Chapter 583 Red Crescent

  Huang Quantao Tao, slaps the uneven edge of the ruined valley, splashes of water with chaotic sawdust and broken bones, but no drop of water flows outside the burial valley, all of which fall back into the burial valley.

  "I? Hahaha! Who am I, you can't manage it! You just need to remember, I am the Red Moon, your God! ”Black women's cold channel.

  "God? It is a neuropathy! ”Long Teng whispered.

  "Red Moon? But you are wearing black clothes! ”Xiaoshuai said with amazement.

  "Red Moon, is it the sinister of the land, the long hook in her hand is used to sneak out?"The old Xu head asked with a trepidation on the dragon's neck.

  "Take her what a black ghost man, want to come here to hook the soul, I cut it first and then say!"In the hands of Mu Yu, the shadow of the sword is dazzling, and the spirit of Ling Li’s swords swells out and directly smashes toward the Red Crescent.

  However, Taotao Huangquan water raised a gloomy stream of water, blocking the front of the wood feathers. Mu Yu's sword gas just fiercely overbearing, instantaneous the current of the water split, but at this time, all sides of the coffin suddenly red mount, soaring up, countless skeletons from the dead to jump out, in the air condensed into a skeleton, these bones are all distributed with the demon different red, each skeleton is standing in the spring at least, Chihu slowly wrapped around.

  "I kind of want to see the savage corpse of the Shaying Eagle King."Xiaoshuai said with nostalgia, at first it was a happy dance of the yin corpse, and also made a lot of messy games.

  "The yin corpse looks so much more lovely than these disgusting things."Mu Yu said.

  His swordsmanship has risen high, and the violent swords and shadows are flashing between them. They are intertwined in these cheekbones, and all the bones are broken in a moment. The bones are flying all over the sky, but the spring water sprays countless water columns, and more bones from Huangquan. Climbed out.

  "Or do we also control these bones, can we influence them and teach them to dance?"Xiaoshuai suggested.

  The thing that died was the most obedient in front of Muling.

  The black branches bloomed in an instant, and the blue leaves turned into shadows of the sky and went toward the cheekbones. Countless leaves floated into the bones of the cheekbones, and each leaf re-flowered and sprouted. Cover all.

  But these cheekbones are still struggling, tearing the leaves, and wanting to break free, Muling has no way to control them.

  "This is my Huang Quan Ling Bing, how can you control it?"Red Moon said contemptuously.

  "It’s really Huang Quan! Don't you really come from the land? ”

  More Huangquan turned into a huge giant hand and shot down to Mu Yu. Mu Yu’s sword slammed above Huang Quan, causing Huang Quan to scream, but Huang Quan did not show signs of dissipating. These yellow spring floods are very weird, with a pungent erosive smell, making Mu Yu feel very uncomfortable.

  "Would you not control Mulling? Strange, it stands to reason that there are no dead things that can't be controlled by the grass! Oh, I understand what these yellow springs are! ”Xiaoshuai touched his chin and said thoughtfully.

  "What is it?"

  "The corpse water."Xiaoshuai spit out these two words in disgust.

  "You don't mean to say so many floods, are the dead bodies of dead people?"

  Mu Yu's face is very weird, how many people will die his mother, how long it takes to collect such a raging spring!

  Then think of it,

Over the years, the burial valley has gathered thousands of dead people, and it seems that it is not difficult to get it.

  "In any case, the dead bones are not dead in this kind of water. Their souls are confined in the corpse of Huangquan. They are not pure dead things, but half-dead things, so Muling can't take them down. ."Little handsome.

  Xiaoshuai’s expression is still a little pity, it originally wanted to wait for the bones to dance and dance!

  "How do you stop these disgusting Huangquan corpse?"

  From time to time, Mu Yu shimmered in the overwhelming waters of the Huangtian Spring. At the same time, he also paid attention to not being contaminated by those ghosts. The swords in his hands were vigorously killed and they could only temporarily repel these corpses and could not be destroyed.

  "I don't know, hey, be careful!"

  Chen Erzhuang’s four buddies suddenly rushed over the coffin, and the red-red whip in his hand was like a poisonous snake, and he pulled it toward Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu’s swordsmanship was intertwined with their whip, giving a crisp crash, but without any damage, just smashing out four buddies.

  However, in the spring of Huangquan, a tentacle was vacated to stabilize their body shape and returned to the coffin.

  The coffin glowed red and red, pouring into the four buddies, and the momentum of the four buddies was even stronger.

  While Huang Quan corpse and Chen Erzhuang’s four buddies rushed over, the Red Moon was sitting on the bones of the bones, and countless yin rushed from the corpse of Huang Quan and injected into the body of the Red Moon.

  Chen Erzhuang stood behind him, bowed his head and could not see the expression on his face. However, there were countless yin in his body, which was sucked away by the Red Moon.

  At this moment, there were many shadows on the road coming up from the ruined valley. One old man and seven people slowly walked from the mountain road to the ruined valley.

