Chapter 606 Haiyan Beast (below)

  Adult sea yan beasts are sixth-order monsters with the power of distraction. There are countless sea-inflamed beasts in the sky at the moment. These guardian-hearted sea-inflamed beasts heard the cries of the little sea-inflamed beasts, and all of them suddenly roared angrily, trying to tear up the enemies who bullied them.

  Everyone is concentrating on the alert, and all around him are surrounded by sea yan animals, I am afraid that only one fight with each other!

  "Where did Long Ye and the crocodile Wenma go?" If they are there, we don't have to be afraid of these monsters. ”

  The deer boss is somewhat annoyed. He himself is also a repairer of the fit period, but Ghost Night has hurt him very seriously. He still hasn't recovered.

  The tall palm trees have been hit by the sea flaming beasts in the air, the thick leaves fell to the ground, and countless tentacles rolled over to them.

  All the demon people simply turned their own body, the dragon turtle's body is very large, its image is like a turtle shell on the back, but it does not appear too awkward, it also has no tap, only two A majestic dragon horn.

  The two brothers of the dragon and the dragon are like a stretched squid. They have two golden dragons, floating in the air, and four paws in the abdomen.

  The hippo is huge, he doesn't have the blood of the dragon, but no one can dare to sneak out of the power.

  The two dragons and the dragon turtles have a few layers of dragons, but their dragons are not enough to scare these angry sea-inflamed beasts.

  Several demon people have rushed to kill these sea-inflamed beasts. In the fellow initiates, the demon people’s combat power is still better, but the demon beasts are more numerous, and the sea-inflamed beast is one of the overlords in the sea. , not much weaker than the Yao people.

  There was [email protected] rubbing sound in the woods, and then the ground grew a myriad of vines, intertwined with the tentacles of the sea yan beast. These vines were strong and powerful, and they were more flexible under the control of the wood feathers. All rolled up and thrown out, squatting on the oncoming companions.

  Qiao Xue's water spirit shuttles through the woods. Numerous waters cover the sea-inflamed beasts, forming a blisters to wrap them, and then the blisters directly turn into ice cubes, freezing the sea-inflamed animals firmly and dropping them. .

  In the blink of an eye, they have already killed a lot of sea-inflamed beasts, but more and more sea-inflamed beasts have come, and they have gradually become unable to support them, and then they will be drowned by these crazy sea-inflamed beasts sooner or later.

  "Mu Yu Xiaoyou, let me down, and quickly escape with the real dragon, I don't want to be your burden."Deer boss said eagerly.

  Mu Yu has to protect the deer boss, but also to fight against the oncoming sea Yan beast, it is really stressful.

  "Don't say frustration."Mu Yu Shen Sheng.

  "It's a big blame. It has to bully a little bitch, and it's getting messed up now!"Xiaoshuai said.

  "I am not intentional."Long Teng is still in the growth stage, and only the repair period of the outing period. In this battle, its prestige can only be shocked and cannot be inserted.

  "Do not blame the real dragon, it is the nature of these monsters."Deer Lao Dalian is busy defending Long Teng.

  "Don't say it, Mu Yu, use the wind and the heart, and we will go out and fight with these Haiyan beasts!"Said Long Teng.

  "No, I have a way."

  Mu Yu’s hand flashed rapidly through the blue lines.

The formations were surging, and then the cyan lines were instantly incorporated into the vines that were made into wood, and spread out. Mu Yu once again made a complicated inscription, covering everyone in the pattern.

  At this time, all the sea yan animals suddenly stopped, looking around in amazement, and no longer blindly attacked. The demon people who were preparing to fight back were stunned, but Mu Yu pulled them back to their side with their strong lines.

  "You converge on your body, fast! I put on a magical array, they can't see us now. ”Mu Yu said softly.

  Those Yao people were surprised when they were pulled back by Mu Yu, because they were also distracted, and Mu Yu could easily pull them back. This strength obviously exceeded everyone present.

  "Can this illusion be able to hold the sea beast?"Long Hao boss could not help but ask.

  "You can't attack again."Mu Yu does not want to explain too much, he is also the door of the door of the door, this point is still there.

  However, this illusion is centered on him. The base comes from the chaotic yin and yang in his body, but the spiritual power to maintain the illusion is quite large, and it is necessary to take everyone away from it as soon as possible.

  At this moment, the woods were in a mess, and the Yanyan beast suddenly lost their traces of wood feathers. They were naturally confused. They chased the smell of Mu Yu and others.

  The smell of the beast is very sharp, and Mu Yu can hide everyone, but it does not mean that everyone can hide the breath. There is no special way to hide this kind of thing.

  However, Mu Yu used a strong array to help cover up everyone's breath, and therefore let those sea-inflamed beasts like the headless flies lose their goals, trying to search around.

