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Chapter 590 The Force of Nature

  The Moyun Mountain Range is isolated from the world, and it has only a hundred thousand mountains that lead to the triple continent. The other three directions are surrounded by the endless sea.

  At the moment on the east coast of the Mouyun Mountain Range, bright sunshine and smog are shining on the beach. The sea pats the reef, squeaking, flying gulls, and the sea breeze.

  In the distance, several fishermen are preparing for sea fishing on the shore. Their skin is very dark and they depend on fishing for a long time. The sea breeze has left some indelible marks on them.

  "Lao Zhang, where are you going today?"A middle-aged man asked.

  "Before the Scoop Island, you are old!"Another fisherman counted the nets and asked.

  "I am going to Mount Rock Island. My wife just added a man to my family. I am going to catch a few turtles to fill her body!"Lao Liang said excitedly.

  "That's exactly the same way, together!"Lao Zhang laughed.

  Lao Zhang smiled and untied the cable, and propped the paddle to the reef, and the boat left the shore. However, at this moment, Lao Liang’s smile suddenly disappeared, and he looked strangely into the distance.

  There are eight strange figures on the reefs in the distance. They are filled with black and fog, like the soul of the land, which makes people feel guilty.

  It was this strange atmosphere that made Lao Zhang laugh, and even felt a little panic.

  The head of these eight people is a shadow that sits on the ground. He said that he is a black shadow, because he feels very illusory, as if there is no body, it is a shadow, but it is different from the shadow.

  "Lao Zhang, those people will not be souls?"Lao Liang said in amazement.

  Lao Zhang looked at him in the direction he was pointing. He was also shocked: "These people still smoke black smoke, it will not be unknown?"

  "We are still leaving here."Lao Liang said nervously.

  Just as they paddle and want to leave, suddenly there are more than a dozen black shadows in the air. These dozens of black shadows are like ghosts over their heads. A gloomy atmosphere suddenly envelopes Lao Zhang and Lao Liang. on.

  Both of them have been infected with this yin, as if they had entered the hail, but it was still sunny and sunny, but there was a feeling of entering the cold winter.

  The two looked at each other with amazement, and they quickly and desperately rowed and flew away.

  More than a dozen ghostly shadows are such as ghosts and colds. After collecting enough monsters in the Moyun Mountains, they follow the instructions of the ghosts to meet the Red Moon, but never imagined that the Red Moon was in chaos. The funeral valley was smashed by the sun!

  "I have seen the sages under my sire."The ghost fell on the reef and bowed to the dark shadows on the reef.

  "What about the rest?"The illusory black shadow asked faintly.

  Ghostly cold seems to be very afraid of the illusory shadows. He doesn't even dare to look up and look at it. He swears and says: "The returnees, others, others have been killed."

  A horrible breath suddenly shrouded, and the surging waves were even settled in place by a mysterious force that had not fallen for a long time. All the ghosts have changed their faces and crouched on the ground, afraid to speak.

  There were more than a hundred people in the ghost cold, but only 17 were left at the moment. Some of them were killed by wood feathers.

There is also a part that was smashed to death by the red moon.

  "Give me a reasonable explanation."The illusory black shadow said faintly.

  The ghost cold has fallen to the ground, and the whole person can't move. He is a comprehension of the fit period, but when he faces the ghost, he feels that he is facing a high mountain, which makes him breathless.

  "Supreme Master, is the apprentice of the true God Mu Yu…"The ghost said in a panic.

  "The true disciple of the gods is only repaired by distraction. You are the comprehension of the fit period. How do you do this for me?"The voice of ghosts can't hear any emotional changes, but the ghosts are already scared to the extreme.

  "It is incompetent, and the sages are forgiving."Ghostly cold shivered.

  The ghost screamed coldly, and he did not see any movements. Then the ghost cold screamed in pain, as if suffering the pain of heartache. The whole person was lifted up by the invisible big hand and lifted in the air. The pale face suddenly rose red, and the eyes almost came out.

  A black gas shot into the eyes of the ghost, the ghostly eyes began to flash through countless pictures, just like the inverted, showing all the pictures he saw in the past few days.

  "Ghost Shura was killed, the eternal dragon vine was taken away, the red moon was killed by the sun, how did you let me spare your life?"The voice of the ghost still has no emotional changes, as if it is just a calm statement of a fact.

  Ghosts and horror can't speak.

  "If it is not enough people now, I will kill you!"Ghostly respects.

  The invisible big hand on the ghost cold neck suddenly loosened, and the ghost cold returned to a life, and quickly regained his knees and refused to thank her.

  A man behind him stood up and asked, "Sir, what do we do now? If he has an accident in the red moon, does that mean…"

  "Things in the Red Moon do not need us to worry. Ghosts, you go to the nearby village to find nine newborns, we need to replace the ghost Shura with newborns, ghosts can not be less. ”Ghostly respects.

  "Yes."Ghosts stepped out of life, the whole person has disappeared in place.
Ghost Zun glanced at the rest of the ghost, and his eyes suddenly put on the ghost red jade. He grabbed the ghost red jade and grabbed her to his own eyes.

  "The apprentice of the true God, the means are still really many."Ghostly respects.

