Chapter 602, the stormy waves (on)

  The ghost gate waited for half an hour in the same place, and then suddenly began to wind up on the sea. At this time, Chi Longgong seemed to point in one direction, and then the ghost doorman continued to set off. Turtles also controlled their own turtle shells and began to move cautiously, and the inscriptions of Mu Yu continued to move around the ghost gates.

  Ghosts and the demon people stopped and stopped on the sea, seemingly drifting for three days, this boring journey even made everyone doubt the life. Surrounded by the endless sea, the sea is surrounded by all sides, so that people can't see the end. Even if everyone is cultivated higher, there will be a small feeling in the sea.

  On the fourth day, the waves began to surge, and they seemed to have entered a sea of ​​turbulence. At this time, the sky began to float and the clouds covered the sun. The whole sky looked very gloomy. The sea breeze violently scraped. It seemed that I wanted to roll people up. But this sea breeze couldn’t help people on board. Everyone was just this. The dull breath is a little uncomfortable.

  At this time, the ghost doorman has been waiting in place for almost a day without moving.

  "What are they waiting for? Don't get lost, right? ”Dragon can't help but swear.

  Others don't know what they are waiting for. The ghost gates have been quietly practicing during the waiting period. They are very self-disciplined and have not even seen the whispering. Ghost Hongyu has been taking care of the nine crying babies. These children are not the ones who are not afraid of the wind and the waves. The biggest baby is less than two years old. The rest are just born, and there is no weaning. .

  The ghost gatekeepers must grasp that these nine babies need to live to perform some kind of ghost technique, so they will not let the baby die. But where the ghost gate people know how to take care of children, only the ghost red jade is busy, jump into the sea, grab a dolphin from the bottom of the sea, use the strange way to let the dolphins float in the air, and feed the nine babies one by one. The scene is very weird.

  "Ghost Ruby is still very good, isn't it?"Qiao Xue said.

  "Well, at least nine babies don't…"The wood feather casually replied, then felt Choshe again runs him, quickly said, "You know, the ghost gate to do everything for evil purposes, these nine children just have the use of value, so they save their lives, if we do not save them, they will eventually die under the ghost of the Ghost of the people." ”

  "You don't have to explain anything to me, I know what you are thinking."Qiao Xue shook the water in his hand.

  Mu Yu shrugged helplessly.

  However, Long Xingyi said at the side: "How do the ghosts want to treat the nine children? I can't control it. If the lives of the nine children can help us find the location of the Holy Island, then let's not say that it is a nine-person family. The child is 90, and it is worth it."

  Mu Yu looked at the dragon star coldly: "The animals and animals also think so."

  "Bold! How dare you compare me to lower animals and beasts! ”The dragon star angered, he is a noble descendant of the dragon, even if the monster opened the wisdom, but also looked down on the animals and beasts.

  "I didn't say you, because you are not even as good as animals and animals."Mu Yu said without thinking.

  Long Xingyu was furious, and he had already accumulated a anger in his stomach these days. He couldn’t help it anymore, and he took a picture of Muyu.

  However, Qiao Xue has already blocked the front of Mu Yu, and solved the offensive of the Dragon Star. The cold channel: "Xing Hao, you have to remember! Any newborn child is not ethnically different! These nine children must be saved,

Whatever the ghosts want to do, our goal is to destroy their plans! ”

  The dragon star snorted and looked across the shoulders of Joe Snow and landed on Mu Yu: "Are you protected by a girl?" Is the human race a cartilage head like you? ”

  "You are wrong, Joe Snow is not protecting me, but protecting you from being killed by me!"Mu Yu said coldly.

  "Great breath!"The spiritual power of the dragon star lingers incessantly.

  Long Ye is also standing behind the dragon star, and his body faintly radiates the power of the fit period, and uses his own breath to shake the wood feather. However, Longteng jumped on the shoulder of Muyu and snorted at all the demon people. Every demon person changed his face. The sound of the real dragon was thundering like thunder in their ears. Everyone felt the shudder from the soul. .

  "You little bastard!"Longteng said contemptuously.

  All the faces of the Yao people changed again!

  The only thing on the ship that is not affected by the word "hybrid" is the deer boss and the tortoise and the hippopotamus. They don't have any real dragon blood, so it doesn't matter whether the blood is pure or not.

  "you wanna die!"Dragon Star 陨 almost squeezed this sentence from the teeth.

  The word "hybrid" has always been the taboo of the dragons. They all yearn for the dragon's blood, but it is not the blood of other monsters. It is not too much to say "hybrid". However, no one dares to mention these two words, and now Longto's words are like the tail of a mouse on a dragon star, which gives him a great insult to his self-esteem.

