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No. 607 Chapter Holy Road

  Choshe in mid-air to create a layer of water film, step on the water Luliping. The eldest deer now stepped on the water film to the rock wall, sniffing at some of the smells, and then said in amazement: "I know where it is!" ”

  "what is the place?"Mu Yu asked curiously, the lines in his hand were punched out, illuminating the dark crypts and illuminating the surrounding cliffs.

  "This is the atmosphere of the Kraken King, and we have entered the territory of the Kraken King!"Deer boss said.

  "Deer old, are you sure?"Qiao Xue asked, not only him, including other Yao people are not sure about this, because they did not smell the so-called King of the Siren.

  "The Kraken King was destroyed thousands of years ago. You have not touched them, so you have not found their breath is justifiable. But I can't make a mistake. I have been exposed to the Siren King thousands of years ago. The atmosphere of the Siren King is different from other demon kings. The Yao people of their dynasty are not the same as us. ”

  Deer boss began to explore something along the cliff, and Qiao Xue held him on the side, so he used his running water to take him around the cliff. Mu Yu also followed, and he also found some unusual places on the cliff.

  There are some very regular lines on the cliff, which are deliberately cut out. They are covered with a layer of moss. If you don't look at it carefully, you can't find it.

  Mu Yu touches the moss, and moss is also a kind of plant. In his perception, all the moss-covered texture is clearly displayed in his mind.

  These lines cover nearly a few hundred meters of cliffs, many of which are still far from the dark cliffs in the ground. If no wood feathers use moss to perceive, it takes at least several hours to understand them.

  "It looks like a totem."Mu Yu said thoughtfully.

  When the deer boss heard Mu Yu, he quickly asked: "The totem you have already figured out?"

  "Ok! moss. ”The ability of wood feather control wood has been revealed in front of the Yao people. The Yao people do not reject the ability of Qiao Xue and Mu Yu's Yumeng Mozu, so he did not hide anything.

  "Let this totem zoom out and show it to me. We can start this totem to go to the Kraken Dynasty."Deer boss said eagerly that the scope of this totem is too broad, and he obviously knows how to start this totem.

  The wooden feather stretched out two fingers, and the fingertips flowed out of the road, and the totem was roughly drawn in the air with the formation.

  This totem is very complicated, and the texture is no less than a congenital array. However, Mu Yu is a squad, and his usual characterization has gone a long way. After a quarter of an hour, the totem on the cliff has been reduced and painted in the air.

  The totem is surrounded by a heptagon. The middle looks like a throne. The throne is like a coral reef. There are also many strange shapes, like ugly graffiti, which makes people look confused.

  "This is it! Great Siren King Totem! ”Deer boss said excitedly.

  Other Yao people also showed excitement. Although they did not know the atmosphere of the Siren King, they did their homework before coming. They understood that this totem is a symbol of the supreme majesty of the Siren King.

  "This ugly graffiti, little mouse, I think you are better than this."Long Teng said disdainfully.

  "I think so too, my painting technique has improved a lot compared to the last time.

Xiaoshuai laughed.

  In the past in the dead wood valley, Xiaoshuai and Mu Yu both would graffiti on the "Virus of the Poison". At that time, they often sighed with the old dead wood that was still stuttering.

  A few demon people glanced at each other. The totem of the Kraken King symbolizes the majesty of the demon king. It is actually said to be an ugly graffiti by the dragon, and some other people dare to say this. These demon people have long shouted at the past. It is.

  Deer boss looked at Longtan slyly, without refutation, but said: "Mu Yu Xiaoyou, you take me to the direction of the totem."

  The totem position pointed by the deer boss is a place similar to the monster's mouth. At least Mu Yu thinks it is a mouth with an inverted triangle, which looks like a tooth, surrounded by strange lines that look like octopus. Tentacles.

  The wood under the feet of Mu Yu became the root of the tree, with the deer boss and others descending down the cliff, then moving to the right, and the surrounding patterns illuminated the cliffs here. The wooden feathers waved gently, and all the moss was automatically removed, revealing the texture on the cliff.

  "He Ziping, come on!"Deer boss said.

  "Yes, deer old."The hippopotamus is named He Ziping. He does not shirk it. He walks straight to the front of the big mouth and cuts the palm of his hand. The blood is like a note and falls directly on the cliff.

  Mu Yu and Qiao Xue both looked at each other, and they all saw the dislike of the blood sacrifice behavior from the other side's eyes.

  They also experienced this situation in the Baiji Palace in the Double Heaven. At that time, although Qiao Xue did not like this situation, but in order to open the entrance to the underground palace, she chose to sacrifice, and was almost given by the blood bat in the cave. Swallowed.

