Chapter 595 Long Hao

  The Qinglong demon king has many children and grandchildren, and there are many descendants. He has lived for tens of thousands of years, and his descendants have long been countless. But his descendants are not the body of eternal life, nor are they pure dragons, so he can only give birth in order to get a pure dragon.

  The existence of the world dragon is almost rare. The Qinglong demon king combines with other types of demon people for the inheritance of the family. The descendants of the generation can completely inherit the dragon body.

  The father of Long Xingyi is a dragon, the mother is a gathering of the dragon, and he is the body of the dragon, but the body of the dragon is as high as 90%, which can be said to be very close to the real dragon. In addition to his own strong cultivation talent, he is deeply favored by the Qinglong demon king, and he is also rampant in the Yaozu. No one dares to disobey his wishes.

  In addition to Qiao Xue, he looked down on other Terrans. Even if he had accidentally lost to Simon, he thought that it was because of his own intentions. If he really did, he did not think he would lose to any Terran youth.

  However, because Mu Yu rescued the white demon king, he also had an unclear relationship with the demon's little princess Qiao Xue, so Mu Yu's reputation among the demon people was also very loud. These wood feathers don't know about themselves, but the dragon star is very unconvincing, especially the white demon king often compares Mu Yu with other other demon people, so Long Xingyi always wants to find a chance to prove himself.

  Mu Yu often sits on his head in the pot at home, he does not know that Long Xingyi has a variety of emotions on his own shot, but he knows that he does not like being threatened!

  At the moment of the shooting of the dragon star, he has disappeared in the original place, appearing behind the dragon star, the majestic spiritual power wrapped around his palm and slammed down on the back of the dragon star!


  The dragon star 陨 reacted very fast. When he felt the disappearance of the wood feather, there was a illusory dragon scale behind his back, which met the palm of the wood feather. The whole person also opened the distance from the wood feather.

  "Good speed!"Dragon Star is a little surprised.

  Mu Yu is currently only a distracted seven-day repair, Long Xing has a nucleus of nine-day repair, but the first fight between the two seems to be in the middle of nowhere, no one is cheap.

  Mu Yu’s heart is also very amazed, because the dragon scales appearing on the dragon star are very overbearing. The hardness is beyond the imagination of Mu Yu. It’s really strange that he has been able to break through these dragon scales.

  "But in front of me, your speed is no longer fast!"

  The dragon star screamed, and the two thick arms suddenly covered a layer of dark black dragon scales. The whole hand also turned into a dragon claw with a black mans. His two dragon claws were intertwined. The collision of the way out of Mars, as if the black iron is invincible, also makes the air rippled, as if to catch the void.

  Long Xingyu has already deceived himself. The two dragon claws are fiercely arrogant, and they are drawn into the virtual shadow in the air. They are attacked by the key points of the wooden feathers. They are fatal. If they are caught, they will be shredded by the terrible dragon claws. !

  The gossip pattern emerged from the foot of Mu Yu, and there was a myriad of ripples in the air around him. Then the whole person stunned the dragon star. In the face of the terrible dragon claw hand, Mu Yu directly extracted the shadow sword from the hollow of the emptiness, the violent sword spurt out, the sword shadow is smashed with clear light, cut on the dragon claw hand!


  The dragon claws were really hard and extraordinary, comparable to the weapon of the gods, and the savage swords of Mu Yu were caught in his hands.

He was shredded by his hard life! Dragon Star is completely afraid of Mu Yu’s sword, and the double dragon claws have improved his strength several levels!

  The outstanding talent of Dragon Star is not blown out. It is also the time of distraction. I am afraid that the self-cultivator of the Terran can't get his dragon claws and even tear him. He does have the pride of his own money.

  However, the sword of Mu Yu did not make all the effort. He only tried to test the strength of the Dragon Star. The destruction of these swords could not explain anything.

  The speed of the dragon star is completely out of the wood feathers. Even if the wood feathers make the sky starry arrays flash in time, they will still be caught up. The pair of dragon claws took Sensen's murderous temper to tear the wood feathers in half. The figures of the two were intertwined in the turtle's shell, bringing a burst of illusion.

  It is also a very hard shell of the turtle, and he is a seductor of the fit period, so the fight between the dragon star and the wood feather will not leave a mark on his turtle shell.

  The turtle shell is hidden and mysterious. It looks like a run-down hut outside, but it is very spacious inside, especially when the dragon star smashes in the wood feathers, the turtle shell suddenly becomes as high as several tens of meters. They have been removed by them, leaving only an empty space, enough for two people to display their hands and feet.

  At this time, Long Xingyi found that his dragon claw hand was incomparably powerful, but he could not win the wood feather. His face sank, and the whole person's breath suddenly began to skyrocket, and then his body exuded a dazzling black mans. He gathered the whole body's spiritual power on his arm, and then a majestic momentum instantly slammed into the wood.

