Chapter 601, a set of heaven and earth

  The sea breeze blew a huge turtle boat drifting on the sea. Xiaoshuai was very happy in the water and two water gods to win the fish.

  These two beautiful but powerful creatures can only live in places with water, so they choose to follow Qiao Xue. At this moment, I came to the sea, and I was more happy. I couldn’t keep flying in the water. From time to time, I splashed water and flew into the air.

  Xiao Shuai, a guy who is proficient in all kinds of monster language, is also acquainted with the two winning fish. It rides on one of the winning fish backs, helping to beat the water and let the fish fly.

  Others can be as leisurely and elegant as they are. In order to track the whereabouts of the ghost gates, to understand the movements of the ghost gates more clearly, and to find the route to the demon island, the old turtle is also a painstaking effort.

  Only the vast sea water is the eyes of Qiao Xue, but it is not the eyes of other people. Qiao Xue explained that he still couldn't completely convey his meaning to the old turtle for a long time.

  This is not because Joe Xue’s ability to express is bad, but Qiao Xue is not familiar with the situation of sea water. The ghost door portrait is measuring the azimuth, and it is like measuring the flow of water. It is also like measuring the wind direction of the sea breeze. These Qiao Xue are not familiar with it. It can only be described all over again, but it is a mess when it is squeezed into a pile.

  "They stopped on a reef, and one of the ghosts stood on the reef with a lantern in their hands. There seems to be a soul in the lantern. They turned the lantern in four directions. It seems to use the soul to sense the position of the Holy Island. After all, the Holy Island is a soul. Maybe this is a ghost of the ghosts. ……"Qiao Xue guessed.

  The old turtle has a face-to-face look, and this abstract description method has no way to record the exact route.

  In the hands of Mu Yu, he has already called out the lines, and began to portray the mysterious spiritual lines, surrounded by them. The sturdy lines quickly merged into the water, and the quaint inscriptions swayed in the water.

  "what are you doing?"The old turtle looked at the movement of Mu Yu inexplicably.

  "You don't want to see what the other party is doing? I will help you achieve it. ”Mu Yu smiled.

  Because the ship suddenly stopped, each of the Yao people came over to ask about the situation. Long Teng has been slapping the water with his tail at the bow, and he is bored in the side, and he disdains to participate in the game of Xiaoshuai.

  Long Xing looked at Longtan with a smug look. Then he heard the words of Mu Yu. He snorted and sneered: "Don't you be crazy about dreams? Do you have to go through the past to see what the ghosts are doing? Don't take your time! ”

  Mu Yu glanced at the dragon star faintly: "People are ugly to read more, instead of looking at others with their narrow eyes, forgetting how they lost to Simon at the beginning." Haven't done it yet, if you blow a flute, you will fall down. Are you still not long-term memory? ”

  "That is his swindle!"When Dragon Star thinks about this, it is even more annoyed. If the two men are facing each other, it will be nothing to lose. It is only a shame that Simon unfortunately just blows up the flute and solves him.

  "The people are really good, you have not seen it! So I suggest you go back and read more. ”Mu Yu never felt that Ximen unfortunately played the flute is a small insect skill. After all, people are blowing in the opponent's bright and straight, but it is not as simple as a thief.

  "You–" Long Xingyu was furious and wanted to start, but the dragon leaves his hand on the dragon star and shook his head.

  The dragon star snorted and he knew that it was not the time to start.

In particular, there are deer bosses and turtles who are staring at him. In addition, the other Yao people who followed this time are not on his side.

  The three dragon brothers belong to the black tiger dragon of the Qianlin. The dragon turtle belongs to the purple electric wing dragon. The hippo belongs to the magic dragon dragonfly faction. As for the crocodile dragon in the fit period, the background and strength are not as good as the four dragons. But he can't be underestimated.

  These Yao people will not watch him monopolize the dragon vine!

  The dragon turtle looked at the dragon star and re-focused his eyes on the wooden feather. He quickly asked: "Do you have any way to see what the ghost door is doing?"

  The inscriptions in the hands of Mu Yu have all been integrated into the water surface, and the water surface is also swaying from the starting point, which is very mysterious.

  "Qiao Xue, do you understand what I mean?"Mu Yu handed the shadow sword to Qiao Xue.

  Qiao Xue stunned, and she suddenly understood what Mu Yu was going to do.

  Wood spirit has always been hidden in the shadow sword, and when Muling and Shui Ling are in contact, Mu Yu’s wood control ability will undergo some special changes. He even has some of Qiao Xue’s ability to control the surrounding sea water.

  Qiao Xue nodded, and the water on the waist floated out and rolled on the shadow sword of Mu Yu. Her face was reddish, because she would be connected with Mu Yu, and the two thought at the moment. Everything will be known to the other party.

  "Joe Xue, don't be shy, we are not doing this for the first time."Mu Yu said awkwardly.

