Chapter 605 Haiyan Beast (on)

  Haiyan beast is one of the hegemons in the sea. They usually like to squad in groups. They can not only swim in the water, but also glides in the sky and flies on the land. It is a true top monster.

  These monsters generally live in the deep sea, and usually do not choose to go ashore, but when they breed, they will produce eggs in the hot volcano, let the magma hatch the eggs, is a monster that is not afraid of magma.

  At the moment, the dense sea animals are screaming toward the volcano deep in the island. The hatching cubs will not fly. They can only be brought out along with the volcanic eruption. Now the sea-inflamed beast is going to meet their descendants. !

  "Go away!"Qiao Xue shouted, and all the Yao people did not hesitate to go to the woods of the island.

  Mu Yu was carrying the deer boss, and he quickly followed Qiao Xue. He ran for a while and crossed the woods. It was a huge canyon in front of him. Here you can see the smoking volcano and the volcano. Not completely erupted, so the cubs have not yet come out.

  They didn't dare to move forward, because the top of the gorge was a sea-beast that flew around, so it could only stop at the edge of the woods.

  "I said, are you Yao people not more advanced than monsters? How are you still afraid of sea yan? Don't communicate with them? ”Mu Yu asked strangely.

  "When the beast is open to the ingenuity, it is considered a demon, but if you do not open the intellect, only the original animal nature, communication is more difficult for them. They don't have advanced intelligence, it doesn't mean they don't have strong power! ”Deer boss explained.

  The difference between the demon and the demon is like the difference between the comprehension and the mortal. The difference is that the mortal and the comprehension have no difference in IQ, and the demon and the demon have it.

  And even if the monster does not open the intellect, the strength of some high-level monsters is thousands of times stronger than the demon who is low!

  "The sea yan beast is not so irritating, they are all sixth-order monsters, and their strength is similar to us. In particular, they have a strong awareness of protecting young cubs. When the volcano erupts, they will eject their cubs. Once we find out that we are there, we will treat us as prey against the cubs, and we will definitely attack them. ”Qiao Xue said.

  Thousands of sixth-order monsters have surrounded the island. There is no way to go to heaven, and there is no way to go to the sea. They can only wait until these Haiyan beasts have finished their cubs.

  "Would you like me to go out and scream twice, scare them and forget them, my majesty is not that they dare to invade!"Dragon vines come out.

  "Oh, you can't scare the sixth-order monsters." At the most, let them be suspicious for a while, then they will rush to take you away. ”Xiaoshuai laughed.

  Longtan often encountered this situation in the 100,000 mountains of the Mouyun Mountain Range. Long Wei just put it out, there is no prestige for two seconds, and people directly rushed over to do it.

  Mu Yu found a stone, put the deer boss up, let him rest. At this moment they have entered the woods of the island, the ground is very humid, the dead branches and leaves are mixed together, and some of the seabirds' bodies fall in the forest, and the rot is smelling everywhere.

  "strange? Where did the three guys go? ”Mu Yu carefully felt the breath of the trees within a radius of 20 miles, but found that the three stars of the Dragon Star were actually gone!

  "You didn't find them?"Qiao Xue asked.

  Mu Yu shook his head, and the dragon star and the dragon leaf were obviously in order to get rid of the crocodile Wenmao, but now the three are missing.

This is quite strange.

  The ground is still shaking, and the volcano is obviously not erupting a lot. At least the magma that has been ejected has not yet spread here. When they looked up, they could see countless sea-beasts flying around in the air, waiting for their cubs to be ejected.


  It was a huge sound, and the volcano seemed to be really erupting now. Everyone on the edge of the woods could see the smoke splashing in the distance. The snow in the crater had already been melted by the hot magma, dark red. Mars began to splatter along the crater.

  And some of the little things in the magma are going along the magma, like surfing, and it’s the cub of the sea-inflamed beast.

  Xiaoyanyan beasts look meaty, like a meatball, far from being fierce when they grow up. The hot magma is like a toy to them, and there is no influence at all. At this time, all the sea yan animals began to swoop toward the volcano, picking up their cubs and then flapping their wings to fly away.

  The magma flowed quickly and quickly spread to the foot of the mountain, spreading along the gully towards the foot of the mountain. However, the amount of magma eruption is not much, but the eruption stopped in less than a quarter of an hour, and this quarter of the hour also sprayed tens of thousands of small sea-inflamed beasts, some of which were directly taken away by the adult sea-inflamed beasts. Many of them were rushed to the foot of the mountain and began to run around in uneasiness.

  Haiyan beasts are the hegemons of the sea, perhaps because of their ability to be too strong, so their breeding conditions are very harsh, only in the crater. And it will breed tens of thousands at a time, but these young cubs have very weak survivability in the sea, and less than one percent succeeded in surviving, so the sea-inflamed beast is very protective.

