Chapter 597 Qinglong’s inheritance (on)

  "Hey? Is that old demon king like me? ”Longtan asked in confusion.

  When Long Teng said "the old demon king", all the Yao people swallowed.

  The Qinglong demon king is the supreme being of the Yaozu. No one can dare to provoke his majesty. If the people who don’t have long eyes dare to say this, they will definitely rush to death.

  But this is said from the dragon's mouth, this is not the same.

  "We don't dare to talk nonsense about this matter. Many of the Yao people do not know about the true body of the Qinglong demon king. Only the people who are close to him know that, of course, we know some thousands of years ago."Deer Lao Dalian said busy.

  The lives of the Yao people are also limited. They probably end up living for two hundred years. However, the deer boss and the old turtle are separated from the demon by the secret method of the Yaozu, and they are guarded in the demon island of the double heaven. The White Demon King uses the secret method to forcibly find a suitable body to resurrect.

  "Dragon can only be a dragon in a million years, so how long has the Qinglong demon king lived for tens of thousands of years?"

  Mu Yu touched the dragon scales on Long Teng. He usually didn't care about Long Teng. Who could think that he was following the same ancestor with the Qinglong demon king? He always regarded Long Teng as a self-consciousness. The plants are treated.

  However, Mu Yu thought of one thing. It is reasonable to say that Qiao Xue has seen Longtan. She grew up in the demon family since she was a child. It must be known that the true body of the Qinglong demon king is dragon vine, but Qiao Xue never talked with Mu Yu. I have passed this.

  However, the Dragon star suddenly burst into a drink, a terrible breath of the moment towards the Dragon Vine attack!

  "You can't be a real dragon! You are posing as a fake dragon! ”The dragon star screamed.

  "stop!"Deer boss and turtle old stood up and shouted.

  However, Long Xingyi did not stop. When the deer boss and the turtle were about to stop the dragon star, the dragon vine behind him did not hesitate to scream, and a more sacred atmosphere greeted the dragon star. A fierce sword, a blue spurt spurt out.

  The dragon's breath was turned into nine in the air, and nine sturdy swords and shadows were intertwined with each other and collided with the dragon star.

  The attack of the dragon star is naturally far better than the dragon vine, but the sword in the hand of the wood feather is all blessed on the dragon vine. The dragon vine instantly covers the dragon star, and the nine sword shadows destroy the dragon star. Attack, directly to the dragon star to fly out, squatting on the wall.

  "As for your hybrid, dare to say that I am posing?"

  Long Teng looked at the dragon star proudly. It was very disdainful to the dragon's python head. The whole dragon body seemed to be an irresistible sword.

  The dragon star was hit and flew on the wall, but it was not seriously injured. When it was re-established and was about to kill the dragon vine again, the repair of the deer boss and the old turtle was instantly released. Hey, suppress it, don't let him shoot again!

  "You two old things, dare to do it to me? Are you impatient? ”Dragon star angered.

  Deer boss said seriously: "Xing Hao, we respect you as the grandson of Qinglong's ancestors, so give you enough respect. But the adult behind me is the same as the Qinglong ancestor, you are not allowed to hurt him! ”

  "I am the grandson of the Qinglong demon king. You have helped the outsiders to deal with me. Do you want to rebel?"The dragon star gnawed his teeth and said.

  The deer boss and the old turtle face change slightly.

In the Yaozu, rebellion is a very taboo crime, because it is equal to the authority of the top ten demon kings, who can not afford it.

  The old turtle said: "We don't dare to have anything to create, but we respect the true dragon god. We only obey the adults who have the true blood and swear to protect the safety of the real dragon. This is the mission of all our demon people! ”

  "presumptuous! I am the demon person with the true dragon blood! ”Dragon Star is angry.

  "Although you are the grandson of Qinglong's ancestors, but the blood is not completely pure, and this adult is a real dragon, we must guarantee his safety!"The voice of the deer boss seems to be powerful.

  Mu Yu did not expect that the appearance of Long Teng would make these two old antiques stand on their front line. This is nothing new. However, looking at the look of the angry and resentful dragon star, Mu Yu felt very relieved.

  Mu Yu does not understand the thoughts of the Yaozu people, but this does not prevent him from attacking the self-confidence of the Dragon Star. Longtan, a dragon that usually walks idle, has surpassed the Dragon Star in the minds of the Yaozu people. This is 狠狠Hit the dragon star and slap!

  Long Xingyu has already blushed, and he stared at the dragon vine, eager to smash the dragon vine. As the grandson of the Qinglong demon king, he is not a humiliating one compared to an alien dragon!

  "Damn? It turns out that you all respect me so much! It seems that you are still not so annoying! ”Longteng shook his body and said lazily.

  "The real dragon is laughing!"Deer boss said a little embarrassed.

  "Forget it, don't bother to see a python, let's go!"Mu Yu took a picture of Long Teng's body, and the dragon's body shape has been rapidly reduced, hovering over the shoulder of Mu Yu.

  "Adults please stay!"The old turtle quickly came over and stopped Mu Yu. "Adult, we need to protect you from returning to the Yaozu safely."

