Chapter 599 Route

  The dragon star smashed the returning deer boss and the tortoise and the old man. These two people are actually the demon people under the white demon king, only obeying the orders of the white demon king.

  Although Long Xingyi is the little prince of the Yaozu, this is only because he has the blood of 90% of the dragon, so he gave him the title, not the emperor of the Qinglong Dynasty, he is not qualified to call other demon kings. Under the hand.

  The deer boss and the tortoise and the old man also smiled a little bit, and they knew that they had offended the dragon star, but they had to choose to do this in the position of the Yaozu. The top ten demon kings are headed by the Qinglong demon king, no matter which demon people have the responsibility to loyalty to the Qinglong demon king, to protect the safety of the real dragon.

  The dragon star has already gone out, and he is followed by a middle-aged demon person in the fit period. This demon person is named Long Ye, the body is a dragon, but also belongs to the descendants of the dragon, but his body is only 30% of the true dragon blood, and it is not a descendant, but a descendant of the 132nd generation of Qinglong. The status is far less than that of Qinglong's third generation descendant, so it can only be used as a bodyguard for Dragon Star.

  This phenomenon is very common among today's Yaozu. Because the society and the human race of the Yaozu are different, and Qinglong has been breeding for generations, and wants to find out 100% of the true dragon descendants, the higher the blood of the dragon, the higher the status. Even the newly born children are the grandfathers of the demon people of the prime year. Nowadays, the devils are very confused, so they generally do not talk about things by generations, but rank their status and status with blood and strength.

  Nowadays, in the Qinglong Dynasty, the demon people who have no real dragon blood in their bodies will be despised.

  "Ye Lishu, there is a real dragon, what should we do now?"Although Long Xingyi is higher than Longye from many generations, but because Longye has been protecting him from Longxingyi since he was a child, Longxingyi has always called it.

  "Star Master, this thing I have passed to my homeowner by secret technique, the homeowner will decide." The kid is on the same road with us. He will definitely take Longtan to the Holy Island. If you want to find a way to get around the two old stubbornness under the hands of the White Demon King, we will find another chance to seize the dragon. ”The dragon leaves are a little hot from the gaze.

  "Catch? Why not kill it directly? ”Long Xing said with resentment.

  Longye said from the mysterious swearing: "Master, have you forgotten?" In today's situation, it is still difficult to achieve 10% blood. At the moment, there is a true dragon with 100% blood. Do you understand what I mean? ”

  "You mean –" Long Xing's eyes lit up with a radiance, and then a sneer appeared in the corner of his mouth.

  "The young master understands it. As long as you hold this dragon, the position of the Emperor of the Qinglong Dynasty must belong to the young master!"Longye said from the frenzy.

  The Qinglong Dynasty now has four dragons, all of whom are in the position of this emperor. But no dragon can succeed in the upper position, because they have not cultivated descendants who have the blood of 10%. The dragon star is currently the closest one to the blood of the dragon. The other three dragons also look at him. It is impossible for Longxing to have no life-saving ability.

  Nowadays, since there is a real dragon, it has seriously affected the status of the four dragons. After knowing this news, the other three dragons will certainly have the same idea as Long Xing.

  Live the dragon vine, use the demon sorcerer to forcibly extract the blood of the dragon vine, refine the dragon vine into the blood essence, and integrate it into your body to achieve the true dragon body!


  "I made a decision,

Later, I will call it Jianlong. After all, I can use the sword of Mu Yu to make a strong 'Long Teng Xiaotian'! ”Long Teng said seriously.

  "贱龙? This one……This one……Let's change our name! ”Mu Yu patted his head and said helplessly.

  "Not good? How about the tyrannosaurus? Do you have enough domineering? ”Longtan said with a flying look.

  "Good folk! However, it is in line with your vulgar temperament. ”Xiaoshuai laughed.

  "Vulgar?" How is it called Long Xiaotian? ”Longteng will give himself a name.

  "Whatever your name is, it seems to me to be a big man."Xiaoshuai took a roast goose leg and was very happy.

  Qiao Xue looked at Mu Yu with concern and asked: "Do you have to go to the demon island like us?"

  In the mouth of the wooden feather, a dog's tail grass was carried, saying: "I want to go with you, I don't want to go with other Yao people."

  Qiao Xue blushes and said: "I mean, do you have any reason to go to the demon island?"

  Mu Yu listened to the tide of the sea and sighed on the shore. He sighed and said: "In addition to the plan to destroy the ghosts, I still need to repair the soul of the old man and merge the holes in Muling."

  He also said one less reason, that is to create killings from the ghosts.

  Breaking the nine-day magic array needs to use the power of killing to destroy the balance of the five elements in the body. Mu Yu does not want to kill innocents, so he decided to kill the ghosts to accumulate the power of killing.

