No. 588 Chapter The seal at the bottom of the grave

  The vision of the ruined valley attracted many comprehensions of the Mohe Mountain Range, but they could not explain how the ruined valley was destroyed. There were traces of fierce fighting around. This power has already exceeded their recognition. know.

  The sleepy Xianji has just been lifted, and the aura is very scarce. At least for a hundred years, no one can become a Yuan Ying period.

  After the Qingsong Taoist people left the Mouyun Mountain Range, the comprehensions here were only the highest in Jindan, and they did not have such a broad view. They did not know how this happened.

  If they know that this is something that is even more powerful during the distraction period, then it will be scared! In their insights, the Yuan Ying period is already quite against the sky. How can there be a distraction period?

  The burial valley is not a small valley, but a stretch of several kilometers. Such a large place collapses and is filled with gravel in a blink of an eye. This power has exceeded the expectations of all comprehensions.

  After everyone left, Mu Yu appeared again in the burial valley. Because the red moon was originally broken out of the seal, the purpose of his return was to find the so-called seal.

  "Little handsome, what do you want to come out of the Red Moon? Which distant relatives are you?"Mu Yu asked.

  Xiaoshuai always said that he is familiar with the red moon that fears the sun. It seems to have seen it before, but it just can't think of it.

  "I stressed the second hundred and fifty times that it is not my relatives, I am not so ugly relatives."Xiaoshuai shook his tail. "Familiarity is not familiarity with relatives, but a familiarity with disgust. Just like you hate little devils, but you are familiar with the smell of little devils. ”

  Mu Yu dumbfounded, Xiao Shuai always likes to call the ghost doorman a little devil, he found this title quite apt. However, Xiaoshuai is also right, he is very familiar with the atmosphere of the ghost gate, mainly because it is not once twice with them.

  He does not expect Xiaoshuai to recall other things, but to start surveying the terrain of the ruined valley. If necessary, he will directly arrange an indestructible array, seal it here, and avoid the ghosts returning to do anything. bad thing.

  Mu Yu walked around the burial valley and found that the fog that had been perennial all over the place seemed to have disappeared, and it no longer seemed so gloomy.

  "The power of the meat-winged horns is so powerful!"Longteng looked at the devastated messy valley.

  Most of the cracks in the burial valley were caused by their fighting, but since the Red Crescent blast, the burial valley was completely buried by gravel.

  What makes Mu Yu feel strange is that the burial valley is at least about six kilometers deep. Even if the red moon is sunburned, it will cause the power of terror. However, this power seems to be only exploding on the edge of the burial valley, and it does not affect other local.

  "The power of this explosion is obviously not right!"Mu Yu stood on the rock pile.

  The burial valley was only a depression of ten meters. Didn’t see a few pieces of gravel rolling down, and the six-kilometer deep burial valley was filled with gravel?

  This is not in line with common sense. The appearance of these gravel is very strange. It seems to be the intention to seal up the burial valley, and it still seals the entire burial valley.

  Mu Yu stepped on the gravel, and the gravel was very hard, like something that existed long ago.

  "Strange, how do these gravel look like the gravel we saw at the bottom of the burial valley?"Mu Yu said with surprise.

  He suddenly thought of a possibility, and this possibility even made him feel a little ridiculous.

  "You said, are these gravel just like the broken stones at the bottom of the valley? They are all used to cover up the bells. Is the red moon actually coming out of the broken stones at the bottom of the valley?"Mu Yu asked in surprise.

  Because there are a lot of unreasonable things happening now, Chi Moon said that it was breaking free of seals, but the ghosts clearly came to meet it, but did not seem to know where it was sealed.

  The burial valley was thrown down so many dead people, Mu Yu did not see any dead things at the bottom of the valley, then the red moon did not know where to summon so many Huangquan corpse water, slowly covering the entire burial valley, this Quite strange.

  Where are these Huangquan corpse waters at the beginning?

  "It's possible, maybe we missed something under the funeral valley."Xiaoshuai nodded.

  Xu Xu said that whenever a dead person is thrown down, there will be a thunderous thunder and lightning, this sound should be the sound of Huang Quan’s corpse running through the water, then this means that Huang Quan’s corpse is in In the middle of the valley.

  Mu Yu searched the entire burial valley from the beginning, and found no gaps and seals, but he did not check the gravel under the burial valley.

  He suddenly thought that if the bottom of the burial valley where he was at that time was actually not at all, there was actually some hidden space under the gravel under the burial valley.

  This will explain where the Yellow Spring corpse is, and where the Red Moon comes from.

  "There is only one way to test it, and we have to run under the funeral valley, right?"Longtan is indifferent anyway, it only occasionally comes out to move the mouth.

  But Xiaoshuai is very reluctant. It has always disliked this place. Even though the red moon has already blew up, it is still uncomfortable to bury the ghastly.

