Chapter 604 Volcanic Island

  The seagull whispered, the waves slammed against the shore, and the tides rose and rustled.

  Mu Yu, they are on an island at the moment. The reefs on the shore are weird. The island is faintly visible with lush trees. Besides, it is surrounded by the sea and I don’t know where I am.

  The sea often has a strange seabed vortex. Qiao Xue said that the seabed vortex is caused by the earthquake in the seabed of this sea area, causing huge cracks in the seabed and sucking in the seawater.

  If it wasn't for Qiao Xue who spent all his energy at the last minute to pull everyone together again, and escaped by the ability to control the water, the consequences were unimaginable!

  However, everyone was not very happy after the rest of the robbery. On the contrary, a shadow shrouded everyone. First of all, the three brothers of Long Yao had one to disappear. The old turtle that was in a coma was originally looked after by Qiao Xue, but was hit by the ghost claws of the ghost night. The old turtle was also ignored by the sea.

  Mu Yu grabbed the deer boss at a critical juncture, but today's deer is very weak. Ghost Night Ming broke his antlers and injured him seriously. Mu Yu had helped him check the injury. He woke up now, but he was still weak.

  "What do we do next? Do you want to continue to search for the Holy Island or go back? ”Asked Choshe wearily. Controlling a large amount of seawater severely overdrafts her ability, and her mental state is very bad at the moment.

  "Now, no matter how much, let's take care of it first!"Mu Yu sat under a palm tree on the shore and took the vitality of the coconut tree to restore his strength.

  The islands where they are now do not know where they are. The islands are surrounded by vast oceans. They can’t see their heads. They don’t know where the land is, so if you blindly choose a direction, it’s likely It runs counter to the land.

  The island is not small, but it is still very large. There is also a towering mountain in the center of the island. In addition, there are some small peaks in the distance.

  As for the ghost gates, they also lost. If they don't take the boat, even if the demon island can't see them in front of them, the mastery of the sea king's control of the sea ensures this.

  The old tortoise among these people is the one who knows the most about the sea. Now that he is missing, the possibility of the rest of the people trying to find the demon island is negligible.

  Several Yao people have been traumatized more or less. Everyone is not very good. Even if they are water-permeable, they used to live in fresh water. They were not very comfortable in the sea.

  Of the many Yao people, only Long Xing and Long Ye are very calm and even have a hint of excitement. Their ill-fated eyes have been smashing on Mu Yu, and the dragon vines are now sleeping on the arms of Mu Yu.

  Originally there were deer bosses and old turtles, and they still had to worry a lot when they wanted to start with Long Teng.

  Both the deer boss and the old tortoise are the demon people who survived in the ancient times. They are very powerful, and they are not the demon people of the Qinglong dynasty. They are very persistent in protecting the dragon vines, and the dragon star is not good at starting.

  However, the sudden ambush of the ghost gates made them invincible. The deer boss and the old turtle were the highest. In order to give everyone a chance to escape, there was an accident. Now one is missing, one is seriously injured, and the dragon star wants to fight against the dragon. It’s much easier to start.

  "You are resting here now, the crocodile is warm, not if you go with us to check the situation of this island, see if there are any dangerous Krakens around,

Let's drive them away together! ”Dragon Star looked at the crocodile dragon.

  The real name of the crocodile dragon is called the crocodile Wenmao, the Yao people in the fit period. Now that both the deer boss and the old tortoise have had an accident, the most discerning person among the pedestrians will fall on the crocodile Wenmao and Longye.

  "it is good."The crocodile Wen Mao nodded, and then the dragon star and the dragon leaf jumped away from the deep into the island.

  There were seabirds flying in the woods deep in the island, and some of them were able to fly, and they were fleeing by the influence of the three dragons.

  Mu Yu looked at the back of the dragon star, and his heart snorted, and he was very clear about the dragon trick. The Yaozu sent a total of four seductive men of the seductive period. Now they have lost two eye-catching nails. If the dragon star wants to start, they need to worry about the crocodile Wenmao.

  The crocodile Wenmao does not belong to the four powerful dragons. The true dragon blood is not very pure, but it is because of this, if the crocodile Wenmao wants to protect the real dragon, then he will become a nail in the dragon star. .

  Don't even think about it, I know that the Dragon Star is about to go out with the crocodile Wenmao. I am afraid to show it with the crocodile Wenmao, or to win the crocodile Wenmao to start with Longtan, or to start the crocodile Wenmao!

  Deer boss looked at the back of the dragon star, and walked to the side of Mu Yu, and said a few breaths: "Mu Yu Xiaoyou, you and Qiao Xue quickly took the real dragon to leave here! Otherwise, I am afraid that the real dragons will be fierce, and I can’t protect you now. ”

  The deer boss looked worriedly at the dragon vine from the wooden feather arm, his eyes full of awe and helplessness. The position of Dragon Star in the Yaozu is very high. If Long Xingyi persuaded the crocodile Wenmao, then facing the siege of two seductive people, Mu Yu could not hold it.

