No. 600 chapter of the Sea

  Mu Yu and Qiao Xue did not go back to the turtle shell. They lay on the reef and counted the stars in the sky. From time to time, they rejected the messy name that Long Teng gave themselves.

  I haven’t seen each other for more than a year. Originally, this was a very warm picture, but the guy who always had a big picture ran to the third party inexplicably.

  The deer boss and the old tortoise saw that Mu Yu and Qiao Xue had not returned yet, and they rushed out to look for it. They saw that Xue Xue and Mu Yu were lying down, one sitting, and the heart was relieved, then Just sticking away.

  "You two are all boring? Do you want to be ashamed of Qiao Xue? ”Mu Yu said impatiently.

  Qiao Xue kicked Mu Yu's foot and blushes.

  "We can close our eyes."The deer boss and the old turtle said in a serious way.

  "Oh, you have to follow those two people to play, they will buy you candy."Xiaoshuai said.

  "how about you?"Longtan asked.

  "I want to see Sha Xue's sister and Mu Yu doing shame."Xiaoshuai looked forward.

  Mu Yu directly gave it to fly.

  In short, this night of the beautiful scenery, with two dog skin plasters, the harmonious atmosphere is mixed with a trace of embarrassment.

  Mu Yu is no stranger to these two guys. After all, they also spent a few months with them on the second day, but their eyes have been staring at Long Teng, for fear that the dragons will melt or something. Dragon vine is not at ease.

  These two guys are the seductors of the fit period, and Mu Yu took them without any flaws.

  The sky soon turned on, and at this moment, Qiao Xue suddenly said: "The ghost door people have moved."

  The bay where the ghosts are located is about ten miles away from here. They dare not rely too close, fearing that they will be discovered by ghosts. The movement of the ghosts is completely dependent on Qiao Xue’s control of the sea. This is where Qiao Xue is best at.

  Mu Yu sat up and got a spirit and asked: "Are they ready to go out to sea?"

  Qiao Xue nodded, just like the wood feathers in the woods, the trees in a certain range are his eyes. Within ten miles, the sea water is also the eyes of Qiao Xue. She can notice the every move of the ghost gate.

  "I don't dare to control the sea too clearly, otherwise I will be aware of them, but they have already set off on a boat."Qiao Xue said, paused, deliberately said: "Ghost red jade is also among them, she is good."

  Mu Yu touched his forehead and spread his hand: "I don't care if the ghost red jade is here?"

  Just now, the spirit of the spirit of the ghost red jade has disappeared, and it is obvious that the ghost guard has ruined it.

  "The ghost night is unfathomable, there is no white ancestor, we are not his opponent, we must be careful. Old turtle, you have to inform other people to be prepared, we have to start to take the boat. ”Deer boss told me.

  Want to go to the demon island, can not rely on flying, can only rely on the boat.

  "Ghost night? Is the ghost of the ghost man a ghost night? ”Mu Yu does not know the name of this person.

  "Yes, this person is very strong, I am afraid we are not necessarily his opponent, so be careful," deer boss said cautiously.

  Mu Yu nodded.

  Ghost Shura said that the ghost night went to the demon island and went for a secret. What secret is it worth to go to Ghost Night?

  Long Xingyu and others have already packed everything up here. He stared at the dragon vine on the shoulder of Mu Yu, and Mu Yu looked at him coldly. Dragon Star suddenly revealed a vicious smile, and then looked at other places.

  "Everyone is sitting on my shell, always paying attention to safety, and my ancestors are not there. If we are discovered by ghosts, it will definitely happen."The old turtle said solemnly, then threw his turtle shell into the sea.

  As soon as the turtle shell touched the water, it suddenly became more than ten meters long, and the center of the turtle shell was slightly sunken, making it easy for everyone to sit still.

  Everyone did not hesitate to stand on the turtle shell, and then the old turtle himself stood up, and then controlled the turtle shell.

  I have to say that the tortoise shell of the old turtle is indeed very stable. On the top, as if it is flat, I can't feel a trace of bumps. Although the white-spotted demon king who is seasick is not coming up, the old turtle still makes this trip very practical.

  Unlike the sea and the land, some people can't stand the climate at sea. Therefore, in order to go smoothly to the sea, the demon people who came out were mostly familiar with water.

  Only the demon people of the Qinglong dynasty are all terrestrial monsters that open up the wisdom, and are descendants of the Qinglong. At this moment, they all have more or less blood of the true dragon, so even the water-loving Yao people do not. Dare to say that you can do it in the sea.

  The demon people who traveled have six demon people, one of which is the dragon star, the three are the dragon brothers, one is the dragon turtle, is a female demon, and the other is a hippo.

