Chapter 598 The inheritance of Qinglong (below)

  The sea breeze blew the clothes of two people.

  Mu Yu sat on the reef and looked at the sea under the moonlight. A salty smell came.

  "In fact, when I saw Long Teng, I knew that this was very tricky. You don't know the situation of the Yao people, so I don't want you to step in."Qiao Xue sat next to Mu Yu and touched the tail of Xiao Shuai.

  "Nothing, I don't want to intervene in the demon."There are a lot of troubles in the wood feathers, and I really don't want to get into trouble anymore.

  Qiao Xue has some self-blame: "I just forgot to remind you, you can't show Longtan in front of the Yao people. The dragon's blood is very precious, it can make all the Yao people feel guilty, but does not mean that all the Yao people will surrender to it. The internal situation of the Yaozu people is very complicated, and the gangs are very serious, and the existence of Longtan is a variable. ”

  Since the demon race was defeated by the Terran thousands of years ago, the Yaozu will not be able to cultivate a good Yaozu to revitalize the Yaozu. The Yaozu people are transformed into human figures by various kinds of evil spirits that have opened their minds. Their situation is actually the same as that of the human race.

  The relationship between the beast and the demon is like the relationship between the mortal and the comprehension, while the comprehension has a difference between the sects and the sect. The demon has its own kind difference.

  Among them, Qinglong is naturally standing at the top of the existence, leading the thousands of Yaozu. However, the war between the Terran and the Yaozu led to the extinction of many kinds of Yao people, and the survivors were old, weak and sick.

  The talented demon species have disappeared, and they can't support the entire demon family. Therefore, the Qinglong demon king decided to use his own blood to make the demon people stronger.

  Like the Dragon and the Dragon, the Dragon Dragon King is very proud. Other kinds of people are not in his eyes. At that time, the real dragon in the world was only one of the Dragon Dragons, so he always stayed alone and dismissed with other races.

  However, in order to continue the demon, the Qinglong demon king gave up his dignity, and many kinds of demon people lived in the next generation, let them begin to multiply.

  Because of the noble blood of the Qinglong demon king, many hybrid descendants also have the characteristics of the dragon, and become more versatile than the general Yaozu people. All Yaozu people are proud of having a noble dragon blood.

  The purer the blood of the dragon, the more attention it will receive from the Qinglong demon king.

  The ten demon kings are each in power, but because the demon king was sealed by the great human race, there is only the Qinglong dynasty.

  The Qinglong demon king is already old, and he wants to find a leader who can truly lead the Yao people to glory, while he is retreating behind the scenes.

  The Qinglong demon king is a proud existence, so he is very strict in choosing his own heirs. Because thousands of years later, the descendants of the Qinglong demon king have been countless, but there is no perfect descendant of the real dragon, this is also a regret of the Qinglong demon king.

  He said that the Yaozu people who have 100% true dragon blood can become the emperor of the Qinglong Dynasty and lead the Qinglong Dynasty!

  If there are too many dragons and grandchildren, there will naturally be a struggle for rights. Everyone is staring at the position of the Emperor of the Qinglong Dynasty, but there is no one who meets the conditions, and there are too few Yao people who can have 100% true dragon blood!

  Today, the Yaozu split into dozens of factions, large and small, of which four are the strongest, respectively, Beibin Abyssal Jade, Qianlin Black Tiger, Purple Electric Flying Dragon and Magic Dragon !

  The father of Long Xingyi is the Beibin Abyssal Jade.

It has 80% of the dragon's blood, but the dragon star has 90% of the dragon's blood, which is infinitely close to the real dragon!

  Therefore, he will be valued by many Yao people, as long as he can successfully change the head of the python, turn into a real dragon, become a 100% true dragon blood, you can inherit the brilliance of the Qinglong demon king, become the emperor of the Qinglong dynasty!

  However, among the other three factions, there are also descendants of the 90% true dragon blood, but they are inferior to the dragon star, so they are always fighting in the demon!

  If there is a dragon vine with a 100% true dragon blood at this time, I don’t even want to know who the Emperor of the Qinglong Dynasty will belong to!

  "Would you like to go to the Yaozu as an emperor?"

  Xiaoshuai is very interested in these things, mainly because it has heard that the emperor is not afraid to eat and wear, the focus is on "not eating".

  Qiao Xue shook his head: "With the strength of Long Teng can't be the Emperor's, I know that he will definitely get the approval of Grandpa Qinglong, but he won't be recognized by other Yao people, because Longtan is a foreigner after all, not the Yaozu. Big. Once inside the Yaozu, I can tell you without exaggeration that this emperor will not be able to live for a month. ”

  Mu Yu was surprised: "With the support of the Qinglong demon king, do they dare to start?"

  "Grandpa Grandpa can't always be by his side. The method of the Yaozu people is very cruel. They want to kill God and don't know how to kill Longtan. It's too simple. Grandpa Tinglong is useless even when he wants to pursue it. Longtan is dead. This emperor is still empty. The four factions of the dragons are mutually restrained. They do not want anyone to break this balance. ”Qiao Xue explained.

  Because at that time, Mu Yu had only a period of repair, and Long Teng's strength was not high, so Qiao Xue did not say anything, she was worried that it would cause trouble to Mu Yu. Once the four dragons know the existence of the dragon, they will find ways to get rid of the dragon.

  "It's no wonder that Long Xingyi just wanted to kill Longtan. It turned out to be the case."Mu Yu nodded.