  Mu Yu tried to use a brute force to dig a hole in the gravel pile, but without success, the stones seemed to be some kind of
The special forces are condensed together, and they are very strong. Rao is the repair of his distraction and can't be broken!

  Just as he fought against the Red Moon under the burial valley, he didn't realize that their fight didn't destroy the stone at the bottom of the funeral valley!

  But this is hard to beat him, because the reason for drilling the ground is that Muling is the best. With the roots of Muling, he succeeded in drilling down the stone seams. After a few hundred meters of drilling, the roots of Muling had to go to the dark place!

  The flame of Dan Flint suddenly burned and illuminated the area.

  He looked around and found that it was a place of burial in the valley, because the surrounding rock walls were covered with frost, and above the top of the wooden feathers were the stone blocks that covered the sky and were attracted by some kind of power. Floating in the air, the upper part of the ruined valley is covered with strictness.

  "It seems that there is a play, which means that the gravel at the bottom of the valley is bound to be blocked by this weird force."

  Mu Yu continued to sink to the bottom of the dark valley. The height of six kilometers was very quick for him. He quickly sank to the bottom of the valley and stood on the gravel again.

  He did not hesitate to let the woods become roots and sneak into the gravel and continue to climb. This time he did not sink for a long time, probably only a few tens of meters directly to another space.

  He looked down and saw that it was no longer a narrow valley, more like an endless starry sky, a void of nothingness. The golden light in the distance is looming, as if the stars are shining.

  The rock wall of the burial valley has disappeared, and the gravel pile above him seems to be piled up randomly, and nothing is limiting them.

  There are pieces of stone floating in the air. The stones are big and small, floating aimlessly. From time to time, they slammed together, no sound, just changing direction and continuing to flutter.

  "Where is this? Have we come to the sky? ”Mu Yu asked in surprise.

  Xiaoshuai also slammed the shoulder of Mu Yu, carefully looked at the golden light spot in the distance, and looked at the stone that drifted around him. From where he did not know, there was still a faint light.

  "Good familiar feeling."Xiaoshuai scratched his head.

  Mu Yu didn't ridicule Xiaoshu again this time, because he also felt a familiar atmosphere, then he jumped gently, the stone here was floating, but his whole person was unaffected, his toes point on the stone, toward The light spots in the distance are flying away.

  As he approached, he discovered that the light spots were not starlight at all, but an ancient gold inscription. Some of these inscriptions were incomplete and floating in the air, and there were countless patterns in the surrounding area. The spiritual power is very weak.

  "This is a form of battle!"

  Mu Yu is very shocked, and where can he think that there will be such a space under the ruined valley.

  This space is vast and flawless, but it is like a faint line of boundaries separating it, and where the wood feathers are located is where the boundaries of the pattern are broken.

  "Red Moon says it is breaking free of seals. Is it this seal?"

  Mu Yu was amazed. This pattern is like a simple way to guard the broken stones that Mu Yu just came down. Through the inscriptions and patterns, he can see what seems to be roaring in the darkness in the distance.

  Xiaoshuai’s hand touched the inscription and suddenly “snapped” and then exclaimed: “Good familiarity, ah! I know who is laying this lineup! ”


  "White beard old man!"

  Mu Yu widened his eyes: "Really? Are you correct? ”

  The inscriptions and patterns here are actually under the master's own cloth? So, Master has also been to this place?

  Another layer of fog shrouded the Master.

  "Of course it won't be wrong! The arrangement of the patterns and inscriptions here is the same as that of the Dust Mountain. UU reads and how can I forget such a familiar spiritual power? Don't forget that I was in the eye for a long time! ”Xiaoshuai said vowed.

  The eye of Aura is the base of all the methods of the Dust Mountain. The aura of the array is from the eye of the Aura. The Xiaoshuai is used to block the aura of the eye for so long, and is familiar with the atmosphere of the wind and dust.

  “Is it Master’s seal of the Red Moon in this place?”

  Rao is Mu Yu, who has now become the master of the Fumen Gate. He still sighs when facing the formation of Master.

  Master’s tactics are still far superior to him. It is a very mysterious long-lived old man who seems to have his presence everywhere.

  But when I think of Master, there is another worry in Mu Yu’s heart. Master has now fallen into the hands of the Triple Palace, and he does not even know where the Triple Palace is!

  "I said that the meat-winged horns are familiar and annoying, I understand. The white-bearded old man is not a seal of the meat-winged horns, but to prevent the meat-winged horns from running over the seal! ”Xiao Shuai’s look of a sudden realization.

  "Preventing the meat-winged horns from running over there? Where is it over there? ”Mu Yu asked strangely.

  Xiaoshuai did not answer him, but used a serious tone: "Mu Yu, we must fix this battle immediately, and we can no longer let those meat-winged horns run over!" In the past, the old man with white beard seemed to be very disgusted with those ugly. ”

  "Those ones? Is it more than one month? ”Mu Yu was surprised.

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