Chapter 581 Night of the Funeral Valley (Part 2)

  The fog dissipated, and the figures of the two old Xu heads appeared in front of the wood feathers. A red rope wrapped around the necks of the two and connected the two. The scratches that were originally scratched by Xiaoshuai did not appear on these two old Xu heads, and it has obviously been fixed.

  "I heard that you can tell the difference between true and false, I have to see how you can distinguish between the two!"The sneer rang again.

  The two old Xu avatars were suspended in the air by the other things, and the aura that Xiaoshuai had made for him disappeared.

  The light of the shadow sword reflects the pale face of the two old Xu heads, and the old Xu head is terrified, and the whole body trembles because of fear.

  When he saw the appearance of Mu Yu, he was very surprised, but Mu Yu’s sword almost split him into two halves, and scared him to death.

  "Little handsome, who knows which one is really an old man?"Mu Yu asked.

  Xiaoshuai passed the two holes in the wooden feather clothes, and the small eyes turned for a long time. "I don't know, the aura on their necks has disappeared. Even the taste of the roast duck is gone. Out."

  "Hey, this mortal who leaked my secret, I will definitely eat his brain in the end, but his life will be chosen by you." You choose to let one live, I will kill another, you have to choose. ”The voice of the haze laughed wildly.

  The red rope suddenly broke down and turned into ghost claws, which were attached to the heads of two old Xu heads, spreading the two people apart.

  "Mu Yu adults, I am real, he is fake."

  "I am real, you are a fake."

  The two old Xu heads are eager to defend themselves. The two people are surprisingly consistent from expression to movement, and there is no difference in their breath. The vitality of the two people looks so strong in the eyes of Mu Yu, not like a fake.

  Mu Yu didn't know how to distinguish these two people. He was not very familiar with Xu Xutou. He didn't know his usual habits, but even if he knew that he couldn't distinguish it under such circumstances. This mysterious guy is so disgusting that the wood man is used to connect the lives of two people. This strange means is the first time that Mu Yu has seen it.

  "So which one do you choose? I counted three times, and if I don't make a choice, I will kill one at will. ”The sound of the haze echoed very slyly.

  "Mu Yu adults, I am real, that day you planted a flower for my Tiantou, helping me drive out the pests in the field!"The old Xu head on the left quickly shouted.

  "I am really, Mu Yu, is you to help me cure rheumatism, and I am short of chest tightness, oh yes, you also lifted the curse on me!"The old Xu head on the right also said eagerly.

  In order to gain the trust of Mu Yu, they began to rush to say what happened with Mu Yu in the past few days, but the more they said, the more the wood feather could not be distinguished.

  Unless Xiaoshuai rushed over and chopped them again, who wouldn’t bleed was fake, but that guy would definitely not give Mu Yu the opportunity.

  Xiaoshuai suddenly found his head and asked aloud: "Old man, how many spoonfuls of salt do you put in the roast goose? How long has it been baked? ”

  "One spoonful! Three quarters of an hour! ”

  "One spoonful! Three quarters of an hour! ”

  The two are almost in unison.


This way! ”Xiaoshuai retracted his head.

  "You can tell this question?"Longtan asked curiously.

  "No, I just ask, so I can make roast goose myself next time."

  "Your sister! When are you still thinking about eating! ”Long Teng Road.

  "In fact, they say nothing is useless. That kind of martial arts can turn a person into two completely, so that they all have the same memory, so it is useless to ask. However, their body is the same in feeling, but one of them is essentially wood, but it is covered up by the scorpion. Just like the old man Zhao, do you understand what I mean? ”Xiaoshuai said.

  "I am planning to do this!"

  Mu Yu's eyes condensed, and the two old Xu Xuan suddenly tens of countless branches, the branches grow very fast, and instantly tied to the old Xu head, a powerful death instantly invaded the old Xu head.

  The two old Xutou shouted in amazement, but the old Xu’s eyes on the right gradually faded, and he violently swelled his body and wrapped himself up.

  The old Xu head on the left has been rolled up by the branches to the wooden feathers. The red rope on his neck raised the head of the old Xu head, and was crushed by Mu Yu!

  "Great, Mu Yu, you didn't admit the wrong person! No mistakes! ”

  Xu Xu said with excitement, he touched his neck, and there is still a bright red. Mu Yu's hand crossed the neck of the old Xu head, and a cool breath covered the neck of the old Xu head.

  "Old man, you don't move here first. Dragon vine you protect him! ”In the hands of Mu Yu, the illusion of the lines, a golden pattern from the hands, will surround the old Xu head group.


  The dragon's little figure flashed out and landed on the shoulders of the old Xu head. The low and thick voice was heard in the old Xu’s ear.

  The old Xu head was shocked and whispered: "Who is talking? Mu Yu, who is Long Teng? ”

  "it's me."Long Teng licked his tail on the shoulder of the old Xu head, and the tail patted the face of the old Xu head.

  Old Xu head turned and looked
, startled, panicked and shouted: "Ah! There is a snake! There is a snake! ”

  Xiaoshuai suddenly laughed: "It is not a snake, it is a big sister."

  "Snake your sister! Laozi is a dragon! ”

  Longtan gas screamed angrily, and then the body became bigger, and the old Xu head was surrounded. The huge faucet reached the front of the old Xu head, whispered, and said in a voice that the old Xu head could understand: "I will be a snake again. Do you believe that I have eaten you?"

  "you you you you……"

  "Call me Grandpa."