  Qiao Xue took a look at Mu Yu: "Hurry up and show your formation!"

  "The two of us are really a match made in heaven, yes!"Mu Yu smiled, and then seemed to think that something was not right. He only wanted to say that the fusion of water and wood is a perfect match, but the words from his mouth would change.

  "Don't talk nonsense."Joe Snow pushed the wood feathers.

  Long Xingyu looked at Mu Yu and Qiao Xue’s relatives, and he watched the lungs blow up at the side! Qiao Xue is the person he likes, but now he has an unclear relationship with Mu Yu. Needless to say, he knows how many fires he has in his heart! p>

  With the help of Qiao Xue's power, Mu Yu manipulated the sea water. The sea water wrapped the nine mysterious inscriptions on the water surface. Some of the sea water gradually turned into an inscription, floating from the bottom of the water and floating in the air.

  Under the control of the wood feathers, the inscriptions formed by these sea waters each illuminate the intertwined light of the blue and blue. The nine congenits are exuding the aura, blending into the spiritual lines that the wooden feathers have already portrayed. Nine inscriptions are in the base. Under the traction, it fell into the bottom of the sea, and then quickly rushed toward the ghost door.

  The mirage of the mirage, a very practical array of techniques, can project a scene of a place to another place. When the battle between the sect and the Fuzong was used, it was the person who used this battle to blind the Fuzong. It is said that when he was in Qingshui City last time, Lu Xianshi made a fortune with this array!

  Nine inscriptions quickly moved deep in the sea, and in the blink of an eye the ghost gates were already enclosed. However, Mu Yu did not dare to make the inscription too close, because the ability to detect the presence of the pattern can be absolutely discovered by the ability of ghosts and nights.

  Soon the turtle shell sitting on the wooden buffs appeared on the turtle shell and turned into a ghost door. Because Mu Yu did not dare to rely too close, the array method mapped by this mirage is not clear, just like viewing it 50 meters away.

  But this is enough, at least everyone can see clearly what the ghosts are doing at the moment.

  "I have heard that there are quite a lot of actors in the comprehension. It is really amazing!"The crocodile dragon said with amazement.

  Although the crocodile dragon is a crocodile, but after he became a man, he was not as fierce as he imagined. It was the image of a middle-aged man. It seemed to have a trace of elegance. Mu Yu did not see the characteristics of his monster.

  Long Xing's face was ugly, and he was still questioning Mu Yu. As a result, people directly gave him a slap in the face.

  "Great! This way we can monitor the ghosts' every move in real time. ”Turtles are looking out to see the lines of wood feathers. At this moment, the ghosts are still parked next to a reef.

  On the reef stood a ghost doorman, Mu Yu recognized his identity, it was the ghost of the wood that had always wanted to catch the wood. As Qiao Xue said, there is a lantern in the hand of the ghost. In fact, it is not a lantern, it is more like a bird cage formed by ghosts. At this moment, a soul in the cage is shaking.

  Mu Yu's pupils shrink, this soul is actually the original Chi Longgong!

  Qiao Xue didn't know Chi Longgong, so she thought it was a kind of ghost technique used by ghosts, but in fact the ghost gate grabbed the Chi Longgong, killed him, and kept the soul down, let the Red Dragon come. Lead the way.

  So far, only the one who knows the only way to go to the demon island is Chi Longgong.

  Ghostmen should have used Red Dragon for the last time, but at that time, the ghosts seemed to have encountered some accidents. UU reading caused heavy losses, and only some people escaped. Because the route to the demon island is not fixed, only relying on the flow of sea water to judge, so even once, the ghost door is not familiar, so it is still the Red Dragon public.

  "That person is the Chi Longgong I said, he knows how to go to the demon island."Mu Yu looked at the Chi Longgong who was locked in the cage, and there was a bit of sympathy for him.

  This guy of Chi Longgong has always been unlucky. He started to have a hatred with his wife. He was secretly cut off. Later, in order to survive, he was in front of the Jiuhua real person who was supposed to be his apprentice. However, Jiuhua real person deceived him. Yan Mingdan did not let the red dragon live for a long time. Now he is still in the cage and is killed in the cage. He is used exclusively as a tour guide.

  The Ghostmen’s boat is quite large, with a total of thirty-six ghosts, of which fifteen are men of the squatting period, twelve distractions, eight fits, and the rest of the group is covered in dark fog. Needless to say, I also know that it is a ghost gate, and the night is clear.

  Ghost Night Ming's body is very strong, far more than everyone present, obviously not the same as their demon people can deal with.

  In addition, Mu Yu also saw nine crying babies in the cabin, that is a mortal child!

  "Asshole! Ghosts are not even let go of children? ”Mu Yu whispered cursing.

  The old turtle carefully observed the flow of the sea, and looked at the Red Dragon, a fog, and he could not see what the ghosts were waiting for.


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