Chapter 586 Night Wars

  "How can this be!"

  The Red Moon incredibly looked at the dead body water, the face of incredible.

  Its dead body water is absorbed countless years of the dead man's Yin Qi refined, in its control, to fill the entire mass graves more than enough, but it is so terrible corpse water unexpectedly is each other's thunder ball all destroyed?

  The wall of the tomb of the mass graves is flashing with a pattern of patterns that make it Yizheng!

  It didn't even know when Mu Yu carved the lines.

  The wooden plume jumped up and fell on the edge of the burial valley. The rock wall under the foot once again vacated the black and white staggered pattern. Before he came to the funeral valley in the evening, he laid a pattern on the edge of the mass grave, just to be able to strengthen his own array at any time.

  Even when he had just played against the Red Moon at the bottom of the valley, he was not idle. Most of the rock walls on the bottom of the valley were engraved with his lines. These patterns were connected to each other, and the core of the base was Mu Yu. Chaos yin and yang in the body is cited!

  His array has already reached a level of fascination. As the gatekeeper of the squad, even if the Red Moon knows the tactics, how can he surpass him in the understanding of the martial arts?

  The Thunderball just used the dragon spirit in the dragon's body. The dragon's usual attack method relies on the dragon spirit to squeeze out its own spiritual power, and the attack in this way is very powerful. Therefore, Mu Yu thought of letting Xiao Shuai trigger the thunder, and Long Teng came to devour the power of compression lightning, and then sprayed it out. Finally, Mu Yu continued to use the pattern to compress the power of thunderstorms.

  The cooperation of the three of them can be described as seamless, greatly shortening the time of lightning compression, and then relying on the powerful magical array of Muyu, it will play the red moon in the palm of the hand and destroy its source of strength!

  "Mom, it's too uncomfortable, my tongue is being numb!"

  At the moment, Long Teng is licking his mouth, his mouth is still not close to the present, his tongue is leaning to one side. Just now it swallowed Xiaolei’s thunder and lightning, and he also suffered the impact of lightning. Rao is the sword of Mu Yu. Resolving is also hard to get charged.

  "Haha, I want to call you already!" The way you put your tongue out is so stupid! ”Xiaoshuai looked at the dragon's tongue and couldn't get it back. He smiled and leaned forward, and the huge thunder sword in his hand also swayed back and forth.

  "Little mouse, are you looking for death?"Long Teng pulled his numb tongue with his claws and stuffed his tongue back.

  The red moon is full of anger, it did not expect that he was too small, this comprehension in front of him, actually let himself eat a big loss! The yellow corpse water collected over the years has been destroyed!

  "Dare to ruin my Huangquan corpse, I will definitely make you die!"

  Huang Quan corpse water is only a tool to make the Red Moon stronger, but the strength of the Red Moon can not be underestimated, even if it is not relying on Huang Quan corpse water, it can not be easily defeated by Mu Yu.

  The Red Moon grinned remnantly, and the huge flesh-winged wings rose again, turning into a shadow and rushing toward Muyu. The redness of the body was soaring, like a streamer, crossed the void. In the blink of an eye, countless residual images suddenly appeared in all directions, and the wood feathers were attacked from different angles.

  Mu Yu stunned and hit the Red Moon with a blow. The formation and the red mans collided with each other, and the earth-shattering roar broke out. The red-red long hook and the savage swords met, and the violent spiritual power swept the two. Going out, echoing over the entire funeral valley for a long time.

  Mu Yu is more and more difficult to play,

In the beginning, he had already spent a lot of spiritual power. At this time, he exerted a powerful array of techniques, and the black and white spirit in the body could not be overwhelmed.

  The red moon is relying on the strength of Huangquan corpse water. Now that there is no Huangquan corpse water, it only begins to use its own ability. Its consumption is negligible compared to Mu Yu!


  The speed of Mu Yu was slower and slower. There was no blow to the red moon. The only corner of the red moon slammed into the heart of Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu can only force the palm of his hand to meet the sharp corner, and the powerful impact will instantly turn over the wood feather!

  Mu Yu licked his hand, and the palm of his hand was burning and burning. He was almost penetrated by a sharp corner. Even if his body is as hard as iron, he can't resist this blow. The other's horn is not a general thing.

  He flew out, and his body slanted down to the hillside of the ruined valley.

  Akio smiled, and the figure appeared again above the wood feathers, and smashed toward the forehead of Mu Yu. Xiaoshuai and Longteng wanted to help, but they were entangled in the red awns of Chiyue, and the swords were surging, waiting for them. After breaking free, the corner of the Red Moon has been only one inch away from the face of Mu Yu!

  Mu Yu defended his head with his arms, and the whole person was blasted to the ground with a powerful impact. The shape of the Red Moon once again fell to the ground, and did not give Mu Yu a gasp of opportunity!

  But at this moment, the air suddenly changed, and countless black and white patterns suddenly rose from the ground and turned into a cold barrier, intertwined, directly trapping the Red Moon!

  Mu Yu rushed out of the gravel on the ground, panting, but his hands could not help but sway the law, and countless inscriptions were incorporated into the black and white cold light barriers to consolidate the battle!

  "Mom, it’s not easy to lure you here!"Before entering the ruined valley, Mu Yu set a trap here just in case.

