The No. 608 Chapter Hippocampus Tao Tao

  The group walked along the holy road and walked for half an hour.

  They seem to be walking on the bottom of the sea, enjoying the scenery at the bottom of the sea. A variety of fish swims quickly across the side, and some large underwater monsters are wandering leisurely, and the sea corals grow in groups. These underwater scenes are also seen for the first time.

  On the holy road, there is also a goose soft stone, and even some seaweed, gently swaying.

  Mu Yu was not attracted by the magical scenery of these seabeds. He always felt that something was wrong, so he deliberately pulled Qiao Xue and they walked in the end of the crowd.

  The wooden spirit of Mu Yu was entangled in the water spirit of Qiao Xue, and the two of them immediately communicated with each other. Mu Yu asked: "How much do you know about the demon island of the Kraken King in the Qinglong Dynasty? How do you look at the appearance of deer bosses and others? Isn’t it clear what is in front of this road? ”

  Qiao Xue shook his head: "The Ten Demon Kings are like your comprehension sects, such as the Eight Doors of the Comprehension, only standing on the same line when confronting the Yumeng Mozu. There will also be conflicts between the ordinary sects. For example, if the ghost gate wants to break into the red dust gate, it is impossible to know exactly what the terrain of the red dust gate is. The same was true of the Yaozu dynasty. Our Yaozu people will only unite when confronting the Yumeng Mozu or your comprehension. ”

  Mu Yu touched his head: "Why do you feel so strange when you say 'we are Yaoren'?"

  "What's so strange, I was originally a Yao."Qiao Xue didn't feel awkward when she talked about this. She grew up in the demon family, and she has long regarded herself as a member of the Yaozu.

  Mu Yu did not refute, and continued: "Since you are not familiar with the Kraken dynasty, it is purely to find death by relying on our old and weak ills and ghosts."

  Qiao Xue said: "Then we can't see all the things in the Kraken Dynasty fall into the hands of the ghosts." Besides, we don’t know where the King of the Seas is sealed. If the ghosts are the first to find them, the King of the Seas is dangerous. ”

  The Kraken King is not in danger, and has nothing to do with Mu Yu. He really does not want to participate in the matter of the Yao people. From the beginning of the White Demon King, he was involved in the chaotic struggle, and witnessed the control of the Shaying Demon King to the south. Now the Dragon and the Dragon are stared by the Dragon Star, each time a lot trouble.

  However, Mu Yu’s trip to the demon island was mainly for the dead wood, and the demon island of the Kraken King left many souls after the war with the Terran. The ghost gates are directed at these souls. They have special means to nourish the soul, and Mu Yu is also looking for ways to repair the wounds of the dead woods.

  They continued to walk along the road under the sea, very quiet on the sea floor, only the occasional splash of water.

  However, at this moment, I did not know from somewhere suddenly there was a beautiful singing voice, which was melodious and long-lasting, crisp and pleasing, surrounded by.

  "Who is singing? Singing so well is catching up with me. ”Xiaoshuai surprised to find his head.

  Both Mu Yu and Long Teng have turned their eyes. Xiao Shuai sang a song in the 100,000 mountains of the Moyun Mountain. He sang the monsters in the ten miles. No one wants to sing. When it's the audience.

  The deer boss told everyone to stop, the road ahead is still very long, I don't know where to go, but there is a road.

  "Which one should we take?"Mu Yu asked.

  Deer boss shook his head,

He only heard about this holy road, and he did not remember the holy road and the fork.

  "On the right, the good voice is on the right."Xiaoshuai listened for a while, holding a small paw and said.

  "Little handsome, what does that song mean? translate. ”Mu Yu said.

  Xiaoshuai cleared his throat and began to sing loudly: "Ah~~~"

  "I didn't let you sing it!"Mu Yu just wants to kill this narcissistic guy, sing and ran five to reconcile and sing.

  Xiaoshuai muttered a few words with dissatisfaction and said: "Do you still want to listen to my translation?"

  "Good, sing and sing!"Mu Yu touched his forehead and felt a little headache.

  Xiao Shuai again serious cough two, start tune not all sing: "Ah ~ Ah Lu-aru-beautiful small handsome ah-you are my King's arms, outsiders, careful ah, with poor purpose, sooner or later you will bury-ah ~ Ah Lu-aru-beautiful small handsome ah-you are my King's paradise, With respect to get my King's audience, living in the sea needs wisdom-ah …

  Everyone listened to the voice of Xiaoshuai, and wanted to kill it. The guy sings hard, but he can tamper with the lyrics at will.

  In short, relying on Mu Yu's understanding of narcissistic Xiaoshuai, Mu Yu still roughly figured out the lyrics translated by Xiao Shuai. This is a lyric that warns outsiders that the original meaning of "beautiful little handsome" should be "beautiful sea."

