Chapter 580 The Night of the Valley of the Ghosts (Part 1)

  Mu Yu carefully searched the coffin shop of Chen Erzhuang, and almost opened the entire yard, but still did not find any signs of the possibility, the only fascinating yin is only a trap, deliberately here Wait for him.

  Obviously the other party already knows that Mu Yu has been here this day, and specially laid some traps to deal with Mu Yu.

  The average comprehension may face these strange deaths, but the difference between Mu Yu and other comprehensions is that he has absolute control over death. These things are not worth mentioning, and he is easily given by him. solved.

  "Where will Chen Erzhuang go to the place at home in the evening?"Mu Yu meditated, he was too surprised at what happened in this coffin shop, he simply could not understand.

  "Let's arrange a few traps here to deal with that guy! I will see another situation tomorrow. ”Xiaoshuai said.

  Mu Yu nodded, a little under his feet, and numerous dense and dense patterns climbed out with him as the center. The entire courtyard that was instantly integrated into Chen Erzhuang disappeared, and the four bases were distributed in the four inconspicuous corners of the yard. Covered by special patterns.

  "Let's go to the funeral valley?"Long Teng suggested.

  "You are sick!" What do you do in the dead man’s pit without sleeping at night? ”Xiaoshuai yelled.

  "What is there? We are not still in the dead shop now! ”Said Long Teng.

  "That's not the same! Let's go back and look at the old man, don't wait for the death. ”Xiaoshuai has not been waiting for the burial valley.

  "How come you suddenly care about him?"Long Teng whispered.

  "People are delicious and entertaining us. We must of course care about people. Is this a conscience?" What do you know about conscience? If the old man has an accident, will your conscience not hurt? ”Xiao Shuai said in words.

  "will not. It’s delicious to eat into your stomach, I haven’t eaten yet. ”Longtan said lazily.

  "We really need to go back and look at the old man."The last piece of wood feathers said.


  "Then go to the funeral valley again."Mu Yu said another.


  Mu Yu left the house of Chen Erzhuang and flew down from the sky and walked straight into the courtyard of the old Xutou. There was a light in the room, and the big yellow dog in the yard was lying on the ground. When I saw the wooden feather, I whimpered friendly.

  Pushing open the door and walking towards the inner room, the old Xu head shivered in the bed and shivered. When he saw the wooden feather, he immediately saw the savior and quickly climbed down from the bed.

  "How about the first teacher? Can I still live? ”The old Xu head is very anxious.

  Mu Yu looked at the old Xu’s eager expression, and he sighed slightly, but still squeezed a smile: "Old man, rest assured! I won't let you go wrong. ”

  "It's good, then it's good."The old Xu head said with gratitude.

  "I haven't had anything to do during this time?"Mu Yu asked.

  The old Xu’s face suddenly showed a terrified expression, and quickly said: “There is something happening, something happens!”

  "What happened?"Mu Yu was slightly shocked, and he looked at the old Xu head.

Did not find the old Xu head injured, the white aura around the neck is still there, this is a little relieved.

  "There was a person who looked exactly the same as me. He ran a few words that made me inexplicable and then left."The old Xu head patted his chest and said with a lingering heart.

  "Is the same person? What did he say? ”

  Mu Yu’s heart moved. He remembered the wood man carved by the four folks of Chen Erzhuang. At that time, he had the image of the old Xutou, and he was very surprised to breathe, like to live. It was only at that time that the wood man in the coffin shop had not yet painted.

  "He said that since you want to find him, go to the valley, he is waiting for you in the valley, and then he will leave."

  The old Xu head was amazed. When he talked about the burial of the valley, he also cringed. The original resurrection of Zhao’s father in the burial valley was vivid, and the burial valley became a nightmare for all the villagers.

  Mu Yu pondered for a moment, said: "Old man, you locked the door, I went to the funeral valley."

  "Ok."The old Xu head quickly said.

  However, Mu Yu has not turned around, but Xiao Shuai has already smashed out and rushed toward the old Xu Xutou.

  "Little handsome, what are you doing?"Mu Yu shouted, trying to hold the tail of Xiao Shuai, but Xiao Shuai's speed is very fast, even the wooden feathers did not catch.

  "He is a wood man!"Xiaoshuai’s claws have already been explored.

  The old Xu head suddenly vacated a strong yin, and instantly blocked the body of Xiao Shuai, but Xiao Shuai's claws still passed through the yin and crossed the skin of the old Xu head.

  The arm of the old Xu head that was cut by Xiao Shuai’s claws is a wood fiber!

  Mu Yu looked at the old Xu head in surprise and looked at Xiao Shuai again. "How can this wood man be like Xu Xutou?" Can you still learn to talk? How do you distinguish Xiaoshuai? ”

  At that time, Mu Yu could not detect the smell of the wood man in the store of Chen Erzhuang. Those wood people were not pure wood.

  "I can't tell, but I can be sure that the aura on his neck is not made by me, and there is no smell of roast goose on his body.
It must be a counterfeit! ”Xiaoshuai shouted.

  "I don't know anything, I am only responsible for the words."

  The old Xu’s expression is still the look of fear, and he hasn’t even repaired it. Then a yin swirled under his feet, and the strange fluctuations trembled, and he disappeared into the room with him.

  "Is this guy staying here just to let me go to the valley?"Mu Yu wanted to stop the wood man from leaving, but the wood man disappeared too suddenly and was prepared.