  Mu Yu smiled: "To leave, of course, take you with you. You have blocked Dragon Stars three times and five times. He has long hated you. If I and Joe Snow are gone, you will probably be killed by him. ”

  The deer boss’s chest was undulating and shook his head. “You don’t have to worry about me. I died thousands of years ago. Now I’m just reviving my corpse, not really resurrecting. As long as true
The dragon can be safe and sound, and it is no big deal for me to die. ”

  Longteng shook his tail and asked inexplicably: "The old man, you are not the Qinglong dynasty, why are you so good to me?"

  "You are a true dragon, the true dragon is the noblest existence of the Yaozu, and each Yaozu has an obligation to protect the safety of the real dragon. Even the top ten demon kings are respected by the Qinglong demon king. ”Deer boss said respectfully.

  Qiao Xue also came over and looked at other demon people who were being healed in the distance. She also knew the current situation. She knelt down and patted the back of the deer boss and said: "Deer old, rest assured! I won't leave you behind. If Dragon Star really dares to do anything, he needs to pass me before, as long as I am there, he will not do anything. ”

  Qiao Xue is very high in the Yaozu, and is deeply influenced by the White Demon King and the Qinglong Demon King. Although she is an individual, Long Xinghao does not dare to be too brazen. Once the dragon star 陨 陨 龙 龙 龙 乔 乔 乔 乔 乔 乔 乔 乔 乔 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙 龙

  "The devil is hard to defend!"

  Deer boss knows that Long Xingyan is afraid to start in front of Qiao Xue, but now they are lost in the sea. Once the dragon star and the crocodile Wenmao form an alliance, they want to avoid Joe Snow secretly to the dragon, the opportunity More is.

  Wood feathers flashed black and white lines, nothing to say.

  However, at this moment, the depths of the island suddenly began to vibrate violently, and then there was a roar, like what the violent things were roaring, and it seemed like a major earthquake, even the sea water was instigated.

  "what happened?"Qiao Xue was surprised to see the depths of the island. The direction of the sound came just the direction of the departure of the three dragons.

  "Is it because the dragon leaves and the crocodile Wenmao do not fight together?"Mu Yu stood up.

  The deer boss shook his head: "It's not like a person in the fit period, but a volcanic eruption."

  "volcanic eruptions?"

  Mu Yu jumped into the air and looked at the island's towering peaks. The peaks were covered with white snow. At this moment, the sky was covered with a layer of gray air, and the hot air came.

  "Let's get out of here!"The wooden feather fell and lifted the deer boss.

  Other Yao people also came around, and the dragon turtle suddenly said: "What about the three of them?"

  "You can't manage them, they have the strength of a fit period, enough to protect themselves."Mu Yu said.

  "So if they have an accident?"The dragon turtle asked.

  "There will be accidents during the fit period. Do we have to give warmth in the past?"Mu Yu responded bluntly.

  It is not his unrequited love, he is a fact. The crocodile Wenmao and Longye are both repaired during the fit period, and it will not be so easy to happen. Even if something really happens, then they have no need to go in a few distracted people.

  "We will leave this island first and wait for them outside the island."Qiao Xue said.

  At the moment, we can only do this. Everyone will vacate and fly toward the sea.

  At this moment, the sea suddenly boiled up, like boiled water, and there were countless huge bubbles, and the huge water column suddenly rushed to the sky, and countless water columns erupted around the island. Up to several hundred meters!

  The most heart-wrenching thing is that the water column is very hot, and the transpiration of the hot air, Rao is the distraction of their repairs can not stand this kind of heat! At this time, the sky has been covered by gray clouds of smoke. These clouds are very dry, and there seems to be a strange smell and high temperature.

  "This is inflammation! Don't fly to the sky! ”

  Mu Yu had just inhaled a little cloud of smoke, and suddenly he was forced out of the body, and the body quickly fell to the ground.

  "What is inflammation?"Qiao Xue asked. UU reading After inhaling a little cloud of smoke, everyone feels dry and dry, the body is very uncomfortable, and they have to run the spirit to excrete the inhaled smoke.

  "Inflammation is a terrible poisonous gas in the realm of cultivation. It is generally in the volcano. It is a kind of cherished ore. It absorbs the aura between the heavens and the earth and the hot gas of the volcano. It forms a kind of poisonous gas. This poison will gradually erode our spiritual power and prevent it. Once it is too much, it is a combination period. The comprehensions have to finish! ”Mu Yu said seriously.

  "Not only that, but the poison will also combine the volcanic clouds and smoke, and it is difficult for us to fly out."Mu Yu continued to add.

  The comprehension of the distracted period can barely break the void, but it must be present after a short walk, and it will still appear in the poison.

  Qiao Xue fell to the beach and controlled the water to form a huge blisters. The blisters are very hot, and Qiao Xue directly makes the bubbles freeze and wants to take everyone out of the island. But the water suddenly began to roll up, and countless undersea monsters jumped out of the sea.

  These monsters are red all over, two people are so tall, they look like a lion, but their backs are covered with octopus tentacles, and the tentacles are glued to each other and there are ventral wings. At that time, the tentacles of the claws and claws actually flew with them!

  At the moment, these monsters add up to fear that there are no more than 10,000!

  All the demon people's faces changed slightly, exchanged a look, exclaimed: "Haiyan beast?"

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