  "what? Isn't that the apricot flower she had just buried yesterday? How does the apricot flower follow her? And her children! ”The old Xu head was shocked.

  Mu Yu also frowned, because he found that the life behind the old man was all gone.
It is seven dead people! There are even two men, one woman and two children, all of whom have been killed!

  "People who die naturally can take away the lives of their offspring, so vicious!"Mu Yu felt a burst of anger in his heart, did not expect this red moon even the children are not let go!

  However, the old man has jumped into the corpse of Huang Quan with her family, and stood firmly on the corpse of Huangquan. Then there were ten coffins suddenly appearing in the sacred water of Huangquan. The coffin slowly climbed out of the man wearing the shroud. The whole body was soaked in the corpse of Huangquan and became swollen and rot.

  At a closer look, these people are old and old, and they are all villagers who have just died in the vicinity. Many of them are people who have been dug out of the soil by Chen Erzhuang.

  These dead people stepped on the corpse of Huang Quan, but did not sink, all eyes looked at the red moon.

  The long hook of the Red Moon suddenly became like a thin snake, wrapped around the neck of each dead person, and then the two thin hooks on the long hook bite down their necks!

  Mu Yu was surprised to see the dead people who emerged from the corpse of Huang Quan. He suddenly understood how the wound on the neck of Mrs. Zhao was coming. Like these people, it was caused by this strange red-red long hook.

  At this moment, the strange red long hook is attached to the red moon at the other end. From time to time, there are white things on the long hook that pass to the red moon.

  "That, isn't that the old cow in the village next door?" And that is Xu Erniang who died two months ago! How come they all, lived, and lived? ”The old Xu head was horrified at the dead people standing on the waters of Huangquan.

  "This woman is eating the brains of these dead people, and the brain of the dead can make her stronger."Xiaoshuai said disgustingly.

  Mu Yu frowned, eating such a disgusting thing in the human brain did not expect to see here.

  "what? Eat human brain? vomit–"

  The old Xu head vomited on the side, vomiting and vomiting, and his face was vomiting, which is really shocking to a small villager.

  "Be careful, don't spit on me."The dragon swayed his body.

  "Dragon vines take care of the old man, I am going to kill the pervert that eats the human brain!"

  The foot of the wooden feathers flashed, and the formations with him disappeared in the same place. Lingqi’s swordsman instantly fell from the sky above the red moon and smashed into the red-red long hooks.

  Numerous Huangquan corpse water was blocked in front of him again, trying to stop the wood feathers.

  Mu Yu’s body shape suddenly became ethereal, and the shadow sword was divided into nine. His whole person was disillusioned in the air, as if he had split into nine figures, each of which had evolved the sword of the sword. At a certain moment, nine swords suddenly appeared at the same time to the same action!

  Nine of the shadow swords and swords are in conflict with each other, and the swords of loneliness and arrogance are trembled in the hands of Mu Yu. The world seems to have only one sword left, so pure, without any fancy places.

  A simple sword, simply pierced.

  "Jiujiu one!"

  A sword stabbed, and it seemed to pierce a million swords. It was unstoppable and powerless. The horrible swordsman instantly evaporated the water of Huangquan, which was obstructed by the eyes, and turned it into nothingness.

  That sword is fierce, it is the most powerful sword in the world, as if all things are eclipsed!

  Mu Yu’s sword is like Changhong’s, and instantly breaks through the sacred water of Huang Quan, and slams on the red-red long hook!

  "Bastard, UU reading You dare!"

  The red moon was full of anger, she did not expect that Mu Yu would suddenly rush out of the obstacles of Huang Quan's corpse, and also shot her. In this case, she seems to have no way to cope, and she can only grasp Chen Erzhuang behind her and throw Chen Erzhuang to Mu Yu.

  Chen Erzhuang’s eyes are as black as ink, and he has a demon red long hook on his hand, but under the sword of Mu Yu, his long hook has been shattered before he lifts it up. The body was also instantly torn into pieces by the sword of Mu Yu! After all, he is just a mortal, and he can't live under the sword of Mu Yu!

  When Mu Yu saw Chen Erzhuang, he did not have the idea of ​​collecting swords, because he found that Chen Erzhuang now has no vitality, but a pure dead person. If he wants to kill the Red Moon, he can’t manage Chen. Erzhuang!


  Mu Yu’s sword is like a broken bamboo, and the long hook of the red moon is smashed. He is on the red moon, and the red moon is raging in pain. The chest has been bombarded with a bloody hole!

  "Mu Yu, you bounced off one of her big mountains!"Xiaoshuai stared at the chest of the Red Moon with a fuss. She had two attractive peaks on the chest.

  "To shut up."

  The whole man flew out in the red moon, and she was bombarded with a big hole by the sword of Mu Yu, but she quickly stabilized her body shape, and there was a very angry look on the beautiful face!

  "You dare to hurt me!"The Red Moon angrily screamed up in the sky.

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