  Ghost Hongyu looked at the ghosts in horror, and did not understand what the ghosts were doing to catch her.


  The grave is buried under the valley.

  Mu Yu carefully grasped the inscription in the middle of the pattern. The ancient inscriptions were the key to this formation. After the Red Crescent broke away from this formation, the inscriptions were also destroyed. Many inscriptions even became dull and disappeared. .

  Under the wind and dust, this array of methods is no less complicated than the nine-day magic array in the wood feather body. The spiritual power of the tens of thousands of lines is far beyond the imagination of Mu Yu. Even if he has a legacy of heaven, it is still very difficult to understand this formation.

  Mu Yu understands that Master’s tactics are actually higher than those of Heaven, and at least there is no such complicated formation in the inheritance of Heaven.

  But fortunately, Mu Yu’s talent has always been good. The spiritual engraving of the formation is actually very similar in some places to some simple arrays. This array is just a broken mouth, just understand the distribution of the formation near this gap. The situation can be roughly estimated.

  Xiaoshuai also made suggestions at the side. Although this little guy is greedy, he likes to read books. The "Xuanzhen" of the dead wood has been turned over to it, and there are many battles he has learned.

  "Some of the patterns here can be understood with mirrored arrays."Xiaoshuai said.

  The mirrored array of wood feathers is the most familiar. When he first broke into the dead wood valley, the dead wood old man was trapped by this mirror array and many comprehensions. Mu Yu was unable to understand the law at the time, but he just discovered through calculation The clue left by the dead wood old man, successfully passed the mirror array.

  The mirror array recorded in "Xuanzhen" is a very superb innate array. The mirror array placed in the valley was only a simplified version of the pediatrics. If the dead woods made the real mirror array, basically At that time, the wood feathers could not come out.

  The true mirror array can completely confuse people who are in the line, no matter which direction they go back to the original place, the most terrible thing is that its boundaries are always moving, and there is no way to determine the exact position.

  If you attack in the mirror array, you may even find yourself piercing a sword at the top of your head. The tip of the sword will pass through your chest from behind!

  This array is very superb. It was invented by the dead wood, and it is recorded in "Xuanzhen". No one has successfully walked out of his real mirror array.

  "Xuanzhen" teaches Mu Yu the most exquisite learning method, which is to disassemble the array!

  Mu Yu turned over the "Xuan Zhen" of the dead wood old man, he found that the "Xuan Zhen" left by the dead wood old man is indeed clever. Mu Yu divided the location of the break into a combination of thirty-six arrays. These thirty-six arrays were recorded in detail in "Xuanzhen".

  He distracted all the formations through the guidance of "Xuanzhen", and finally changed the differences. It took a day to finally understand the patterns and spiritual lines around the breach.

  It is a difficult process to portray the front line with spiritual power, because this array method is too far-fetched, and it is not necessary to know how strong it is to limit the array of heaven and earth barriers.

  Even if Mu Yu is now distracted, it is still too small compared to the previous Jianfeng dust.

  He just portrayed a spiritual engraving line, and the spiritual power of the whole body was taken away halfway. The spiritual power consumed by this formation is too great, far from what he can bear.

  A battle requires so much spiritual power, so the required base is even more difficult to estimate. This base must have some oddities.

  "No, Xiaoshuai will help me quickly. I don't have the abnormality of Master's original cultivation. It is not enough to repair this formation."Mu Yu lay out on a floating stone and gasped.

  "The base of this array is the power of nature, of course not that you can make up for it."Xiaoshuai said.

  The power of nature, in the confrontation of the array, if the aura of the innate array is consumed, the truly powerful instincts can use the power of nature as the base.

  The power of nature means that everything in the heavens and the earth can be used as a base. It is a very profound means, and you need to understand it yourself. No one teaches that Mu Yu can't meet the requirements.

  "Then you don't say it early!"

  Mu Yu used her own spiritual power to portray the array. UU read the book and the result was half dead, and then Xiao Shuai said these words, so that he could do nothing.

  Master can easily use the power of nature to arrange for it. It is because Master’s original cultivation has no one to rival. He does not know how to use the power of nature to do what is impossible. Now he feels that he is The original Master did not count a finger in front of him.

  "Stupid, this array of methods is always pulling the natural forces around to maintain. What you have to do is to follow the spiritual flow of the formation to find the power of nature to make up for it, so you don't have to spend your own spiritual power."Xiaoshuai proudly said.

  "The power of nature? Can I also control the power of nature? ”

  Mu Yu suddenly came to the interest. If you control the power of nature, you can achieve the realm of everything, which means that he does not need to arrange a complicated fixed array to consume a lot of congenital formations.

  Although he now has chaotic yin and yang, there is no need to spend innate arrays, but many large fixed arrays can't take chaotic yin and yang to make the base. He can't keep guarding.
The fixed array method does not leave.

  However, it is too difficult to control the power of nature. Even Zhuge Xiaosheng can't do it. Mu Yu always wanted to learn how to use the power of nature, but the power of nature has told him to understand, so he has not yet mastered its essence.

  The comprehension community estimates that no one but the six tactical masters can do this.

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