  The dragon star has 90% of the true dragon blood. If he succeeds in becoming the bloodline of the 10% true dragon, he has his powerful father to do the backing.
After the Qinglong Emperor, the Emperor was naturally not afraid of anyone doing small moves. But the dragon vine is not the same, it is helpless, and the wood feathers are not likely to accompany it in the Yaozu, so Longtan lives soon.

  "So I want to get rid of the trouble now, do I have to go back and kill the Dragon Star?"Mu Yu took a headache and patted his head, how can it always cause strange troubles.

  "You know that this is impossible."Qiao Xue said, "First of all, I won't let you kill him. Secondly, there is a small dragon in his fit period to protect him. You have no chance to start."

  Then Qiao Xue worried and said: "I shouldn't leave you alone tonight. Last time I knew Longtan, I happened to meet the predecessors of the dead wood, so I don't want to add any troubles to you anymore. I didn't say anything. I didn’t expect to let them discover the existence of the dragon.

  "What should I do now? Can't wait for them to kill me? ”Mu Yu lay on the reef and looked at the moon and spit out a sigh of gas. For no reason, he was entangled in a trouble.

  Qiao Xue did not know how to deal with this matter, she has feelings for the Yao people, but Mu Yu is also her friend, she is still the same kind of person, she does not know how to choose.

  Long Teng smashed his tail and said: "What are you afraid of! Come to us to kill one, and two of us to kill a pair. Isn't it better to remove those counterfeit goods? ”

  Noble species, the most despised is the counterfeit goods.

  "You can see it!"Mu Yu smiled and touched the dragon's head. Longtan's small body stood on his chest, and the two dragons were swaying, fearless.

  The solid wood feathers have also been thought of, even if they are not exposed tonight, the dragon vine will sooner or later pass to the demon people's ears.

  The last time he was at Fuxianyu, it was because the Yaozu people had not chosen to be born, and Muyu had already shown a dragon vine in Qingshuicheng. This thing could not be stopped. Sooner or later, the Yaozu people would know. This news.

  "Right, they just said that the Qinglong demon king is also transformed from the Dragon of the Dragon. Is this true?"Mu Yu asked curiously, he never knew that the body of the top ten demon kings was actually a plant.

  Qiao Xue nodded. "The body of Qinglong Grandpa is really Longtan, but he is now inscrutable, far from what you can control, so you still don't think about it."

  Mu Yu did have this idea at first, but later thought that the Qinglong demon king was as eternal life as his master's sword shadow dust. Even if it was not the opponent of the sword shadow, it was not something he could think of, so he was still cut off. This thought.

  Mu Yu did not control the dragon vine, but in fact also know that the control of conscious plants will be resisted, especially the existence of dragon vine.

  The Qinglong demon king has participated in the war with Yumeng, and he will certainly not be controlled by the main character of Mu Youmeng, let alone Mu Yu.

  "How long has the Qinglong demon king lived?"Mu Yu can't help but feel very curious.

  Longteng is a plant that grows consciousness after it has been growing for 10,000 years. Many dragons and vines have not been able to grow for thousands of years since ancient times, because they are too rare, and many people do not know that the dragon dragon is originally a plant. thing.

  "Grandfather of Qinglong is not dead. He accidentally mentioned it to me last time. It is too difficult to turn from Longtan to Real Dragon. In the rules of Heaven, the race of Dragon Dragon is severely restricted. Longtan can only make a real dragon in 10,000 years, and if the second dragon wants to turn the dragon, it needs to start rooting and sprouting from the first time, and then become the second one after 10,000 years. Dragon. If this condition is not met, other dragons will not be able to cure the dragon even if they have lived for 10,000 years. Only vines are allowed to be true dragons for 10,000 years. ”Qiao Xue said.

  "So the interval between the two real dragons is just 10,000 years, which means that the Qinglong demon king has lived for at least 10,000 years?"Mu Yu was amazed.

  If the Qinglong demon king is the first true dragon, then the dragon dragon in front of it is just at the time of the Qinglong demon king Hualong, and it begins to take root, UU reads www.uukanshu. Com finally fortunately lived for 10,000 years, until the eve of the dragon was seized by the self-cultivator.

  It was also lost at the time that Longteng had encountered Mu Yu, otherwise it was now taken by others to make Yanming Dan.

  "Then I am really a miracle of life! No, since I still have a hard-working brother, and people call Qinglong so prestige, then I have to have at least one name to do, called Long Teng is not good. ”Longteng said with a sigh of his head.

  "My name is Xiaoshuai, can you call a clown?"Xiaoshuai said very positively.

  "Pooh! You are called Xiaoshuai, then I will call the coach in the future! ”

  "The handsome man is the name I grew up with, you are not allowed to use it!"

  "You will never grow up!"

  "Then I will change my name to be the handsome coach now, you are called Xiaoshuai!"

  "Hey, I don't need Xiaoshuai to break the name!"


  Let's quarrel with one of the two wonderful things.

  Mu Yu looked helplessly at the two living treasures around him. He thought that he was too tired to live. Not only did he have to eat for Xiaoshuai, but he also wanted to help a guy who was idle to avoid the pursuit of the Yaozu. All!

  When Long Teng and Xiao Shuai were arguing, the tail smashed in front of Mu Yu. Mu Yu reached out and touched the dragon vine. No matter what danger Longtan encountered, he would not stand idly by. If the Yaozu really wanted to find him, he would not be polite.

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