No. 596 Chapter of the true Dragon’s body

  Dragon Star Meteorite Roar, opened the jaws, a frenzy of breath again gush out, spit out the instantaneous five real Dragon shadow, mutual staggered, with not Belittlin ' momentum toward the wood plume rushed over.

  These five dragon shadows are real dragons, and the power of them is quite overbearing. The breath that comes from the wind is that Mu Yu does not dare to take a nap.

  Although Long Xingyi was ridiculously defeated in the unfortunate lullaby of Ximen, it was only because the experience of Long Xinghao was still shallow, and now his true strength!

  However, Mu Yu’s sword directly manipulated his own dragon, and the mighty and overbearing swords burst into flames, suddenly smashing the arrogant five dragons. However, the dragon that he sworded out was directly turned into this, and the dragon's breath was really powerful. Mu Yu did not take advantage of it.

  "Oh, this guy seems to be like you!"Xiaoshuai said.

  Long Teng also looked at the dragon's head and the dragon's head, and said very disdainfully: "He is a fart! It is a locust! The claws are not as hard as me. ”

  "real or fake? You are wood, don't let a family tear a tear. ”Xiaoshuai laughed.

  "The smell on his body is simply not pure, where is my breath so pure! He also said that he is a dragon? Oh shit! I can't help it! ”Longteng angered.

  This is true, at least the wood feather can be determined. Dragon Star also exudes a powerful Longwei, but this Longwei and Changlong vines can't match the dragon vine.

  "Oh, I still think you look good, at least you are a complete dragon, he is just a worm!"Xiaoshuai gave a very pertinent evaluation.

  "Are you not nonsense?"Longtan snorted.

  Mu Yu also can't look at the hybrid body of the dragon star, how to see how awkward.

  "Hey, I said Dragon Star, you don't look like a dragon. How do you be so proud of your identity? What is the use of Fox and Tiger?"Mu Yu asked with a smile.

  Dragon Star sighed with pride and arrogance: "The ignorant human, there is only one true dragon in the world, and I am the closest to the existence of my grandfather's true dragon! I have the true dragon blood of my grandfather 90%, and sooner or later I will successfully become a real dragon! ”

  "and many more! Are you saying that there is only one real dragon in your world? ”

  Mu Yu was amazed. He always thought that at least a lot of perfect dragons would be born to the descendants of the Qinglong demon king. However, according to Long Xingyu, it seems that all descendants of the Qinglong demon king are a fusion of dragons and other monsters. .

  "Dragon is the supreme being, my grandfather said, I am the most likely to become the second true dragon! I will inherit the will of my grandfather and become the second real dragon! ”The dragon star shook his own dragon body and shook his head. Obviously, he was very satisfied with the shape he was close to.

  Mu Yu suddenly felt a burst of laughter: "Your grandfather is wrong, he is not the only real dragon in the world, you can not be the second true dragon!"

  "Let's go, you actually questioned the Qinglong ancestors!"Next to a tiger-shaped demon man angered.

  Dragon Star sneered at it: "With a perfect dragon body, it is the immortal existence of eternal life! Do you think that the body of the real dragon is so easy to see? Narrow vision, ignorance and ignorance, is the Terran like you? ”

  "Are you ridiculing your own narrow eyes?" I have seen the second real dragon! ”Mu Yu gently shakes his left arm,

Longtan is now yawning on his left arm and squashing with Xiaoshuai!

  "Have you seen the second true dragon? Haha! Extremely funny! ”The dragon star is like the most funny joke in the world, laughing.

  Not only him, but other Yao people also laughed ridiculously, and the words of Mu Yu are simply a big word in their opinion!

  All Yao people know that there is only one real dragon in the world, and that is the Qinglong demon king!

  "The news of your Yao people is really occlusion! I don't know if I used to ride around. ”

  Mu Yu smiled and looked at these Yaozu people, especially the dragon star, this guy really thought that he had a dragon body is great, the ugly python head hanging on the dragon, really uncoordinated, Mu Yu wants to put him The head was cut down, and he was given a python for his body, so he looked pleasing to the eye.

  The dragons and other demon people do not know what happened to Mu Yu in the past, even when Mu Yu was riding around the dragon vines when he was in trouble with Fuxianyu, but the Yaozu did not come out at that time, they had never heard of this. Things.

  Besides, how big is the triple continent, and with their arrogant character, how could they care that it was only a small golden phoenix?

  "There must be a limit to speaking big!"The dragon star stunned and the surrounding aura gathered toward him, and the raging dragon's dragon was once again formed in his body.

  "Mom, I can't stand it! Mu Yu, let me teach him! Let him know what is the real dragon breath! ”

  Long Teng usually just curled up and slept, and his body converges well with the help of Mu Yu. No one finds it. However, when I saw the dragon body of the dragon star, it felt that the dignity of being a dragon was destroyed by the dragon star, and the self-respect was also stimulated.

