Chapter 589 The Rift of the World

  "Of course more than one!" If I guess it is correct, there should be eight colors! As for the count, it is very powerful! ”Xiaoshuai said affirmatively.

  "Guess what?"Mu Yu squinted and looked at Xiaoshuai.

  Xiaoshuai was embarrassed to scratch his head and smiled. "Okay, it is my feeling." Anyway, it is a very familiar feeling, the old man must have brought me to this place, and should have been to the opposite. ”

  Xiaoshuai pointed to the other side of the pattern, that is, the place outside the breach.

  "What is the opposite?"Mu Yu still doesn't understand.

  Xiaoshuai said seriously: "What is very annoying, in short, you can quickly fix this seal! The old man’s things will definitely not come to the wind. ”

  Mu Yu looked at the lines in front of his eyes and looked at the boundaries of this pattern. This array is a sphere, wrapped in the gravel that has just entered, and looks at least one kilometer in diameter.

  The front of the pattern is only one meter in diameter, which is insignificant for the entire array.

  But it was such a trivial breach, but instead let the ugly flesh-winged horns of the Red Moon escape and ran away, and almost made a big deal.

  Mu Yu carefully examined the structure of the front lines, and made a deduction in the heart, and finally shook his head slightly.

  "It's a bit difficult to fix this."

  Although he got all the inheritance of the heavens, he even learned many of the methods of the dead wood, but it does not mean that he knows all the formations under the sun. Even if he has a temple at the moment, it is impossible to control this formation.

  Although the temple and the array of stone are known to control all the arrays under the sun and to crack all the arrays, this is relative to some common arrays.

  The complexity of the array in front of the eyes has exceeded the imagination of Mu Yu, just like the nine-day magic array in his body, not the existence he can control.

  What's more, this array is still under the shadow of the sword, and his array is much higher than the wood.

  Mu Yu carefully approached the break of the array, the closer to the break, the feeling of his heart, and finally made him feel a little impatient.

  The atmosphere outside the array is very strong. He feels that his heart is like a stone. The closer he is, the heavier the stone in his heart.

  He moved to the crease of the pattern and carefully looked through the smashing look at the scene outside the pattern. What I saw was only a piece of vain darkness. There seemed to be some shadows flowing through the darkness, even some white light. The speed of the white light was very fast, and there was no flash. thing.

  When Mu Yu smashed his hand, a huge squeezing force rushed toward him!

  "this is……Heaven and Earth barriers? ”

  Mu Yu looked at the terrible squeeze in surprise, remembering that when he returned to the triple sky from the double heaven, he withstood the squeeze from the two worlds through Muling, the feeling of horror only Mu Yu still remembers.

  "The barriers of heaven and earth? Is that the mouse hole that you said last time? ”Long Teng did not go to the second day together, so it did not know the original scene.

  "What kind of mouse hole, can you make a little culture?"Xiaoshuai shouted.

  "Don't you say that you are coming back from the hole?"

  Longtan curiously sticks out his claws.

I wanted to get close to the break, but Mu Yu quickly pulled it back.

  "Don't stretch your hand! This will instantly ruin your hand." Mu Yu does not think that Longtan has a small handsome and so thick.

  "The barriers of heaven and earth! If I didn't guess wrong, it should be another world! ”Xiaoshuai said seriously.

  "The barriers of heaven and earth? So is this also the way to the double heaven? ”Mu Yu asked inexplicably.

  The Aura eye exists because the concentration of Aura between Triple and Double is not balanced, leading to a gap in the weaknesses of the two worlds, connecting the two worlds. When Mu Yu did not transmit jade, he returned to the triple sky through the barriers of the heavens and the earth.

  "Not necessarily the gateway to the double heaven, there are other worlds. The Reiki Eye is just a form of barriers through the heavens and the earth, and there are other different ways to get through the barriers of the heavens and the earth to the two worlds. The barriers of heaven and earth are something that is difficult to explain. It can be understood as the walls of two worlds. Some places are very weak, and some places are very broad and wide to the point that you simply can't imagine. ”

  Xiaoshuai is stupid when he explains this. It is like a fool who forgets many memories. Some things need to be slowly recalled.

  It took a long time to continue, saying: "The weak place is like a piece of paper, so it is easy to form a reiki eye. The reiki eye is a passage and will soon be able to pass. In a vast area, you don’t even know where the imaginary wall is at the other end. It is even longer than across the whole world. If we venture in, we will definitely get lost in the barriers of heaven and earth. If you don't export, then you are finished. ”

  The barrier between heaven and earth has been likened to a piece of paper by Xiaoshuai, which is an unacceptable argument. But even the thickness of a piece of paper, in Xiao Shuai's explanation, even the comprehension of the robbery period can not break it!

  "Isn't the meat-winged horns coming in here? Explain that this barrier is not broad. Should we go to see the world it is in? ”Long Teng is very motivated by this.