  Hippo does not have the true dragon blood, but the strength in the Yaozu is also a symbol of status and status, so no one despise him.

  Among the people in the fit period, in addition to the dragon leaf and the deer boss and the turtle, there is also a crocodile. The deer boss and the tortoise are the highest in the repair, and then the crocodile dragon.

  Deer bosses and old turtles are used to the life of the sea, so sailing is no big deal for them. Other Yao people are not strictly living in the sea.
Just understand water.

  Qiao Xue is sitting at the forefront. She needs to pay attention to the movements of the ghost gates. In order not to be detected by the ghosts, she can't keep up too close. The distance has been kept for about ten miles. Mu Yu also sat with her, the two of them blowing the sea breeze, chatting from time to time, Long Xingyi has been watching very angry behind him!

  "Qiao Xue is mine!"

  The dragon star's anger is unstoppable, and his hatred of Mu Yu has reached the extreme. In particular, I saw the perfect dragon body of Long Teng, which makes the dragon star stunned. His body is quite close to the body of the dragon except the head, but the dragon vine is a complete dragon.

  "You don't know the dragon that is so thick and thick, I think you can still lick Q for how long!"

  Dragon Star is very unbalanced in his heart. In order to become a true dragon, he has been working hard on the emperor of the Qinglong Dynasty. He even did a lot of unspeakable things, so the dragon in front of him became his eye!

  It’s not the first time he has done this to swallow up the blood to improve himself.

  In the Qinglong dynasty, the competition of the big dragons is very cruel. It is difficult to truly become a true dragon by virtue of their own blood. Because they are hybrid, the pure blood will have the characteristics of other monsters and cannot be avoided. Therefore, swallowing blood has become a shortcut for the dragons!

  This method was strictly forbidden by the Qinglong demon king, but several dragons were born in the sun. In order to let their own children and grandchildren have a strong dragon blood, they secretly search for those who have no background strength and a very pure blood, and forcibly deprive them of the true dragon blood and integrate into their own bodies.

  However, the integration of blood is not a casual success, the risk is extremely high, and the success rate is probably less than 10%.

  Although there are real dragon blood, but after all, it is still mixed with the blood of other monsters. These blood veins are easy to repel themselves. If they fail, they will destroy their own blood and lose their lives.

  The dragon's body is not born with natural blood. He was originally only 80%. Later, he secretly swallowed the blood of two people of the same family and reached 90%. The second time he almost lost his life, so he He dared not to swallow it easily.

  However, he understands that this dragon vine that swallows the eyes is completely not worried about the exclusion problem!

  As long as he swallows the dragon, he can definitely make the dragon!

  However, Long Teng like to deliberately provoke him, and immediately picked up his tail in front of him, and smashed the dragon star to gnash his teeth!

  Mu Yu had already noticed the hostility of Long Xingyu, but he did not let the dragons converge. Anyway, Longtan’s identity has now been exposed, and nothing is hidden. The real dragon is a real dragon. If you really have to be afraid of your feet and let the counterfeit goods smash, it’s too much to say.

  On this turtle boat, there are deer bosses and turtles. The dragon star is afraid to have any movements. He will not be stupid enough to make a bold attempt on Long Teng. Some things must be carried out in secret.

  "Wait, they stopped."Qiao Xue suddenly said.

  "Stop it?"Turtles also quickly let the turtle boat stop sailing, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com looked at Qiao Xue inexplicably. At this moment, only Xue Xue knew the movement of the ghost gate, and no one else could see it, so everything could only listen to her words.

  "I don't know why they stopped. They seem to be measuring the wind direction of the sea breeze."Qiao Xue said.

  "The wind direction of the sea breeze? Specifically how is it measured? Qiao Xue, you describe it to me. ”

  The old turtle is most familiar with the sea, but he can't see the situation of the ghost gate, so it is not easy to judge what the ghost gate is doing, but one of their missions is to determine the specific route to the demon island, so it must be Make clear the movements of the ghost gate, and you can go alone on your own next time.

  "They used a rope, and the rope was tied with five blood-red things, floating on the sea, I do not know what it is, and then they took out a wind chimes, there is a black mist lantern, at least I think it is a lantern, they look at the sun through lanterns, as if to measure the direction of the sun, But I don't know what to do with a lantern …

  Qiao Xue explained for a long time, and found that there is no way to explain it clearly, because the ghost doorman's approach is very weird. Qiao Xue described it several times and added all the details, but everyone still can't understand. The old turtle can only be Doing anxiously.

  "If I can see the movements of the ghosts, it would be fine."The old turtle said helplessly.

  "Seeing the movements of ghosts?"When Mu Yu listened to Qiao Xue’s description, he heard the clouds in the fog, but he moved his mind and suddenly thought of a good idea!

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