  The sea yan beast is really shattered for these little guys running around, from time to time in the cracks of the rock to catch these guys only the size of the palm. These guys also ran very happy, screaming around, a look of fearlessness, not seemingly enough to play, want to go to the woods to explore.

  From the volcano to Muyu, the forest where they are located is separated by a canyon, and there are also various monsters in the canyon. There are many giant pythons on the rock wall
Looking at the small sea flaming beasts that fled in the distance, it is obvious that the meaty beasts are delicious for many monsters.

  However, Haiyan Beast’s powerful atmosphere in the sky scared away many unscrupulous monsters. These monsters can only wait for an opportunity to move, waiting for those active Xiaoyanyan beasts to accidentally run into their caves. That's no wonder they are.

  On the edge of the woods, Mu Yu looked at the small sea-inflamed beasts running around on the rocks with great interest. It was quite interesting to find these little sea-inflamed beasts. They are very big, and even if they are weak, they can see that many rock snakes and wolf monsters, which are guarded on the rock wall, are curiously rushing up.

  A fifth-order giant clam explores his head in a cave on the rock wall. Instead of actively attacking the small sea-inflamed beast, he grows his mouth so much that he waits for the rabbit. Sure enough, a small sea-inflamed beast saw the giant clam, and it did not realize that this was the predator of the giant clam, and it was directly drilled into the mouth of the giant clam!

  "How are these little guys so stupid!"Mu Yu involuntarily shouted.

  "Because they didn't have the strength when they were young, they still like to sway everywhere, so the survival rate of the sea yan beast is very low, so the smoldering beasts will flock to the cubs in the volcanic eruption, or how these cubs die. I don't know."Qiao Xue explained.


  A sea-inflamed beast saw the giant clam swallowed the cub, and suddenly made a sharp scream, and soon many sea-inflamed beasts were angered, all rushed toward the giant clam, but the giant clam I have already retracted my head and got back into my own cave.

  A sea-inflamed beast falls on the edge of the cave of the giant python. The tentacles behind it directly penetrate into the cave. It is not necessary to pull the giant python out of the cave immediately. The poor giant python has not had time to digest the prey. In a blink of an eye, it is countless. Tapping the tentacles!

  "These guys are really fierce!"Mu Yu swallowed, this kind of thing is definitely not the existence he is willing to provoke.

  These sea-inflamed beasts, which look like lions and octopuses, are terrible. The stupid cubs like to run around and be eaten by some sly beasts. They are not found to be good. Once they are discovered, they are born. It will start to retaliate wildly.

  "Oh! Hey! ”

  At this moment, Mu Yu did not know when they ran a small sea-skinned beast with a slap in the face, curiously screaming at them with their big eyes.

  "You, how are you?"Mu Yu feels that Xiao Haiyan is stupid and stupid, and he is still very cute.

  However, Qiao Xue and others changed his face slightly and quickly shouted: "Run! The sea yan beast keeps track of the cubs by smell, and once it catches up, it will attack us! ”

  Mu Yu reluctantly brought the deer boss and a few demon people to the woods, but the little cub was happy to follow behind Mu Yu and others, and was very excited. The most speechless thing is that the speed of this young man’s running is not slower than that of Mu Yu and others!

  Next is a very strange picture, a group of people chased by a small palm-sized beast!

  "Oh shit! The follower can't get rid of it! Kill it! ”The dragon turtle said that it was about to start. UU reading www.uukanshu. Com

  "Stop, can't kill! Kill the cubs here and we don't want to survive! ”Deer boss warned.

  "let me do it!"The dragon vine fell in front of Xiaohaiyan beast and screamed fiercely: "Little bastard, you will eat me if you chase me again!"

  A hegemonic and majestic Longwei swept across the small sea-inflamed beast, and the little sea-inflamed beast that was not afraid of fear was also shocked by the majesty of the dragon, and it is clear that the majesty of the dragon is still effective for the small sea-inflamed beast.

  Xiaoyanyan beast stood in the same place, as if he was scared. Long Teng proudly said: "Okay, get it, let's go!"

  But at this moment, Xiao Haiyan’s beast suddenly gave a very sharp voice “wow”, as if he was scared and cried. The call was very sharp and it spread all the way.

  "Roar!""Roar! ""Roar! ”

  Like the horse-like honeycomb, the anger of countless sea-inflamed beasts sounded in the sky, and then countless sea-inflamed beasts have fallen into the woods!

  "Don't you be sick, nothing to scare people to do?"Xiaoshuai shouted, it did not try to communicate with Haiyan beast because in this case, Haiyan beast would not listen to it.

  "Where do I know that it is so courageous! Even Long Wei does not know how to become a big device in the future! ”Long Teng argued.

  Everyone has sunk in their hearts, so many sixth-order monsters rushed over, where can they stop?

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