  Mu Yu touched the dragon's tail and was helpless for Long Teng. Long Teng has always been very proud. Since I saw the dragon star 陨 陨 出 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙

  However, a large part of the Qinglong dynasty's Yaozu people are not pure dragons. There is more than a dragon dragon in the presence of a hybrid dragon, so the dragon vine is equivalent to all the Qinglong dynasties.

  "how? Your true dragon master teaches you
Do you still have opinions on these half dragons? ”

  Mu Yu is not afraid of anything. Anyway, the troubles are now provoked, and they can’t hide. Dragon Star will sooner or later start with him and Longteng. It’s indifferent to the Dragon Rat. The dragons definitely want to kill the dragon vines, and the wood feathers can't expect Longtan to say two words of politeness will be let go by the dragons.

  The dragon leaves are placed on the shoulders of the dragon star, and they suppress the breath of the dragon star, and they can't open their hands now. If you want to get the Dragon Dragon blood, you only have to find a chance to start when there are no other dragons present. Otherwise, you will drop the handle and pass it to the ear of the Qinglong demon king. The Qinglong demon king will not care who is his grandson son. Rao.

  In the eyes of the Qinglong demon king, a real dragon is much stronger than his descendants. After all, the dragon is quite proud. The purpose of the combination of the Qinglong demon king and other monsters is to get a pure real dragon with a bloody animal. The dragon will not be seen by him.

  Deer boss said on the side: "Don't make a noise, the ghost door people started to act."

  The wind has been invading this sea area, and there have been turbulent waves on the sea. The sea surface is full of waves. However, whether it is the ghost gate ship or the turtle shell of the old turtle, it is as stable as a mountain in the wind and waves, and it does not move.

  The sea is getting more and more, and even a big wave of 100 meters high has been set up. When the waves are hit, under the control of the wood feathers, those waves automatically bypass them. Because of the influence of the waves, those formations were also affected, and the images transmitted back from the formation began to become unstable.

  Mu Yu was surprised to find that the ghost gate ship, which was also stable as Mount Tai, began to frantically sway at sea, as if it would be overturned by the waves at any time. Huge sea water splashed on every ghost door. These ghosts didn't even resist, let the sea water irrigate on the body, land on the ship, and even landed on it –

  Those nine babies!

  "Not right!"Mu Yu woke up, because when the nine babies stopped crying, they sat in the cage, and even the sea water poured on them, it was very abnormal!

  Mu Yu and Qiao Xue looked at each other. The two men understood what they were thinking at the moment because of Shui Ling and Mu Ling.

  "You are waiting here!"

  Waiting for other people to ask, Mu Yu and Qiao Xue both feet on the waves have been integrated into the sea, rushing toward the ghost door. In order to prevent them in case, they still dare not rely too close, but they are watching the ghosts in the hundreds of meters. When another huge wave hits, the ghost gate’s ships are actually blocked by huge waves. Truncate!

  All the ships were broken and the ghosts were turned into ghosts and sorrows in the waves, no trace!

  "fake!"Mu Yu was shocked. They never expected to wait here for nearly a day. The result was a false sight. The ghost gates did not know when they had already left, but they used ghost techniques to create illusions to deceive them!

  "what happened?"All the Yao people came over and saw the ghost gates that had disappeared, and they were shocked! There are only a few waves left in the surrounding world, and I don’t know where the ghost gates actually went!

  "It seems that the ghosts have long discovered that we are following them. I didn't expect to be put together!"Mu Yu frowned, and when they stopped in the morning, they knew that the ghosts were still moving, but they suddenly disappeared after the huge waves. UU read So many people including Mu Yu did not find ghosts. How is the doorman husking?

  "Weird, if the ghosts find that we are tracking them, we should directly deal with us with the repair of Ghost Night, how can we use ghost techniques to get rid of us?"The deer boss asked inexplicably.

  Mu Yu is also considering this problem, because Ghost Night Ming is higher than all Yao people, and it is completely more than enough to pack them. There is no need to pay for it.

  "Maybe because of Joe Snow's sake? Qiao Xue is above the sea, and her ability can guarantee our safety. ”Turtle old guessed.

  All the Yao people know that Qiao Xue has the ability to control the water, so everyone who is out of the sea is not worried. Once the accident, Qiao Xue can use the sea water to create a huge bubble to escape with everyone. After all, the sea is the battlefield of Qiao Xue.

  Qiao Xue took back his own water spirit from the shadow sword of Mu Yu. The water became a blue sky and covered the sea, but at this moment she suddenly changed her face: "No, there is a problem with the sea in this sea." I can't control the sea!"

  "Of course you can't control the sea!"

  A strange and sour voice rang around the sea, and then suddenly there was a black mist in the sea. The black fog set off a hundred meters high waves around the Yaozu people, so they stayed in the air so hard, all of a sudden All the Yao people are surrounded!



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