Chapter 587 See the dead monster

  Mu Yu was surrounded by a lot of ghost gate, of which seven or the fitness period for the ghost Gate, he wanted to escape and also cost some kung fu.

  "Mu Yu, what do we do now?"The dragon vines around the shoulder of the wood Feather, watch warily four weeks of ghost gas.

  "What can I do? The big deal is that you swallow the lightning that I summoned, and give this group of little devils a chance! ”The sword in the hands of Xiaoshuai is still there, but the power is also weak.

  When Xiao Shuai and Long Teng used the sword array, they spent the power of Mu Yu. He only played with the meat-winged horns and now feels exhausted.

  "It’s not the time for the little devil to come!"

  Mu Yu's soles are flashing with lines. He is considering the route of retreat. The lines that have just been placed on the valley can no longer be motivated. In the distance, there is a scared old Xu Xutou who is holding his mouth. Dare to vent.

  The valley suddenly blew a breeze, like blowing the darkness before dawn. At that moment, everyone raised their heads and looked at the east.

  The first rays of the morning sun finally penetrated the clouds and poured over the ruined valleys, illuminating a few ghosts on the ruined valley.

  This is a normal thing, but the red moon suddenly slammed into the body and screamed and screamed: "The sunshine of the triple heaven! No, I can't live without Huangquan corpse! fast! ”

  This disgusting monster is actually afraid of the sunshine of the triple sky!

  The ghosts and colds were slightly shocked, and the misty fog of the sky covered the whole body of the Red Moon, but the Red Moon was still screaming and screaming in pain. The voice was fierce and sharp, and the eardrum was so painful.

  All the ghost gates can no longer care for the wood feathers, and they have poured out their own ghosts to cover the red moon. The ghosts and fogs on their bodies wrap the red moon layer by layer.

  However, the red moon seems to have something special. The ghost fog can't even tell it to wrap it. The sun seems to be attracted by the red awns on it. It actually penetrates the layers of ghost fog and shines on the red moon. Body!

  Even if the wood feathers are covered with black lacquer, the fog can clearly see that the red moon is like a thing that attracts the sun. The sun shines on it and actually burns its body with red smoke!

  "No, I need Huangquan corpse!"

  The red moon roared in pain, and the whole body became a pure red man, very demon. It even directly reached out and grabbed a ghost doorman in the outing period, and the hand was rushing, and the ghost door was torn in an instant!

  The ghost doorman had already turned into a yellow corpse water before he reacted. He was pulled by the red light like a yellow gauze. But the sun is still in the shadow, and the yellow corpse water on the red moon is evaporated in a flash!

  "No, not the natural death of the corpse water can not resist the sun!"The red moon mourned with pain, and even reached out and shredded a ghost doorman!

  All the ghosts have changed their faces, and for a time they have forgotten to start with Mu Yu.

  They did not expect that the Red Moon actually killed two ghosts for their own lives. In such a scenario, I am afraid that except for the seven matching ghosts, everyone else will not escape the bad luck!

  For a time, all the ghost gates looked at the red moon in disgust, and the ghost gates who had been repaired during the squatting period had already retreated to the back and did not want to become the soul of the Red Moon.

  The red corpse water of the Red Moon was wiped out by the wood feathers and it was actually sun phobia.

And the red awns in its eyes are designed to attract the sun, and there is no way to escape. The sun makes it painful.

  Dirty and dark things see light death, I am afraid to say that this is the moon of the Red Moon.

  Ghostly cold looked at the red moon arrogant look, his face was also shocked, he did not even know how to deal with this situation.

  After all, in the orders they got, the Red Moon had already done a good job, and would not be afraid of the sunshine of the Triple Sky.

  It’s just that they will think of the turbulent yellow spring corpse water that will be wiped out by the wood feathers!

  "Red Moon, you can't kill us anymore, tell me, what should I do now?"Ghost cold also opened the distance from the Red Moon, for fear that he would be stared at the Red Moon.

  "The person who died naturally! Go find someone who is naturally dead! Whether it is the soul or the body! ”The red moon roared.

  Natural death means that life will automatically come to an end and vitality will completely disappear. The soul of natural death is the purest, because the vitality is exhausted, and the soul cannot be retained, so the soul will completely and completely escape.

  But if it is suicide or homicide, this is the life that ends before the vitality of the body is completely exhausted. It cannot be counted as natural death!

  Ghosts stunned, how could you find someone who died naturally at this time? They can rush down the mountain and instantly kill all the villagers under the mountain, but the people they killed will not see it.

  Although people die naturally every day, they are not always available.

  "Quick!"The Red Moon screamed in anger.

  When did the ghost cold accept this impossible order? Natural death can create diseases such as plague and slowly destroy the vitality of a person. It takes time and there is a risk of failure.

  The degree is even worse for their ghosts, because sometimes people who have died of plague are not natural deaths!

  "Boy! What did you do to the Red Moon adults! ”Ghost cold turned around and wanted to catch the wooden feathers.
Next, but Mu Yu does not know when it has disappeared!

  Ghostmen themselves are afraid to become the souls of the Red Crescent, and they are scattered around. Isn’t the wood feathers running away at this time and waiting to send warmth?