  "How are you all good demon people?" It’s disgusting! ”Xiaoshuai shouted.

  Hezi Ping did not complain about anything. In his opinion, it seemed to be a supreme glory to sacrifice with blood. The expression on his face was very pious, and he looked at Mu Yu’s heart.

  Blood permeated the texture of the cliffs, and soon flowed along the lines in all directions, seemingly filling every stripe of the cliff. The river is wide and fat, and this blood is a small meaning for him.

  Soon the totem of the entire cliff suddenly lit a dark red light, all the lines were covered by the blood of He Ziping, and He Ziping also took back his hand and it seemed that there was nothing.

  After the cliffs were filled with red blood, the blood was still flowing along the totem, without any signs of dryness. The whole huge totem seems to be alive, the lines on the walls are shining and they are beginning to move. And the big mouth was as full as it was, gradually expanding, and finally formed a dark hole.

  The waterfall behind him suddenly began to tremble. The waterfall from the top six did not fall to the depths of the crypt, but was sucked into the dark mouth by a strange force.

  “Where do the water flow lead to?”Mu Yu touched Qiao Xue and asked.

  Qiao Xue shook his head: "I don't know, there seems to be a force there to prevent the flow of water from being controlled."

  This is a very strange phenomenon. The waterfall was originally flowing to the bottomless crypt, but at the moment it was like a hard turn in the air and turned to the totem. The waterfall seemed to be cut off by the volley, but the water flow below and the deafening echo came and continued.

  "You all come with me, remember not to touch anything along the way, Qiao Xue, you should not try to control the flow of water, the King of the Sea King can also control the water, his strength is not weaker than the water of the Lord."Deer boss commanded, and with the help of Mu Yu, set foot on the waterfall flowing in midair.

  What is amazing is that after they set foot on the water, the rushing waterfall did not directly wash them away, like a road paved with water. Although Qiao Xue can do this, but this time it is not controlled by Qiao Xue.

  They walked along the water to the big mouth of the totem, through the dark mouth, and Mu Yu was surprised to find that he had come to a different tunnel.

  This tunnel is amazing and consists entirely of water. The entire tunnel looks round, whether it is under the feet or overhead, like an invisible enchantment that separates the water, the water flows around, and even sees some fish on the bottom of the sea. flow past!

  "here is?"Mu Yu couldn't help but reach out and touch the wall of the tunnel and found that these were real sea water. His hands could also flow directly through the water and out.

  Deer boss also admired, said: "In fact, the Kraken King's sphere of influence is very wide, and the basic whole sea area is his territory. But even if someone is at sea, it is difficult to find the location of the Siren Dynasty, and special guidance is required. ”

  Deer boss is at the forefront, explaining to everyone the history of the Siren King: "It is said that the King of the Seas has opened seven holy roads on many islands. These seven holy roads are very secretive. Only the Yaozu people of the Kraken Dynasty know how. Find the breath and find it. There is only one road from the sea to the Holy Island, but it is necessary to rely on the ship to follow a special route. If you do not rely on the ship, you need to use these holy roads hidden under the sea. ”

  According to the explanation of the deer boss, there are only seven holy roads to the Kraken Dynasty, UU reading www. These seven holy roads usually lead to which island is uncertain. The gossip empire of the Kraken dynasty can track the atmosphere of the Siren King in a special way, and find the entrance to the holy road hidden in the depths of the island.

  This kind of tracking style does not even know the deer boss. If they didn't accidentally come to this place, they didn't even know that there was this passage.

  The demon people of the Kraken dynasty do not need to sacrifice with blood, and the sacrifice is reserved for outsiders only. The purpose is to warn the outsiders not to be comfortable. Basically, many people of the Yaozu dynasty will do this. The Yao people have become accustomed to this.

  Even the island where Mu Yu is now located is also lucky, and there is a holy road just passing through here. This totem is usually invisible, and only when the entrance to the holy road leads to it, will it show the texture.

  "I didn't expect that we were actually beaten, and we can go to the Holy Island."The deer boss was full of hope, but soon his eyes were slightly dimmed.

  Every demon person understands what the deer boss is worried about. The dragon leaves and the crocodile Wenmao in the fit period don’t know where on the island, and at this moment the island is full of sea yan animals, they can’t go out and look for them. .

  Nowadays, only the deer bosses are repaired during the fit period, but the deer boss is very seriously injured. If you arrive at the demon island, there is no room for a ghostly night.

  However, just after Mu Yu and others entered the holy road of the seabed, several shadows suddenly crossed the sea outside the holy road, and the body was extremely quick.

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