  "What are you doing!" Go to the funeral valley! ”Xiaoshuai got into the clothes of Mu Yu.

  "You didn't want to go now? How can I wait so hard? ”Longtan asked strangely.

  "The roast goose he made is very delicious and can't die."Xiaoshuai said very honestly.

  Mu Yu stepped out in a step, and immediately went to the funeral valley.


  The burial valley is still cloudy, the fog is not scattered all the year round, the moon is shining brightly in the air, but it looks pale in the burial valley.

  At the moment, the bottom of the burial valley was dark, and the moonlight was blocked by the fog, and it could not be penetrated.

  The wind blew in the mountains, blowing on the rock wall of the ruined valley, and made a sharp scream, like a mournful mourning, making the scalp numb.

  The yin in the valley is slowly flowing, forming strange shapes in the air, as if countless ghosts are fluttering, and it seems that the soul is pulling painfully.

  Five figures appeared on the burial valley, and their shadows were narrow and long in the moonlight, like a bamboo pole.

  The person who came was Chen Erzhuang and his four buddies. The four buddies carried the coffin that had just been dug out of the grave and came to the edge of the burial valley. There was no stop, no words, and the coffin was directly thrown into it. In the middle of the burial valley.

  The coffin crossed an arc at the edge of the ruined valley, accompanied by a whistling sound that fell into the darkness of the burial valley.


  Like the lightning and thunder, the entire burial valley is slightly shaken, and the bottom of the valley is like a strange change, like a huge stone collapses, and like a beast roaring, the surrounding temperature is getting lower and lower, even the top of the chaotic valley is closed. Thick layer of frost.

  After Chen Erzhuang and his four buddies threw out the coffin, they did not leave immediately, but jumped into the chaotic valley!


  A chilly arrogance suddenly rises from the burial valley, turns into a ghostly ghost, roars and dances in the sky above the burial valley, making a scream of sorrow, then gradually fades, burying The valley is back to calm.

  Not a moment, the burial valley is like a still water, and the wooden feathers appear in the chaotic valley.

  He just saw Chen Erzhuang and the four folks from afar. He also saw the scene where they threw the coffin into the ruined valley and jumped. He even heard the lightning flash when the coffin fell into the burial valley. The sound of thunder, the movement of lightning and thunder that the old Xu head said does exist.

  Step by step, he walked along the edge of the burial valley. Every step of his feet was like a lotus flower blooming in a black and white staggered pattern, disappearing into the stone. This person at the moment obviously knows some arrays, and Mu Yu must leave some back roads for himself.

  "I want to see where you are sacred!"

  After he walked nine steps, he stopped and the array used to retreat had quietly covered the cover of the ruined valley. Mu Yu looked at the dark abyss of the ruined valley and jumped without hesitation.


  Wanzhang Guanghua blooms beside Muyu. There is no light under the dark and chaotic valley in the evening. The mysterious man in the dark knows that he is here, so there is no need to hide anything.

  However, the yin of the burial valley is the same as the yin of Chen Erzhuang’s family. He can’t stop the light, and suppress the light on the wooden feathers in a small range, so that it can’t be too far, so the wood feathers are still not. The law sees the situation around.


  The sound of lightning and thunder has disappeared. There is only a smoldering roar around, echoing in the entire burial valley, ghosts and sorrows. It seems that there are certain things to be drilled from the shadows, but a closer look reveals that it is just an illusion.

  Every time Mu Yu fell, the temperature seemed to drop by one point. When he stepped on the solid bottom, the temperature had reached zero.

  In the same situation, Mu Yu still did not see any coffins and dead people. Chen Erzhuang and his four buddies disappeared after jumping into the ruined valley.

  "I have come, don't you dare to show up?"Mu Yu said coldly. The wooden sword has been turned into a spider's root in his feet and spreads quietly.

  "Hey, comprehension, courage is really big enough! I don’t know if the brains of the three-day comprehension are good or not? ”A sneer suddenly rang in all directions, echoed for a long time, and did not know where the sound came from.

  "I am afraid that you are indigestion!"

  Mu Yu is still looking for the mysterious guy in the dark, UU reading Muling's roots are almost going to climb the entire valley, still found nothing unusual.

  call out!

  A sharp whistling sound, all the yin swept away in the air, and then formed a black mist, the edge of the black mist filled with red light, far from the look of a humpback person, but it Behind it is a pair of huge wings.

  "Humph! Pretend
sharper! No matter what you are, come out to mess, just find death! ”

  The formations are pervasive, and the wooden feathers are out of shape. The swords in the hands are illusory. The swords that are overbearing are like the swords that fall in the nine days, with a breath of sorrow, such as the wind blowing the leaves to the group. The fog on the edge of the red color!


  The mist in front was cut like a stream of water, and all the fog suddenly dissipated, revealing two figures inside.

  Mu Yu’s eyes glanced, and the sword in his hand was forced to move away and squatted on the rock wall of the burial valley. However, the rock wall of the ruined valley spurred a yin, shot the sword gas, bounced on the opposite rock wall, and then bounced back into the sky, disappearing.

  This rock wall will not be hurt by the sword of Mu Yu, and it can also solve the sword of Mu Yu with a strange rebound ability!

  "Mu Yu adults, don't kill me! Do not kill me! ”

  The shocking voice of Xu Xutou came from the fog, and his appearance was already frightened.


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