  However, in the eyes of the wooden feathers, the coldness of the eyes flashed, the black and white air was fleeting, the formations were surging again, and the wooden feathers had a complicated array of prints. Then there was a water ripple in front of him. The whole person turned out to be It has become somewhat illusory.

  The horrible blow of the dragon star came to the front of Mu Yu, and it was getting closer and closer to the body of Mu Yu. This time, Mu Yu did not choose to dodge, but just looked at the dragon star and slammed his bang. ——

  The demon people next to it can clearly see that the wooden feather has been firmly locked by the dragon star, and there is no way to escape. It is even foreseeable that the wooden feather is hit by this claw.
And then the body is shattered. However, Long Xing's blow has been close to the wood feather, but it has always been a little worse. The closer he is, the closer he can't hit Mu Yu's body. It is so close to Ming Ming, but it seems to be separated by a sky.

  Arrays can change the distance around the world, enveloping the enemy's attack in a small area in front of you, seemingly within reach, but never reachable!

  With this powerful array of techniques, Mu Yu gradually weakened the dragon striker's hegemony, until it was wiped out. And he flew a foot, straight through the world of the world, and slammed into the chest of the dragon star, and he smashed it out!

  All the Yao people are shocked. In their view, the dragon star of the nine-day gods is far more than the wood feathers, whether it is repaired or imposing, but Mu Yu actually used the dexterous array to give the dragon star to the dragonfly!

  Long Xingyu quickly stabilized his body in the air. His face was very gloomy. He did not expect that he would have to be hungry and did not escape to the advantage of Mu Yu, especially in the presence of such a demon person. Feel the insult of your dignity!

  "Kid, I didn't expect you to have two more!"If the dragon star is frosty, his body is shocked, and the top suddenly collapses, revealing a majestic chest.

  "Nima fights and fights. What if it is undressing?"Xiaoshuai shouted.

  However, the whole person suddenly rises to the sky and the body becomes straight. Then the bones and joints of the whole body begin to squirm, like melting and recasting. The blink of an eye becomes a powerful black dragon. The powerful Longwei instantly attacks the whole turtle. The shell, a sacred and majestic atmosphere enveloped everyone!

  Strictly speaking, this is not a black dragon, but a skeleton. Although it is a dragon body, its head is a fierce giant image. In addition to two small horns on the top of the head, the whole head is the head of the python. There are four dragon claws growing under the upper abdomen, which is somewhat nondescript.

  After the dragon star transformed into his own real body, although it was not a real dragon, all the Yao people were shocked by this breath, and they stepped back a few steps, and there was a look of intimidity on their faces.

  The dragon is a very powerful existence. They are the beliefs of the Yao people. The Qinglong demon king is the first of the ten demon kings. His majesty can make all the demon people tremble from the bottom of their hearts.

  Long Xing is a descendant of the Qinglong Demon King. The noble blood of the dragon has reached 90%. The power of his body also makes all the Yao people dare not look straight.

  The dragon star opened the blood basin, and a black dragon spurted out of his mouth, with a sound of wind and thunder, and instantly rushed to the wood feather. The dragon star that spit out the real body sneaked into a horrible combination of the horror, a lightning strike, a broken void, and quickly came to the top of Muyu.

  Mu Yu knows that the end of the world can not block such a terrible dragon's breath, the foot flashes, the whole person teleported out, but the dragon star has already locked the breath of wood feathers, Mu Yu just appeared, the dragon's breath will follow.

  It seems that in order to deliberately play with the dragon star, Mu Yu suddenly has a smile on his lips. UU reading www.

  Tianjian nine cited the fifth style, falling dragons and whistling. The illusion is tangible and imaginary!

  Mu Yu’s empty hand was empty, and the shadow sword was taken out of the void by the moment, and instantly turned into a thousand swords, all the sword shadows rejoined in the air, and turned into a blue dragon shadow composed of sword gas. The huge sword shadow faucet swallowed the dragon's black dragon's breath at once, and the scorpion's sword smashed the dragon's breath.

  The dragon-shaped sword shadow of Mu Yu did not disappear, but hovered around the wood feather, and even faintly exuded Longwei!

  "what? The dragon formed by the sword? ”

  All the demon people were shocked by the savage sword of Mu Yu, and they did not expect that Mu Yu actually used the sword to illusion of a prestige dragon, which is clearly provoked to the dragon star!

  You must know that the dragon star at the moment is not at all, but the sword of the wooden feather is turned into a dragon of the array!

  Long Xing's gaze is almost blasting out the flames. He has always been proud of his 90% true dragon blood, but the only regret in his heart is that there is no complete faucet, but now Mu Yu actually uses the sword to magically A true dragon came to deal with him, completely insulting him naked.

  "It seems that you are not a purebred dragon!"Mu Yu chuckled a little, he just wanted to stimulate this guy, the province can always show his superiority for the descendants of the Qinglong demon king.

  The dragon star was like being trampled to the tail of the mouse, and the dragon scales on his body stood upside down. He was completely irritated!

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