  There is Muling, he does not need to worry about the people he killed to create the soul of the Triple Palace, he needs to care about how to kill the ghosts, how many talents can destroy the balance of the five elements in the body.

  Qiao Xuedao: "Ghostmen seem to know the route to the Holy Island. I have been very curious about how they know."

  This incident is a bit ridiculous. The top ten demon kings are in power and secretly protect their dynasties. As a result, after the accident, the other dynasty's Yao people could not find them. And Qiao Xue, they want to find the site of the Kraken Wang Yujiang.
It takes a lot of people to think about it.

  "I knew that they had seized a comprehension named Chi Longgong, who had been to the demon island of the Kraken King."Mu Yu said.

  When Chi Longgong was at the end of his life, he had to go to Jiuhua Real People. At that time, ghost Xuanyue was also present. Ghost Xuan Yue was looking for the island, but because of the existence of the imprisoned Xianji, the ghost gate protection method could not enter the Mouyun Mountain Range.

  Now that the sleepy fairy has disappeared, they started preparing for the plan. However, according to what Ghost Shura said, the ghost gates should have been to Ghost Island once, but because the preparations were not comprehensive enough, they were damaged. This time, Ghosts personally went out to avoid things.

  As for the current Chi Longgong is still alive, Mu Yu does not know.

  "They are still recuperating in the bay not far away, and they should be waiting for the time to go out to sea. Since going to the demon island can't fly, you can only take the boat, then we will follow them. ”Qiao Xue said.

  The ocean and land are different, and the water flows differently in different seasons. Xinjiang is the demon king in the sea. The understanding of the sea is clearer than anyone else. He definitely uses a special ocean circulation to hide the exact position of his own site. It is impossible to go on a special route by boat at a specific time. achieve.

  There was no better way for Mu Yu. The two men were silent for a long while. Mu Yu said: "You just said that the ghost door people set up a trap and wait for me."

  "When did you have a fight with the ghosts? They seem to know that you are coming, so use a ghost door woman to attract you at the coast."Qiao Xue said here, looking at Mu Yu's eyes is a bit different, "The woman is called ghost red jade, are you also unclear relationship with ghost red jade, people home ghost red jade to lead you to appear? ”

  "What? Are you jealous? ”Mu Yu smiled and looked at Qiao Xue.

  "Where!" What vinegar do I eat! ”Qiao Xue turned his eyes away and snorted.

  "Obviously, look! The face is red. ”Xiaoshuai held a small paw and spoke.

  "The little mouse said that everyone likes the big girl, your chest is bigger than the ghost red jade, so we all like you, don't like ghost red jade."Long Teng is a good boy who is understanding.

  "What are you talking about?"Mu Yu shouted.

  "Do you not like girls with big breasts?"Longtan asked curiously.

  "What matters is the beauty of the soul!"Mu Yu said in a serious way.

  "Oh! Then you just don't like it. ”Long Teng suddenly realized.

  "Who said that I don't like it…I don't like to do your ass! ”Mu Yu shouted.

  Qiao Xue took a look at the two little guys and asked, "Have your name been taken?"

  "Not yet, the little mouse said to name me the green-eyed white dragon, but I am not white, I think it is good to take the dragon."Longteng turned his head and continued to go to the name with Xiaoshuai.

  Mu Yu ignored them and explained: "The ghost red jade has a kind of wood that I placed. I used to track her. Now it should be discovered by which ghost guard. UU reading www. Uukanshu. Com ”

  "Then you still go with us! If I am there, Dragon Star will not dare to treat you now. Plus deer old and turtle old two of them will also protect the safety of the dragon, at least when going to the ghost island, the dragon star will not start with you. ”Qiao Xue proposed.

  Mu Yu does not intend to rely on the power of the Yao people, he is alone in his own habits. However, he considered that he did not know the specific route of the demon island, and he could only follow the ghost gate. The demon people also did the same thing as him. Then he and the demon people did the same, and there was nothing to refuse.

  "Well, but let me know first. If Long Xingyi wants to plot a misconduct, I will definitely kill him."Although Mu Yu was not as good as the Dragon Star, he was originally a very powerful squad. After the chaotic yin and yang, he was still a congenital strategist without a short board. He definitely had the strength to kill the Dragon Star.

  Qiao Xue nodded. "I understand that if he dares to start with a dragon with a true dragon blood, then it is indeed sinful."

  Among the Yaozu, whoever has the true blood, the higher the status. Although Qiao Xue is not a Yao people in the strict sense, but because of her special ability, she is also very high in the Yaozu, she is familiar with the rules of the Yaozu.

  If anyone wants to kill a real dragon, it is equal to the dignity of the Qinglong demon king. The Qinglong demon king has countless descendants, and what really makes him look good is the real dragon, not the other hybrid dragons. If Long Xingyi dares to be unfavorable to Longteng, even if there is a 90% true dragon blood, it is not an exaggeration to be killed by Mu Yu.

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