  "Are you crazy? He is not a demon person at all, do you really want to rebel in your two old things? ”Dragon Star blamed.

  “Qinglong’s ancestors are looking for another real dragon that is qualified to inherit his clothes. Now we
Since he found it for him, he naturally wants to bring him to the front of the Qinglong ancestors! ”Deer boss said.

  "My grandfather said that I am the most demon person who is qualified to inherit his clothes!"Dragon star angered.

  "Qinglong ancestors also said that you are only qualified to inherit his clothes after being completely converted into real dragons! He even said that whoever becomes a complete dragon is qualified to obtain his inheritance! ”The deer boss is unambiguous.

  Long Teng squinted and found himself confused and how it seemed to be involved in any messy inheritance?

  However, it was lazy, and did not like the Qinglong demon king who had never met before. He snorted and said: "I am not interested, Mu Yu, we have to leave this place!" I saw the things that don’t snake or snake, but I’m so spicy. ”

  Mu Yu "snapped" and laughed. He said: "The deer boss and the turtle are old, have you heard both? My family's dragon vine does not like it here. Anyway, you don't welcome us either, then we will have a period. ”

  Mu Yu bypassed both of them and went straight out.

  "grown ups!"

  Deer boss was in a hurry, and quickly went out, eagerly said: "Dragon, you can not leave. Mu Yu Xiaoyou, I know that the two of us were wrong in the past, but I hope that you can help me to guide the real dragon, as long as the real dragon and us return to the Yaozu, the Qinglong ancestor will not be ill-treated to Xiaoyu of. ”

  "I can't persuade, I can't control where Longtan wants to go."

  Mu Yu shrugged indifferently. As for whether Longtan is qualified to become a demon king, it is no big deal for him. The demon king he has seen is not enough?

  "I don't want to go to a strange place, watching a bunch of guys who don't have dragons and bugs to add to their own stuff."Said Long Teng.

  Inheriting the robes of the Qinglong demon king is a big event for many Yaozu people, but they can't attract Longtan. Because Longteng likes the spiritual power of woody wood, it is a noble species. Nobility naturally means that IQ is extremely high. It knows what is best for itself.

  The deer boss and the turtle old man were almost insane. They whispered a few words and stopped talking, but suddenly followed the wood feathers silently.

  Mu Yu took two steps and found that it was wrapped up by two old antiques. He suddenly turned his eyes: "I said that you two are finished?" What are you doing with me? ”

  "We want to ensure the safety of the real dragon!"Deer boss said seriously.

  "Safe your sister! It has been alive and kicking with me for so many years. Is it going to kill you now? ”Mu Yu said unceremoniously.

  "You don't want to be your business. It is our duty to protect the real dragon!"Turtle Lao Yi said in words.

  Mu Yu is completely devoid of it. These two old antiques have a combination of repairs. Where can he get rid of them?

  "Oh, I blame you, it hurts us two more followers!"Xiaoshuai said dissatisfied.

  Long Teng also felt annoyed and asked: "Hey, will the two of you follow my orders?"

  "What do you really say about the real dragon!"Deer boss said respectfully.

  "Not allowed to follow us!"Longteng said directly to the local.

  "Yes, adults!"The deer boss should respond.

  Mu Yu turned and fell into the night, but after two steps, he found that the deer boss and the turtle and the old man followed.

  "Don't you let me not follow us?"Mu Yu asked helplessly.

  "The place we have to go is just to be with you."Deer boss doesn't feel embarrassed at all, and when he said this, he still had something wrong.

  Got it! Two dog skin plasters can't be lost.

  But at this moment, Qiao Xue patrolled the outside and found them. UU reading quickly followed.

  "what happened? How did you come out? ”Qiao Xue asked strangely. She still doesn't know what happened after she left!

  "Joe Snow, you are coming!"Mu Yu told the story of Long Teng, Qiao Xue, Qiao Xue slightly frowned, said: "Wood feather, you should not leave. Star He did not do it right, but there is one thing I need to make clear to you. ”

  Then Qiao Xue turned and said to the deer boss and the turtle old man: "The deer old turtle is old, you two go back first! Rest assured, I will look at them and will not let them leave. ”

  "But-" Deer did not agree.

  "Grand Dragon Grandpa believes me the most, have you forgotten? I will not make things that disappoint him! ”Qiao Xue said seriously.

  Deer boss and turtle old glanced at Qiao Xue and finally turned back to the turtle shell.

  Qiao Xue came to the beach with Mu Yu, and the bright moon shines on the beach. The waves caress the beach and sizzles. There was a mist of water around Qiao Xue, shrouded the wood feathers and isolated the peeping of outsiders.

  "Qiao Xue, have you already known about Long Teng?"Mu Yu asked.

  She glanced at the dragon vine on the shoulder of Mu Yu and nodded. "I know the dragon vine, but I have never said it because once someone discovers the existence of the dragon vine, not only the dragon vine, but you will be very dangerous. ."

  "Danger?"Mu Yu reluctantly spread his hands. He was in danger from time to time in the realm of comprehension. It is already commonplace.

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