Chapter 592 Turtle Shell

  When Mu Yu left the burial valley, he returned to the school and asked Xiaofei to get a topographic map of the Mogan Mountains.

  The whole picture of the Moyun Mountain Range is not completely painted, especially in the area of ​​the seaside. It is very general, just a few rolling hills, then a sea, not even a signpost.

  This map is the most detailed one that Xiaofei has helped find. Other maps are not marked on the beach.

  Comprehensions don't like to gather at the beach, because their place of residence is generally in the mountains, and the gathering place of the beasts is in the mountains, the skins and demon spirits of the beasts are the materials for making magic weapons, so the activities of the comprehensions are Near the city pool between the mountains.

  Mu Yu all the way to the east of the Moyun Mountain Range. Mu Yu remembers that Chi Longgong once said that Ghost Island is above the East China Sea. The ghost gate people are here to go to Ghost Island. Mu Yu also wants to go to the dead wood. A ghost island.

  "Mu Yu, you are not lost, right?"Xiao Shuai asked lazily on the shoulder of Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu wandered for a long time and looked at the map for a long time. He said with uncertainty: "should it not?"

  Lu Chi is the shame of Mu Yu's life. The sense of direction is really bad. He often turns away when flying, even if he looks at the map, he will not find North.

  No way, there is nothing in the air to use for positioning, plus this is not familiar with him. He originally wanted to rely on the sun to determine the direction, but today there is no sun on a cloudy day.

  "I think it's going east, right! Here! ”Mu Yu said in one direction.

  "It seems that we are lost again."Long Teng is quite sure.

  Mu Yu said: "It’s strange that it was still sunny yesterday. How did the sun become so shy today?"

  It is also funny, he is obviously a person who grew up in the mountains, but he has not been to many places in the Moyun Mountains. Like other self-cultivators, the scope of the activity did not spread to the beach.

  "Did you not control the ghost red jade with God Spirit last time? Try to sense that piece of soul. ”Xiaoshuai said.

  "That is also the need for ghost red jade in a certain range, I can't feel too far."

  Mu Yu crossed a mountain, and as a result, the skyline appeared in the distance. The endless sea was gently rolling, and he actually found the sea!

  "Look, look! I said that my recent direction has changed! ”Mu Yu stood up and said with a sigh.

  In the sky, he saw a few fishing villages far away. You can see some fishermen still basking in the fishing nets. There are several fishing boats floating on the coast. Several villagers are fixing the ropes. Now it is evening, and the fishing boats are starting to return.

  "Do you say that the ghost gate has already sailed? Are they going by boat or flying? ”Xiaoshuai asked curiously.

  "It should be by boat. I remember that Chi Longgong said that this ghost island has no special guidelines and can't go." It is necessary to sense the changes in the currents to find them. They can't sense the changes in the currents when they fly in the sky. ”Mu Yu speculated.

  "So how do we know what to follow?"Longtan asked.

  Mu Yu is also thinking about this problem, he must go behind the ghost door to go to the ghost island, that is, the most urgent task is to find the trace of the ghost door. Since the ghost gates will definitely go by boat, there must be fishermen nearby to lend them to the boat.

  It should be the right thing to grab. Mu Yu can’t imagine that the ghost gates will politely find the fishermen to borrow the boat.

  In order to show courtesy, Mu Yu specially landed outside the village and walked into the fishing village on foot. He found a fisherman to inquire about the recent arrest of someone in black, but the answer was no.

  There is no strange thing happening in this place. If there is, it may be that the wind blows down the seaside lighthouse a while ago.

  There is a very tall lighthouse by the sea. This lighthouse is used to guide the fishermen who are late for the return. Every night, someone will climb to the lighthouse to burn the sebum of the first-order monster rabies shark. The light of the squirrel shark’s sebum after ignition is extremely penetrating at night, and it can be 10 kilometers away. See this light.

  Of course, the lighthouse is not strange. It just didn't find the traces of the ghost gates. This made Mu Yu very surprised. Did the ghost gates fly directly to the ghost island?

  "Don't find the little devil, how can we go to Ghost Island?"Xiaoshuai asked.

  "We went to the beach to find it. If they are on the boat, they will definitely leave some traces on the coast."Mu Yu said.

  Mu Yu searched the sea for a circle and found no traces. He saw many fishermen around the pile and started talking about the recent anecdotes. Then he heard a middle-aged aunt pulling the big door and said: "Everyone has to make a small recent The children are very tight, I heard that the children in the village on the east coast of the previous day have been taken away!"

  "really? Who did it? ”

  "I don't know, I heard that it is a stalker from several local governments. Anyway, there are several people dead in the village."The middle-aged aunt said.

  Mu Yu brows slightly wrinkled: the land of the soul of the messenger?

  He listened for a while, and found that the middle-aged aunt also mentioned the figure wearing a black body full of smoke, and my heart was sure that it was a ghost.

  It seems that Mu Yu is still looking for the wrong place. The ghost door is not in this place, but on another coast.

  After he asked Auntie to inquire about the direction of the fishing village where the child disappeared, he followed the beach to the aunt.
Go ahead.

  Mu Yu probably flew for a quarter of an hour, and suddenly the spirit of the ghost red jade body broke into the mind of Mu Yu.

  "It’s not easy to find you finally."