  "What monsters are you afraid of the sun?" Too strange. ”

  Mu Yu rushed out of the ruined valley with the old Xu head, and secretly watched everything in the ruined valley far away, but his heart was very puzzled.

  The red moon was originally only a red-eyed man, but after the sun was shining, the whole person was covered in redness, and it was impossible to see what happened to him.

  "It must be that this monster is too disgusting, even the sun does not want to see it."Said Long Teng.

  "How do I feel that this monster is familiar?"

  Xiaoshuai touched his chin and racked his brains to remember the memory of the monster, but he didn't think about it for a long time.

  "Familiar with? Wouldn't it be your distant relatives? ”Mu Yu touched Xiao Shuai’s small head and smiled. “But at least you look very cute.”

  "It's handsome."Xiaoshuai corrected.

  The old Xu head shivered in the side, and the atmosphere did not dare to breathe. It is far from the burial valley. He is just a mortal who has not been cultivated. Without the powerful vision of the self-cultivator, he does not know what is going on in the burial valley.

  "Wood feathers, adults, is that monster going to die?"Old Xu head asked with trepidation.

  Mu Yu shrugged and then cared: "I don't know, old man, where are you not hurt?"

  The old Xutou just fell off while running away, and a big wound was wiped out of his hand. Mu Yu took out the potion and applied it to him, and then let him go home quickly. Mu Yu himself gave himself a stealth array and went back to the funeral valley.

  He has to make sure that this monster is dead or dead!

  The masses of the burial valley have been shrouded in the ghosts of the forest, but the light of the red moon is like a dazzling red day, clear in the ghosts, and the sun in the sky.

  The difference is that the sun in the sky is very harmonious, and the red moon is extremely painful.

  The ghost gates have long been helpless. They only received orders to let the mountains meet the red moon, and they don’t even know where the red moon is. They also got the smell of the burial valley through the comprehension of the Mouyama Mountains, and came over to find the Red Moon.

  Everything was going very well, who can think of their Red Moon adults who have sun phobias!

  All of this is related to Mu Yu’s destruction of the turbulent Huangquan corpse in the burial valley, but the ghost gate does not seem to know the specific situation of the Red Moon, and even does not seem to understand the red moon.

  Even if you know it, it will not help. Now, where can I find so many Huangquan corpse water in a short time?

  They want to transfer the Red Moon to the dark valley of burial, but the Red Moon has been roaring, and there is no ability to move. The ghosts of other ghosts will be evaporated by the red mans just as they approach it. !

  As the sun rose higher and higher, the red moon screamed for an hour, and eventually the whole body suddenly became more and more dazzling, and the red-red light became very strong.


  It sounded like a thunderstorm in nine days, and the whole world shook a bit. The Red Moon exploded in the same place and instantly destroyed the entire mass grave.

  The horrible explosion was really terrible. None of the ghosts who had gone out of the flood period escaped, and all of them were evaporated into nothingness. Only the ghost gates of the seven fits and the ghosts of the distracted period saw the situation. Time to break the void and escape!

  Mu Yu looked at it all with great shock. The development of the matter was too dramatic. It was really unexpected that the very red moon was solved by the sun.

  The huge explosions spread far and wide, and people who were a few hundred miles away were shocked. Many people did not understand where the explosion came from. There were also some low-level comprehensions in the vicinity. Hurry, I want to find out.

  Ghosts headed by the ghosts of the ghosts reappeared in the face, they looked at a messy valley of burial, and could not find the body of the Red Moon.

  "go! Our things can't be known by anyone! ”Ghost cold channel.

  "The cultivation of the Moushan Mountain Comprehension is very low. Who dares to kill it directly?"A ghost door hesitated.

  "No, the above said, the Mou Mountain Range is not a simple place, it is best not to kill people here."

  Seeing that this is getting bigger and bigger, the ghost doorman left the place without hesitation.

  Obviously, they didn't want to attract too many people's attention. It didn't leave any trace after the Red Crescent explosion. This is good for them. UU reading www.

  Mu Yu also left the burial valley, and returned to the old Xutou home with Xiaoshuai and Longteng.


  More and more comprehensions came to explore the news in the next few days, but Mu Yu had left the village. When the Red Moon died, the technique it applied to others was no longer effective, and the old Xutou was not in danger.

  The burial valley suddenly exploded and destroyed, and the Mouyun Mountain Mountain was once again raging, and all kinds of bizarre folk versions emerged in an endless stream, including rumors such as "The prince's ghost gate was opened, and countless little ghosts escaped to the human world." Hey.

  Comprehensions naturally don’t believe this, but they can’t explain this because they can’t find anything in the phenomenon.
The special traces of the retreats of the Moushan Mountains can't find those special and strange spiritual powers.

  Mu Yu is still tracing the whereabouts of the ghosts, because the monsters and ghosts of the Red Moon can't escape the relationship. The ghosts are very respectful to it. This is unreasonable, and what exactly is the red moon from which the seal is broken. Mu Yu is not clear.

  But what he can be sure of is that the death of the Red Moon does not mean that this matter has ended. Instead, it has just opened the prelude to the ghostly conspiracy.

  "Ghostmen are so furious to catch the monsters, but also to find a meat-winged horns, what is going on in this matter?"Mu Yu is very puzzled.

  The next stop for the ghost gate is Ghost Island. What does that place mean?

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