  "Dragon Uncle, Dragon Uncle, Dragon Uncle…"

  The old Xutou mouth was so big that he didn’t return to God for a long time. He was scared by this dragon, but his mouth was still whispering “Dragon Grandfather”.

  "I have my grandfather personally protecting you, not moving?"Long Teng is very satisfied with the way Xu Xutou was shocked by himself. In Long Dan’s view, his dragon body is powerful.

  "I don't dare to move, I don't dare to move, I don't dare to move, I don't dare to move."Old Xutou said quickly.

  Longtan brain door erected three lines.

  Mu Yu’s hand-shadowed sword has already poured into the darkness, and the sword light is scattered, and instantly a piece of rock in the air has passed over!


  A black shadow slid off the rock, flew like a muddy, and the whole body slammed the red light, but the yin still shrouded him, still looking down on what he looked like.

  "Is it too ugly to dare to show people in the true face?"Mu Yu was coldly confronted with this ghost.

  "Awesome plants, I don't remember the existence of such a powerful plant in Triple Sky, and it can melt my cold."Ghostly looking at the strange plants on the surrounding rock wall, the plant is like a strange force, slowly melting the ice on the rock wall.

  "There are more things you don't know!"The foot of the wooden feathers was lightly touched, and the whole person suddenly disappeared in the same place, and when it appeared again, it was already behind the ghost!

  Suddenly there was a red-red long hook in the ghost, blocking the shadow of the wood feather. At the same time, the long hook uploaded a red spirit, exuding a moldy smell, and swept the sword. on.

  Mu Yu’s sword in his hand was shocked, and the red spirit was shaken in an instant.


  Mu Yu’s figure disappeared and disappeared. It’s not a hundred times with the ghosts and eyes, but the ghosts’ repairs don’t seem to be weaker than the wood feathers. They are not afraid of the woody feathers, or even the branches that have been invaded from time to time. .

  "Kid, I haven't recovered yet, or do you think you can live to the present?"Ghosts are sure.

  "Not recovering? What am I doing? Do you still have to wait for you to resume fighting again? You must pay attention to the principle of playing a frame, are you a fool! ”

  The sword in the hands of Mu Yu is not merciless. The thousands of swords are like waves, and the layers are stacked one on top of the other.

  "Wu Yu, let's bake together ghosts!"Xiaoshuai shouted.

  Mu Yu's heart is moving, the green and green patterns are around, and Xiao Shuai has already smashed out and fell into the wind and the heart.

  "The little handsome is Xuan Cang Lei Lei!"

  The blue light sputtered on its small body. It had a small hand in the waist and another small finger in the sky. The white hair of the whole body stood upside down. A blue sword shaped its small claws. Raise the sky for the hilt!

  The sword in the hands of Mu Yu is also filled with blue electric sparks. The air begins to become stagnate and dry, and the spiritual forces collide with each other. The splattered thunder snakes are splattered. Countless thunder snakes are flowing in the air, and then blasting. !

  "Shock and Remnant Snakes!"

  The remnants of the snakes illuminate the entire sky in an instant, and the violent thunderbolt symbolizes the justice of the world and can dispel the evil spirits.

  The electric spark creaked, the dry air flashed at once, and the blue light instantly shrouded the ghosts on the opposite side. Numerous electric snakes were intertwined in the ghosts, taking away a piece of yin.

  Xiaoshuai’s Xuan Cang’s thunder and sword-like thunder snakes are pure and overbearing, and they smashed into the ghosts at different angles in the ruined valley.

  The guy screamed in anger, and the red light was booming, bursting open!

  Hey! Hey! Hey!

  Numerous long hooks spurt out and whirl in the air, welcoming the swift thunder snake at a speed not weaker than the thunder snake. Each long hook instantly cuts off the thunder snake.

  The handsome Xuan Cang's Xuan Cang Lei Jianyi is overbearing, but it is the sword meaning from Mu Yu, but it can't help those long red hooks, all the sword-shaped lightning is blocked.

  "This guy is thick and not afraid of electricity."Xiaoshuai said with a grin.

  "You are not afraid of electricity?"

  Mu Yu did not expect to take this guy down two or three times, UU reading www. Uukanshu. Com The origin of the other party is unknown, and it is not weaker than him. This is enough to make Mu Yu pay attention to it.

  "But I am handsome! It’s normal to be thundered. It seems that I have to come up with my five thunder! ”

  Xiaoshuai shouted, and the body once again ignited a blue electric spark. What surprised the wooden feathers was that these electric sparks gradually peeled off from it, and then formed a small handsome shape formed by electric sparks!

  This electric sparkle handsome two small hands hold a blue sword that is ten times larger than its head, swaying and smashing the ghosts.

  "Where, Xiaoshuai, do you have to make such a fancy?"Mu Yu laughs and laughs.
r /> "This is more powerful! You help me, you know what I am thinking! ”

  The wind and the heart of the heart can make Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai feel connected, and the plan of Xiao Shuai’s heart also appears in Mu Yu’s mind.

  The electric sparkling handsome holding the big sword looks like a touch, but its sword is very overbearing and swift, passing a horrible arc in the air, squatting on the ghost.

  Although the little man is insignificant in front of the big sword, when he is fighting, the big sword is dexterous and changeable, and it is unambiguous!

  However, the ghost red long hook crossed a red mans, and instantly intertwined in the air, cut the handsome sword of the handsome into several paragraphs!

  "It's now!"

  Mu Yu certainly knows what Xiao Shuai is thinking. His whole person has disappeared in the same place. When it appears again, it is already a ghost.

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