  "Not going! Its world is definitely disgusting. ”Xiaoshuai shook his head.

  Mu Yu does not have that idea. Although he has Mu Ling to survive in the barriers of heaven and earth, and may even reach the world where the Red Moon is located, the purpose of his coming here is not to explore other worlds.

  And what he finds strange is that if the Red Moon came in through the barriers of the heavens and the earth, then when was the corpse of Huangquan formed? And why do ghost gates know that someone else is coming in another world, and send someone to answer it?

  The wooden feather hand touched the surrounding pattern, and carefully examined the aura in the pattern. After comparing with other undestroyed patterns, it was found that the break of the pattern was not very long. However, in the gradual expansion, it is obvious that a broken place will affect other places, and perhaps in a few years, this pattern will disappear.

  What will happen at that time?

  Mu Yu conveyed this question to Xiaoshuai. Xiaoshuai seriously thought for a long time and said: "If the pattern disappears, it will not happen. You have not found that the stone in the rock wall is very strong." We didn't break any rock when we hit and hit, and only a few rocks on the ruined valley were broken by us. ”

  Mu Yu nodded, and the structure of the burial valley was indeed quite hard.

  "The burial valley looks like a seam when looking down from the sky. This seam is actually the rip of the world! Entering this gap is equivalent to entering the barriers of heaven and earth, but the barriers of heaven and earth here are not as thin as the aura of the two heavens and the triple heavens, so once we blindly enter, we will be lost in the barriers of heaven and earth. ”

  After a pause, Xiaoshuai continued:

  "Maybe the old man with white beard had to hide this dangerous place, so he used the array method to limit the barriers of the heavens and the earth to such a deep place here. The gravel piles are also very hard. Although there are gaps between them, they are indestructible. They are enough to withstand the squeezing of the barriers of the heavens and the earth. It may be the old man with white beard! After the red moon blew up, it produced tremendous power and inadvertently stimulated some protective measures. ”

  Mu Yu was amazed, the horrible power of destruction of the heavens and the earth, Mu Yu, was seen. He experienced it once in the double heaven. At that time, he felt that he was inferior to a dust in front of this ability. And still this idea is still there.

  However, Master was able to limit the barriers of the heavens and the earth to the following. How much did Master’s strength reach in the past?

  "But this array is so complicated, how is the meat-winged horns cracked? It's a pediatric array of spells that I didn't even notice when I set it up. How can I crack Master's strong array? ”Mu Yu still doesn't quite understand.

  And now even if he is allowed to crack this array, he may not be able to make such a big hole. The pattern here is too mysterious and can't be pondered.

  "I suspect that the meat-winged horns may want to come from another world, and the result is blocked by this array. Imagine that it is such a disgusting guy and the dead can not be separated, Huang Quan corpse water is just corrosive, able to absorb the spiritual power, so it should rely on the yellow spring corpse water to etch a small hole, then rely on the small hole to control the above The dead, and thus made it out. ”Xiaoshuai guessed.

  Mu Yu carefully calculated the aura distribution of the entire array method, and then calculated the corrosion ability of Huangquan corpse water. He felt that it would take at least a few hundred years to drill a small hole with that kind of corrosion ability. The horns have such great patience!

  But at this moment, it is not a time to praise people's patience. Since there is a guy running over, it is difficult to say whether he will run the second one. He must help Master to fix this formation.

  If you want to fix a battle method, UU reading must first learn this array method, familiar with the role of each line of the spiritual line, otherwise the pattern of the spirit pattern that you have depicted will conflict with the pattern of the master. It is very likely that the damage of this array will be aggravated, and even it will be put in.

  "Master, you don't teach me the formation, but it is me who will help you repair the formation in the end. I don't know how you are now?"Mu Yu sighed.

  Master's arrangement of this horror is not only to hide the gap of the triple heaven, but also to prevent the monsters of other worlds such as the Red Moon from invading the triple sky. He paid so much for the peace of the Three Heavens, but now he is trapped and not knowing where he is.

  Xiaoshuai shook his tail: "I hope the white beard is all right! In short, let's put this gap on it first! ”

  The patterns in the distance are shining, and the inscriptions are flying fast. But those strange streamers become bleak as they move closer to the gap, and the entire array is constantly fading.

  Mu Yu does not understand this complicated array. He needs to calculate the general layout of the entire array according to the distribution and pattern of these inscriptions. This is a very difficult process, and it is also very difficult for Mu Yu.

  However, Mu Yu and Xiao Shuai would not have thought that in the barriers between the heavens and the earth far from the periphery of this seal, a stream of light quickly circumvented through the barriers of the heavens and the earth. It seems that there is no concern about the pressure of the barriers of the heavens and the earth, just like walking in it. general.

  This streamer looks faintly, it is actually a figure!

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