  A python also dared to claim to be a real dragon, but also let Dragontan live?

  "Okay! However, you are only out of the strength of the period, you have to rely on my wind and heart. ”Mu Yu stepped back, and the foot of the gossip was instantly transformed.
At the same time, the shadow sword in the hand once again screamed a powerful sword, and a dragon-shaped sword roared and re-entered from the sword.

  "The same move you actually dare to use!"

  The dragon star saw the woody feather re-enacting the sword, and the lungs were all mad. He was not afraid of the wooden sword, but the dragon-shaped sword that looked purely at the wood feather was very uncomfortable because the other’s sword was A real dragon, though illusory, is deliberately provoking him.

  However, at this time, a more sophisticated and overbearing Long Wei suddenly fell on everyone, so that each Yao people changed their faces.

  They all looked at the dragon star, and thought that the smell of the dragon star had changed, but the face of the dragon star became amazed, because this dragon that is more pure than him is not from him. Body!

  "Ignorant demon! Really think that you are amazing? ”

  Long Teng squats, from the hands of Mu Yu, a gleaming flash of light, the body instantly becomes extremely huge, and suddenly the woody feathers of the wood will be swallowed up, and the overbearing power of the whole dragon will strengthen the horror!

  "This is –" Deer boss involuntarily exclaimed.

  "Dragon, dragon…It’s a real dragon! ”The old turtle is also shocked!

  All the Yao people are shocked, and the dragon on Longtan may have no special effect on the comprehension, but it is different for the monsters and the demon! The noble atmosphere from the soul makes the Yao people tremble with trepidation, and the heart gives birth to infinite awe!

  Long Teng "Spirit of the Wind" is hovering around the wooden feathers, watching the dragon star who has been stunned, and spit out people coldly: "Long grandson, do you think you are the closest to the existence of true dragon? Which one is close to me? You are a slap! ”

  Dragon Star hasn't returned to God for a long time, Rao is 90% of the real dragon blood on his body, but it has also been stunned by the terrible power of Long Teng! Because the dragon and the vine show a hundred percent true dragon breath, how many times more noble than his hybrid type!

  "Impossible, you must pretend, how can you have the true body of my grandfather?"Dragon Star looked at the dragon vine incredibly, and it was full of earthquakes!

  Longteng has the faucet and dragon body of the prestige, and there are four tyrannical dragon claws, especially the one that Longwei is arbitrarily replaced. Even if the dragon star asks questions, he can't find a fake place. .

  "Oh, your original arrogance can also be used to scare these demon people!"

  Xiaoshuai was a little surprised. Although they had dealt with the Yaozu people before, but Longteng had never shot it at one time, I didn’t expect to jump out of it all the time and scared all the Yao people. It’s unbelievable!

  Mu Yu is also a bit unexpected, because he never knew that the dragon's breath was so good. Usually this guy is the laziest existence, except that he sleeps with Xiao Shuai, and then, with the permission of Mu Yu, he will absorb some wood feathers from time to time to cultivate.

  The dragon vine body is a plant, so it likes the spiritual power of the wood feather.

  In addition to Mu Yu, it does not like any human, UU reading www. also doesn't like any monsters, because it is very proud of itself, proud to look down on all creatures, and think that any creature is inferior in front of it.

  The only thing that can be recognized by Long Teng is Mu Yu. There may be Xiaoshuai, because Xiaoshuai is not afraid of Longtan, but also likes to laugh at Longtan. Long Teng took Xiaoshuai helpless, after all, Xiaoshuai himself is also a confused but very anti-Japanese existence.

  "What is your look like a dragon? You seem to be insulting me. ”Longteng looked at the dragon star contemptuously.

  The deer boss’s eyes flashed through the road, and suddenly he screamed out: “Are you a dragon? Dragon of the dragon! ”

  "what! Dragon of the dragon! ”Dragon Star also changed his face!

  "What happened to the Dragon of the Dragon?" do you have any opinion? ”Longteng glanced at the deer boss coldly and licked his tail.

  The deer boss and the old turtle both came forward with sincerity and fear, and suddenly they crouched toward the dragon vine. Their two actions once again shocked all the Yao people, and even Mu Yu felt strange. How can the old antiques suddenly make this big gift.

  The deer boss and the old turtle looked at each other and Christine said: "No, no! Dear true dragon, you misunderstood! We don't dare to have any opinions. This is normal, because the true body of Qinglong's ancestors is also Longteng. ”

  This time it was the turn of Mu Yu and Long Teng, and they never imagined that the Qinglong demon king was like the dragon vine! ?

  The dragon star was horrified, apparently he had known this for a long time.

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