old man is a pure dead man, wearing a brand new shroud, his chest is not ups and downs, and the breathing is not from her body.

  Chen Erzhuang fumbled inside the coffin, as if he had touched something, and then “click it”, suddenly the bottom of the coffin began to flip, and the old man turned to the bottom, but the back turned out to be the same person as the old man!

  This man is squinting, but its eyes are still woody, and it is a wood man carved in the daytime!

  It’s just that at this moment, the chest of the wood man is undulating, and there is a sign of life!

  Chen Erzhuang actually made a hand and foot to the coffin, made a dark grid, and hid the old wood man behind the real dead!

  Chen Erzhuang took a pen from his bag and painted the red paint that colored the wood.

  He randomly placed the pen on the two eyes of the wood man. The red pigment dripped in the eyes of the wood, but did not make the eyes of the wood man red, but turned into a black normal eye!

  A yin spurt out from the eyes of the wood man, and it spread throughout it all the time, and then the wood man suddenly twitched a little, and it was no different from the old lady, and still lived!

  The old man of the wood slowly sat up from the bottom of the coffin, and his eyes seemed a little confused, as if he didn't know where he was.

  Chen Erzhuang numbly said: "Go home, meet your descendants."

  The wood man’s eyes suddenly became dark and inky. She nodded and climbed out in the swaying coffin, then slowly descended the mountain under the moonlight.

  The four buddies of Chen Erzhuang have already refilled the tomb and rebuilt it into a new grave. The only surprise is that they did not bury the coffin, but lifted the coffin and left with Chen Erzhuang.


  The old Xu head sat on his bed. He listened to Mu Yu’s words and still dared not get out of bed. Just now Xiao Shuai’s words scared him. He didn’t want to die.

  “Don't Mu Yu’s adult have lifted my curse?”The old Xu head was horrified and thought, and suddenly some regrets told the wood feathers.

  However, he remembered that Mu Yu was very polite to him at an early age. He also cured his years of rheumatism and shortness of breath and chest tightness. He also felt that Mu Yu should not harm him.

  He coughed twice and the cigarette addiction was committed.

  Hesitated for a long while, or walked out of bed and walked toward the hall. His house is very small, the hall and the room have no doors at all, just a broken curtain.

  He found his own dry smoke in the corner of the hall, took out the fire from his pocket, and took a breath, and the fire broke out with a yellow flame. He ignited the dry smoke and took a sip.

  "Although Mu Yu said that he should stop smoking, if you really want to take me away, I have to make myself not so sad."The old Xu head slowly sat back in the chair and spit out a smog.

  The white smoke floated in the darkness and disappeared.

  There was still a white glow on his neck, and the aura that Xiaoshuai had given him had not yet dispersed. He curiously touched his neck, but the white glow seemed to be nothing, and he couldn't touch it.

  "The little mouse of Xianjia is very powerful. Hey, if my family has a savvy half, it would be fine."Then I turned to think about how this circle is like the collar he gave to the rhubarb. But he doesn't care, it's good to keep his life.

  The old Xu head took another smoky smoke, and the heart wanted to be the young man of the wooden feather to save his life, and that was all happy.

  The crop pests in the field have been removed by Mu Yu, and their rheumatism has been cured. I feel that nothing in the world is better than this.

  The old Xu’s idea is very simple. He is usually a very easy person to meet. UU reading


  The rhubarb dog in the yard suddenly called, and it was quite fierce. The old Xutou remembered that he was only screaming rhubarb, and could not help but admire the little mouse that could only talk.

  He has lived alone for so many years. Only Rhubarb is accompanying him. Unfortunately, rhubarb can't talk. If Rhubarb can talk to a little mouse, it can help him solve his nausea.

  "Rhubarb, don't scream!"The old Xu head out.

  But the rhubarb dog didn't stop, and the familiar footsteps sounded outside the door.

  "what? Mu Yu, is you back? ”The old Xutou quickly smashed the dry smoke, and then blew the smoke in the room, because Mu Yu told him not to smoke.

  He ran over and just wanted to open the door, but the door was pushed in from outside.

  The old Xu head looked at the person in front of me, suddenly stopped! This person is not a wood feather!

  "You, you, you are…"The old Xu head looked at the people in front of him with horror.

  Standing outside the door is actually another old Xu head!

  "Do you not know yourself?"The old Xu’s head outside the door reveals a strange smile. There is no difference between him and the old Xu head. Only the eyes are dark and inky!

  Most let the old Xutou
Unbelievable, the other side of the door is also wrapped around a white aura!

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