  "What is 'living in the sea, need wisdom?' What does it mean to have only smart people to pass? ”Mu Yu resisted the impulse to block Xiao Shuai’s mouth and listened to the remaining lyrics of Xiao Shuai.

  The deer boss thought for a while and said: "The Kraken King is a very intelligent demon king. He requires all the demon people to learn marine knowledge. I think every demon person must pass his assessment before he can qualify for his island. ."

  "That is handsome and can be exempted from testing, just like me, I know."Xiaoshuai is very happy to sing the song.

They glared at it.

  "So what is it singing?"Mu Yu asked again.

  "It should be a mermaid, but they didn't open their minds when they heard this."The deer boss said very positively.

  Deer boss used to live on the island of Duo Tian. Although he could not leave the island, he also knew a little about some monsters on the seabed.

  Only after three thousand years ago, the people of the demon who lived in the sea have disappeared. Without the guidance of the demon people, many undersea monsters can’t open their ingenuity. They only have some instinct, just like singing. An instinct of mermaid.

  "Deer boss, how much do you know about the sea?"Mu Yu asked.

  Deer boss shook his head: "I don't know much about the sea. I don't know how to communicate with the mermaid. The old turtle knows the most, but unfortunately he doesn't know where he is now…"

  Mu Yu patted the shoulders of the deer boss and comforted: "The old turtle should not have an accident, let's go!"

  Mu Yu walked to the left side of the road and chose the road on the left because the unreliable Xiaoshuai chose to go to the right.

  They went on for another hour, but suddenly there was a wall of coral reefs that blocked everyone's way.

  Everyone looked at each other and said, "We want to break the coral reef?"

  "Can't break, anything in the holy road can't be destroyed. Once destroyed, the holy road will disappear!"The deer boss warned seriously.

  "Would you like to enter the ocean, bypass the coral reef, and then enter the holy road?"

  Qiao Xue walked to the edge of the holy road and reached out. The water walls here were not blocked at all, and they could easily enter the sea.

  The deer boss shook his head again: "Once you leave the holy road, you are really leaving. If you want to come in, you can only come back from the beginning, so you can't go out."

  "That can only look at the organs of this coral reef wall, or else go back and take another route."Mu Yu said.

  The deer boss walked over, scrutinized the coral reefs up and down, snorted, and then used his fingers to pull a water chain formed by water from the cracks in the coral reef. The other side of the water chain is tied to a palm-sized hippocampus tail. The little hippocampus is purple and still breathing, like falling asleep.

  "Hello there?"The deer boss touched the little hippocampus.

  The little hippocampus opened his eyes and watched so many people. Immediately, he began to cheer: "Hello, I am the goalkeeper Haima Taotao. Who are you?"

  Haima Taotao? How is this name so weird.

  "We are the Yaozu of the Qinglong Dynasty. I want to go to the Kraken Dynasty. I don't know if we can let us pass?"The deer boss asked.

  Haima Taotao coughed a bit and solemnly said: "You are not a demon person on the seabed. You want to enter the Kraken Dynasty and need to answer a few questions."

  "When you go all the way, you have to answer questions, is your intelligence critical? Nothing is boring! ”Long Teng whispered.

  "This is the rule of the King of the Sea King. Everyone living in the sea must learn the knowledge of the sea, so the chance of survival will be greater, understand?"Hippocampus Taotao stood up.

  "If you are handsome, can you exempt from the test?"Xiaoshuai asked excitedly.

  "I can, you can't."Haima Taotao said in a serious way.

  Xiaoshuai was very disappointed. Everyone once again resisted the urge to kill Xiaoshuai.

  "go ahead!"Deer boss said helplessly, people had to bow their heads under the eaves.

  Haima Taotao rolled a few laps in the air, UU reading www. uttered the first question: "What is the favorite color of Haima Taotao!"

  Lying, Nima! Is this a problem?

  Each of the Yao people opened their mouths and glanced at each other. It felt like they were being played by this guy. Who knows what color Haima Taotao likes!

  "purple."Mu Yu said helplessly.

  "bingo! I am optimistic about you! ”Haima Taotao nodded with satisfaction to Mu Yu.

  Oh, I rub, is this correct?

  Every demon person looked at Mu Yu incredibly, and did not understand why Mu Yu would know the answer. Qiao Xue leaned into the ear of Mu Yu and whispered, "How do you know?"

  "The guy is all purple, I really can't think of a second answer."

  Mu Yu spread the stalls, can ask this kind of problem should be the same level of narcissistic beast with Xiaoshuai, he also tried his luck, I did not expect to really answer correctly.

  "The second question, how is the ocean circulation formed? How do you distinguish the direction of the monsters below the fifth floor of the sea? ”Haima Taotao asked again.

  All the demon people looked at Mu Yu again with hope.

  Mu Yu shrugged his shoulders: "How do I know? I am a mainlander! Not living in the sea. ”

  The deer boss also looked at the hippocampus in a foggy way, and he did not know the answer at all.

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