  This trap can be called the ultimate array. It is a fixed array method. It was Lu Xianshi who taught him at the beginning and used a whole set of 81 innate arrays. It is not a joke.

The predecessor’s residence was equipped with this array of techniques. At that time, this restriction was used to limit the play of Situ Yangtian. Once it was launched, it could make the spiritual power of the people trapped by the array unable to operate freely for a period of time.


  The red moon slammed into the black and white cold light barrier and wanted to rush out, but the spiritual power in it was severely suppressed, even if it relied on the powerful brute force to attack the barriers.

  "The ceremony is still going, and the way of the other is to heal the body!"

  Mu Yu snorted, only when he was contaminated by Huang Quan's corpse water, Huang Quan's corpse water also severely restricted his spiritual power. Now he only used the same method to deal with this meat-winged horn.

  Xiaoshuai and Longteng have already picked up Mu Yu, and the two guys look at each other and then start again. The blue lightning sword and the dragon-shaped sword shadow rise to the sky, and the power of terror is born in the air –

  "Spicy grilled wings!"

  "Braised ribs!"

  Xiaoshuai and Longteng once again shouted out their wonderful slogans. The magnificent swordsman slammed down from the sky and fell into the cold light barrier, squatting on the red moon!


  A scream of screams rang through the clouds, shattering the clouds, and the red moon was mad. The body can't lift the strength, and the swordsmanship of Xiaoshuai and Longteng is intentionally or unintentionally squatting directly at the joint between its wings and the body, and its wings are hardened and cut down!

  The red blood splashes from the back of it!


  The red moon, like a dead dog, squatted on the ground and put a deep pit on the ground. It struggled to climb from the pit, but one was physically and mentally unstable and almost fell to the ground again.


  The swordsman formed by Xiaoshuai and Longteng cheerfully met in the air and made a screaming sound to celebrate their victory. They can't wait to stare at the fleshy wings, as long as they are monsters, there is nothing to eat.

  But after the fleshy wings were separated from the body of the Red Moon, they slowly deformed. "哗啦" turned into a yellow corpse of water, falling into the ground like a yellow rain from the air, then Evaporation disappears.

  "This fuck is the wings formed by the corpse of Huang Quan?"

  Xiaoshuai cursed loudly, and such disgusting things suddenly destroyed their appetite.

  Long Teng also spit a lot of saliva, and said: "Mom, I don't want to eat braised pork ribs anymore."

  The red moon's fascinating eyes glared at Mu Yu, and he did not expect that he would be so embarrassed by a comprehension.

  "Say, where are you coming from?"Mu Yu asked coldly.

  Chi Yue snorted: "Stupid guy, do you think I will tell you?"

  "Did not say? Don't say that I came by myself! ”

  Mu Yu’s gaze glimpsed, and Muling turned into a god soul wood and went straight to the red moon. This monster that didn’t know where to come must first control it.

  However, at this moment, a cold atmosphere suddenly shrouded toward Mu Yu, and Mu Yu’s face changed slightly. The whole person had already pulled out and retreated. At this time, a ghostly scythe slammed on the wood feather. The ultimate array!


  The fascinating array of stuns made a tremor, and all the bases were shaken, but they still resisted. But let Mu Yu did not expect that there are six singular ghost knives in the sacred battle, and the sacred singer directly opened a huge mouth!

  Six ghost knives plus a sickle are all attacks during the fit period. The attack of the seven fit-time repairers is too strong. Rao is the ultimate skill of Mu Yu and can't block it!

  "Kid, I didn't expect you to find it before us!"Ghostly cold figure slowly appeared in front of Mu Yu, and the repair of the fit period was once again pressed against Mu Yu.

  The sacred battle was broken, and the red moon recovered its spiritual power. It suddenly rushed out of it, but at the moment it lost its wings and was re-made as a black woman, but the mountain of this woman’s chest still disappeared. .

  Ugly monsters and beauties are only between the thoughts. If you don’t see them with your own eyes, who can think of the beauty of the beauty in front of you as ugly?

  "Oh! Hey! Oh! ”

  From time to time, there are ghost gates flashing out, UU reading The ghost of Haotian instantly wrapped the whole piece of burial valley, so that the heart of Mu Yu once again sank to the bottom!

  Mu Yu did not expect that he would meet the ghost door again in the funeral valley!

  Red Moon stared at Mu Yu resentfully, and turned to ghost cold and others, cold channel: "Why come so late?"

  To the surprise of Mu Yu, the ghost cold of the fit period turned into a red moon with only distraction. He said respectfully: "Red Moon, the ghosts let us do another thing, so it is delayed. With the ability of the Red Moon, we think that nothing can threaten you. ”

  What is the relationship between the Red Moon and the Ghostmen under this ruined valley? Although the ghost gates are very different, but they are still humans after all, how can they be so respectful to a monster?

  "Humph! It was not a threat, but I was still recovering and was seriously injured by this bastard! You killed me! ”Red Moon pointed angrily at Mu Yu.

  "Yes, the subordinates obey."Ghost cold looked up and looked at Mu Yu with a gloomy face.

  "Kid, the last time I was lucky enough to let you escape, this time I see how you can escape!"Ghost cold sickle is already high
High rise.

  "Mom, how do the little devils always linger!"

  Mu Yu knew that he had kicked the iron plate again this time, and there were seven horrific pressures in the surrounding period that slammed down to Mu Yu!

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