  The distance that Mu Yu can perceive the soul of the wood is about 30 kilometers, which means that the ghost door has not left.

  He flew for a moment, and in the dark he noticed the unique coldness of the ghost gate, and he knew he was right.

  The spirit of the ghost red jade is like a bright light in the dark guiding the wood feather, he carefully approached the area.

  But at this moment, suddenly suddenly changed, and suddenly some kind of tentacles emerged from the darkness, and the waist of Mu Yu was caught.

  Mu Yu’s heart was slightly shocked. His shadow sword suddenly slammed into the tentacles, but the tentacle was not cut off. On the contrary, the shadow sword was lying on the water and directly penetrated.

  "Don't go."A familiar voice rang in the ears of wood feathers.

  A wooden feather, his face showed a happy color: "Qiao Xue?"

  Needless to say, it is also known that Mu Yu was entangled in the waist by Qiao Xue's water spirit, and Qiao Xue's water spirit used force to pull the wood feather back.

  Mu Yu did not resist, and the whole person was taken to Qiao Xue.

  "You don't go over, the ghost gate has set up a trap to wait for you. You come with me. ”Qiao Xue whispered, then took Mu Yu in one direction and swept over.

  They stopped in front of an abandoned hut at the foot of the seaside. Under the moonlight, the wood feathers could clearly see that it was very run-down. It was dark and dark, and it was covered with dust. It seemed to fall down with a touch.

  But Mu Yu frowned, because he obviously felt that the cottage was not simple, surrounded by a seemingly fascinating atmosphere.

  The lodge was set up with a strange eye-blocking method that prevented others from prying into it. If you didn't walk in, you couldn't find it at all.

  Qiao Xue turned and smiled at Mu Yu: "We met again."

  "Wow, Joe Snow is beautiful again!"Xiao Shuai did not face his head and plunged into the arms of Qiao Xue, squatting into a soft place.

  Qiao Xue stretched out his slender hand and touched Xiao Shuai’s head. Today, Qiao Xue also has a distracted three-day repair. She is wearing a yellow dress today, clean and tidy, like a lotus flower in the water, the whole person. Still so calm and calm.

  "Qiao Xue, why are you here?"

  Mu Yu also showed a smile. Since the last time, he has not seen Joe Snow for a long time. He did not expect to meet again here. He wants to hold Joe Snow, but finds that Xiaoshuai is doing a third party there.

  "We are going to an island, what about you? Do you want to go with the ghosts? ”Qiao Xue looked at Mu Yu. The relationship between her and Mu Yu is very subtle. Some things are hard to say clearly.

  "Yes, we are going to Ghost Island."Mu Yu nodded, thinking that one day must be sent to Xiao Shuai and Long Teng.

  Qiao Xue Shui Ling hit the wooden door, then the wooden door suddenly turned into a water curtain, and the whole house suddenly changed into a huge incomparable turtle shell.

  "That's not called Ghost Island, it's ours…"

  Qiao Xue has not finished, suddenly a horrible spiritual force on Mu Yu and Qiao Xue, the two were directly caught in the turtle shell.

  "Qiao Xue, I let you go out to watch the night, how do you bring back the little lover?"The lazy voice of the white demon king rang in the ear of Mu Yu.

  Mu Yu was thrown into the corner, and he suddenly screamed: "Old monkey, you are sick! Can't you tap it? Are you not being called away by the Triple Palace? ”

  Mu Yu remembered that the old man of the squad had said that the Mie Palace was summoning a large number of masters, and the white demon king also went.

  The eyes of all the demon people in the tortoise shell all fell on Mu Yu, a total of ten bad atmospheres. Obviously, a human race dare to speak to their great demon king, this is quite rude.

  "Bad boy, no big or no small! What is the Sangong Palace, and I want to call me to be a thug? Go dreaming! ”

  The White Demon King is sitting in the chair in the middle of the house at this moment. UU reads He is holding the seeds, his feet are on the table, his legs are constantly shaking, and he is always arrogant and unruly. .

  Mu Yu felt that his legs were very low.

  In addition to the white demon king and Qiao Xue, there are ten demon people in the house, four conjoined periods, six distracting periods, and one of them is also known as the wooden priest. It is the little prince of the Yaozu, the dragon star.

  Long Xingyi has a nucleus repair, and he is not very happy when he sees Mu Yu, because he likes Joe Snow.

  "How do you hide in the tortoise shell and start to shrink the tortoise?"Mu Yu looked around and asked involuntarily. In the depths of the demon, Mu Yu did not panic, although the old monkey is always very sloppy, but at least not comfortable with him.

  "What shrinking turtle? Turtles invite you to mess with you? Is your kid looking for death? ”A white-skinned old man next to the white demon king screamed.

  Mu Yu looked at the old man, the old man was repaired in the fit period, but looked a bit familiar.

  "The turtle is old, don't be angry, Mu Yu is just a joke."Qiao Xue quickly walked over to comfort the road, and explained to Mu Yu: "Wu Yu, we are all in his shell, this time you need to rely on him on the Holy Island!"

  "Holy Island? What is that place? ”

  Mu Yu has been staring at the old man, then squinting
Next to a white-haired old man with two antlers on his head, he suddenly exclaimed: "Hey? You are not the deer boss and turtle of the second heaven…turtle……turtle……Correct! 憨八龟! ”

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