  "There is a river over there! Where to move past! ”Qiao Xue whispered in one direction.

  Nowadays, the sea is surrounded by sea inflammatory beasts. Qiao Xue can be separated from the sea, but other people can't integrate with the water, so she can't go to the sea. There is also an underground river on the island, and the sea yan beast should not appear in the underground river.

  Wood feather carefully
With everyone moving in the past, the magic array is generally acting in a fixed place, and Mu Yu sets the magic array into a shifting array, which means that he needs to change the fit of the magic array to the outside world every time he moves, otherwise It is easy to have problems with the formation of faults and the attention of the sea yan beast.

  Some sea-inflamed beasts are still searching here, but some choose to give up and arrest those who are restless. Mu Yu took everyone through the woods and came to a hillside. There were also several sea-inflamed beasts on the hillside.

  They did not say anything, and continued to bypass the hillside, a rushing river appeared in front of them.

  "Step on the water!"Qiao Xue controlled the river and made the rushing water surface flat.

  Everyone, according to Qiao Xue, stepped on the rushing river, and the river flowed quickly, but did not splash their clothes. Then Qiao Xue controlled the water, let the river slowly sag, and soon drowned everyone, and a huge blisters covered everyone.

  Mu Yu breathed a sigh of relief and finally put away the array. It is very difficult to change the role of the illusion of the moment. If it is not for his fascination, it is impossible to walk so far and quietly.

  However, they have not slowed down, and the hippo snorted, and everyone also saw countless tentacles coming over to them.

  I did not expect that there are sea yan animals in this river!

  "Everyone is careful, you have to cool down!"Qiao Xue's face is very serious, but here is her battlefield, and she can't accommodate what Haiyan beast does.

  A light drink, the surrounding temperature quickly decreased, the river within 20 meters of the circle directly frozen without any signs, and the sea-inflamed beast was also directly frozen into ice. However, the blisters they were in did not stop, but flowed downstream in the ice without any hindrance.

  However, Qiao Xue let the river freeze and alarmed the sea yan beasts in the air. They roared, and countless tentacles smashed down toward the frozen river. The huge force instantly smashed all the ice, but the blisters already took everyone. Stay away from the icy area.

  Haiyan Beast found their traces and plunged into the water and chased them. In the water, these sea-inflamed beasts are very fast. Those tentacles and ventral wings are naturally born for swimming.

  However, when those sea-inflamed beasts came up, there were more blisters in the water to wrap the sea-inflamed beasts. The blisters were only broken by the sea-inflamed beasts in a blink of an eye, but they also fought for a little time.

  Mu Yu’s hands were on display, and the roots of the shore hovered over to form a wall made of trees, blocking the sea-inflamed beasts that were chased behind them. These roots could not be stopped, but the roots were broken. After that, the roots must be tied to the sea yan beast.

  Qiao Xue took everyone in the water like water, and the speed is almost the same. At this moment, everyone suddenly heard a deafening voice, as if something had fallen.

  "It's a waterfall! pay close attention! ”Qiao Xue reminded.

  The blisters took everyone down and fell down, because the inertia almost hit each other. Fortunately, the wood feathers tied the waist of each person with the roots in time, and fixed everyone, which was not in the blisters. Hit into a ball.

  "Where does this waterfall flow to?"

  UU reads www.uukanshu through transparent blisters. Com You can clearly see that you are falling with the waterfall quickly, and the bottom of the waterfall is not a pond, but a bottomless stone cave, like a big mouth, swallowing all the waterfalls. .

  There are countless sea-inflamed beasts flying over the waterfall. Obviously, in order to ensure the safety of the cubs, the sea-inflamed beasts have spread all over the island. They cannot leave the waterfall and can only quickly fall into the cave.

  Soon the darkness came to everyone, leaving only a hole in the top of the head. There was no light in the surroundings except for the light coming in through the hole. Everyone is very flustered, and if there is anything more powerful in the dark to attack, it is difficult to make a timely response.

  Qiao Xue controlled the blisters to stop at the waterfall on the mountainside. How deep is the waterfall? No one knows. Even if Xue Xue knows the movement of the water, he can't fully understand the situation.

  "The Haiyan beast did not chase this crypt. What do we do now?"Qiao Xue said.

  In the hands of Mu Yu, a group of white patterns flashed to illuminate everyone. He drew out of the blisters and floated in the air. With the light of the lines, everyone could see the situation around him.

  These are all surrounded by cliffs, covered with moist moss, and filled with an unpleasant smell.

  Nowadays, there are sea inflammatory beasts in the hole. I am afraid that they will not go out until they have found all the cubs.

  However, the deer boss next to Mu Yu suddenly exclaimed and attracted everyone's attention.

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